CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CBS (ended 2015)





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  • At the Las Vegas Police Department a group of highly skilled forensic scientists work to assist police in solving the departments toughest cases.

    When "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" first premiered I did not have any real interest in watching it. Then one night, a few episodes into the inaugural season, I watched an episode by chance and became instantly drawn in. I stayed with the show for it's entire unprecedented fifteen year run. "CSI" is not just a great show, it is in my opinion the greatest crime drama in television history. There are many reasons why this is so. The first is it's new take on the genre. Up until the series' premiered on television it was not very well known how much of a part science plays in police work. "CSI" did what very few series did which is focus primarily on that aspect and give viewers a look into that world. It had never been done before, at least not on such a scale, which is what makes the show unique. The second reason is the series great cast. There is no better cast member than William Peterson. He was excellent as team leader Gil Grissom one of the truly iconic characters of television. It was always amazing seeing Grissom work the science in any case he was involved in. He was also great at finding out the truth from just about any suspect. He alone made this series great. Over the course of the shows run there were many cast changes, but the people sho stepped in did well enough to keep the show entertaining. Some were better than others however. I think the best replacement cast member was veteran actor Ted Danson. He was equally as excellent as Diebenkorn "DB" Russell. If not for him I am sure the series would have ended sooner than it did. Not very often does such a truly great and memorable television series that will be remembered for years to come emerge. On such series did come along in the fall of 2000. It was titled "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation".