CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 12

Sweet Jane

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The team has a hard time trying to understand Michael Keppler, who has become a team member since Grissom's teaching hiatus. They investigate the murder of an unidentified girl who may have been killed by a serial killer who has been killing since the early 1970's.

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  • With newcomer Michael Kepler (temporarily) replacing Grissom, the team (with Willows now in charge) investiagtes the murder of a teenage runaway whose cause of death suggests she may be the latest victim of a serial killer.moreless

    I found this episode to be very unimpressive. Liev Schreiber does quite well in the first episode of his guest stint on the show. Kepler appears to be very similar to Grissom in the sense that he is very low key and analytical and I like that. What I didn't like in this episode is the absence of the good writing style that we have seen quite a bit in the past on CSI. This episode seemed more focused introducing Schreiber's character than giving the viewer a good story to get involved in. I hope this flaw will be corrected in future episodes.moreless
  • review from a forensic odontologist...

    As a dentist, a forensic one to boot, I thought this episode was interesting. Not one hundred percent accurate, but interesting. The amalgam filling thing was a bit off, but it made for a good story. The idea that a dentist could recognize their work from 20+ years ago…I mean, it’s not like we put out initials in our work. And the whole bite mark thing…it’s not that easy. The dentist was right about the teeth shifting, I would never testify to a bite mark that old. Even with his x-rays that’s a stretch. Bite marks are usually used as supporting evidence, not the only evidence, that has caused problems in the past.

    Liev, Liev, Liev, I am not sure that I like your character as a replacement for Grissom, but knowing that it is only temporary, makes it somewhat bearable.moreless
  • New guy comes to town.

    Well, I think the only thing I didn't like about this episode was the ending. It was really.........boring. It's a good thing that Warrick grew up in Vegas otherwise it would have taken the CSIs longer to solve the case without his helpful major crimes tip. Well, I wouldn't say tip, but I'm sure y'all get what I mean.

    I don't like Keppler. The biggest reasons are split between the fact he's OBVIOUSLY not Grissom and the fact that he's a Fed. I don't like the TV Feds. I'm gald he's not a permenant character. I wish they would give Greggo more air time. Other than that, the episode idea was great. The ending wasn't great, but it was still good overall.moreless
  • Good storyline, detective work was aces however the new actor brought in to replace Grissom seemed awfully cozy with everyone awfully quickly, not very realistic in my opinon.

    Catherine up front once again was very good in the show. Kippler the man has a great voice, a jaded outlook, a off putting persona but was doing some great investigation. I did miss Grissom, he is the kind of character the one routes for, kind of like an underdog. Sarah looked awful in some of her shots, the greasy parted hair was back and the makeup was off again. Warwick once again was almost absent from the show, either beef his role up or kill him off, kind of getting really tired of that one.

    The previews for next week look really killer, can't wait for it. The should really be careful in dividing up the team too much, is just doesn't roll correctly.moreless
  • The departure of Grissom makes for less-than-awesome material.




    Oh man, how you dissapoint me. I didn't have high hopes from the start, but........ *sigh*

    Pretty good episode, and one of the first in awhile to feature all of the characters (minus Cath) in about the same amount of time.

    D-Rob totally made my night better. "We'll treat the body with the utmost respect" *cut to D-Rob whistling* XD Priceless.

    The normal snappy dialogue was still present, but Grissom wasn't there with his snarky sense of humor. And Sara looked a little.....deprived. ;)

    And what was with giving Keppler a "before the commericals" line? There are some characters who like...never do that. And he's here for one episode, and suddenly *poof*.

    Another good episode, but I can't wait for the sabbatical to be over.moreless
Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber

Michael Keppler

Guest Star

Ned Beatty

Ned Beatty

Dr. David Lowry

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Vince Grant

Vince Grant

Mr. Sorensen

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David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

Wallace Langham

Wallace Langham

David Hodges

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Kay Panabaker

Kay Panabaker

Lindsey Willows

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: By allowing Dave to assist in preparing his own dental impression, it would be considered compromised evidence.

    • Goof: When the CSI's are questioning Dr. Dave about his dental impressions and they show him the "modified" overlay. He slaps his hand down on top of it- this is not Dr. Dave's hand. Notice how the hand is much thinner and has longer nails. Dr. Dave's hand a very pudgy and has very short nails.

