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  • The first is the best.

    csi run\'s hiere in germany for four season and it gets better every time. the pratical parts in the laboratories are realistic by the way the persons work - but not in the time the work needd. this is something very rare and special in tv shows and that is one point i love csi for. on the other hand the characters are carefully build up and modified over the time without any hard cuts or so.
  • Quickly became one of my top 3 favourite shows on tv, when I started watching only this past season(because of the NHL hockey lockout, no hockey). I now watch all 3 shows, and own season 4 of this show.

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is truly one of the best shows on tv in the last 15-20 years. Gil Grissom (William Petersen) is the head Crime Scene Investigator, along with Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger). Every episode they crack crimes by using amazing technology. The other crime scene investigators are Nick Stokes (George Eads), Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), and Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda). Others are Capt. Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle), and the coroner, Dr. Al Robbins (Robert David Hall). For years, I regretfully avoided watching CSI, but this year, I started watching and I was immediately hooked on it. I watch all of the reruns on Spike TV, so now I have watched every amazing episode. It lives up to being TVs #1 show.
  • Many more (well 2) pretenders to the throne have tried but sorry Gary and David, the original mix is still the best. Proof that a great show is not one gimick but the sum of it's parts...

    When C.S.I came along in 2000 it was a very glossy show with very glossy actors and very glossy sets set in Las Vegas around locations which were, well, er, glossy.
    It immediately caught my eye and after some initially stilted dialogue and slightly cheesy plotting in the first couple of episodes it quickly hit it's stride. Combining a mixed cast of interesting characters and fancy bone smashing eat-your-meal-before-you-watch effects along with the most important thing: great story telling, C.S.I quickly became must watch Tv for me.

    Episodes would weave in and out of the victims various friends, enemies, neighbours, bug exterminators and er, bears. Anyone could be the perpetrator and often was but you always knew our heroes were going to get their man(or bear).
    But the big draw to this show is still the fantastic William Petersen as Gil Grissom. He's a regular modern day Columbo, a Quincy for our generation, but different. He knows endless facts about Shakespeare, he knows about mould, he knows everything about bugs and he loves... rollercoasters... what more could you ask for??

    And that's been the big problem with the spinoffs, Miami and N.Y, they haven't collected those parts together properly.
    Miami had the great location and a good supporting actress in Emily Proctor but other characters were weak and Caruso quickly became irritating.
    On paper N.Y must have added up well - Good star power in Sinise and face-for-the-future Melina Kanakaredes as well as a different style of location in the more cramped, busy and industrial New York but somehow it fell flat.

    You could see why Peterson was annoyed

    All the while, C.S.I has held strong and stayed the course even managing to add more characters like my personal favourite, the funny, naive, but eager to learn Greg.

    In the end, in 10 years time, we'll all remember C.S.I and not Miami or N.Y.
    And, of course, we'll remember Gil... though hopefully not that beard...
  • Science solves crimes--how novel. The grand-daddy of the genre.

    This was the first of it's kind, and has spawned two sequels I actually like better: CSI:Miami and CSI:NY. It does continually surprise me from time to time, and I still watch...but it's showing it's age. I say get back to basics, reunite the original team and go for broke.
  • This show is amazing at how advanced it is.

    I really, really love this show. At first i was skeptical at how it was, but I really did enjoy it. The way it takes a look at forensics really got me interested in doing it as a career. It isn't 100% true, but I like the take on it, and how awkward it is to find clues and when they just appear from nowhere.
  • Slick, classy - the best!

    My only regreat with this show is that, living in England, we have to wait before we can watch something that has been out in America for quite a while.

    Consistently well plotted, acted, directed (well, just about everything!) it has transformed my viewing habits (along with CSI:Miami).

    Long may it continue - marvellous tv
  • One of the best shows out there to watch even if you didn't find forensic science interesting, you will after you watch this.

    I think CSI is one of the best shows ever made and it has started a new world of television into forensic science. The visuals are amazing to watch like when they zoom into a small piece of evidence. CSI is alot better than the other two as it is the original.
  • Crime Scene Investigation, it's the show that's taking the airwaves by storm.

    Crime Scene Investigation is one of the most popular shows to ever hit the airwaves. This show has what every television show tries for. It has a great cast, great storylines, and a great plot. Crime Scene Investigation is one of the most watched shows ever. With William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger as the show's main characters, it's no wonder fans were drawn to this show.

