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  • What is this crap?

    This show is so bad. I watched one episode and it literaly lowered my IQ. I think I'll stick with shows that deserve to be #1 and are actually good. To many people watch this piece of crap, and not enough watch quality shows like Scrubs and Arrested Development. I would rather gouge out my own eyes before ever watching this steaming pile of monkey feces again.
  • Horrible science fiction in ghastly contrast.

    The usual pc crap carefully crafted for Nancy Pelosi. Completely implausible. Token women, token blacks, 110 pound babes defeating 200 pound guys. Police officers with more expertise in neuro biology, histology, endocrinology, anatomy than all the professors of their respective fields. Come on! Reality, anyone? Same for all other CSI junk.

    These depressed sissy boys and girlies drive me totally crazy. Instead of trying to induce Prozac intake to the audience by babbling about their findings in the atomic substructures in their evidence, they should do us all a favor and jump from their PD building.

    Shame on Laurence Fishburne to join this crap.
  • Why people (inlcuding me) hate this show so much. Really it is bad people, wake up.

    I hate this show. It copied Law & Order, adding \"cutting edge tools\"-that exist in reality, yet take months to run. Anyone who has experience in the field of criminal justice realizes how stupid this show is: CSIs only examine physical evidence, they don\'t conduct investigations. CSIs are specialists in examining what crime scene data tells them, and I\'ll admit (even though the time frame the show provides is WAY off) this part of the show is entertaining. However, just by the CSIs doing anything outside of the lab or crime scene the show loses its grip on reality. Investigations are not done by one person, and it is just bad television that the producers thought so little of the audience to add a few police that do all of the detective work ( the CSIs should be left 100% out of it, they aren\'t trained for it). Every time a CSI talks to a witness or suspect I want to scream at the TV (one of my roomates loves the show- forcing me to watch it if I\'m at the house). I\'m suprised the CSIs aren\'t the prosecutors, judges and juries too since they do everything else on this show.

    Aside from the lack of reality, there are so many shows that appeal to the viewer\'s intelligence than this. There is no character development or personal storyline that doesn\'t take place over the course of a season that a good show would cover in a single episode.

    Whenever someone tells me they like this show its like them telling me \"I enjoy wasting my brain away, a single hour of crappy tv at a time.\" There are good shows on television, and we\'re so worried about being entertained we neglect that we could learn and care for characters as more than abstract unchanging (unhuman) beings. There are good things on TV, but a show that can have all its loose ends tidied in a single hour is NOT one of them.
  • Jumpin Jaws

    CSI to me, has not only jumped a shark, but Jaws one through four, and in wanting to be number one at doing it, created another sequel to the fish frenzy simply to say they jumped the most. When CSI first aired, I loved to tune in every Thursday to watch it. I enjoyed the cases, the lab work, and the interaction among all characters, but now it is no longer a must see show. And to tell you the truth, should Louise Lombard not be on it, Marg Helgenberger second, I would just rather not watch it. CSI is supposed to be a crime drama, not a soap opera. If I wanted to watch Dynasty I would flip to the soap channel, and watch the two lead women, slap it out over the one male lead. I watched CSI for the Forensics, and unless I have been watching another show with the same characters, there is no forensics to be found, only Sara and Grissom undressing each other with their eyes. I mean come on, get a room all ready, (oops all ready did that) and get it over with. Then there is the whole thing about the creators saying that Grissom and Catherine were the parents of the group. So, what now, Grissom is sleeping with his daughter? Well, she is young enough to be his daughter. Do you realize had they not changed her bio, that she would have been between the ages of 18 and 22 when she met him in San Francisco, putting Grissom as a border line child molester. What kind of message is this show trying to send to public? People, if it is not broke don't fix it. Sara and Grissom should have ended at Butterfield, leaving the whole thing of shipping to the fishermen and the fan fiction writers. Or they should have just ended the series at Way To Go, because hats off to who ever created this chaotic mess, WAY TO GO.
    Oh and this site, very glad to see Louise in its cast list; now how about a photo? Or, as she is not for CBS.Com to give her character a bio, good enough for that?
  • Formulaic... hence a diatribe!

    when are they gonna do "CSI: in my pants". they've done one everywhere else!! I need someone to find my mojo... ahem... when is this ever going to end? what is the point? sure its innovative with all the investigative stuff but not with the drama. its more like "justice league" than crime drama. far too neat and black and white! and shiny... i dont like the shiny shiny! they are far too good looking to be cops or crime scene whatevers... actually thats not really a criticism, this is tv afterall and they need to be good looking. But they are not good looking enough for tv either! Thats just my two cents! My tenuous reasoning follows... homicide: life on the streets - ugly cops, great drama. House -stupid crazy plot device stories - sexy cast: i give you 13!!! Again - i need "CSI: in my pants" :)
  • Get rid of these Crappy low budget actors -Ted Dansen and other crappy new actors! bring back original cast.

