CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 6

Secrets and Flies

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on CBS
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A 28 year-old single mother is found dead. Initially, it's believed to be a suicide, but Catherine determines she was murdered. Also, Ecklie summons Grissom to refute the testimony of an entomologist in a murder trial.

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  • Grissom takes on his former mentor in the case of a murdered mother.

    The storyline of grissom vs mentor was a good one, but the episode had other problems. Although I'm a protestant myself, the Catholic group had every right to be outraged at the portrayal of pro-life people. And it's especially disturbing that someone can rationalize that the murder of an unborn child is somehow different than the people shot or stabbed on the streets. People like the Catherine character would do well to see this and get as outraged by the senseless slaughter of the unborn as they do by cases involving born children. Really, it's total hypocracy to be sickened and outraged by the abuse of children already born but then say it's okay to kill another child simply because it's not out of the womb yet. Children are children and human life is human life, period. The writers should be ashamed of themselves.moreless
  • Not a bad episode.

    OK. This episode is not very good, and not very bad. It's average. In the beginning of this episode, we saw many sperms flowing into an egg, and then a baby is formed. Weird, very weird. Then later on, a mother is found dead. Even weird. Just another weird episode with weird plot and weird character. The scientist Grissom's with, is totally weird, and the funny thing is, I don't know why. A fine episode, not the best in this series but considered good due to Grissom's court case. Love it. Josh Berman, the writer of this episode, has done a very good job to this episode and I love it.moreless
  • A mother was found dead while her baby was there.

    So this is not my favorite episode but its still pretty good. This girl had a baby that wasnt hers it was someone elses. See that is whats stupid to me the whole sunflower thing was bull crap! But they get put in many different directions of who it would. First they thought hey its her EX nope it wasnt. Then they thought hey maybe the real mom wants her baby back. NOPE your looking at the mamas mama! yep the babys grandma. She just wanted her daughter to have her baby back which is bull because that other girl had to go through all the pain and fatness so that is what i thought was stupid!moreless
  • Secrets and flies

    A woman turns up dead with her infant and they find out that the infant was NOT her biological child. The infant was given away at young while she was still an embryo. Flies were in the womans body. Believed that biological mother's mom killed her because the evidence points to her. Blood splatter is on her shirt. Gun powder residue on the bio mother's shirt is from someone close not her, believed to be her mother. Her red pen that wrote the suspected "suicide" note was the mother's. And mother forced the woman to write the note before she shot her.moreless
  • Grissom, the entomologist.

    This episode is a typical solid CSI episode. It has all the elements that make me watch this series, even though the baby storyline was a bit predictable (I mean the whodunnit part).

    The first murder shows a mother being shot and her baby left in the play pen. At first glance, one may suppose that it was suicide but at second glance it turns out that it wasn't. This storyline is twisted with surprises, even though in the end it is easy to figure out who did it.

    The second storyline shows why Grissom is such an insect geek. A case is brought to court again because the defense supposedly has got 'new' evidence. A tape showing that insects need 15 days in order to breed. Grissom, however, knows his bugs and eventually finds a way to convict the suspect.moreless
Jenny O'Hara

Jenny O'Hara

Sandra Walkey

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Tina Lifford

Judge Witherspoon

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Tony Amendola

Tony Amendola

Professor Rambar

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Marc Vann

Marc Vann

Conrad Ecklie

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Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

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David Berman

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    • Catherine: So I understand that you're going up against Mark Thayer? The guy's an ass.
      Grissom: Used to be a competent scientist. We actually co-authored a paper together ten years ago. I believe greed has gotten in his way.
      Catherine: Well, I've seen him on the stand. He manipulates evidence.
      Grissom: He manipulates people. The public assumes that scientists are ethical. But many of us are no better than politicians evidently.

    • ADA Jeffrey Sinclair: You have the right to remain silent. The D.A.'s filing charges for perjury ...
      Mark Thayer (groans): Oh, my God ...
      ADA Jeffrey Sinclair: ... and obstruction of justice. We won't be accepting a plea. (Mark Thayer turns and glares at Grissom)
      Mark Thayer: This is all your fault.
      Grissom: I hope so.

    • Hodges: It seems like you and Grissom were having a fairly intense conversation. Can I ask ... ?
      Catherine (interrupts): Tell me about the blouse, please.
      Hodges: I ran the S.E.M. over the adhesive disks and confirmed gunshot residue.