    I first became aware of this show when I was watching CBS one night, and I saw all this hype about it being 'television's number one drama' with thousands of people watching it when it's on. That's when I decided to give it a try. The first episode I ever saw was 'After the Show' on November 20, 2003.

    What first hit me about the show was the case. It was interesting and perplexed. I loved to see the characters using forensic science to solve these cases, and as much as a blood drop on a stocking can help solve the case. One tiny fiber, or a hair, or a void in a blood spray can lead to a conviction in a case or the realization that the suicide was actually a murder.

    What hit me next was the characters. Gil Grissom was the vague and complex advisor. Catherine Willows was the loving mother who changed her life around. Warrick Brown was the gambling addict who wanted to stop it and get on with his life. Nick Stokes was the country boy that can't resist to help someone in need. Sara Sidle was the sexy scientist with a crush on her boss and a terrible secret in her past. Jim Brass was the man who had lost the two things her loves in life and ending up with a rocky core. Greg Sanders was the free-spirited and extreamly adored lab tech who hoped to become a CSI. Dr. Al Robbins was the handicapped coroner with a love for his job. Even the reacurring and guest characters were amazing. Lady Heather, Ecklie, and people like Hodges added a flare to the show. Ecklie and Hodges were the men you loved to hate, and Lady Heather was the woman you'd hate to love.

    I became a major fan of the show, CSI Obsessed. I soon had seen every episode of the fourth season, and then started to rent the season DVDs off NetFlix at the beginning of the fifth season. Soon I had seen every single episode, and was proud of it. I discovered CSI: Miami and CSI: New York too, and I soon saw every episode of them.

    Now that the fifth season is over, and the show is still great and going strong (except for 'Viva Las Vegas', that episode was too rushed) I have gone online and found all these forensic sites. This show has opened up to me and many other people a new and interesting world. Soon forensic and polic shows were all over the television, and all this because of one show. This show has created a huge interest in this stuff, and I, like many other people my age, are wanting to choose forensic science as a career. The only problem is the so called, 'CSI Affect', which is jurors wanting more forensic evidence to convict a person in a trial.

    CSI has changed many people's view of murders, and helped them get an interest. The show is extreamly bold and daring, helping showing that murderers can't escape, because they always leave a trace (although that 'CSI Affect' isn't helping that much). CSI has changed America, and it is the a favorite show among many people.
  • The Greatest on TV

    Ive been a fan of CSI for 5 years and every year it gets better and better. I am in college and taking CSI classes after watching the first season of this show. CSI is probably one of the few great shows on tv today.

    The characters make this show what it is by the way they work on screen and that brings this show to life. There is no other like this show and I hope that it continues to stay on air as long as it can!
  • CSI is by far the greatest show on tv!

    CSI has great storylines and interesting characters. William Petersen is brilliant as Grissom. I don't see who else could bring this character to life.

    It's a pleasure to watch (and rewatch... and rewacht on DVD!). From the very first episode I saw, I was hooked. I certainly hope they'll keep this up for a very long time.
  • This one will be on TV land in 20 years.

    This is a great show that is cutting-edge and gripping. It's shows a completely different side of life that most people would never even think of. There's an old saying "be nice to the geeks in high school, they'll be your bosses in real life". CSI proves it... the science geeks kick butt in this awesome 1 hour extravaganza that happens every week. (Or twice every weeknight on Spike)
  • I was told to watch this show and now I am addicted.

    I absolutely love this show! I never watched it until a kid in my class told me to try it. I am now officially addicted. I am renting the DVDs to catch up and I am actively watching season 5 repeats. I love Grissom and Greg's humor (though I wish he would be as funny as season 2 again) Sara, however, is my favorite Crime Scene Investigator. I know a ton of people hate her but she has the most angst, thats something I love. The only thing I don't like, which doesnt happen often, is that sometimes, they don't find out who committed the crime and it dissappoints me. But hey, that's life right?
    I highly recommend this show for anyone and everyone who likes police work, mystery,drama and a bit of comedy.
  • CSI is one of my favorite shows this current season. However, I wonder if it dictates what reality is or what we want reality to be.

