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  • An Ending Of An Era For CSI

    I have enjoyed watching this show from start to finish, I can hardly remember I enjoyed watching a show as much as I enjoyed watching CSI. THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!!!!!
  • For 15 years

    I was entertained with my favorite show. I will miss it. Whenever I see Petersen I think gruesome Grissom and smile. The show had "real life" people with their quirks, humor, etc. It had real plots to it instead of the "write a few words, insert cuss words here, and make everything about sex every other paragraph.

    My favorite episode was the guy that got shot, he was bit by a rattle snake, drowned etc. I intend to watch it again. I am close to dumping TV and going with all access cbs. CBS creates programming that is entertaining, not insulting and good plots. CBS respects their viewers.
  • Nothing beats CSI

    CSI is a programme based upon reality, it shows different ways of how a culprit can be caught and how justice can be prevailed. I have watched this programme ever since it started and if it wasn't for the programme itself then i wouldn't of realised why these people do what they do. But yet so many people judge the actors in the programme, but its not the actors that make the programme its what they do to make it seem so real. Even if Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Jim Brass, Warrick Brown, Raymond Langston, Wendy Simms or Riley Adams are no longer in it it doesn't mean that the people in it now aren't just as dedicated to the work they do. People who judge others on the roles they have to play, are just disrespectful because the actors aren't the ones who make up the different ideas or decide how things are planned out and acted upon. I've always been fascinated by forensic science, so this was tailor-made for me! It's intelligent and literate, with intriguing stories and lots of cool crime-fighting toys. In addition to seeing all the cool ways the crime scene unit can place you at the scene and ultimately prove you did the crime, it has gallows humor/sarcasm and edge. To be quite honest I hope they don't cancel it.

    Man, I STILL love this show. I have watched since the very first episode aired. Waited on the edge of my seat for every episode. Have been a huge fan of forensic science ever since "Quincy " first ran on tv . The growth and fleshing out of the characters on CSI has been remarkable . I never thought the show would survive the loss of "Grissom", but , has thoroughly awakened my lagging interest after two miscast wannabes. The writers have provided a wide spectrum of new titillating episodes that keeps me waiting for Sunday evenings. Thanks immensely
  • Matthew Davis

    I really hope that matthew davis stays in csi i love him :):):)
  • It looks like Jack Coleman will be guestion on an episode

    The episode is titled "Love for Sale" and there are BTS pics tweeted by him and Alimi Ballard, so YAY for that!
  • Love this show!

    I've watched CSI since it started over 12 yrs ago and it still keeps me on the edge of one's seat!
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  • The best CSI.

    This is definitely the best of the CSI's even after Grissom hope they can bring him back because he does keep getting mentioned and on the latest episode we heard his voice.
  • NOW 0, since it was decimated in 2008

    I watched & bought every CSI from day 1 even after Warrick's death. Those who say Danson=New Grissom don't get who Grissom was. So G is gone & the erratic, whiny, boring Sarah is back, who G left CSI for. I gave the G-Less CSI a chance until Catherine (the only other deep, awesome character left) became a desk jockey, hardly seen, & CSI level 1 Langston amazingly solved every top case including the season finale. In disgust I quit watching arguably the best network show ever. CSI-LV was a team/family until it was butchered in 2008. We hoped when Grissom had his final chance in 2008 with his alter-ergo Lady Heather that he would chuck bland Sarah. The confusing thing is William Peterson became a co-producer & let the CSI-LV self destruct. I RARELY take the time for Facebook, but I was looking up a guest star & stumbled upon these ridiculous comments about Danson= Grissom and it being better than ever-R U kidding me? Fortunately, I have the first 7 years on DVD-an excellent investment. & I did try the other CSI's, but none are close to the 7 year eclectic ensemble of LV.
  • Ted danson is the new Gil Grissom!

    love the show
  • CSI should take note of this:

    i enjoy csi, its ultimatly a very good program and interesting to watch, however, there is a lot of discrimination in some programs, especially those concerning accults and fandoms. For example, the episode which has furrys in it (or, what csi sees furrys as) has caused a lot of unwanted attention between the fandom and the mainstream, it showed furs in a very bad light, and in the so called furry convention, well, nothing like it ever happens. I suggest, to appologise to the furry community, you make a new episode and show them how they really are, or, make the mainstream realise that this does not happen by making a small "special episode" in which those acting in csi say how the program makes things up etc.

