CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 5

Scuba Doobie-Doo

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on CBS

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  • Urban legend or clever episode of CSI with a GSR moment?

    When I saw the scuba diver in the tree the first thing I thought of was: It's the urban legend! Although I was a little disappointed that it wasn't, that was still a really cool case. It makes you wonder where they got the inspiration to base it on that. The other case? Awesome! Imagine walking into a room that has blood splattered all other the walls, and what your first though of how it got there? Murder was suspected first, the previous owner of the room left along with his girlfriend. "Our big murder's a nose bleed?" Demonstrated before them the suspect shows them his unique talent... he can blow blood through his nose. He expatriated blood all over his walls to get back at his land lord. But on the lamp that they recover from "nose man" they find female blood and his girlfriend hasn't turned up yet.. that causes them to continue their investigation. With a warrant they start bringing down the house by breaking through the walls looking for her... in the land lords room they recover evidence that there is a body around there.. some where. After a GSR moment out side.. they end up discovering the body, of the land lord's wife... "She nagged me." He says. With the combination of the Rocket-Man Scuba Diver, the Nose Bleed, a Sara and Grissom moment and a clever case I say that this was a great episode!
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