CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

An answering machine takes a message while a woman cowers in the hall and listens, scared. She's crying while the voice asks if she's there. The person calls back, and calls her a slut. She bites her nails; the voice tells her not to bite her nails. She runs and hides in a bedroom closet. She's grabbed from behind in the closet.

Grissom and Catherine take pictures of the woman's body posed over the toilet. There are red stains on the bathtub, but it's the wrong colour and texture for blood; it's hair dye. There's no sign of forced entry. Grissom wonders where the dog is - there's a bowl and food, but no dog. Catherine notes that there are locks on the doors, the windows are nailed shut, and there's an alarm system. She wonders how the guy got in; Grissom wonders how he got out?

Grissom looks at the window and notes aluminum foil, which keeps people from seeing in. Nick stares at the girl, Grissom tells him to do the bedroom, and he'll finish up in the bathroom. Catherine finds a hair on the bed, then tells Nick to check under the bed, and calls him 'Crime Stopper.' Nick finds a bag with a red smudge on it under the bed. At the lab, Nick pulls down a sheet that says "Crime Stopper Nick Stokes" on it. The guys laugh at him, and Sara reads the sheet out loud. Nick gives Warrick the hair and tells Sara to check phone records.

Dr. Robbins tells Grissom that Jane Galloway died of suffocation and she's a natural blonde. Grissom notes that there are no ligature marks on her neck, but Robbins says that she struggled, which could have limited her air flow. They wonder at the killers' agenda, since he murdered and posed her but didn't rob or rape her.

Greg tells Warrick that the hair isn't human. Nick fumes the bag (and tells Greg to stop invading his privacy by passing out the newsletter) to see if he can get any prints. Greg asks if she died of suffocation, and they see the face print on the bag.

Brass tells Grissom and Sara that there was a TRO on the girl's boyfriend. They check him out, as phone records show he called her 13 times. Sara and Brass go to his house, but there's no answer. They see his car is parked on the road, and discover him in the driver's seat, beaten up and bloody, but still alive. Brass pulls him out; he says he's okay, and he's Adam Piorio, but he doesn't remember how he got the blood on himself.

Sara and Brass question Adam, who says that he doesn't know what happened, and that a couple of weeks ago Jane, his girlfriend, started acting weird, calling in sick at work and barricading herself in her house. He admits that he went to her house, and she threatened to call the police so he left. He says that he was on E last night, and was a space cadet, but he's not a murderer. Catherine comes in with proof that he didn't do it - the blood is from a bar fight that Adam was in.

At home, Nick checks his email and has some pictures from the girl he went to the Prom with, including one of a girl over a toilet bowl, the same way that the murder victim was posed. At work, he tells Warrick, who suggests that the murderer might be Nick's Prom date, but Nick dismisses that, as she now lives in Maine and has three kids. Nick says that someone from work must have read his email.

Brass introduces Grissom to a psychic who has details of the crime, Mr. Pearson, who tells Grissom about his visions of the crime: a screaming face in a plastic womb, a blood shower, and three hearts beating very fast, one small. He then asks, "The dog didn't make it, did it?" Sara and Catherine discuss Jane's work; she took a leave of absence for medical reasons, she was on Valium, recently bought new locks for all her doors, and cancelled her credit cards. Sara feels that this proves that Jane was being stalked, but the boyfriend has been ruled out. Sara has one more piece of evidence: the phone records show that the calls were coming from inside the house.

Brass tells Grissom that the psychic and Jane were in the Monaco Hotel the night of the murder in rooms next to each other. They question him, and ask why he didn't tell them that he was at the hotel where she was, and that he called her, and want to know what he talked to her about. He says he wanted to talk to her about "energy" but that she wouldn't talk to him, and admits that he may have called her twice. He explains that she was suffering, and he was only trying to comfort her, and he knows that they don't believe him. Mr. Pearson tells Grissom that he's had more visions: three locks, hanging ghosts, and wooden beams.