    Please take the time to read through this site: http://timiair.wix.com/furryfandom#!home/mainPage

    and contact me if you have any questions on how you can make csi better (not as rasict/discriminate to other fandoms/accults) thank you.
  • Crime Scene Investigation

    I think that this is one of the best episodes of Crime Scene Investigation I hope all of us

    watch this episode Crime Scene Investigation

    love this show so much. grissom was fabulous it was sad when he left. ted danson does great as well so i am happy. <3
  • A fantastic Piece of modern telly

    C S I gets better ever time i watch it my favourite episode so far was the one a fortnight ago when one of them got kidnapped and buried alive.It was exciting and scary at the same time.I wish it could go on forevvvvvvvvvver and never stop if anyone does not like it they need there heads testing
  • awesome show

    i love this show the cast is great
  • CSI is still good

    CSI wil never be as good as it used to be,the older episodes with grissom were addictive and every episode made you want to keep watching and the season finale(s) were always really great the best finales in TV history,most people say oh CSI sucks now grissom left and sarah left and warrick died and yah that does suck and now that Detective willows is leaving who knows were the show is going to go.
  • Still great!

    Have watched every episode and is still the best tv show. Danson breaths new life into it as well!
  • Grissom, Warrick, Langston

    I would love to have Grissom back. The whole show had a meaning when he was in it. His curiosity and the way he is and how smart he is makes it all just a better team of people. They all had a purpose in the show where now, its not as good as it used to be. Please bring him back. I also don't agree with Warrick being gone, he was one of the best. Langston just disappeared all of a sudden for some reason. It shouldn't have been like that he was a good team player. Ted is a good character, I like him but he could always play something else and not the supervisor. Thats Grissom's job.
  • A couple of crime scene investigators solving crimes using science in Las Vegas!! Who had thought that science and crime solving could be so fun to watch?


    This show is just epic!!I love all the characters!!The producers and writers did a nice job selecting their cast and further developing the characters of the show.

    Grissom is my all time favorite character in TV history...Catherine is also such a stong woman-I love her passion...

    Nick, Warrick, Greg and Sara sum a perfect group of characters that share a big amount of chemistry on screen.Jim is the captain of the LVPD and the comedy relief of the show along with Hodges the trace expert.

    The show's coroner is doctor Robbins who fits in great with this role...

    Can't wait for season 12 premier and the introduction of Ted Danson and Elizabeth Harnois!!

  • i just got the csi las vegas boxset for xmas 2010 and i contains all ten seasons that are available on disc to buy at this current time i had alreadyseen up to the end of season seven so i could not wait to see season eight after reading some reviews.

    having started watching from season eight it was pretty exciting to see warrick getting framed for murder then released and the part where they all have coffee just before the horrible under sheriff kills warrick in cold blooded murder in his own car of all places, i mean seiously csi or not why would u park up that scary street in the first place, then they finally catch up with him and arrest his ass and the other corrupt cop, and when nick has that gun and you hear the shot i was thinking oh my god now he is goin to jail but thank god he didnt shoot him, love nicky would hate to see him in jail tehn warricks funeral was sad and we find out he has a child and then we meet langston and grisson leaves which wa gutting as he has been in it forever he is the one who holds them all together then we go on to the jekyl an hyde killer again nicky nearly dies after langston gets a crack to the head, then few episodes in to season eleven and its good to have sara back or should i say mrs grissom so we think that jekyl killer is gone but then poor ray gets violently attacked and is on his death bed as well as nick joining them after the funeral bombs then comes the episode sqweegel really freaky scary guy in suit violebtly slashing people with hi weird slimy way this episode really freaks me out and that is all where i am right now and i know he will be back at some point so to be continued.............
  • Great stuff great stuff

    I really like the show because it has blood! okay no I like it because the characters are really cool and the fact that the people always find the murderur person dude and they put humur in it even tho it has a sad concept and some of the episodes are not what i like such as the season finaly of the sixth season when the one guy put Nick in the box I really hated the writers for that I ran around the house screaming and curseing every thing I saw because Nick is Awesom! and I would have hurt something if the writers had killed him, not good, I also like Greg hes cool too and I like evey one else too but they're my fav. Good show yup good show.
  • 11 years and still going strong...

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is probably one of the longest running shows. Now into its 11th year, we've seen so much happen to the characters and the cases that come back such as the Paul Millander case.

    We've seen heartbreaking episodes such as "For Gedda" with Warrick's death, Grissom leaving to be with Sara after he departure in "Goodbye and goodluck and so much more. The curent cast is still very good, with only two main charcters leaving with a soon to be third after 11 years. Sanders has made it into the field, Catherine has become Supervisor with Nick as assitant supervisor now and Sara has returned.

    The cases are still interesting and still have quite a lot of science too it. In the 11th season, some are very Vegas-esque with a lot of guest stars making it even better (minus Bieber of course).

    Overall, the characters are still loveable (but a bit too much love and screen time is given to Fishburne considering he is only a level 2 and would never get a solo etc as Greg only did to pick up some evidence). The cases are still great and last weeks case "Wild Life" was really great! Hopefully, it will continue on strong, with maybe a return from Peterson and Squeegal and some strong character episodes/plot in the future.
  • Good-bye CSI!!! You were one of my favorites!

