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  • Grisom and sara?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! this has got to end.

    Personally i dont believe that they should be together. I love the show but when them getting married I dont know if I will be able to watch it anymore.. crazy I mean, they are so wrong for eatch other, I think that a good couple for the show would be Catherine and Grisom. I believe that it would make the show that much more interesting if Grisom and Catherine hooked up and Sara was cut out of his life. Would make it rather interesting. I love the show but cant stand Sara, even though I do admit she adds a little to the show she doesnt need to add as much as getting married to the key character of the show. Thank you.
  • This is a very entertaining mystery show. It always is surprising with a new twist in every episode it broadcasts.

    CSI is one of the most entertaining mystery shows I have ever seen. Every episode has a new twist. It's very intriguing and it really keeps me interested. ******* perfect 10 *******

    I won't miss an episode they're all absolutley fabulous no doubt about it. This show keeps my interest. My friends and I vote this show as our personal favorites. Sometimes we all hang out on a Saturday night rent some CSI episods and have our own little CSI party. Yep, it's that good and I garrentee you will not be dissapointed. Keep up the good and very creative work with the show CSI!!!!!
  • I love watching CSI

    I only got into the show part way through the 5th season. They were showing repeats of the 4th season and I managed to catch the end of Play With Fire. It was the acting between Billy Petersen and Jorja Fox that drew me in. I have been a big fan of CSI ever since. I watched all of the episodes avaliable and started to tape CSI when I wasn't home. For me CSI has given me a direction for my life. It renewed my interest in science, so much so that I am now at University to get a degree in science. For that I am eternally grateful for the show.
  • CSI is still going strong, and I see no decline in the near future. The characters are more developed, and the storylines are still intriguing. CSI has been my number one favourite show for a long time now.

    I too have loved CSI from the start. It must be hard to keep the episodes fresh every week, but I think they manage. There have been a few duds, but every show has duds. I especially like how the characters develop over time, and I think that's what makes the original CSI stand out from the spinoffs. There are always some new things to learn, cool effects to marvel at, and some silly puns that make up Grissom's distinct character. I for one will keep watching for as long as CSI is on; I love this show. Thinks for reading my review.
  • I'm a big fan of crime and drama. I've been renting CSI from Blockbuster, and my brother and I love it. This show is amazing! Greg and Grissom are my favorite characters. I love it when it gets dangerous. This is one of my top ten favorite TV shows.

    CSI is one of my top ten favorite shows on television. I'm a big fan of crime and drama.

    I have been renting CSI from Blockbuster starting with the first episode of the first season. My brother and I have been watching every episode together, and we both love it! This show is amazing! *big grin*

    Greg Sanders and Gil Grissom are my top two favorite characters, but I also love Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, and last but not least, Sara Sidle.

    I love it when a case gets dangerous, and when a CSI is in danger. And I love it when they get angry! *grin*

    So far, my favorite episode is 'Stalker'.
    EDIT: So far, my favorite episodes are 'Stalker' and 'Grave Danger'.
  • Perfect!!!Just Perfect!!!

    I just love this show. I watch everyday even when i already ahd been wacht the episode more than five times. It´s the best show of the kind no doubt of that!!!! Just think about the ending of the show makes me very sad, because I got involved with the caracthers so much that sometimes I just go crazy with the direction that them take sometimes. It´s hard to watch and don´t have the power of change their behavior... I just love love love Crime Scene Investigation - Las Vegas!!!!!!! There ir no much more things to say: Best Action/Drama show ever!!!!!
  • CSI is the kind of show that shows how forensics solves the cases of people who died. Gilbert Grissom, Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle, Warick Brown, nick Stokes and Greg Sanders is the team who gives justice to people who died and their families left.

    CSI is the show which helps dead people and their families to have justice. A team helps solve the cases of dead people because like Grissom, their supervisor, said "the dead can't speak for themselves." They work together and never leave each other especially in times of need. They are always ready to face the consequences and challenges especially when it breaks the team apart. Even though they have different cases to solve, they never forget to help each other. The lab members and the coroners also help the field members or the CSIs by telling them what happened to the dead and how they died. They also examine the body and tell them what is in the body to give them clues. This is a great show!!
  • CSI is the most amazing show I have every seen in my life. I love this show so much. I have seen basically every single episode and I'm going to get every single season as soon as I have enough money. Overall, The best show I have ever seen in my life.

