CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2006 on CBS
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The team investigates the death of a psychic who "saw" her own death while performing a reading for two other women. Greg reveals a family secret to Grissom but Grissom believes that science will be what solves the case.

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  • Grissom and the team investigate the murder of a psychic in her place of business. As the investigation progresses it's soon discovered that the crime may be connected to a murder that took place fifteen years earlier.moreless

    This is not only one of the best episodes of this particular season but a very important one as well in that it shows that fortune tellers and psychics are nothing but frauds. The scene where the psychic offers to make bad future predictions go away for $5000 is a great example of that. I very much enjoyed watching how Sanders and Grissom showed how the murdered psychic operated and how she told her fortunes. The main plot of the story was very good as well. I liked the twists and turns the story took. Another terrific episode of CSI.moreless
  • I'm not a normal watcher of "CSI" but...

    I'm not a normal watcher of "CSI", but I watched this one because of a friend of mine cameoing in it. This episode held my attention, and encouraged me to watch future episodes. I thought it was pretty good.

    I thought the plot was interesting, with the mystical "supernatural" ish element. Although parts were somewhat confusing to me, it just held my attention that much greater, because I wanted to know how they figured it all out. Again, I'm not a normal viewer of "CSI", so I decided to re-watch the episode so I could pick up on all the nuaunce-y things I didn't catch the first time around.

    All in all, good episode.moreless
  • A psychic saw her own death....

    Psychic can see the past, the future, and can even help detectives to solve a crime. In this episode, we met a psychic who "accidentally" foresee her own death, and yeah she is later found dead and investigated by Grissom's team. This episode is a little different, and we know that Greg's grandmother is a psychic too. Grissom, however, don't believe in third-eye.

    In my opinion, this is just a normal episode. Nothing special happened, except the part psychic foresee her own death. Just a normal episode and a little bit filler. Brass's friend spend years tries to solve his case, but Grissom's team only takes days. Looks weird.moreless
  • Spellbound

    2 teens go into an occult and the psychic says she's surrounded with danger. As they walk out they almost get hit by a car and the psychic gets shot in chest before they come back to get the teens glasses. She forsaw her own death found Prints on the cash register. Linked to "friend" who brought her soybeean sandwich. Believe to be a man who a detective was looking for 15 years. The psychic foretold what happened. Believed man killed psychic. Man who's prints were on the cash register found allabi held up. Detective and suspect was there. Detectives was behind the counter. Detective says that he touched the jar that was containing the toxant. Man admits he got mad and tipped over jars containing dust that drugged him. Found Mr. Walaces wife dumped in Summerland.moreless
  • The return of the Olaf's!

    Greg and his Nana and Papa Olaf stories. I love them so. Greg should make a Nana or Papa Olaf reference every episode, just for comedic value. I was laughing when Greg said he had picked up Nana Olaf's skills but Grissom said he hadn't. Grissom revelation about being to a psychic was interesting. I wonder why he went…

    It was funny to see those two girls from the first season and then say how they were in the first season. It took me a while to figure out where I knew them from and I was glad it was explained. They don't have to seem the best of luck when it comes to not finding bodies in Vegas.

    The case a good strong solid case. Greg and Grissom work well together and in future they should work together more often. Greg is this young, bright, slightly naive CSI where as Grissom is this older, more mature man who has seen it all.

    I was disappointed at the lack of Sara and Nick. They should have at least made an appearance in the episode. I don't like how CBS seems to have some of the characters appear in some of the episode. Even without them it still was a good episode.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Greg went into the box, he found the dog rib and then started to 'dig up' the skull by brushing away the dirt in the area. Greg should have taken photos to preserve evidence of how he found it.

    • Goof: When collecting evidence, CSIs normally wear gloves so they don't contaminate the evidence they're collecting. In two scenes, Greg was collecting finger prints, and he wasn't shown wearing gloves either time. Grissom wore gloves in the second scene, and he was only holding a flashlight, and not even handling the evidence which was being collected.

    • Look closely when the singer, Josslyn, autographs Grissom's file, he takes back the pen and tosses it to one side.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Grissom: Hey, Greg, you missed some.
      Greg (sighs): Well, one more spider bite won't make a difference. (starts climbing back down into the hole) But you being the bug guy probably enjoy being bitten.

    • Warrick: Tight suit, baby.
      Hodges: Actually it's not. I've only gained a couple pounds and I tend to---
      Warrick: No, I mean it looks good on you. (Warrick smirks)
      Hodges: I see. Well, thank you, Warrick.
      Greg: So what's with the get up?
      Hodges: I was with Conrad and the mayor at the city council budget meeting requesting more funds for you slackers.
      Greg: So, you probably didn't have any time to get some work done?
      Hodges: Au contraire, multitasking is my forte. In fact, I showed your results for the city council fine crime fighting, courtesy of your trace lab.

