CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 4

Shooting Stars

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on CBS
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The CSIs come across an abandoned military compound being used by a small cult. The CSIs grow suspicious when they see that a mass suicide has taken place, but only 11 of the 12 beds are occupied.

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  • Grissom and his team investigate what appears to be a mass suicide of a group of cult members at an abandoned military facility.

    To date this my favorite episode of the sixth season of CSI. With this episode the show continues it's streak of well written scripts and cleverly plotted episdes. I like the plot twist in the episode mainly because it seemed plausible and it worked well. Another thing that makes "Shooting Stars" such a great episode is because it shows the dangers that cults can become. We have all seen it with Jim Jones, David Korech and, most recently, Marshall Appelwhite (who's Heaven's Gate cult is mentioned by Grissom in this episode). They are a serious problem in our world.moreless
  • Slight mess up and character depth.

    Obviously the "tire iron" comment was absolutely wrong in that it was a crowbar. Not even a way to mistake it. I did enjoy the character depth. Showing us who Warrick married. Showing the discomfort Nick had to feel going under ground. His hesitation was that to show the viewer the lasting effects of his live burial. Yet not enough to really let his co-workers see it. I did think that the plot built up a little much for what it turned out to actually be :) That could very well have be the entire point they were making in the end.moreless
  • Keeps you glued to the TV as usual.

    This episode revealed a couple of things. ONe Warrick's new wife and the fear Nick still has of close quarters. I didnt really care for Warrick's wife. Not because I would rather see him and Catherine together, but because it all seemed so fast. So what if Nick's ordeal made him feel like he needed to get married. Unless I missed something, I never heard Warrick mention dating her prior to what happened to Nick. As far as Nick goes, you can still see that the ordeal he went through still effects him. He hesitates as he approaches the compound, but he eventually goes down and does his job.moreless
  • Almost perfect.

    Loved this, well written. Hope to see more like this. Although I find that the episodes are getting scarier, I actually jumped in my seat when Gill and Katherine was down in the bunker and the two policemen came. But I love it!

    And has Nick found someone "special"? That would be nice.
  • Interesting as always!!!

    The beginning was very interesting and

    exciting. This episode showed us that

    Nick has problems with underground area,

    which he's really trying to overcome.(I

    hope they could catched the bad guy who

    had part in kidnaping Nick last season


    Anyway, it was so hard to believe that

    some freak religions really have ability

    to convince many educated kinds to take

    part and suicide. Well, maybe education

    could not help!

    I hope this episode could changed some

    peoples' mind after watched it!moreless
Clea DuVall

Clea DuVall

Abagail Spencer

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Jana Camp

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Cassandra Grae

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Louise Lombard

Louise Lombard

Sofia Curtis

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David Berman

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Jon Wellner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • We meet Warrick's wife, Tina in this episode. She works with her ex at a hospital.

    • Goof: When Grissom goes to enter the underground compound he only has his flashlight on his belt (on his back). What happened to the canteen he was wearing when he started? Later scenes inside the compound he has it back on.

    • Goof: In the scene showing the meteor shower we can estimate five meteors per second (300 per minute) The actual maximum rate of the Orionids is 15 per minute or one every four seconds. A less than impressive shower from Comet Halley's particles.

    • Goof: Grissom looks up at a meteor shower he identifies as the Orionid shower. The camera shows a sky scene with the constellation Orion in the background, and a number of meteor trails moving from left to right across the star formation.

      This is dead wrong. Meteor showers are named for the region of the sky they appear to be coming from, e.g., Leonid (Leo), Perseid (Perseus). The meteor trails should appear to be coming straight at the viewer from Orion, not crossing it.

    • Goof: When Catherine finds the bowl full of burnt letters, Grissom tries to photograph the bowl in the state the cult members left it in. However, she rifled through and disturb the scene before he takes the pictures.

    • Nick hesitates at first to go into the bunker. This is a reminder of when he was buried alive in the two-part Season 5 " Grave Danger (1) & (2)."

    • Goof: Grissom made mention of a tire iron after finding a body. It was actually a crowbar.

    • The Orionids Meteor Showers are considered a Major meteor shower. They scheduled to appear October 21st, 2005.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Grissom: The Orionid meteor shower. You never get a view like this in town.
      Brass Hmm. So, uh, is this part of the investigation?
      Grissom: No. But we're here, and it's beautiful.

    • Catherine (as Grissom is looking out at the desert): It's a big desert.
      Grissom: About 25,000 square miles.
      Catherine: The nearest town is Pahrump. That's about 30 miles from here.
      Grissom: But I got water, we can share.
      Catherine (he starts walking away): Who are you today? Moses? (Catherine pulls out her phone) Yeah, Jim. (laughs) Grissom and I are uh...gonna take a little walk.