    This show is the best ever. I cant say much more except its freaking amazing. I hope that there will be more and more seasons. They get better and better every season. I really wish that Sarah wasn't leaving the show. I don't think that the show will be the same without her. I think that all the people in the show are amazing and take it seriously. They are amazing actors and they act so good. They belong to the show and are so good working together. Even tho there not real CSI's, They act like they are .
  • this show is amazing. its an innvative kick ass television program that actually makes people wish that they were in the shoes of the CSI's. its my favorite(after csi miami of course) but gets better and better and i dont plan on ever NOT wacthing it. go!

    i love this show because its keeps me on the edge of my seat. it sharpens my senses and gives me a rush. i love how upbeat it is and i love the plots. i very rarely sometimes solve some of the cases while wacthing it but its fun to do. in my opinion i think they rushed the sidle-grissom relationship a little too fast. i mean come on they are professionals! and they're slepping together!!! they live together!!!! i also think its great that warrick is leaving his wife. he belongs with catherine and they have a lot of chemistry. they need to start a relationship a.s.a.p. because ive been keeping my fingers crossed for a while. and i also think that sarah and greg would make the cutest couple! but i dont think that will happen=( greg and nick are the cute but thats it. all the pretty/handsome ones are on csi miami. so they loose a point for that one. but other than that this show is brillant and i hope it goes on for years to come!!!!!

    Can not say it to much I LOVE CSI. Not CSI miami or CSI NY but the one and only CSI. The others are ok but Not this show. I love the Grissom Char. I would love to get with him. I love smart guys. And yes I love GSR Grissom Sara Romance. Although I was shocked that they acually got them together on screen. That usally means one actor is leaving or show is going off. I heard rumors that maybe J. Fox is not coming back I was thrilled that she lived through the first epi of this season. But would not be suprised if they had her leave now that sara and grissoms relationship is out in the open. The clip for the next epi when sara says her and grissom had be intament for two years then grissom says eight that is funny.
  • Who ever thought of this show is amazing!!! The show follows Gil Grissom and his team of criminal investigators, as they put together to puzzle pieces to each investigation they are calle apon.

    I probrably speak for many when I say that I can't wait till thursday night come around. Each investigation is unique to itself and there yet has been an episode that hasn't kept me on the edge of my seat. Out of all the CSI's, and I do watch all of them. I have to say that the Las Vegas series is by for my favorite!!! Not because it was the first to air, I love each character and what they bring to screen. And not until recently have the added to spruce of the love affair between Sarah and Gill, just makes the show even more intresting!!
  • CSI: LV displays an originality and freshness which I have yet to encounter again on television.

    CSI: Las Vegas is one of the most interesting shows I have ever watched. Few episodes have failed to entertain me; I love the dark graphics, the intriguing characters, and the dramatic storylines with the occasional shade of morbid humor. Each episode unfolds gracefully and impressively, each story unique and strange. The emotions are conveyed neatly onto the screen and few moments fall flat. Every crime portrayed in the series is bizzaire or horrific, providing a different perspective of the human nature; every ending, climatic. In short, the show is perfect, or at least nearly so.

    I regularly watch CSI, all three franchises- CSI, CSI:Miami, and CSI: NY. Although I believe that the other two are interesting, I think that the original CSI is still the best, in terms of style, plotlines, and characters.
  • Immense to the extreme

    How can i sum up CSI in a paragraph short enough to be readable without making people want to commit suicide? You can't, because CSI is just the good. I can't say why in such a little box. It just is. Ok, i'll give it a go. You have great characters and ST (which is always something i seem to go for in terms of TV shows)- GSR, for example. I know i may have an obssesive personality in that i get addicted to things quickly, but GSR is one that is going to stay top 2. It's my favourite at the moment actually. What else? Fantastic story lines, drama without being a soap opera and a rather fit cast. It's the best forensic program, and has spawned two spin-offs, neither of which surpass the original. If that doesn't say an immense tv show, then i don't know what does.
  • CSI... What can you possibly say about the show that is at least a tiny bit fair to the hard working actors and writers?! The greatness of CSI is hard to explain with words, because it literally, leaves you speechless!

    What's not to like.
    i's fantastically written, have an intriguing plot and the facts are very accurate, and off course, the great actors.
    Every single episode feels special, like the writers really thought it through. The characters are brilliant! possibly the best part of the show, they were the outsiders when they grew up, and still are. They're far from perfect, which make them humans, and they still fight the same demons they fought when they were little. The characters growth over the show has been phenomenal, the writers have played it extremely good and the characters are enough to keep people watching even though the shows focus really, isn't on them, but the crimes.