    • Goof: When Catherine is washing the body of Jane Doe 2007, you can clearly see the dead girl's iguana tattoo on her right ankle. Sofia also tells the parents that "there was a tattoo on the her right ankle". However, the missing persons report for Veronica Sorensen says the tattoo was on her left ankle.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Doc Robbins: I reviewed that Jane Doe autopsy from '75.
      Keppler: That was fast.
      Doc Robbins: Well I'm sure the original examination was too. M.E. was a hack named Sam Bernard. He, uh, retired a little while after I started. Once saw him do a Y with a scalpel in one hand and a hot dog in the other.
      Keppler: Take it he wasn't known for his, uh, rigorous analysis.
      Doc Robbins: He was known for liking hotdogs. (Keppler chuckles)

    • Catherine: Dr. Dave's smile is perfect.
      Keppler: Would you go to a dentist with bad teeth?

    • Keppler: In theory, as the killer gets more and more comfortable after each act, the locations of the bodies should spiral outward from one central point.
      Warrick: I'll tell 'ya one thing your dump sites do have in common.
      Keppler: What's that?
      Warrick: When the bodies were found in the location they were at the time had the highest crime rate in the city.
      Keppler: Smart. Your crime center seems to move around here a lot, huh?
      Warrick: Well, in Vegas new is old in 5 years. Old is history in 10, and nothin' ever seems to leave a mark.
      Keppler: Sounds refreshing.

    • Greg: So what's the verdict on this Keppler guy? (Catherine gives him a look) What? You're usually pretty quick to size people up.
      Catherine: The jury's still out but he knows what he's doing.

    • Catherine (about the victim): This girl's barely outta high school.
      Keppler: Catnip.
      Catherine: Excuse me?
      Keppler: The way they attract men at that age, it's like catnip.
      Catherine: That's a terrifying thought.
      Keppler: You have kids?
      Catherine: A daughter, fifteen.
      Keppler: You must be a hit on career day.

    • Sara: It's possible that this one is just a coincidence.
      Keppler: It's not.
      Catherine: How do you know?
      Keppler: Because I do. This guy pays attention to the details. He knows what he likes, doesn't mix it up. The thing that gets me is the discipline though, he's got a habit but he seems to be able to control it. Only needs to kill once every ten years or so and when he does, he's got a type.
      Nick: Pretty but not pricey.
      Keppler: And not likely to be missed.
      Catherine: You're a CSI, not a profiler.
      Keppler: What's the difference?
      Catherine: Evidence. I want leads and ID's. Follow up on what you've got.

    • Keppler: So, is the pizza really that bad?
      Catherine: I like it.

    • Keppler: Hear you got one of the fastest growing murder rates in the country.
      Brass: Yeah, we're very competitive. Is that a Philly accent I hear?
      Keppler: Trenton, born and bred.
      Brass: My condolences. I'm from Newark.
      Keppler: How you doing?
      Brass: How are you?
      Keppler: I thought I heard something familiar.
      Brass: But, you've got to love Vegas, isn't that right Catherine?
      Catherine: My hometown.
      Brass: I mean the pizza's terrible, but everything else is paradise.

    • Keppler: You ever see a cat playing with a mouse? Point isn't to kill the mouse, just to keep the game going.
      Catherine: I'm guessing you have cats.
      Keppler: No, I just like the metaphor. Same game every time. Cat comes home, leaves its kill on the door step.
      Catherine: He's done this before. I'm with 'ya there.
      Keppler: So what got our cat's attention this time? Around puberty, guys fixate on a certain appearance that turns them on. Tall, skinny; short, red hair...(Catherine stares at him) whatever floats your boat. It's imprinted. Hard to let go of.
      Catherine: Okay, so we know what his type is and we know what he likes to do with 'em.

    • Catherine (refering to the serial killer): Unlike most guys, this one knows how to clean up after himself.

    • Keppler: Kind of reminds me of my Uncle Ralph.
      Catherine: Not the serial killer part, I hope.
      Keppler: Well, I haven't seen him in a while, who knows?

    • Catherine: So the original M.E. didn't even do an autopsy?
      Doc Robbins: What can I say? He was a lazy bastard.

    • Hodges: You rang?
      Nick: Yeah, I-I think I need a hand here Hodges.
      Hodges: What it this?
      Nick: It's from the '89 Jane Doe, I'm looking for anything that will help us out.
      Hodges: These look like rat droppings.
      Nick: That's because they are rat droppings, man.
      Hodges: Are you familiar with the Hantavirus? Carried by rodents, transmitted to humans when they inhale vapors from contaminated urine, saliva, or feces. That crap will kill you!
      Nick: Hodges... Glove up.
      Hodges: If I start leaking blood from my eyeballs, I'm blaming you.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Episode Title: Sweet Jane

      The title of this episode is a reference to a song by the Velvet Underground while the name Jane evidently refers to the number of Jane Does involved in this case.

      The song was written by Lou Reed, who started as a sideman with the Underground before getting rid of John Cale and taking over leadership of the band. The version of the song used in the episode is performed by the Cowboy Junkies.