    I avoided CSI at first, since I don't like to watch series when they first air, I usually just watch reruns. However, this is an exception. Each season gets better, and so does the drama. Katherine's relationship with her father, Sara's drinking problem, Warrick's struggle with gambling are all examples of how real CSI is. On the other hand, the personalities of the main chatacters seem to be a bit farfetched in real life. However, it's a good series to watch for entertainment.
  • i love it

    i love this show as you can see from my name my fav is nick this is a awasome show an i love it they are great chareters and a great story line i give them a A+ and in my book they are the best i love this show man it ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Meet Grissom teams

    I really like this series, it was brillant and along with this came two spin-off Miami and New York, these review i going to do after this one. This show is about how police solve crimes thanks to these people.

    Grissom rules no contest, i really like Grissom, who's head of CSI department, his team consist of Catrine( second most experienced CSI, first being Grissom), Warrick despite his gambling problem he's a good CSI, Sarah (the rookie) she was new ,Nick stokes, he more of a cool dude who doesn't take thing too serious. This is Grissom team.

    Catrine, She quite a good CSI before she was a show-girl but she made herself quit and become respected CSI, She has a daugher who don't like her but likes her dad, but he died in season 2. She stuck with Cartine. During season 5 she become new head of CSI but team is split between Cartine and Grissom. Catrine has Warrick and Nick. Grissom has Greg and Sarah.

    Warrick, he my second favourite CSI, he's cool but he's good also he just as nice chacter. Despite his gambling problem which is his only flaw. Nick is same experienced as warrick ,both these two get on well and make good partner as CSI.

    Sarah, at the start she was a rookie, she was new and she was learning during seasons 1 & 2. By season 3 &4 she became better and things between her and Grissom almost heated up but since Grissom an honorable man who's old enough to be her father.

    i mentioned Greg, he was a lab-tech who run evidence collected but since Sarah was no longer a rookie, the writer made him, we actually saw him to be tested to become a CSI, the first one he failed but passed the second one.

    This is still better then two spin-off,hopefully there will be a season 6,7 & 8.
  • I started watching this when it first came on. This is crazy with cases they have to solve. I have not been watching them lately but I am going to start back.

    This very for real about their dead bodys and all that stuff. When I first saw this show I was thinking the person was really dead. If you want some thing real good to watch at night this the show. I still can't get that intro music out my head.
  • Quincy in a modern way !

    I use to watch Quincy.

    Since all CSI series have started I just can't stop my self. They are touching hot topics and are demystifing forensic medicine. My favorite part is when they are rethinking a crime. When they get to the crime scene and we see the flash backs.

    I think it was two weeks ago, when in CSI: Miami, Horacio discovered is brother was not dead.

    Of course if we put things in perspective Quincy in it's time was very up to date show and was probably on the best in his genre at the time. But I think that now, CSI are pushing it a notch higher!
  • Possibly the greatest drama of all time, atleast of the ones i've watched. It's an intense mystery and has so many plot twists and things you don't expect that keep you in your seat waiting for what happens next.

    One of the few shows that i refuse to leave my couch once i've started watching. I'm afraid that if i leave, i'll miss one thing and i'll be lost the whole episode. The show has so many twists that if you miss one, you'll be lost. It has a decent amount of action, although that's not it's intention. It's more of a psychological thriller that gets you thinking. It's an extremely intelligent show, just as informative as it is entertaining. The characters are well developed and you can become attached to them and connect with them, my favorite character being Warrick. This show definitely lives up to the hype and is worth watching.
  • Still superb after 5 years.

    This show is amazing. The plots and character developments are still exceptional. Every season we learn something new about a character. The cases get more and more interesting and the drama becomes more and more intense. The actors/actresses play the parts really well and I have come to love this show. It is my favorite.
  • A show that is now getting me to cant wait for the next. That hasnt hppened for awhile.

    Love this show and beeing an X-Cop I hate cop shows. This one is the exception. The show has it all and makes you want to watch more. Even has some of the inside politics. I just started watching recently and watch the reruns on Spike TV. The cool part Is I watch 3 episodes on Thursdays back to back. For someone like me who doesnt watch much this is bringing me back to being a couch potato.
  • crime drama + great special effects + superb acting + intriguing plot + great guest actors and directors = A recipe for T.V. sucess (CSI!!!)