    Many people say watching TV is passive, but with CSI you really have to keep being focused the whole episode so you to can solve the "problem" in the end.
  • CSI is the original and still the best. Here, what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas. A strong, cohesive cast, use of cutting edge technology, and forensic examinations, this show lures the viewer to enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together.

    Tonight's season premier picks up from last year's cliff-hanger; yet another CSI agent trapped in a killer's elaborate plan. Instead of being buried alive as what occurred in last year's finale, here we find the identity of the miniature killer who delivered a miniature crime scene to Grissom's office; it's Sara who is in dire straights, caught underneath an overturned car somewhere in the desert. With heavy rains and flood warnings the CSI team is scrambling to find Sara, hopefully alive.
    While I found the plot to be totally plausible in the CSI kind of way, I really didn't understand the need for Sara's character to go wandering about the desert once she freed herself from the car. An overturned, bright red mustang is easier to spot than a drab colored person wobbling through the dry land (very dry actually, considering they just had flooding mere hours ago-but hey, I don't live in the desert so maybe the cacti were extra thirsty). There was major concern about dehydration and disorientation, but again, it had just rained, and she did find a little map. She was smart enough to bring a mirror with her to use as a signaling device, but really, why leave the car? The plot must've been written to heighten the "edge of your seat" factor, but it left me feeling tired as the search went on and on and on.
    Quite frankly, I was a bit bored with the episode and having studied a bit of Forensic Anthropology in my college days, I didn't really find any of the pre-search information gathering of any interest. I hope this is not a sign of what's to come in the new season. We'll give it another week to prove itself, but it'll have to do so via VCR taping! Supernatural starts October 4th and in my opinion will fair quite well with the competition!
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    The fact that women and children are in much "lack of" protection in the United States and ignored when cries for help is screamed out. I find it hard to believe, Republican President Bush, cares anymore for the victimizaiton of women and children in the nation, as it IS the government agency that is allowed to perform in the horrific manner of harming more children than helping, defaming and financially burdening innocent parents, and allowing the states to use Magic words, to de-fraud the federal government pockets. How many babies are stolen all over the state by a government agency, called CPS, that is no more than an agency that claims to "protect", but they make large amounts of money from the tax payers and the federal bonuses and grants? {Human Marketing & Human Trafficking} How many children are alienated from the parents and siblings without true cause? The greatest risk factors for children to be removed from their home has nothing to do with abuse or neglect, as single women, low income, battered and abused, or uneducated, are the targets to loose their children. The Constitution is supposed to protect us. Our elected Politicians are supposed to support the written law, protect the citizens, and both listen and act up the concerns and needs of the people!! How corrupt can a state be? The Federal Government ignores the complaints and request complaints to be re-submitted to the people of the state who are committing the crimes and violations. The rights of citizens are stomped on when CPS states, "Sign this paper or you will never see your child again". Or when a doctor forces un-necessary, very expensive, and very harmful medications, to an infant, with the aide of CPS placing the infant under state care without a court order, just because the mother wants to request her own, well know and trusted Pediatrician, to take over the health care needs of her infant. Many can testify to this bulling tactic. Many children are removed from their parents and siblings, not because they needed to be protected, but because, the state needs children in the system to make a federal re-reimbursement profit. Doesn't this make anyone sick? Does it surprise anyone that none of our government officials believe the issue of children wrongfully removed from their home to be placed into harms way or for the state workers to lie and make a mockery of the courts, is worthy to be dealt with in a more vigorous manner? Indiana ' political official are more concerned for their political party issues, not the citizens!! It is the money, power, control to gain more money, at the expense of family unity and the children's well-being. How many citizens are being abused by our own government? MILLIONS!! Who can or will investigate this crimes of CPS, the true numbers of children that are removed from safe homes by hearsay, who are not being harmed, and the children murdered by a stranger, a foster parent? No one in our own govrnment from the feds, governor, prosecutor, or the police! Child Protection Services, walk as a god, with disregard to all laws. They have no over sight, no one to be held accountable to, and act irresponsible with the precious lives of our children.

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    www.honkforkids.com or www.honkforkids.com/videoindex.htm I really enjoyed CSI, until the insert to glorify CASA was made. The promotion of allowing and condoning agencies that deliberately place children into harms way, defame parents, and destroy families, while making a big profit from others suffering, ruined my enjoyment of this program. These agencies profit while ignoring the Civil, Constitutional, and Human Rights of both the children and parents. The CASA insert, took my likings for this show to the dirt.
  • The ONE that got me hooked.

