CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 8

Slaves of Las Vegas

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2001 on CBS

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  • The discovery of a dead woman buried in a playground sandbox leads Grissom and the team to a bizarre world and a fascinating woman.

    "Slaves of Las Vegas" is one of the best episodes of season two and the series as a whole. The main reason for that is the episode introduces viewers to the greatest recurring character in the entire series: the amazing Lady Heather. Melinda Clarke is excellent in the role. She plays the part to perfection. So much so that I think it's a crime she did not win an Emmy for her performance. I will start with the obvious that her scenes with Grissom were nothing short of fantastic. Seeing these two great characters play off each other and at the same time develop a mutual respect makes this episode all the more terrific. It's not just her scenes with Grissom though. Lady Heather for the most part steals every scene she is in. I especially like her one-on-one with Catherine which is just as excellent. In fact, the scenes are so good that they overshadow the actual investigation into the death of one of Lady Heather's employees. That presents the one flaw in the episode. It was obvious who the killer was. The good thing is that flaw does not in any way hurt this otherwise excellent and milestone episode of one of the greatest crime dramas ever. If you have not seen it already, by all means do so. If you have, see it again!
  • A look at relationships, in a more diverse sense of the word.

    I'll add my voice to those who thoroughly enjoyed this episode - though, I confess, my attention was focussed more on the main plot, and I wasn't as moved as I think I might have been supposed to be by the discovery of the stolen money in the pockets of the robbery victim. That plot aside, once again we have CSI, and Grissom specifically, taking a look into another rarely-discussed subculture of American society. First the hearing-impaired, then Autism, and now S&M. I loved the calm with which he was able to use the "lingo" (not so unusual, really, but it does go against the mold he tends to fit himself into), and the fact that he seemed unphased by the Dominion.

    Lady Heather is shaping up to be an interesting character, and I look forward to seeing her interactions with Grissom. There's only thing hanging over my head after it all; at the very end of the episode, when Catherine tells him that she thinks they have a healthy relationship, Grissom agrees to tell her something that he's never told anybody. I'd love to know what he says to her when it cuts to black.
  • The first appearance of the amazing Lady Heather -- the ultimate character foil for Grissom.

    Since TV.com has recently put up another episode on the list for season 7 titled "The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix", I thought it would be a good idea to rewatch some of the episodes concerning Lady Heather before that episode airs.

    Lady Heather is an absolutely mesmerizing figure & it's obvious that she & Gil have some serious chemistry (it's also evident in the second episode featuring the duo, "Lady Heather's Box"). The introduction of Lady Heather provides a fascinating character foil for Grissom, whom we actually know very little about.

    I know there are many GSR supporters out there, but if Grissom has to be involved romantically, then I'd have to say that Lady Heather is his best match. More on this in the review for "Lady Heather's Box"!
  • Slaves of L.A.

    A woman named Mona was found in a child's playground. She worked at a prostitution house. She was found w/ Liquid Latex on her. And also found it in the room she performed in. Killer put straws up her nose and closed the ends. The owner has an 18 year old daughter who goes to Harvard. They get around 20 k a month. Woman's watch imprint was found on the victim found latex on the suspects jewelry box where the watch was kept. Lady Heather figured Grissum out. Husband killed Mona because he was acting like he was treating his wife.
  • Lady Heather and a clever murder - very well written.

    I would have given this a 10 were it not for the secondary story, which is a bit of a non-starter in my opinion. Given the subject matter here, it would have been better to concentrate on Lady Heather and the lifestyle of the rich and submissive.

    Melinda Clarke is amazing as Lady Heather, though kudos to the writers as well, as they have given her great material to work with. Her interactions with Grissom are classics - it's almost like gentle sparring and he knows enough not to be fazed by anything about the work she does.

    It's also good to see the rest of the team's reactions to Grissom and to Lady Heather's workplace. Again I'm amazed and gladdened that the US networks have seen fit to air this stuff, as the subject matter is a little controversial to say the least.

    The secondary story - well it's okay, but it is so overshadowed by the main one.

    And the ending to the main story - very satisfying. It's awful that the woman died, but the guy's reasons and his reactions at the end are priceless.
  • Two CSI teams investigate two cases involving a dead woman who worked at a local S&M Fetish Club, and a robbery at a check-cashing store that was an inside job.

    I want to use part of my income tax refund to buy the Season DVD so I can view this episode at my leisure. Ah, the introduction of Lady Heather! I found the second case, the faked robbery, to be tedious in the extreme, and I swear I figured it out within 3 minutes. Lady Heather's case was another story. I didn't care that much for the murderer or his wife, but a look into Heather's life and work was interesting. Her interactions with Brass and Grissom were very amusing to watch. The dialogue written for her case was excellent, and there were some laugh-out-loud moments when she and Brass dealt with each other. I could tell immediately that Grissom was smitten, even though he didn't want to admit it to himself. All in all, I found it to be an excellent episode.
  • The team meets Lady Heather.

    It's only an okay episode. This is the first episode that Lady Heather appears in. The scenes that involve Lady Heather and Grissom are terrific because she knows who Grissom is and that scares him.
    Other than those scenes, however, the episode is unmemorable. It just a so-so episode.
  • Interesting episode that brings us into the world of fetishes and sex games. Also introduces Lady Heather.

    This episode starts out like most any CSI episode. A dead body is found and the crime must be solved. Only this time we are taken into the world of fetishes and sex games. After the victim is identified (by her implant no less) we are brought into the world of Lady Heather and the Dominion, a private fetish club. As the case unfolds we find out that a young married couple is at the center of it all. The wife is a high-powered lawyer and the husband stays at home taking care of their child. Catherine deduces things aren’t all good with the couple and after meeting the wife figures out she (the wife) is cheating on the husband. Lady Heather also deduces the relationship between the couple from a picture shown to her by Grissom. The husband, tired of being whipped, begins to see a dominatrix at Lady Heathers. But things got out of hand when his desire to be dominant resulted in her death. The key to the case is the impression of a watch on the victims wrist and in the liquid latex found in the trash. In the end the husband chooses jail over fighting the evidence so that he can be away from his wife.

    The B case takes Sara and Warrick to a check cashing center where an employee was shot and robbed. After careful investigation it is found the man actually shot himself in an attempt to rip off the owner (a relative). The twist on this case is that the owner’s husband was also trying to rip off his wife.

    This is one of the best episodes of season 2 and a highlight of the whole run of the show. Lady Heather quickly became a fan favorite, so much so that she has been brought back two times so far. The scene in the sandbox between Grissom and Catherine is hilarious (haikus and a Kung Fu reference). The conversation between Lady Heather and Catherine is a stand out. Nicky in the Dominion is just plain funny (he seems like a plain bread and butter boy).

    I do have one lingering question about this episode that has never been answered: What did Grissom do with the mask he borrowed from Lady Heather? It wasn’t on the evidence table later in the episode.