Brass and Grissom take Mr. Pearson to Jane's house; he tells them that things look different because in his visions, he was looking down at them. In the closet, Grissom discovers a door to the attic, and goes up. He finds peek holes into all the downstairs rooms, labelled. He also discovers that the insulation is yellow, which matches some fibres found on the victim, as well as a phone, hooked into the victim's phone line. He also finds a digital camera, night vision goggles, and a digital recorder, Catherine arrives, and wonders why the guy didn't kill Jane; Grissom says it's about control; he then notes that the windows only open from the inside, so Jane must have let him in at some point. Grissom points out that if you have a uniform on, you can pretty much walk in to a house. They go through Jane's utility bills and question all the workmen.

Nick and Warrick go to Mr. Crane's place and see a Luna Cable van in the driveway, and Nick comments that it's the same cable company as he uses. No one seems to be home, but the door is open; Warrick gets a call but has to go outside to take the call. Nick looks through the garbage and finds a glove, and doesn't notice a person dropping down behind him. Nick goes flying out the second floor window; Warrick briefly checks the house from the doorway, but then goes down to check on Nick.

In the hospital, the doctor tells them that Nick has a concussion, and two cracked ribs but it could be worse. Catherine and Grissom go to Crane's house, and find that there's no furniture on the main floor; he's been living in the attic. They discover walls of video tapes and take them back to the lab; Catherine also finds a glove with hair dye on it in the garbage. At the lab, they begin watching the videos of Nigel Crane saying that people are like little sheep looking for direction, and that they're all ants.

The doctor gives Sara and Warrick some pain killers for Nick, and tells him to rest. At the lab, Grissom, Catherine and Archie are still watching the video tapes; Nigel Crane tells the camera, "You will never get me, not the way he does." Sara and Warrick come in with the news that Nigel Crane can't be found. Catherine notices something in the video tape, on the wall behind Crane; Archie magnifies the item; it's the "Nick Stokes Crime Stopper" article from the lab, which Grissom points out is supposed to be in-house only. They realize that Crane found the Prom pictures in Nick's email and posed Jane to look like the picture. Grissom realizes that they're going about it the wrong way, and puts the last tape in, where Nigel Crane tells the camera that he and Nick are friends now, and that he's sure that Nick would lay down his life for him.

Nick is at home and in pain. Mr. Pearson arrives, telling Nick that he's had more visions of this house, as well as green tea, which means nothing to Nick. Grissom calls and tells Nick that Crane has been in his house, and that there are uniformed officers on their way over. By the time that Nick is finished with the call, Mr. Pearson has disappeared; Nick gets his gun and begins looking for him. He hears footsteps upstairs, and as he follows them, he walks across a rug, with a large "T" on it, in green. Just then, Mr. Pearson comes crashing through the ceiling, followed by Nigel Crane; Nick drops his gun, and Crane grabs it and points it at Nick. He's wearing Nick's clothes, which he got at the dry cleaner's, as he gets confused about what's his and what's Nick's. Nick is confused about when they met; Crane can't believe that Nick doesn't remember, and begins to describe their first meeting, and how he felt like they'd known each other their entire lives. Nick realizes at this point that Crane is the guy who installed his cable. Crane tells Nick that they both do the same thing: observe. He adds that Jane was interesting but ultimately would have come between them. He becomes upset that after the first meeting, Nick blew him off, and didn't even see him. Nick tries to distract him by asking Crane to help him with the crime scene, but his ploy doesn't work. Crane points the gun at Nick while ranting about scooping blood, brains and bone into baggies; Nick wrestles him for the gun, and the police come rushing in, get the gun from Crane, and Brass tells Nick that it's over.

In the interview room at the station, Nigel Crane repeats "I'm one, who am I?" Nick wonders why Crane chose him, and and Grissom explains that it's Maslow's hierarchy of needs; that people strive to belong. Jane was someone for Crane to control, but Nick was someone he could become, but Nick would have to die for that to happen. Sara comments that Crane will get 25 to life, and it's over; but Nick says it's over for Jane Galloway, but not for him.
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