    This is the one show that got me hooked on the others. I rarely miss the original viewing of this one. The others can wait on the DVR if needed. The characters and the cutting edge of the science bring it all together. It is facinating to watch the technology meld with the science. The little hooks of the characters and the way that the interact with each other add nicely to the subplots. Some of the gore isn't always necessary but hey, that is what it is about in their field. Keep the stories coming and I will keep watching.
  • Ever since I first saw CSI I was hooked. I love anything to do with forensics but this show had cutting edge storylines & relatable characters.

    I don't like the other CSI shows so much, Vegas is the best one out of them all. Some of my fave episodes include 'Gentle, Gentle', 'Unfriendly Skies', & 'Blood Ties' AKA 'If These Walls Could Talk'.
    My fave characters include Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes & Warrick Brown.
    It's great how the writers come up wth something fresh for every episode yet teaches you a lot about forensics. I know the crimes are often solved in one episode, not like in real life, but it's not so complicatedly written that you're left wondering what 'GSR' means for example!
    We buy all the seasons when they come out, well worth it!
  • It's the best show ever!!!! I Love it.

    I reallly think it's the best TV show, it's interesting, makes you think and it has drama and some comedy too. I love the relationships between the characters and I love the GSR, yes Grissom and Sara rock and I think they're really good for the show and the other characters too. I can't imagine this show without Cath, Nick, Greg or Warrick (I hope he gets some more screentime this season).

    I rather watch something interesting on TV that watch other shows that are only about gossip and some kind of soapoperas and shows that have so many realtionships that you have to introduce new characters to be able to pair somebody else.

    Use your brains people and learn something while you watch TV, that's why CSI rocks!!!!! And it's Number One Drama Show on TV!!!!!!
  • this show is the best

    every season the episodes are better and better season eight should be the best ever. so far the living doll(1) is the best but once the new season starts there is no telling what will be the best. csi is the best it is better than csi: new york and csi: miami by far. no show could ever replace this show there is no way anyone could forget this show. now the best romance on this show is between grissom and sara. now sara was not around until grissom called her and asked her to help the team she only came beacuse she loved grissom then. gil grissom is played by William Petersen was born febuary 21 1953. sara sidle is played by Jorja Fox she was born july 7 1968.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a fantastic show. Thursdays have been transformed into CSI night, as viewers continued to be hooked.

    Its unusual storyline is great for television as so many shows are the same nowadays. The actors are believable and play a vital role in making CSI an unarguable classic. The storyline, somehow always the same but entirely different each time, are great to watch even though some can be emotionally disturbing (especially when our favorite characters become kidnapped or injured!)

    The show follows a team of forensic scientists in Las Vegas, Nevada. They collect evidence and study it in order to find out how a crime was committed and who the murderer is. This is shown to the viewers through various flashbacks throughout the show, starting from how the victim was killed or kidnapped right up to where they mess up and leave evidence behind. However there has been a few episodes (Killer) where the storyline has focused around the killers life from the start, allowing the viewers to see more into the killers brain, and why they committed that crime.

    Although CSI is now going into its 8th season since it started in October 2000, it has not lost many viewers and is still one of the most popular Television shows around.

    The episodes are based mostly during the characters working hours but a few scenes from episodes have been focused around the character's life. The characters personal life is played in the background of the show, which is surprising as CSI is such a big hit. However we do learn a few pieces of information from the characters social life and past, mostly however, when it interferes with the job.

    Romance is not a storyline pressed-on in this show, science is. However the on-scene chemistry between many characters has allowed fans to speculate from season one if there is a relationship going on, been on, or going to happen with each character. Currently there is only one romance between main characters which is played subtly in the background of the show. The science of this show was surprisingly one of the main reasons for why CSI is such a big hit. It is not hard to understand, instead it is interesting and allows people to enjoy learning interesting facts from bugs to dead bodies.
  • Crime Scene Investigators solve crimes based on scientific evidence.

    CSI is an interesting show if you can get past the unrealistic nature of most episodes. Many of the things that happen are just ridiculous, and they would never happen in real life. Sometimes there is a crime scene that does not even appear to be a crime scene, but they call in the investigators any way. Also, sometimes the evidence is not as conclusive as the show claims. And I have to admit I'm impressed by the enormous portion of the budget that Las Vegas seems to dedicate to their crime scene investigators. Although the show never talks about how much something costs or about the city's budget constraints, it is completely unrealistic to believe that the investigators could follow some of the whims they do, considering how much doing so has to cost. Overall, however, the show is a fun watch. You learn a lot, and it is always interesting to watch what seems like an obvious scenario be disproven by scientific evidence. It is very different from other crime shows in that respect. Instead of really getting to know the suspects and watching them be worn down, you get to see more of the efforts that go into testing theories and disproving false witness accounts of what happened.
  • Love this show!!! Can not wait until the season premier to find out if Sara lives or dies, preferably lives.