    EsThis used to be my favourite show now, i don't like it and don't watch it anymore. Csi has gone downhill since signing Ted Dansen to it. Talk about crappy, low budget actor, washed up old D lister scabbing onto an already popular tv show -just so he can try recover his already,crappy, acting bringing this once great show and ruining it -by being In it! If replacement actors are needed-Why look 'in the toilet' for them?! Put them back and flush them already! Get rid of Ted Dansen and the other crappy little new support cast, they all suck! Loved the original cast. Better off getting: - new, fresh face, Good, normal every day actors -to earn their place on show -don't need any phoney over-rated washed up big name actors or skanky ones either! Rate: 0. Loved the Original cast tht made this show popular! Esp the character n actor for Grissom. The show has had a gradual n slow death since he left the show!
  • One of the most overrated shows on television.

    Why is this show the #1 show on television? I watch a episode a couple of seasons ago to see what all the fuss was about and after I was done watching it I thought it was ok at best. I thought the acting was mediocre. I think the show focuses on solving the cases and not enough on the characters who are solving the cases.

    After that I had no desire to watch the show again but, I decided that I should give it another chance just to be fair. So I watched another episode and still had the same opinion of the show. I may of even had a lesser opinion after watching this particular episode because I predicted what was going to happen at the end. So, not only was the acting mediocre and the plot a little boring, now there was no suspense. I only finished watching the episode to see if I was wrong about the outcome. I wasn't.

    So, basically it's a mediocre show with no real heart or substance that happens to be on a network (CBS) that has master the art of promoting bad shows and making them successful.
  • What happened?


    The show used to be good. But now is really time to cancel it. Seems to me every show is the same. It has gotten very predictable and trying too hard. I do not miss the old characters. I wish everyone would get replaced! Something to get a fresh feel to it. The show has jumped the shark and I don't see how it can rise again. As good as the production is, it is just not worth it anymore.

  • Insipid, unrealistic and yet another reason why Jerry Bruckheimer needs to get out of entertainment.

    This show is one of the worst ideas ever created. My wife studies forensics so as a result I know too much already. You can understand how frustrating it is to see some guy with a badge and a gun walk up to a suspect, flash said badge and say "Hi, I'm from the CRIME LAB and I have some questions!".

    In the real world people who work in "the lab" don't really leave the lab - except to actually go the scene to pick up the occasional piece of evidence. DNA tests don't get solved in ten minutes. And, real crime scene investigators don't question witnesses - that's what DETECTIVES are for.

    If you want to see how the process really works watch "Forensic Files" on CourTv. You'll see that the process tends to take months (if not years) to complete and that the conviction rate is rarely as high as it is on all of those crappy CSI shows.


    ...but, what do you expect from the corporation that cancels Jericho and leaves The Real World on the air?
  • more authoritarian tripe

    yet another show glorifying the worst of the worst in our country

    the COPS, the GOVT. the fbi the nsa

    I wonder which agency is paying to have this tripe produced
  • The worst Crime Drama next to Law & Order.

    I don't get it with people saying this is the best CSI and some saying this is the best show. Exactly what is makes this better then CSI: Miami? All the characters on this show look atleast 15 years older then the actors on CSI Miami. This show is way overatted; stick with the hottest show on telivision CSI: Miami.
  • Not as good as it use to be now as good as it could be.

    What can I say, I find other than for Nick, Katherine, Brass and Greg I would not bother watching anymore. The story lines aside, I find the way the show is filmed is often times annoying. What's with all the slow motion, rewind, crap...just give us the show with exciting roles and interaction among the characters. There is a lack of dynamics and emotions among the characters....everyone seems flat. Lastly, I beg you....please stop letting the your characters wear gloves then touch things like a glass, thier face, hair, etc. It is disgusting. You use to be very diligent about adhering to details like that but I see this starting to lack as well.
  • Sara and Gil - yuck. Why are they breaking something that doesn\\\'t need fixing?

