CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 13 Episode 9

Strip Maul

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • While helping out the Mobile Crime Unit on the streets of Las Vegas, the CSIs soon find themselves investigating a series of murders.

    "Strip Maul" is the weakest episode of the season to date. I found myself having a hard time staying interested. As Humorous pointed out, this episode felt a little more like the TruTv reality show "Vegas Strip" than "CSI". When the drag queen died the episode managed to get on track a little better but I still had problems with it. The whole three demensional computer printer seemed absolutely preposterous to me. Could there be anything more contrived than that? I also did not care for the storyline concerning Brass and the teenage prostitute (Chasitity. Nice original name) . Everybody except Brass knew she would go back to being a prostitute. Why does Brass give a damn anyway about Chastitly or even Ellie for that matter? Ellie is not even his daughter. She is a worthless piece of trash. He should do himself a favor and stop trying to save her. It might add a few more years onto his life.
  • Lifted from "Vegas Srip" show

    All the characters and situations were taken from an episode of the reality show Vegas Strip. The pregnant tranny, the hooker with a fake name and debit card, the drug dealers making a deal with cops, the camera being left behind a casino for the cops, the drunk in a costume, the couple making a video to go viral on YouTube. Some writer watched that show and lifted all the ideas. Really phoning it in CSI writers...
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