    I've been hooked on this show ever since the first season's pilot episode. To me, I think that this show gets better and better every season. I can not wait until this season starts next week. The anticipation of whether Sara lives, dies or even her getting found at all is just such an adrenaline rush. I love how you are able to get to know all of the characters. The good and the bad that goes along with all of their lives. I feel like this show will stick around for many years, seasons to come. I love this Show!
  • My favourite show by far

    I cant believe I only started watching this show last year. I only decided to watch it because the sky + planner was full of it. Not only is the show packed with great story lines, unsuspected twists and some of the most loveable characters I have seen on TV, each episode is full of humour, laugh out loud moments and unforgettable quotes. Even if you're not into murder mystery programs (Im not particularly ) you will probably still come to love this show and the characters. I personally adore Greg and his hillarious quotes and loveable personality. This is a show you should definatly watch at least once.
  • Nice Show

    I have to admit it, I actually watched only because of my sister, she's absolutely cuckoo about this kind of shows and criminal books.. But I began to like it too.. and now I watch it all the time. And .. I have all the seasons on the dvd. It's a very interesting show,well written and it can give you a lot to think at after you watch it. I like the stories,the action and the whole csi thing.period. It's a decent show,one of the ones from which you can actually learn some new stuff too. I would like to see some more personal stuff of the characters,besides their job. But it's good either way. Can't wait to see what's up on next!
  • CSI is by far the best show! I watch it 24/7. The cases, characters, and the amazing CAST! This show is AWESOME!

    I love this show! It never fails to impress me; it's my all time favorite show. I wouldn't miss an episode. You learn new things. The cases are great but the real reason why the show is on the top is because of the cast. The cast is so awesome, they have the chemistry, and they just make the show. This TV show deserves to be on top because it's the best crime drama out there! You never get bored with it! I could watch the re-runs over and over I still wouldn't be tired of it! Each season they keep coming back with fantastic episodes and it just keeps getting better and better...THIS SHOW ROCKS!
  • One of my favorite shows

    Do I really have to say more? People that watch this know how good it is, otherwise it wouldn't be all over the world, right?
    Really love the show.
    I love all the crime shows and CSI is the best at that. It has great storylines, it has romance, comedy and all that stuff.
    As for couples, I know some people will not agree with me, but Sara and Grissom seem perfect for each other.
    This is one of those shows that keeps getting better and better.
    As I said, I love crime shows, therefore I watch the other CSI's too, but this one is definitely my favorite.
  • I love csi its the best crime show i have ever seen. Its got some great actors and everything.

    okay so this is my fav. crime show off all time its got some really good actors and i would be so mad if they ended the series. And i think that one of the actors is really cute even though i might be related to him. Its Nick (goerge eads) he has the same last name as me. im not saying i am related to him but i might be. well anyways i just wanted to say this is the best crime show ever. i love you csi rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So dont ever end the show it rocks and i love it so much. well thats enough for me to say.
  • CSI is some great Shock Drama

    Thank You so much for shows like CSI who push the acceptable limits just a little further. CSI started out and TV was on a cusp, where strict morally upright people wanted to reduce the violence and other questionable content on TV. Then came CSI and instead of showing impassioned hatred and rage filled violence, they showed how to solve a crime by taking clues from the worst kind of graphic display on TV. CSI showed the violence but instead of glorifying the rage, they showed how people with cooler heads can prevail over those evildoers. CSI has kept me watching for 7 seasons now and even though I know there's going to be a dead body in every episode, (not really a good way to deviate from that major plotline) I still love seeing Grissom and the team get the bad guys. I feel like I'm 12 again!
  • Gil Grissom and crew sift through evidence at crime scenes to find out who the culprits are.

    This is the first CSI series I started watching. I still think it is the best one. William Peterson is the perfect leader in this kind of show. His whole persona fits better than David Caruso or Gary Sinise. They are both good actors, but I don't think they protray a true CSI like William does. He gives the show that extra touch that makes it stand out better than the others. I also favor the cast. Perhaps I got used to them and that is why they will always be my favorites. The show itself is excellent. I am a real fan of this type. I enjoy the brain teasers and the storylines are usually very good. It's an excellent show that I hope continues for a long time.
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