    I am so glad they had Grissom go for Sara. This was the best closure I could image. Since I knew that he will be leaving I was hoping for that end. At the beginning I was looking for her name in the opening credit and as she did not show up I hoped for a surprise appearance. I loved CSI a lot in the past 9 years but from now on, without Grissom, I will stop. I wish all the other actors good luck. I think they are all great but that is no CSI anymore for me. It was a really intense good-bye when he walked through the lab, watching is old colleagues. And when he was looking on Warricks grieving card.... tearjerker!!!!
  • A Perfect Ending

    This was what I think of as the last episode. I will never watch another CSI. Other than that, I loved it. Grissom's goodbye was awsome! I loved the conversation betwwen him and Hodgens. "What would Watson be without Sherlock Holmes?" "Watson was a genious in his own right." That made me want to cry! They had him have little personal goodbyes with everyone instead of one great big one at the end, I loved it. I also loved how they didn't mention anything about Sarah or where he was going until the very end. It was just so Grissom to find him walking through the jungle with his little GPS and a straw hat. Then the end, with the kiss between him and Sarah was perfect. The case was great to. They did a great job of introducing Fishborn. I also think that Grissom's last case was a great one. Even though I think Fishborn will do a great job, I can't watch the show without Grissom, it just isn't right.
  • I love shows like this, and CSI is exactly why! Ive always been interested in forensic and CSI is perfect for me, and it never disappoints me. I love all the characters, and you cant help but feel a bond for them and a truely sad when one exits the show!

    Even without Grissom, this show (so far) stills has the chemistry to continue. Fishborne seems to be the right pick, even though he's not one of my favorite actors. Who knows maybe being part of the CSI team will change my view of him. Losing Sara wasn't that hard to really effect the show, losing Warrick was crushing and then losing Grissom, I thought for sure would end the show for me. But I was willing to contiune watching to see if it would still hold my attention and definitely has over last couple shows. Still impressed with this show and it will forever be my favorite.
  • Amazing!

    I watched seasons one through eight in 3 months after catching some reruns on the Spike channel. I am a big fan of cop/drama shows so it is amazing I never sat down to watch this number 1 show. From the reruns I was hooked, and when I began to watch the show from the beginning I could not stop. CSI is such a great entertaining show, its no wonder why it is the number one show on TV. It will be interesting to see how the loss of 3 of the original cast members will effect the series in the long run, but the first eight seasons are truly extraordinary.
  • One of the best series that ever been made.

    I love the show from the begining. The plot and chrachters are very good. My favorite season is definetely 7. I love the relationship between Sara and Grissom and I miss them both.
    Also I miss Warrick and the chemistry between Warrick and Catherine. I wish that all 3 of them were in the show now.
    But to say the truth I also like fishburne, I believe if Grissom and Fishburne were in the show together it would be awesome.
    My favourite episodes are Livin Doll 1 & 2 (season 7),Grave Danger 1&2 (season 5)and butterflied (season 4). It would be great and also intersting to see the show as a film but Grissom and Sara must be in it too.
  • The best show on TV!!!

    CSI is the best show in the world that I have ever watched! It's an amazing show with all your drama, emotion, and excitement!!! This is a show that has great in all good ways possible in it's 10 years! Although we had seen some of our all time favorite characters leave or pass away, sun as Warrick, Sara and Grissom! The show still remains a 10 star rating for me and always will. All because of this show, and my all time favorite character, Grissom, I want to be a CSI! I know that what you see on TV isn't the same as in real-life, it sill inspired me to want to be one. I thank the show for that! CSI is a show that whoever wathes, whether you've been wathing since season 1 or just watched 1 episode, you will be hooked! And that's a fact!
  • If you're an ex-fan and reading this, I tell you, CSI is still at its best! Come back and CSI has a lot more to offer for a lot more years!

    After 10 years, CSI continues to bring interesting cases and amazing character development. I've been a fan of this show for 1 year and seen almost all the episodes from season 1 up to present. The show has tackled real and bizarre cases: from murders to suicides, from recklessness to mysterious medical conditions, from jealousy to greed, from human to non-humans. So how does CSI make it far if we're dealing with murders every week? It's the creativity and amazing twists in every episode that make fans love it.

    Even a successful show like CSI has gone through a lot of changes and challenges. We've lost three major characters within two seasons. It's not easy to take but let's remember that in real life, people retire. Grissom for example. A lot of loyal fans stopped watching CSI when he left. But to tell you the truth, CSI is still great. Grissom and Warrick will always be a part of this show. I'm happy that at least Sara is back. CSI still has Cath, Nick, Greg, Brass, Doc Robbins and Ray with the lab techs Hodges, Mandy, Henry and Archie.
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