    The story of Brass\\\'s medical crisis, along with the subplots with the quirky civil war/corset tale and the diabetic suicide were normal CSI fare. Sadly, the writers and producers had to ruin the show by adding a Gil and Sara relationship for us to look \\\"forward\\\" to next season. Hopefully, it will be a back, back, back, story in the next season and the show will stick with what it does best - science and crime fighting. Honestly, I would have rather seen Gil hook up with Katherine or a Warrick/Katherine hook up. For some reason, seeing Gil with Sara just ruins the show for me.
  • Avoid this series if you want something realistic.

    CSI has raised the bar for a crime series in the sense of using modern methods of television but unfortunately it is let down by the endings which are always exactly the same.
    After a few loops and twists they find their man / woman, who in the end always, always admits their guilt - in the same kind of fantasy fashion that the evil scooby doo characters do when they are caught. If you can stand knowing that not only will CSI cops always get their man, that they will always own up too, then you will enjoy CSI.

    If you want something more realistic look elsewhere.
  • Roger Daltry? Are you kidding me?

    Network Television is fast losing my respect and my viewership. I am not turning on my television to watch singers or musicians act on on my favorite shows and I'm quite frankly going to stop watching any shows that heve 'celebrities' on just to boost their ratings. Who wants to watch Roger Daltry act? PLEASE!!! Give us a break and give us more credit than that we want to be entertained but not at the expense of quality. Time ot go back to the basics and use actors that are good and know what they are doing and time to give audiences at home more credit.
  • ive tried i really have!

    but i just don't get what the big deal is about csi??
    i've tried watching it a few time and everytime i find the characters annoying, the plot cheesy and i would much rather be watching one of the many great law+order series or kojak!

    i really do not understand the mass appeal of this show and the need for its countless spin offs
  • Grissom & Langston were part of the TEAM Ted Danson's character is NOT at all a TEAM member.


    Danson's character was stupid for this show. I like Ted, but not like this.

    Everyone else works "together". Make him a team member or bring someone in who is.

    I will stop watching the program. I was very disappointed in the whole show and his character's treatment of the other cast members.

  • 4.5
    Until the character of Gil Grissom left, CSI was a 10, A+. I used to love this show, but when Grissom left the series lost it's center, it's heart and soul. That being said, I cannot stand the character of Catherine Willows; I love the other female characters, Sara and Sofia, but Marg Helgenberger is awful. I can't stop looking at her ugly lop-sided, botoxed lips. I know she's won a lot of awards and is the highest paid actor on the series (???) but, in my opinion, she's a mediocre actress who belongs in soap operas. I won't be watching any longer. CSI: NY is my favorite now.
  • and another cop show!!! still its better that REALITY TV with is total garbage!!!! R-TV sucks!!!!!!!!!

    since the networks and cable channels have decided to go cheap on us and make 99 percent REALITY TV shows, wrestling (on sci-fi!!) and are always cancelling great shows... i have cancelled my cable and no longer watch any tv... i download all my shows i like off the internet and have started watching alot of bbc shows from england. I'll not sit in front of the box and watch crap in the evenings after working all day. I want quality or nothing at all from the networks / cable channels. I SUGGEST WE ALL BOYCOTT THE TV for one week each month until the REALITY CRAP is taken off the air. That crap causes brain damage... it's totally unacceptable. No one is stupid enough to enjoy that crap except some inbred bigfoot half-breed. They want to produce the cheapest crap possible and still retain the ratings to get sponsors and advertising dollars. Don't give them the appearance of ratings by watching at all. Turn off you cable / sat and download... NO Commercials!!! and only watch what you want to watch when u want to watch it... been doing this for 4 years now and it's great. Only problem is, running out of shows to watch. Sci-Fi channel, now si-fi (junk now) sold out and became a cess-pool putting on fantasy and wrestling crap... was once the best channel on cable... anyways,

    boycott cable / networks and download from internet...

    watch ur shows without commercials or interuption...

    hope the networks realize they're loosing their loyal viewers because we're NOT dumbing down and

    we HATE reality TV crap...