    • Grissom: We got one more lead to follow up before we call this a "slam dunk."
      Greg: What lead?
      Grissom: I don't think your sixth sense is working as well as you had hoped.

    • Grissom: I need to talk to you.
      Greg: You heard about the strip club?
      Grissom: I hear about everything, Greg.
      Greg: That ear surgery paid off.

    • Catherine: Hey, Gil. If you're swamped I could always cancel my vacation plans.
      Grissom: We got it covered.
      Catherine: Good, 'cause I wasn't really that serious.

    • Tammy: You got the dime, I got the time.
      Greg: Unfortunately, the crime lab doesn't have a budget for that.

    • Greg: Hey.
      Warrick: Greg, what are you doin' here?
      Greg: Oh, Grissom said you're backin' me up, can't back me up if I'm not here.
      Warrick: The next time you screw me up with Grissom I'm gonna back you up right off a cliff.

    • Warrick: Stand up please.
      Reese: I can go?
      Warrick: No. You can strip down to your scivvies.
      Reese: Excuse me?
      Brass: Do you want some music?

    • Grissom: And remind me again why you didn't show up at the crime scene?
      Warrick: 'Cause your former lab boy begged me for it. He offered to take my next holiday on call. I thought he was nuts but I wasn't gonna pass him up.

    • Brass: Say 'hello' to Anna Leah and Lori, you remember them a few years ago, they stole a car and found a severed head in the trunk.
      Grissom: How could I forget that?

    • Grissom: Where are you and Lindsey going this year?
      Catherine: Disneyland. With the parents.
      Grissom: Quality time with dad?
      Catherine: Oh yeah. And Sam wanted to take some Tangiers jet, but my mother refused, said it wasn't the tradition. So now we're driving. Yeah, that would be hell of a road trip.
      Grissom: Have fun. Say "hi" to Sam.

    • Wendy: Hey - I'm on a break, I'll see you in twenty.
      Greg: Vending machine is on me if you give me the results first.
      Wendy: No. Make it dinner.
      Greg: Me and you?
      Wendy: Me, you and my friend Julie.
      Greg: Okay, but I get to sit in the middle.
      Wendy: Deal.

    • Greg: Hey, Henry, what's up?
      Henry: My job can get a little mundane sometimes (brandishing a vial) - not today.
      Greg: I'll second that and raise you a stripper.
      Henry: Okay, sure...

    • Reese: Most nights I work til six, then I like (pauses) to go to the Strip-o-rama.
      Brass: I thought you didn't like meat.

    • Grissom: Greg?
      Greg: Hey.
      Grissom: I thought I paged Warrick on this.
      Greg: Oh yeah, about that, we traded days.
      Grissom: Because?
      Greg: Well, it's a long story, but the short answer is... I have an expertise in the occult.
      Grissom: Oh.

    • Greg: You have to admit, it's pretty eerie. Sedona's visions of her own death.
      Grissom: Yeah. Maybe you should ask Nana Olaf to contact her, see how she's doing.
      Greg: Yeah, I know you're a cynic. I just think you can have beliefs and still be a scientist.
      Grissom: I agree. The problems arise when people mistake their beliefs for the science.

    • Dr. Robbins (to Grissom, referring to the victim): Before you ask, no I didn't find her third eye.

    • Greg: Have you ever been to a psychic?
      Grissom: Would you be surprised?
      Greg: Yeah.
      Grissom: Surprise.

    • Grissom: Where did you say your expertise came from?
      Greg: My Nana Olaf. She was a psychic. She didn't have a store, she just had a kitchen table and she prognosticated from there. She had a sixth sense and the family thinks that I might have inherited it.
      Grissom: Okay, what am I thinking?
      Greg: That I'm due for a promotion?
      Grissom: I'm thinking you need to focus on your other five senses.

  • NOTES (5)


    • The investigation for this episode may have been loosely based on the true life case of Barbera Weston, who was murdered and dumped into a sewage tank by her killer in Little Rock, California in 1976. She was identified through the body of her dog next to her which had a wagon device to carry its hindquarters.

    • Greg: That's huge - surgery paid off.

      Greg mentions Grissom's surgery (which took place after the end of season 3) in reply to Grissoms statement "I hear everything"

    • Dr. Robbins (to Grissom, referring to the victim): Before you ask, no I didn't find her third eye.

      The third eye or "Ajana" comes from eastern philosophy in which energy centers (Chakras) are found in the body. The Ajana is believed to be related to a human's inner and cosmic knowledge. This is the second time that Dr. Robbins referred to the "Third Eye" in the show. The first occured in the second season episode entitled "Felonius Monk".

    • Greg: My Nana Olaf. She was a psychic.

      Nana Olaf is presumably a direct relation (possibly wife) to Papa Olaf, whom was mentioned by Greg in relation to the case in the Season 4 episode "Butterflied."