    CSI is the best show on television ever! The writers are quite imaginiative and creative, the special effects are probably the best ever seen on television and the acting is superb! My favorite character is the formerly-kooky lab rat Greg Sanders who has been recently omitted into the field. He is (in my opinion) one of the best young actors in the buisness! He makes me look forward to Thursday nights everytime! CSI has been getting better every season, with new twists and turns that make me glued to the tube week in and out. CSI will be forever known as the best crime-drama ever made, and hopefully will continue to be the most watched television show in North America!

  • Favorite drama

    The original beats all the other copycats CSIs not only because of the amazing plots but majorly, the cast is just the best team you'll see since the SWAT team!!! Personally, my favourite character Grissom, is the main reason of my predilection of this CSI over the others. His charming personality is what makes this team different, creating a human drama that can make you laugh as well as make you feel other intense emotions.
  • Some of the episodes there I don't watch because I'm on the computer. But some interest me sometimes because of its forensic technology and how they solve crimes.

    This series is okay, but my mom loves it! I don't know who thought of the series in the first place, but I usually realize that it drew in fans like hungry birds on a bread crumb.

    Some of the episodes there I don't have time to watch because either I'm on the computer, riding my bike, or even sleeping. But some interest me sometimes because of its forensic technology and how they solve crimes.

    Also, it's as suspenseful as a horror film. And some even have bits and pieces of body parts showing off. But it gives us information about the victims of the series.

    But I give it a 9 because of its immediate popularity of the first episode. I know my mother can't wait for another season. And I hope the series continue for years to come.
  • A show were the crime scene investiagtors, investigate crimes that have been commited and they show they way that they solve them.

    CSI is just a great show you can just watch the episodes over and over you pick new things up evrytime you watch an episode so it isnt the sort of thing that you can just watch once. I watch all the episodes more than once as they are just so good
  • This show is awesome beyond words.!

    This show is cutting edge with a great cast lead by Gill Grissom. Very emotional, funny,scary and down right gross sometimes. I can't get enough of this show and I can't wait till next sesson starts. This show should not have spin offs, leave as is a classic.
  • Csi's number one!! I love Csi! and My favorite character are Nick!!, Warrick, Sara and Catherine!! I know every epsodie of CSI!! I think Grave Danager is awesome, thrilling, wild, intense, heart pounding, and lots of rolling coaster emotional!! I j

    Csi's number one!! I love Csi! and My favorite character are Nick!!, Warrick, Sara and Catherine!! I know every epsodie of CSI!!
    I think Grave Danager is awesome, thrilling, wild, intense, heart pounding, and lots of rolling coaster emotional!! I just love what Gil say "I want my guy back"
  • Can't wait for Thursday nights!

    It was love at 1st sight! Can\'t get enough, even watch reruns in case I missed something.
    I saw William Petersen in a Disney(?)movie years back and thought...\"he is exceptional\". Then, Manhunter...so happy to see him every week!
    Marg from China Beach?...awesome actress! Though I LOVE ER, Jorga\'s talents were underused.
    The ideas, equipment and technology are exciting to watch, even if some of it is pure future fantasy. I WANT to see the good guys win.
    Great ensemble cast!!!
    CSI spawned -Miami,-NCIS,-NewYork... we need a show for Friday night! Meanwhile, I watch NUMBERS, a clever concept. Maybe it is too much TV viewing, but at least they have intelligent language & characters.
  • I love this show. Loves it, loves it, loves it.

    On Thursday nights, whenever the theme song plays, whoever dare tries to take the remote from me has to pay. I hate it when ppl thinks its funny to bothor me when I'm watching this show. This is acutally the field I want to go into. Forensics. Being paid to solve puzzles? Alright! Count me in!
  • Love the Characters!! Nick is incredibly handsome ;)

    Incredible and Exciting in every way!! I could never survive w/out it!! I love the charcters and the plots! Some of these things are just unbelievable- how do they think of these?!? I think it\'s getting better every season and I hope it lasts more years! And whatever people are saying about Grissom leaving..well please tell me it\'s untrue..
  • Smart, surprisingly entertaining.

    One of my husband's FAVORITE shows, and it's now growing on me. I find myself thinking about the characters during the day. It is hard for me to watch some of the graphicness of the show's presentation, but I still enjoy the show enough to make it cuddle time. I hope they can keep this going for a while.
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