    • Catherine: We're going to need to take all the laundry back to our lab.
      Kenli Johnson: You never found the guy who killed my husband, and now you're wasting time looking at my dirty clothes. That's fine. Take it.

    • Greg: Can you tell me anything about the guy who won the gun?
      Rita Day: Well, he's an older guy, at least fifty. I remember guys were calling him "Cy," but that wasn't his real name. He had this large mole between his eyes.
      Greg: "Cy," short for, uh, "cyclops"?
      Rita Day: Yeah. I swear I thought that thing was winking at me.
      Greg: Thanks for your help.
      Rita Day: No problem.

    • Warrick: What did you talk about?
      Evan Peters: All right, get this. She tried to tell me that God got her pregnant. (laughs) I mean, if that's true, the big guy owes me an apology 'cause she was my girlfriend. He should have asked me first.
      Catherine: Why did you lie to us? Claim that you hadn't seen her in months?
      Evan Peters: Well, you guys were investigating her murder, and I want to stay out of it.
      Catherine: Well, it's too late for that, my friend. We need your DNA. Open wide.

    • Catherine: See, Mr. Peters, we know that you and Christina technically never had sex, so when you found out that she was pregnant, I'm guessing that you felt that she cheated on you.
      Evan Peters: How in the hell do you know about my sex life?

    • Robbins: No mystery here. Penetrating gunshot wound to the right temple killed our virgin Mary. I sent the bullet to ballistics.
      Nick: Virgin Mary?
      Robbins: Hymen's intact, which means she's never had intercourse. But she gave birth ... caesarean scar.
      Nick: So other than divine intervention, how do you explain this miraculous conception?
      Robbins: Well, the most obvious explanation would be frottage.
      Nick: You mean dry humping?
      Robbins: In sex ed, Nick, they teach that rubbing body parts is safe. But since the hymen's not a barrier to semen, there's still a risk of pregnancy, not to mention STDs.
      Nick: Right. Sperm meets labia, all bets are off.
      Robbins: It's all about gravity.
      Nick: Thanks, Dr. Ruth.

    • (At a Project Sunflower office)
      Catherine: If I understand your program correctly, you take these embryos and place them in available wombs.
      Dr. Ryan: We seek out special, unselfish women who are prepared to adopt at the embryonic stage of development. We believe that the soul is infused when sperm meets egg. That's when life begins.
      Catherine: Are you aware that through much of history, the offcial church position held that a child's life beings when the mother first becomes aware of movement?
      Dr. Ryan: Well, that's your opinion.
      Catherine: In the 16th century the Pope proclaimed that embryos less than 40 days old are not human. That is not my opinion.
      Dr. Ryan: You've had an abortion, Miss Willows.
      Catherine (rolls her eyes and scoffs): Ugh, no. Thank God, I decided not to have one. But we're not talking about me, Dr. Ryan. Are you a medical doctor?
      Dr. Ryan: I don't care for that insinuation.
      Catherine: Well, it's just a question. I take it that's a "no."

    • Catherine: Oh, hey. Ecklie said that you wanted to see me.
      Grissom: Yeah. A Dr. Ryan called and said that you verbally harassed her?
      Catherine: I met Dr. Ryan in the course of my investigation she runs an organization called "Project Sunflower" philosophically I completely disagree with the organization and perhaps I expressed myself.
      Grissom: Which means?
      Catherine: I'm pro-choice. I'm in favor of stem-cell research. I'm sorry that she felt harassed by my comments were in response to her statements. I don't think that I was outta line.
      Grissom: You should have cited Leviticus, 17:11: "The life of the flesh is in the blood". Taken literally life doesn't begin when the sperm meets the egg, but 18 days later when the embryo infuses with blood.
      Catherine: Is that your position?
      Grissom: Well, if I was speaking with a woman who prefers theology to science it's a position that she'd find tough to refute.
      Catherine: So are we having a philosophical discussion here, or am I being reprimanded?
      Grissom: I don't know. I've gotta go to court.

    • (Grissom's phone keeps ringing, and he keeps stopping the ringing)
      Catherine: Who do you keep avoiding?
      Grissom: Ecklie.
      Catherine: Ah. That means you should answer it.
      Grissom: No. He just wants to yell at me... because I'm late with the personnel evaluations, it can wait.
      Catherine: No, it can't. No one on the team can receive cost of living adjustments until those evaluations are turned in.
      Warrick: You know, she kinda has a point. I do like to take the wife out to dinner every now and then.
      Grissom: I'll do them as soon as I get back to the lab.

