CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 2

Room Service

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on CBS
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An up-and-coming movie star is found dead in his hotel room after a night of partying with his groupies.

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  • The episode was great. The character that played the star\\\'s ex-wife really had me fooled. Then the best friend trying to cover up suicide was sweet, but wonder if he was gay. I was ok with the Laotian scene, but really could have done better..Sorry thamoreless

    The episode was great. The character that played the star\\\'s ex-wife really had me fooled. Then the best friend trying to cover up suicide was sweet, but wonder if he was gay. I was ok with the Laotian scene, but really could have done better..Sorry thats my opinion, next week
  • I really like this episode...

    I like the choice of music for the episode really the music that's used to open Room Service and close the episode. The split screen for some scenes was pretty neat too. I think it is so sad that the movie star chose something that could and did end up killing him for some pleasure. It showed that you can have everything and lose it all through death and also that you can have nothing and lose your life because you wanted something material. Really, I take it as it doesn't matter who you are you could still die (movie star or not). The song for the opening and closing gave it the sad spin. You have these two completely different people and look the same thing happened (they both died). Yeah, one was murder and the other well, seemingly accidental death though it almost seems closer to suicide but still...Yeah, I think that's all I got for this episode. It's a good episode.moreless
  • Great intro.

    The one thing that I really loved about this episode was the intro sequence. The combination of the images with the song "Mad World" was just perfect. It shows us that no matter if you are rich or poor, death will come to you either way in this mad world.

    Great detail with the sweat on Viproxay's and the cab driver's face driving in a beat up cab; while on the other hand, everything was pristine and classy inside the limo. I felt sorry for the cab driver who was just collateral damage. Like I said, the combination with the music and the divided screen made the intro of this episode one of the best I have ever seen.moreless
  • "The next Brad Pitt" is found dead in his hotel room, posed on his bed as if he were about to fo a photo shoot. In a separate case, three Laotians are murdered within a day and a night.moreless

    Julian Harper, an up-and-coming movie star, is found dead in his bed: COD was asphyxiation. In the end we find out that he strangled himself to death to increase his pleasure. This case was good, and fairly well written. The B case, involving three dead Laotians, was a bit confusing for me. I couldn't quite figure out what was happpening. I should've put this earlier, but the intro and the beginning of the episode (different POVs of the two crime scenes) was really special and an excellent way to start this episode off. Overall, great but again, I couldn't make sense of the B case.moreless
  • oh i love eric winters, the guy that played the movies star, i loved him in days of our lives as he played rex. i think he is mcsteamy! very hot! it was a lovely episode, stayed glued to the tv till the end.moreless

    so the black csi guy, is he or is he not married? he gets a weird look everytime his marriage is mentioned, so is there something fishy going on there. the guy interpreting in the interrogation room, how stupid was he to take the pd on trust, talk about honour killing, cos your bro prefers gambling and cds to helping the family in the old country now that was tight. all in all it was a must watch episode and cant wait for the next one.moreless
Chi Moui Lo

Chi Moui Lo

Sammy Thao

Guest Star

Jerry Weil

Jerry Weil


Guest Star

Eric Winter

Eric Winter

Julian Harper

Guest Star

Archie Kao

Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

Recurring Role

Louise Lombard

Louise Lombard

Sofia Curtis

Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

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    • Warrick: Did you touch or move the body in any way?
      Blinky: Uh, no way. No. I watch those murder shows, you know? I know to just keep my hands to myself, and, uh, call the cops.
      Sofia: What is with the robe? (Warrick looks to the officer standing nearby)
      Warrick: Did you pat him down?
      Officer: He's packing a small, friendly weapon.
      Warrick: Would you mind standing up for us, sir?
      Blinky: Nah, bro, I-I-I ... kind of got the angle of the dangle going. The boing, boing, boing.
      Sofia: Stand up. (Blinky stands up, uncomfortably)
      Blinky: I, uh, took a Prevalis on the plane over. I been pitching a tent for, like, eight hours. Yeah, I-I think I need to consult a physician.
      Sofia: It's called a priapism. Just in case you were wondering.
      Warrick: What else you on, man?
      Blinky: Oh, uh, nothing. I mean, uh, I smoked a little herb at the club, but that's it.
      Warrick: What about Julian?
      Blinky: Oh, Jules? Oh, no, he, uh ... he won't even take aspirin. You know, he's organic. You know, treats his body like a temple.
      Sofia: Well, we're gonna need a list of everyone who was here worshipping the temple.

