CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 20

Sounds of Silence

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2001 on CBS

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  • During the course of a murder investigation, Grissom reveals a side of himself that he has kept hidden from his colleagues.

    This episode is a memorable one not for the murder investigation but for Grissom. I think William Petersen gave his best performance of the season in this episode. Seeing him establish a rapport with the head of the school for the deaf was excellent. What I thought was better was seeing how stunned Sara and Warrick were to learn this about Grissom. Speaking of which, I think Grissom did the right thing by refusing to explain to Sara why he never told her he knew sign language. If she asked me in such as nasty way I would not tell her either. In all fairness I could understand her frustration. She thinks Grissom left her out to dry. Who would like that? The revelation of how he knows sign language was done very well. He told the only person who really needed to know. In my mind this episode established Gil Grissom as one of television's greatest characters. A truly phenomenal performance that has stood the test of time.
  • We Learn Something New About Grissom. WARNING: SPOILERS

    I absolutely love this episode. It screams character development!

    In this episode, we finally learned something new about Gil Grissom. Something more personal. Ah yes, he knows sign language. I love the way the writers wrote that into the script. It was a total shocker...especially to Warrick and Sara. Too funny when Sara asked Grissom if he was going to tell her how he learned to sign. He simply stated, "No." Classic Grissom, walls built up all around him.

    So, I found the episode very interesting apart from the character development stages. The ending was a shocker. Not to the viewers but more to the murderee. The look on his face when Grissom told him that the kid he killed was deaf...*Sighs*

    My favorite...the ending scene. Grissom actually looked happy and content. We found out who tought him sign; his mother.

    In all, loved this episode as well. It gave the viewers a new perspective on the life of the deaf...

  • A young deaf boy is discovered dead. Warrick, Sara, and Grissom handle this case, dealing with their ignorances about the deaf community. Meanwhile, Nick and Catherine handle a hit that resulted in three teenagers being killed in the crossfire.

    Every time I see this episode it reminds me how ignorant I am of the deaf culture. I'm slightly hearing impaired, but I still have no idea what it would be like to be deaf or how the severely to moderately hearing impaired feel; about the hearing, about the world we live in, about their lives. It also reminds me how much I want to learn to sign.

    This is a great episode, not only because the the drama and the fascinating crimes, but also because it is one of the many episodes in this series that really stretches the viewer, expanding their world view and the concept of others. The more shows like this and the more people watching them, greatly enhances people's understanding of each other, and lessens violence caused by that previous lack of understanding. I think that when actors, producers, writers, directors, ect do programs like this they're giving something back to the world they live in, and I really respect them for it.

    There were a few pretty funny moments in this episode, but my favorite had to be when Catharine was giving Grissom a guilt trip about forgetting about the meeting and then confesses that she knew he would forget and so she uped the deadline and he hadn't really missed it.

    The other funny one i really liked was when Warrick says to Sarah "Did you know Grissom drinks when he goes out at night?" and Sara replies "He goes out?" That was classic.

    And finally Warrick and Sara's reaction when Grissom starts signing, that what-the-crap-look was priceless.
  • I liked much how Grissom developed in this episode, but also, a side character in this episode, who thinks he's the greatest because of finding out something. Talking about Greg. He is much like this in previous episodes, but this time he just went on.

    I liked much how Grissom developed in this episode, but also, a side character in this episode, who thinks he's the greatest because of finding out something. Talking about Greg. He is much like this in previous episodes, but this time he just went on. After he discovers the blue fluorescent bacteria in one of the suspects' blood, he makes it very obvious to Grissom and Warrick that he is very excited about it. Its just fine, because it matches the character's outline, and this was just the occasion to show it. The episode as a whole was a little sentimental, especially after the interrogation to Mark, the driver who killed the victim, when, after knowing he was guilty, Grissom tells him he was deaf.
  • insightful

    We get the first indications of the deafness of Grissom to come in later episodes. I find this one very informative. I try to find one thing in each episode to learn and research. Not much in that way in this episode but still very educational about the characters. It does show Grissom angry about the death of Brian Clemens and his compassion for the victim. It also shows the idea that some people consider deafness a handicap not a way of life. The other crimee really takes second place to the first crime we see. I wasn't really interested in that crime at all!
  • Grissom, Warrick and Sara's case a deaf student is the victim in what looks to be a hit-and-run. Nick and Catherine get a shooting at a coffee shop. It is revealed that Grissom knows sign language and has a deaf mother

    I loved this episode. It's one of the rare ones that you get to see another side of Grissom, it's the first you hear about his mother and the part where he wears the earplugs to understand the victim better foreshadows his future hearing loss in my opinion. One of my favorite scenes is the one in the office where Warrick and Sara have gone along and brought a translator to speak with Dr. Gilbert. The tension in the scene sets up the kind of 'us' and them' that Sara in particular feels about deaf people. The actress who plays Dr. Gilbert really does a great job too. Also the last scene where Grissom and Dr. Gilbert are conversing I really liked, I'm not sure why. Grissom just seemed very relaxed and happy, unlike most times when he's uptight and serious.
  • Two different cases: the murder of a young deaf man and the apparent hit of a mobster.

    Both cases are very interesting in their own rights and both show that if you only look at what's obvious you might miss something.

    The first case concerns two women who run over a guy. It turns out they weren't the ones that killed him though - they ran over his body. When he is found to be deaf we are taken into a world that most don't understand. We also discover that Grissom can sign, though we don't find out why yet. It's good to see the difference between different people's approaches to the deaf world and the wrong assumptions people can make. In the end, when the culprits are caught (and who amongst us didn't scratch our heads when lice were mentioned!) the reasons for the killing are utterly pedestrian and stupid. This isn't a criticism of the writing - it's just so annoying that people can and do take lives for the dumbest of reasons.

    The second case is a coffee house shooting - five people dead including the workers at the shop. As two of the victims are a famous LV bigwig/mobster and his bodyguard, it all looks like a hit job with collateral damage. But the more Catherine and Nick investigate, the more they realise that they may be looking at the whole case the wrong way round. And again we're left with a reason for the killings that is even more awful than taking out a mobster in a hit.

    Cleverly processed and I WANT some of those red lights!

    Two good cases, well written and well investigated. Good stuff
  • A good episode, not as great as the previous episodes but still good.

    Two women run over a deaf man but it turns out he was already dead when they ran over him. Grissom, Sara & Warrick have to find out who killed him, so they go to the victims college, where the victims teacher won't co-operate.

    Catherine & Nick investigate what looks like a mob hit that leaves 5 dead in a coffee shop including a pregnant 20 year old. It turns out that 4 of the 5 victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    In this episode we find out that Grissom Knows how to sign and that his mother is deaf.

    Favorite Quotes:

    Sara: So, that's why Grissom's late.
    Warrick: You just don't like other women in his life.
    Sara: (smiling) I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

    Sara: What was that all about? Grissom signs.
    Warrick: You know what Grissom drinks when he goes out at night?
    Sara: He goes out?
    Warrick: Exactly. Who knows anything about that guy?