    • Catherine: Sofia?
      Sofia: Hi, Catherine. Grissom, Ecklie's been looking for you. Is your cell not working?
      Grissom: What're you doin' here?
      Sofia: Well, apparently I was a CSI, then a detective, but now I'm a messenger. You're needed at the lab, ASAP.
      Grissom: Why?
      Sofia: I have no idea but the UnderSheriff is camped out in the breakroom. (Sofia leaves)
      Catherine: I'll have Greg run down the guns serial number, Nick is covering the autopsy, Warrick and I will finish the processing here and I'll keep you posted.
      Grissom: (sighs, and he gets up to leave) Thanks.
      Catherine: What would you do without me?

    • Grissom: I just finished your eval.
      Catherine: And?
      Grissom: In the comments section, I noted that if you had my job, these evaluations wouldn't be late.
      Catherine: Thank you.

    • Catherine: Diorite granite.
      Hodges: You remember your geology.
      Catherine (excited she was right): Yes!
      Warrick: Wow.
      Catherine: Actually senior year I took rocks for jocks. I dated the TA.
      Warrick: Ha, lucky guy. I'm sure you got an A.
      Catherine: As a matter of fact I did.
      Warrick: Mm-hmm.
      Hodges: You're married. Don't flirt.

    • Wendy: So, I heard that my predecessor in DNA had all these.. you know, personal hygiene issues.. well, just for the record: I'm not like that, I have always been very touchy-feely.. I mean, I used to work in San Francisco.. so, you know, every day we started with hugs.
      Catherine (irritated): Huh, yeah.. that must've been nice for you.

    • Sara: Project Sunflower promotes itself as doing God's work.
      Catherine: I knew a stripper who claimed the exact same thing. (Sara smiles)

    • Henry: Why did the fly, fly?
      Grissom: Because the spider, spied her. Catherine's daughter told me that when she was three.

    • Catherine: Greg never apologize for doing your job.
      Greg: 'kay.

    • UnderSheriff McKeen: Grissom, great work up there.
      Grissom: Actually the work was done in the lab.
      UnderSheriff McKeen: You know, when I took this job, I heard alotta things about you. If you ever need a favor, if I can help you in anyway.
      Grissom: You know, Sheriff, you could help me. I'm late delivering my team's personnel evaluations.
      UnderSheriff McKeen: I'll tell Ecklie. He'll backdate your cost of living adjustments.
      Grissom: Thank you.
      UnderSheriff McKeen: So, Grissom, I'm not sure of you're ambitions but uh, if you're interested in taking on more responsibility maybe a promotion, I'd be glad to--
      Grissom: You know, Oscar Wilde said, "Ambition is the last refuge of failure." I'm fine thanks.

    • UnderSheriff McKeen: What are you doing?
      Grissom: Circling blow flies.
      UnderSheriff McKeen : Why?
      Grissom: Dead flies tell no lies.

    • Sara: Oh, ducks. That's an interesting decorating choice.
      Catherine (removing the ducks): I now have to share this office with the dayshift supervisor and she has something for waterfowl.

    • Catherine: I don't know who killed her and why. I don't know how she got pregnant. I don't know who the baby's biological parents are.
      Grissom: It's always good to know what you don't know.

    • Sara: She wasn't holding this gun when it was shot.
      Catherine: What appears to be is not.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Catherine says she took "Rocks for Jocks" in her senior year. Warrick also took the same class and said it to Nick in the Season 2 episode "Anatomy of a Lye" while discussing Nick's case of a woman who drowned in the desert.

    • Catherine: In the 16th century the Pope declared that embryos less than 40 days old are not human life.

      Catherine seems to be referring to Pope Gregory XIV, who was Pope from December 5, 1590 to October 16, 1591. One of his first acts as Pope was to revoke the Papal Bull issued by Pope Sixtus V stating that abortion at any stage of pregnancy would result in excommunication and the death penalty. He replaced this with the 'quickening test' which Aristotle put at 40 days; Pope Gregory XIV put it at approximately 16 weeks.

    • Dr. Robbins makes reference to Christine Adalian as the Virgin Mary. This reference is to her becoming pregnant without ever having had sex.

    • Dr. Robbins: It's all about gravity.
      Nick: Thanks, Dr. Ruth.

      Dr. Robbins explained how a woman could get pregnant without having sexual intercourse, and Nick calls him Dr. Ruth, referring to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a noted sex-therapist who has written books and appeared on TV and Radio talk shows explaining and demystifying sex for teens and adults alike.