    screw u a-holes... you're idiots and you're gonna kill ur networks/channels if you keep on this way
  • NOW 0, since it was decimated in 2008

    I watched & bought every CSI from day 1 even after Warrick's death. Those who say Danson=New Grissom don't get who Grissom was. So G is gone & the erratic, whiny, boring Sarah is back, who G left CSI for. I gave the G-Less CSI a chance until Catherine (the only other deep, awesome character left) became a desk jockey, hardly seen, & CSI level 1 Langston amazingly solved every top case including the season finale. In disgust I quit watching arguably the best network show ever. CSI-LV was a team/family until it was butchered in 2008. We hoped when Grissom had his final chance in 2008 with his alter-ergo Lady Heather that he would chuck bland Sarah. The confusing thing is William Peterson became a co-producer & let the CSI-LV self destruct. I RARELY take the time for Facebook, but I was looking up a guest star & stumbled upon these ridiculous comments about Danson= Grissom and it being better than ever-R U kidding me? Fortunately, I have the first 7 years on DVD-an excellent investment. & I did try the other CSI's, but none are close to the 7 year eclectic ensemble of LV.
  • CSI should take note of this:

    i enjoy csi, its ultimatly a very good program and interesting to watch, however, there is a lot of discrimination in some programs, especially those concerning accults and fandoms. For example, the episode which has furrys in it (or, what csi sees furrys as) has caused a lot of unwanted attention between the fandom and the mainstream, it showed furs in a very bad light, and in the so called furry convention, well, nothing like it ever happens. I suggest, to appologise to the furry community, you make a new episode and show them how they really are, or, make the mainstream realise that this does not happen by making a small "special episode" in which those acting in csi say how the program makes things up etc.

    Please take the time to read through this site: http://timiair.wix.com/furryfandom#!home/mainPage

    and contact me if you have any questions on how you can make csi better (not as rasict/discriminate to other fandoms/accults) thank you.
  • subliminal gun control on girls gone wilder

    I can't believe that this show would, as part of the investigation of a mass shooting, have the main character (Ted) spout a bunch of BS about the AR15 that was used by the perp. as having a 700 round per minute rate of fire. I was an armorer in the Army and was trained on the repair of small arms before my 4 tours in Vietnam as an Infantryman were I carried an M 16 which is the full automatic version. The M16 in full auto has a cyclic rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute. Cyclic rate means that the weapon will take .17 sec to cycle through each chamber and fire sequence therefore given an unlimited supply of ammo to the receiver the rate would be @600 rpm. This rate does not take into consideration many factors, the most obvious being the time required to change magazines, and again this is a fully automatic weapon. The AR 15 is NOT. Ok, is just entertainment right. Funny how the basis of the show is facts and evidence but there were NO facts involved here. I think someone, writer, producer maybe the network has an agenda and it shows. Used to be one of my favorites. Won't watch it again.
  • A Once Stunning Show Is Now Nothing Short of Lame

    The show has irrevocably hit abyss. Too bad for once a stunning show that had immensely creative and engaging storylines and an amazing old cast with tremendous chemistry.

    I think Billy Petersen was acutely smart in jumping ship before it sank.

    I agree with zydebogus that the acting nowadays is plain smug and the actors look tired and indifferent in most of the scenes (even Jorja and George look like they just wanna get over with their scenes and have lost that spark that once marked their characters). I quit watching the show consistently once Billy left and I sort of suspected it would go downhill. It's painful seeing this new cast, who lack any chemistry or acting skills whatsoever. Even the forensics looks over the top and contrived.

    Rather than treating this show as a cash cow for paying the bills and keeping actors strung in their jobs, I think CBS should probably consider cutting its losses short and ending the show. I was once a huge CSI fan (particularly the pilot season despite the forensics then being relatively primitive).

    They've stretched the show, and their writers' creativity, far too thin. In life, it's important to know when to quit.

    By the way, what's with George's bearded look? I get the feeling they're trying to make him look more like Grissom and less like Nick.
  • The new CSI:Crime Scene Investigation format is horrid and very annoying.