    • (Catherine is on the phone with Nick, and Grissom is standing next to her)
      Catherine (into the phone): What did autopsy say time of death was?
      Grissom: 3:15am?
      Nick: Between 3 and 3:30.
      Catherine (moves the phone away from her mouth, and turns to Grissom): How did you know that?

    • (After Catherine loses her cell phone signal and they don't have backup)
      Grissom: We've got two choices, go back or go forward... (Catherine pulls out her gun and they enter the dark bunker)
      Catherine: After you.

    • Catherine: Whoever they are they like junk food.
      Grissom: Who doesn't? Have you seen the pyramids?
      Catherine: Does the Luxor count? (he gives her a look) What do you think? I haven't even been to New York.
      Grissom: I'd like to see the pyramids one day.
      Catherine: Keep walking. We could come upon them today. (he gives her a look) So, you like archaeology, huh?
      Grissom: Oh yeah, whenever I wanna feel small.

    • Warrick (to Tina): Can't we just make out?

    • Nick (As Sofia is putting on latex gloves): Now, what are you doing?
      Sofia: You'll be dusting for prints. I'll help.
      Nick (laughs): Okay.

    • (After getting a hit on the fingerprint from the kitchen, and to one of the male victims)
      Sara: College Student.
      Mandy: Yeah, very impressionable. When I start my religion that's where I'm going to recruit.

    • Greg: I also found a melted name tag with a sun burst logo. Figured I'd let my finger do the walking.
      Sara: You scanned the Yellow Pages.
      Greg: I knew the first three letters. By the way, do you know how many companies in Las Vegas start with S-U-N?
      Sara: I so don't care.

    • Grissom: The methodology here appears to be similar to the Heavens Gate Cult in California several years ago. They committed mass suicide to shed their Earthly bodies and hitch a ride on the spaceship hidden in the tail of a Hale-Bopp comet.
      Catherine (after finding semen on the bed sheets): Well, these Earthly bodies got a good workout first. Big room, big bed, light show. This cult was about gettin' laid.
      Grissom: Well, Jim Jones and Charles Manson used sex to manipulate their followers. I'm guessing that they were timing their suicide to the Orionid meteor shower last night.
      Catherine: So while you were watching shooting stars, they were dying?
      Grissom: There's 12 bunks in there, one bed in here, there should be 13 bodies.
      Catherine: Two people are missing.
      Grissom: Maybe they caught the space ship.
      Catherine (pulls out the bowl of burnt letters): Would you settle for a flying saucer?

    • Abigail: You don't believe we're alone in the universe?
      Grissom: Abigail, I'm sure if there is something out there looking down on us from somewhere else in the universe...they're wise enough to stay away from us.

    • David: Looks like a money belt.
      Dr. Robbins: Gives new meaning to strapped for cash.

    • Grissom: Are you having the same mirage, as I am?
      Catherine: Yeah, a silver Beamer in the middle of the damn desert.

    • Catherine: Did you notice those buzzards earlier?
      Grissom: No, but something sure smells good to 'em.

    • Brass: So dump the body, raid the refrigerator.
      Grissom: I guess they had an appetite for murder.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Charles Manson

      Charles Milles Manson was the leader of a group of young followers known as "The Family" in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He planned and ordered the family to commit several brutal murders. He was convicted of murder although he was not accused of committing the murders in person and is currently serving a life sentence in a California prison. Since his trial and conviction, Manson's name and image have been integrated into American pop culture generally as a symbol of ultimate evil. He implied to his followers that he was Jesus Christ, saying he had died before, some 2,000 years ago. However, when asked directly in court he said, "I may be Jesus Christ. I haven't yet decided who I am."

    • Jim Jones

      James Jones was the American founder of the People's Temple church that developed into a group with cult-like beliefs, power structures and practices.
      He claimed to be an incarnation of Jesus, Akhenaten, the Buddha, Lenin, and Father Divine.

    • Grissom: Or maybe they had An Appetite for Murder

      Given that Grissom's literary references are usually more classical, it's unclear whether this is a reference to the mystery by Cecile Lamalle or the mystery lovers cookbook by Kathy Borich

    • Towards the end of the episode, Abagail Spencer sees a bright light through the ceiling, illuminating the entire room she is in. This is reminiscent of a scene from the 1990s sci-fi drama The X-Files.

    • (after casting the foot prints)
      Warrick: Dirty Dozen.

      This is a reference to the classic 1967 film The Dirty Dozen.

    • (Grissom heads out into the desert)
      Catherine: Who are you today? Moses?

      According to The Bible, Moses lead his people out of Egypt into the desert, where they wandered for 40 years.