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  • Bring back old cast too

    Have to agree with Justina, as each team member gets replaced it seems to make CSI more and more unbearable. Where once I couldn't wait for the next episode whilst avoiding all appointments, now, I would sooner watch paint dry and save downloaded episodes for times when there is really really nothing better on TV. Seems to be going the same way as NY & Miami. When Brass goes, nail in the coffin. Real Shame.
  • Sundays?

    Any particular reason it's moved from it's regular Wednesday slot to Sundays?
  • Bring back old cast!

    that is the only way you can save the got used to DB when catherine was around but and finn characters are dull sarah was always a bit annoying just bring back old characters or characters that can act and have good story!
  • I like CSI but....

    I still enjoy CSI, but since Catherine left it's felt like a different show altogether... I like all the cast members, but the focus has shifted too much to the new additions. I'm a little sick of DB, Morgan and Finn! I would like more back-story on the others.

  • I miss Catherine a LOT!

    I basically stopped watching after Marg left the show. May watch some reruns this Summer, in between taking care of my older Relative. Poor Catherine. A Stripper, bad Husband, loses her Dad, loses Warrick! Marg got started in the Soaps. I just wish Cat had found happiness, other than in solving her cases. I watched the NY Franchise and even Miami a little. Is CSI NY still on???
  • Matthew Davis

    I really hope that matthew davis stays in csi i love him :):):)
  • image is lost

    plz change the image of this season its of Lost
  • Love the show but hate certain characters

    Please kill off "Finn" I cannot stand her when she first joined the show she seemed okay but

    ever since the episode "Fallen Angels" aired I think she's a Monster for causing poor Eli to be taken away from Tina, that was a sick thing to do, and made me cry children must never be deprived of their parents unless the child is being physically abused by them. Tina wasn't doing anything like that. Sara Sidle should also be killed off as well I find her annoying. I wish the miniature killer Natalie Davis had succeeded with murdering Sara.
  • The thing is...

    It's hard for me to get interested in this show anymore. Grissom leaving was one thing I could handle, sorta. But after Catherine left, I was pretty iffy about the show. And I have been since then.
  • Still love this show

    I know a lot of changes has happened since the beginning, but if actors want to move on, let them move on, jeez!

    I love that there are more personal story lines, it's one of the main reasons to really care about a show, I personally think. Season 13 wasn't as good as we're used to, but 14 has picked it up again. I'm happy that they tuned down Finn a bit, she was just to much in the beginning. Still interesting story lines, and I hope they make a lot of more seasons of this show!


    I also like morgan as an edit to the team, hope she and Hogdes finally get it going this season. I also like the swingshiftguy, hope he sticks around.
  • My career is tired, this show is tired, great, give me the gig.

    I used to watch this sometimes, 10 years ago or so. Seemed even at that point everyone was smug in their formula and just going through the motions, banking on undiscerning viewers. Just checked out the latest episode, and, wow, what a poorly written, directed, and acted legacy piece of crap this is. What is Shue even doing here, and can't she manage any better acting than that.

    Funny, their opening credits still flash to people who aren't in the show anymore, like, "ok, maybe they won't notice".

    The show is tired, the cast is tired, the acting is smug and tired, they just don't care about their audience anymore and are banking on audience loyalty to pay the bills while they evidently cut corners on the creative end of the business Even the forensics is stupid.
  • What Happened To This Show?!?

    Granted, I have never been what you would call a "fan" of CSI but several years ago I used to watch it fairly frequently (probably the first 5 seasons or so). After not seeing the show for so long, today I happened to catch a rerun from Season 13. I truly wished I hadn't watched. I was absolutely blown away. I can't believe it's still on the air. Big names like Danson & Shue can't begin to compensate for the horrid writing, lack of victim-character development and profoundly insulting bubble gum forensics. No doubt this show is being run & produced by 'intellects' in their 20's. It resembles nothing of the show it once was (which was never anything spectacular, mind you) and it serves as a painful reminder of how mindless our society has become. The Dumbing Down of America continues.
  • Where is Nick, Sarah, and Greg?????????????????

    Where is Nick and Sarah. Why is Drew an investigator(she is lousy), and Greg is back at the lab. The story lines are not about forensics instead all about personal dramas. The main original characters are been written out and replaced with new characters that are not making the show better. Instead people are turning channels. Wake up writers/producers your ruining a good show.
  • It looks like Jack Coleman will be guestion on an episode

    The episode is titled "Love for Sale" and there are BTS pics tweeted by him and Alimi Ballard, so YAY for that!
  • shue sucks

    Gawd whatever happened to this show???? Kill off shue's character already!
  • so old

    please kill off sara sidle, cannot stand her.
  • Nick Stokes hasn't been in a few episodes...

    the actor portraying him, George Eads, is busy. Nick will be back soon though!
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    Where is Nick Stokes?
  • I am no one

    Just saw a rerun of the episode with the serial killer Ian Moone (I am no one). Was there ever a second episode with this serial killer or did he just fade into the wood work?

