CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2002 on CBS
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Catherine is called in by a pornographic-film developer to view graphic footage from a snuff movie in which a woman is brutally slain. Grissom investigates an ant covered body that's been dead over a year.

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  • An ant covered body and death by porn.

    I would have to say that this is one of the sickest and horrifying CSI episodes I have seen so far. The red ants eating away at the body reminds me of that one MacGyver episode. Ewww. I'm just happy that the people who treat different people badly always get justice on CSI. And as for the snuff film part of the show, I did recognize one person- William Mapother who played Ethan in the television show "Lost"... plus I decided to do a little snooping because of his last name and found out what I though might be true, he's related to Tom Cruise, he's his cousin. Anyway, this was a fantastic and suspenseful episode.moreless
  • One of my all-time favorite episodes.

    This episode is one of my very favorite ones because of the Grissom story about the young man with Down Syndrome. My son has DS and so it really touched me. It seemed to bring out all those fears that the mother of a special needs child has about how her child will ultimately be treated by others and it made me love the Grissom character more than ever! I once explained to my older children that in music the word retard means slow down. Which is exactly what you need to do for people with Down Syndrome, just slow down, but the way Grissom speaks to the boys murderer at the end just took my breath away. He tells him that his own life will be "retarded" from that point on and it felt like a triumphant moment to me. I realize that this is not a particularly critical review of this episode but I really did like this one. There are so few times on television when you see people with Down Syndrome at all (and the actor who played the victim really did have Down Syndrome) and I felt like Grissom treated this victim with the same respect and dignity he gives all the victims that he works with. It was a very rewarding and special episode.moreless
Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher

Billy Raddison

Guest Star

William Mapother

William Mapother

Douglas Sampson

Guest Star

Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash

Snuff Film Processor

Guest Star

Pamela Gidley

Pamela Gidley

Teri Miller

Recurring Role

Archie Kao

Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Grissom and Doc Robbins are putting the skeleton on the autopsy table, there is no ants on it. When we see it on a close up, there are ants all over it.

    • Goof: In the scene where Catherine and Sara search through lots of thrown away film clip negatives, they empty the bin with the film clips on the ground and searched for the end of the snuff film, which is bad because they could contaminate the evidence. What they should have done was to bring the whole bin back to the CSI lab.

    • As Catherine and Sara scan the list of porn actors and their HIV status, the name David Hodges can be seen a couple of times.

      Three episodes after this one, in Recipe for Murder, a new character David Hodges joins the lab as a Trace Evidence Technician.

    • Goof: Sara and Catherine peruse a website of blacklisted porn stars with AIDS looking for the name of Susan Hodap. The list is actually the same names in repetition; they pass the name "Susan Hodap" twice before landing on it in the third pass.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Nick: Wait a minute. I've seen one of these before, man. A spur. Chip spur.
      Grissom: What's that cowboy expression? Gotta see a man about a horse?
      Nick: Yeah.
      Grissom: It reminds me I gotta see a woman about a face.
      Nick: Yeehaw.

    • Doc Robbins (straining to put the shoe cover on the foot of his prosthetic leg): Come on, you bitch. (gets it on and grabs his cane) I'm allergic to red ants you know.
      Grissom: Yeah? I put them on my eggs.
      Doc Robbins: They're dead, I hope.

    • Sara: How does somebody cross the line where killing a woman is a turn-on?
      Catherine: Oh, I don't think snuff makers cross a line, I think they start on the other side of it.
      Sara: Biology determining pathology.
      Warrick: Yeah, some people were just born bad.

    • (After he throws a phone book into the hallway, and Sara was walking by)
      Sara: Why are you throwing phone books?
      Warrick: 'Cause a beaker gets glass all over the place.
      Sara: What's wrong?
      Warrick: It's this curtain that the porn girl was found wrapped in. I've got no prints, no second donor. I've got nothing to link this porn guy to the girl's murder. It's just driving me nuts.
      Sara: I'm fine.
      Warrick: I'm sorry. Are you okay?
      Sara: Yeah. You missed me by a mile. We may have something.
      Warrick: Really?
      Sara: Right here. I wanted to show you. When he's stabbing her, she's bleeding all over him.
      Warrick: Well, a void proves that, but we still can't prove it's him.
      Sara: Yeah, but her blood might. Catherine and I suspect transference. She had HIV.
      Warrick: Well, how are we going to get a sample of Sampson's blood?
      Sara: Warrant, based on the butterscotch dirt that you found on his car.
      Warrick: Oh, I like that.
      Sara: You might want to apologize to the phonebook.

    • Film Processor: I've processed hundreds of bogus snuff films. But this, this one just felt different.
      Catherine: Yeah, it should. Arterial spray was real.
      Grissom: It's not fake blood. It's human. That was a murder... on 16 millimeter.

    • Nick: You ever ride a horse, Grissom?
      Grissom: Nope, just rollercoasters.

    • (Looking through bins of snuff films)
      Catherine: Bins of sin.

    • Catherine: Pornos buy "short ends" from legitimate clearing houses. Saves money and they're impossible to trace.
      Sara: Really?
      Catherine: I pulled a porno ring using teenage girls a couple years ago. Learned all you would wanna know about the adult film industry. (pause) Hell of a way to go.
      Sara: I always thought that snuff films were an urban myth. I mean, outside of urban Bangkok.
      Catherine: FBI's official position on snuff films in the U.S. of A? No such thing.
      Sara: What's their unofficial position?
      Catherine: Single film goes for hundred grand ... original negative.
      Sara: And this snuff filmmaker decided to send his film out to get processed.
      Catherine: Greedy doesn't mean smart.

    • (On the phone, talking about a body covered in fire ants, but Grissom's already on a case)
      Brass: Reconsider, bring bug spray.
      Grissom: No bug spray.

    • (The killer has been infected by his victim's HIV positive blood)
      Catherine: You killed her.
      Sara: I guess she killed you back.

    • Dr. Robbins: And how does an entymologist feel about putting ants to death?
      Grissom: I view them as martyrs in a scientist's holy war.

    • Brass (looking at a body covered in ants): Man or woman?
      Grissom: Ant hill. They're using this body as a colony site. I'm going to
      have to take this box and the specimen back to the lab as is. These insects are evidence.

    • Brass: You know, I heard that these things (fire ants) can kill a deer - is that right?
      Grissom: Well, with enough colonies, they can kill people.
      Brass: What about our person?
      Grissom: Well, only if they also learned how to put him in a box and dump him in a ditch.

    • Grissom (to murderer): The definition of the word 'retard' is to hinder or hold back. I'm afraid your life is about to become 'retarded.'

  • NOTES (1)


    • When examining a red light at the hotel where the snuff film was made, Catherine mentions Zalman King and odd lighting in the same breath. Zalman King is an American film director, writer, actor and producer, perhaps best known for his work on the Red Shoe Diaries.

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