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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The CSI team investigates a mad slasher who strikes without leaving a trace -- because he wears a form-fitting black latex suit that leaves not a molecule of evidence behind.

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  • He knows your secrets

    This episode is one of the best ever because it was so different and you never knew what to expect.A serial killer in a black latex suit who calls himself sqweegel who is targeting famous people with secrets to hide that can put them in jail and he attacks them once and tries to get them to confess to the crime they have done,if they do they go to jail but if they don't he comes back after them and kills them or tries to get them to confess again.The CSI's know nothing about him and they don't know how he finds out about celebrities dark side.Sqweegel got away but I definitely hope he returns but that will be up to Anthony E.Zuiker who created sqweegel as a character.moreless
  • 11X04:

    This episode was a huge improvment over 11x01 and 11x03. The start was creepy, something i have never seen before in CSI. The idea of a forensic proof serial killer was great, again something CSI has never done before. It was different and i loved that they didn't catch him despite all the evidence they had. Sqweegel himself was very creepy espically as everything he did was done by the worlds most flexible man. Its great it wasn't special effects. I really liked the motives behind the killings. Knowing everybodies secrets giving them an oppurtunity to confess. This would make a very good serial killer because everybody in Vegas has a secret. I am writing this after watching the finale. I have found out the sqweegel will be a focus of season 12. I think he will target the team particually Brass because of how they handled Haskells killing. To sum up this was a perfect episode. Full of suspence, they didn't catch him. I reminded me of the old school CSI.moreless
  • Really creepy

    I still think the show needs Grissom, or a stronger boss, it still captures me and this episode took me back to the early seasons.

    Few CSIs and it looks that they could need another female presence. I missed Sara this time, but still the 4 of them managed to work well together. I felt Catherine weaker this time, even when she's the boss she was letting the rest take over instead of her. The subplot of the latex serial killer is pretty appealing. I guess when you have a show that has lasted this long, with the same format, either you come up with great stories every week or you create a story within the main one to make it more interesting. I dare say it worked for me and I liked it.moreless
  • Anthony E. Zuiker is quite obviously borrowing heavily from his book "Level 26".

    The name of his serial killer is Sqweegel, he does his killings in a head-to-toe latex suit (though in the book, it's white and made by the guy himself), and he's a contortionist.

    There are just enough differences to hopefully keep the publisher from being grumpy, but the whole thing leaves a slightly bad taste in my mouth. It's one thing to let a movie, a book, or real-life events be your inspiration, it's entirely another to lift wholesale from a book, even if it's your own.

    I do, however, look forward to see where the general storyline goes, i.e. the heroes of Vegas who hold secrets being killed, and who the killer turns out to be.moreless
  • As near perfect as CSI can be.

    In response to meathead704. If you had seen videos of Daniel Browning-Smith (the Sqweegel performer) in action, you would not be wondering how he could fit into a spare tyre compartment. He can dislocate just about every joint in his body and can fit into the tiniest of boxes. In fact, he is the current Guinness World Record holder for having the most flexible body. Search for him on YouTube. This is the CSI I grew to love and miss when Langston hopped on board. This season has (thus far) made a refreshing change from the endless Langston character studies from season ten. I thought Sqweegel was brilliant from start to finish. The creepy atmosphere established at the beginning, lingered until the end. The very thought of some perverted stranger sleeping under your bed, watching your every move, and plotting to kill you, sends shivers up the spine. I really hope they make Sqweegel the season's main villain. He is original and is (to me) a lot more menacing than Dr. Jeckyll from last season. The acting was superb too. Especially Ann Margret towards the end when she admits to killing her son. The only thing I had a problem with was the way in which Sqweegel spied upon his victims from the attic. How anyone would not notice a great big hole in their ceiling is beyond me. Apart from that, I cannot fault this episode.moreless


Margot Wilton

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Oscar B. Goodman

Oscar B. Goodman


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Daniel Browning Smith

Daniel Browning Smith


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Larry Sullivan

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Some viewers may find Sqweegel's ability to hide in the tight spaces that the episode had him in, such as the under the floor storage space (or wheel well) of the van, and his creepy 4-legged walk, unrealistic. However, the actor who plays Sqweegel, Daniel Browning Smith, the "Rubberboy," is a contortionist who can fit himself into a small (transparent) trunk and contort and twist his body as shown in the episode. Photos and videos of his incredible contortions can be found online.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Ray: (cutting her stitches) I'm sorry. Your cuts are evidence.
      Margot: Don't you doctors and police ever talk to one another? Wouldn't it have been a lot easier if that cute young resident hadn't stitched me up at all?
      Ray: Well, he was just doing his job, and I'm doing mine. What's the matter, I'm not cute?
      Margot: Not right now.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Catherine: You and Margot have something in common.
      Nick: Yeah, what's that?
      Catherine: A stalker.
      Nick: That was a long time ago.

      Catherine is referring to a case in the episode "Stalker" (S2 Ep19), where Nick is stalked by a man who became obssessed with him.

    • Sqweegal is a character taken directly from Anthony E Zuiker's digi novel Dark Origins.