    • Warrick (seeing Hodges looking through a microscope): Hodges, do you have the results on the fibers that we dropped off to ... ? (Warrick notices that Hodges is sleeping) Hodges? (Hodges doesn't move. Warrick looks at Nick) Dude, he's sleeping. (they both laugh)
      Nick (loud): Lemme guess! ... (Hodges startles awake) ... The fibers are wool. Are you baggin' Z's right now, man?
      Hodges: I was just having the greatest dream.
      Warrick: You were out.
      Hodges: It was the 80's and I had this Don Johnson beard, you know, the Miami Vice stubble. It just gave me this air of danger. My lady loved it.

    • (On the phone, as Grissom's walking some where)
      Catherine: Catherine.
      Grissom: It's Gil. How you doing?
      Catherine: I'm busy. You checkin' up on me?
      Grissom: Now, why would I need to do that?
      Catherine: I don't know, you tell me.
      Grissom: Look, I know you tend to get a little territorial about your crime scenes and I don't want there to be any tension between us so I'm giving you fair warning. (he walks up to her crime scene)
      Catherine (annoyed): Fair warning for what?
      Grissom: Hi. (Catherine looks up and sees him and he waves and smiles at her)

    • (They are walking up behind Greg who is in the DNA lab)
      Nick: I thought Greg was in the field, is he back in the lab?
      Warrick: I don't know.
      Nick: We gotta clear this up, it's like he's confused. Lab, field, field, lab. We have a lab on wheels.
      Greg: Would you guys just shut up? I'm doing this as a favor to Ecklie, it's a one time thing. He's still interviewing lab techs.
      Warrick: Are you making overtime?
      Greg: I'm taking one for the team.

    • Sara: Noy had a life insurance policy issued through his union worth 10 grand.
      Catherine (sighs): Life's getting cheaper.

    • Greg: Hey, I heard you guys are having trouble on the Julian Harper case.
      Warrick: Who'd you hear that from?
      Greg: Ecklie. He's putting me on it.
      Nick: Man, you gotta quit kissing his ass. (Warrick laughs)

    • Guy (about his employees): What kinda trouble are they in?
      Brass: The kind where you stop breathing.

    • Doc Robbins: Sounds like your double is becoming a triple.
      Catherine: Unless you got any more in your drawers?

    • Warrick: Sex, drugs, and movies. The American dream.

    • (In the victims hotel room, they found semen everywhere)
      Warrick (looking at a window): I've got smudges over here. (Nick looks at them, Warrick kneels down) I've got some footprints. I think someone was standing right there
      Nick: What, was this guy just doing it all over the hotel room?
      Warrick: If those are his foot prints, where are hers?
      Nick: Well, her feet were up and in the air. You tell me, you just had your honeymoon.

    • (Doc Robbins pulls out a camera at the crime scene and is about to take a picture of the victim)
      Warrick: What are you doin'?
      Doc Robbins: For my scrapbook. I've got a perfect spot for him: a place of honor between Tupac and Entwistle.

    • Hodges (yawning): Sorry! I just started seeing someone. Had a bit of a late night. Let me ask you something. How do you know when it's gone from just friends to more than that?
      Catherine: Well, if you have to ask, it's just friends.
      Hodges: She is making dinner for me this weekend.
      Catherine: Are you the only guest?
      Hodges: Do her roommates count?

    • Brass: So our interpreter is hiding something.
      Grissom: Well that's not lost in translation.

    • Grissom: Maybe he didn't die here. Maybe he just ended up here.

    • Nick: I've got semen on the bedsheets as well as every other flat surface in the place.

    • Nick: Isn't he supposed to be the next Brad Pitt?
      Warrick: Now he's the next River Phoenix.

    • Doc Robbins: If it wasn't for the cyanosis, I'd say he was doing a photo shoot for GQ.
      Warrick: Yeah, I'm sure he wasn't ready for this photo shoot.

    • (Grissom is walking from the crashed cab to where the crime scene started)
      Transportation Guy: Why's he leaving?
      Sara: Well, that's kind of what he does.

    • Kate Villa: I was in Julian's suite when he died? I am so getting into that club for sure.

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