CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 12 Episode 15

Stealing Home

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2012 on CBS

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  • Long living show

    I wonder how many wicked crime there can be in LV in a season
  • DB and the team search for not just a missing person, but a missing house as well.

    "Stealing Home" is very entertaining. It's also a very clever episode in the sense of it's rather unique mystery. I like how multi layered it was and how it all came together at the end. Howver a few contrivances prevent me from giving the movie a high score than others have. The first is the family as a whole. The feuding twin brothers are quite annoying. Yes, I get it. That is the whole point, but the characters were just plain overdone. Also, I found it very surprising how the daughter showed almost no emotion when the body of her missing father was discovered in the severly damaged house. Her reaction seemed very odd to me. Finally what's with Julie Finlay being such a smart ass during the lie detector test? That was totally unnecessary. Despite the flaws, "Stealing Home" is still quite entertaining. Check it out.
  • Very cool crimes, possible on-going crimes, and nice introduction

    Up front let me say, since TV.com went to the .5 increments I round my reviews ratings up for 9.51 becomes 10, 9.01 becomes 9.5, etc. This episode is really great, but it isn't a perfect 10.

    The crimes in this episode are really fun and unique and maybe on-going. While the CSI family resolved the murders, we still don't know who moved / stole the house. At least none of the people in my family heard it when we watched the episode together. Yeah, this episode turned out to be that interesting and intriguing to keep everyone interested, which is amazing as some don't really go for crime scene series. It is a great thing when the CSI family can bring a real world family together, laughing, discussing, speculating, eating, etc together. Yeah, great TV is family TV.

    A stolen house allows LVPD to discover how multiple people died (murder, accident, etc). Unfortunately, this episode doesn't resolve, I think, the question that caught the eye of people and maybe that's good! Afterwards, my better half still wanted to know who took the house and was the crushed guy's death really an accident or could it have been murder (e.g. someone caused the jack problem). My thought is maybe this will be an on-going crime and more houses will go missing and end up outside (or actually end up disappearing) outside of Las Vegas. We still don't know who, the motives, etc and criminals (sometimes) get better, as they continue to do the crime.

    We're learning more about Finn and thus the writers are giving us more questions than answers, as D.B. and Finn don't discuss past details. Instead they leave us hanging, but honestly it is how they would talk. We'll find out as the CSI team / family members or others discover (or should Finn and D.B. reminisce) through various means.

    This is a great way to spend an hour (or more should you stop for discussions, as we did) and your family might be lucky enough to come together for awhile, too.