    If CSI:Crime Scene Investigation continues with the format used for the 2/26/09 episode, they will lose me as a fan and as a watcher. That format simply drove me cracy and because it was so extremely annoying, I got nothing whatever out of the program and found it difficult to keep up with the plot(s). Please CBS and CSI -- go back to your regular format. While Lawrence Fishburn is OK, he is certainly not Grissom and I wish Grissom would come back, even if only as a guest. This show has been very successful -- please don't screw it up.
  • Good if you have insomnia

    Can someone please explain the reason this show is still around?? I'd say that the characters have the personalities of pet rocks but that's insulting to all the pet rocks of the world. I can't even watch two minutes of the mind numbingly boring characters before I want to go to sleep. The fact that even one person thinks CSI's sweep in to a crime scene, gather all the evidence, talk to all the witnesses, interrogate the suspects and are there when the crime is solved is totally insane. To all those out there who dream of getting a forensics degree and working crime scenes. Go ahead and join a police department. Most agencies use their own officers, some specifically trained as CSI's, to collect evidence. In most local departments there is no specific CSI unit and all officers can/do process scenes. Lab techs usually sit in, you guessed it, a lab. They usually end up testing drugs and blood samples all day long.
  • So, I guess I don't like it much.

    I really fail to see the point behind this show. It's the exact same city, with the exact same people, doing the exact same thing every single time.

    They always catch the criminal (although my friend tells me they actually didn't get him once), and the dialogue between the main actors in stoggy and unrefined. They sound like automotons talking to eachother.

    However, every now and then they have descent actors in the supporting roles (mother of killer, or brother of killer, etc.).

    And there are a few occasions where the viewer can piece together enough clues to figure out the killer for themselves (which is really what makes most "who-done-its" great). But usually it's just a given at the end that one of the lead detectives has a vital clue unannounced to the audience... go figure.
  • Csi is set in las vegas and completely changed television, and the way people think about crime labs

    Csi used to be a show that was always playing on television, a show that defied all others, but now it is simply that show that everyone says yeah i watched that, it was nothing but amazing when it first started and could have been great for many years to come, but instead the over hyped each season and over hyped the actors who dont even appear to be all that great and complete change the emotions of the characters every ten seconds, it gets hard to follow with a slew of people touvhinh the evidence and coming in and out of the lab. This show has simply lost its Pizzaze and cant go on for all that much longer, if it does than it will not be accepted
  • Grisom and sara?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! this has got to end.

    Personally i dont believe that they should be together. I love the show but when them getting married I dont know if I will be able to watch it anymore.. crazy I mean, they are so wrong for eatch other, I think that a good couple for the show would be Catherine and Grisom. I believe that it would make the show that much more interesting if Grisom and Catherine hooked up and Sara was cut out of his life. Would make it rather interesting. I love the show but cant stand Sara, even though I do admit she adds a little to the show she doesnt need to add as much as getting married to the key character of the show. Thank you.
  • This used to be my all time favorite show. GSR changed all that.

    I am seriously considering not watching this show anymore. The whole GSR stuff ruined the show for me. I was very happy when Sara left, but then to end the season in such a way left a very bad taste in my mouth. Why mess with such a perfect show? My advice, for what it's worth, forget the soap opera moments and get back to solving crimes and all will be wonderful again. I loved the camaraderie but I hate the mushy stuff. I'm no prude by any means, hey Lady Heather was a favorite character of mine. I found it difficult to believe Grissom would put his career in jeopardy like that. He would have, should have had Sara transfered to another team so that he would not be her boss as well as lover. I could never understand what he saw in her anyway. She never seemed like his type. I think TPTB bowed to pressure from a minority of fans who wanted GSR. The 2 never had any real chemistry on screen, not like he did with Lady Heather or Teri Miller. It's only my opinion, but I think CSI jumped the shark with the whole GSR stuff. Also it now looks like William Petersen may be leaving the show, so for me there is little reason to continue watching. I will give it a chance, it has been a top 10 show for me since it's first season and I would miss it, but only time will tell if I will stay the whole season.
  • Ray Langston's former student is found brutally murdered and the team has to delve into the shadowy, violent world of Mexican wrestling.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot because it was unique from other episodes, taking a look into Ray Langston's past and giving us an insight about him. Although this ep was different, that is what makes CSI exciting and suspenseful compared to other series. Fans should just chill - what did you want for the 200th episode, one of the team to die?? Just as the other characters had had their own little episodes to allow us to get to know them better, so Langston has to as well. And I liked being in the know about the killer's identity for once, thank you. Good work all around on this episode.
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