    I can't believe that they are still trying to make this show a success. It never will be. Thought it was neat that Sarah and Grissome ended up on some secluded island doing private studies. Now Sarah is back for how long; was supposed to be only 10 episodes. Now Nick is just not appreciated. He should've been promoted years ago.

    I know that most people like Ted Danson but he's just too serious for the show. The show has just become another soap opera. It was nice when a little bit of personal info leaked out during a case. Elizabeth Shue acts more like a cop than a lab rat.

    The main complaint is that are we watching HAWAII FIVE 0 plots.

    Let it go. The money wagon is over.
  • Enough!

    I used to love this show, but I just cannot watch Elisabeth Shue anymore. She manages to grin like some teenage flirt (Karate Kid style) almost every time she opens her mouth. It's not a comedy! Time to find a new show to watch.
  • *Sigh*

    I use to LOVE this show. Now, not so much. Sorry.

    Danson is fine, but the stories are unoriginal and the characters have become cliche. And it's struggling to stay relevant.

    And it makes me sad, because it was once such a groundbreaking show with interesting stories and original characters.

    I'll be sad when it ends, but I think it's time.
  • Love this show!

    I've watched CSI since it started over 12 yrs ago and it still keeps me on the edge of one's seat!
  • well done

    Good show. Despite the fact that it was totally disgusting that someone would do that.
  • Why mess with GSR

    I have actually enjoyed DB (the addition of Ted Danson) on the show. But the break up of such a powerful storyline in GSR has had me no longer caring about CSI anymore. I don't mind new characters on an aging show, actors come and go; but when tptb start messing with the old characters and rewriting their tried and true storylines, then I lose all respect for the current showrunners/writers. Grissom (and by association, GSR) are a huge part of CSI's legacy. The GSR storyline has been a part of the show for 13 years. Honor thy heritage. Respect your roots. Respect your fans. This season has been completely off from what the show is about; too much personal character drama, and the one personal storyline I care anything about has been destroyed. Time for me to move on.
  • Lack of Science and Silly storylines

    First off I have been a long-time fan of CSI from day one and have seen every episode up to 13.10 (UK). This show was once one of the best highest rated dramas on TV. The episodes used to be fantastic with a great mixture of Science and good acting. Recently (2nd of S12 and S13) there has been a lack of Science or forensics in most episodes, the cases range from the easy to figure out to silly. I have no problems with Danson or Shue I think they're great additions to the show however the lack of science/forensics techniques is getting on my nerves. Rather than completing tests like they used to it cuts to them sharing reports like CSI Miami. Episode 13.10 involved a plane crash, this is a prime example of where CSI is going wrong, we didn't see the crash site or CSI collect a single piece of evidence it was all in the lab and then they cut to reports. This is turning into another run of the mill cop show. Whether this is due to low ratings and therefore a low budget I'm not sure but no wonder why a show that used to get 25 35 million is now barely getting 10 million.

    I like CSI but compared to what it used to be it is fading fast, the cast changes now work but the writers need to stop spending time on personal storylines every episode and focus on science and actual forensics.

  • Good Casting

    The addition of Ted Danson has been the best decision since Gitssom left. He has added the interest with a touch of humor that was missing. Shows have to evolve and though I hated to see the character of Grisson leave, Danson is filling the spot uniquely and keeping the show interesting but not
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  • The best CSI.

    This is definitely the best of the CSI's even after Grissom hope they can bring him back because he does keep getting mentioned and on the latest episode we heard his voice.
  • NOW 0, since it was decimated in 2008

    I watched & bought every CSI from day 1 even after Warrick's death. Those who say Danson=New Grissom don't get who Grissom was. So G is gone & the erratic, whiny, boring Sarah is back, who G left CSI for. I gave the G-Less CSI a chance until Catherine (the only other deep, awesome character left) became a desk jockey, hardly seen, & CSI level 1 Langston amazingly solved every top case including the season finale. In disgust I quit watching arguably the best network show ever. CSI-LV was a team/family until it was butchered in 2008. We hoped when Grissom had his final chance in 2008 with his alter-ergo Lady Heather that he would chuck bland Sarah. The confusing thing is William Peterson became a co-producer & let the CSI-LV self destruct. I RARELY take the time for Facebook, but I was looking up a guest star & stumbled upon these ridiculous comments about Danson= Grissom and it being better than ever-R U kidding me? Fortunately, I have the first 7 years on DVD-an excellent investment. & I did try the other CSI's, but none are close to the 7 year eclectic ensemble of LV.
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