CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 12

Sweet Jane

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • With newcomer Michael Kepler (temporarily) replacing Grissom, the team (with Willows now in charge) investiagtes the murder of a teenage runaway whose cause of death suggests she may be the latest victim of a serial killer.


    I found this episode to be very unimpressive. Liev Schreiber does quite well in the first episode of his guest stint on the show. Kepler appears to be very similar to Grissom in the sense that he is very low key and analytical and I like that. What I didn't like in this episode is the absence of the good writing style that we have seen quite a bit in the past on CSI. This episode seemed more focused introducing Schreiber's character than giving the viewer a good story to get involved in. I hope this flaw will be corrected in future episodes.

  • review from a forensic odontologist...

    As a dentist, a forensic one to boot, I thought this episode was interesting. Not one hundred percent accurate, but interesting. The amalgam filling thing was a bit off, but it made for a good story. The idea that a dentist could recognize their work from 20+ years ago…I mean, it’s not like we put out initials in our work. And the whole bite mark thing…it’s not that easy. The dentist was right about the teeth shifting, I would never testify to a bite mark that old. Even with his x-rays that’s a stretch. Bite marks are usually used as supporting evidence, not the only evidence, that has caused problems in the past.

    Liev, Liev, Liev, I am not sure that I like your character as a replacement for Grissom, but knowing that it is only temporary, makes it somewhat bearable.
  • New guy comes to town.

    Well, I think the only thing I didn't like about this episode was the ending. It was really.........boring. It's a good thing that Warrick grew up in Vegas otherwise it would have taken the CSIs longer to solve the case without his helpful major crimes tip. Well, I wouldn't say tip, but I'm sure y'all get what I mean.

    I don't like Keppler. The biggest reasons are split between the fact he's OBVIOUSLY not Grissom and the fact that he's a Fed. I don't like the TV Feds. I'm gald he's not a permenant character. I wish they would give Greggo more air time. Other than that, the episode idea was great. The ending wasn't great, but it was still good overall.
  • Good storyline, detective work was aces however the new actor brought in to replace Grissom seemed awfully cozy with everyone awfully quickly, not very realistic in my opinon.

    Catherine up front once again was very good in the show. Kippler the man has a great voice, a jaded outlook, a off putting persona but was doing some great investigation. I did miss Grissom, he is the kind of character the one routes for, kind of like an underdog. Sarah looked awful in some of her shots, the greasy parted hair was back and the makeup was off again. Warwick once again was almost absent from the show, either beef his role up or kill him off, kind of getting really tired of that one.

    The previews for next week look really killer, can't wait for it. The should really be careful in dividing up the team too much, is just doesn't roll correctly.
  • The departure of Grissom makes for less-than-awesome material.




    Oh man, how you dissapoint me. I didn't have high hopes from the start, but........ *sigh*

    Pretty good episode, and one of the first in awhile to feature all of the characters (minus Cath) in about the same amount of time.

    D-Rob totally made my night better. "We'll treat the body with the utmost respect" *cut to D-Rob whistling* XD Priceless.

    The normal snappy dialogue was still present, but Grissom wasn't there with his snarky sense of humor. And Sara looked a little.....deprived. ;)

    And what was with giving Keppler a "before the commericals" line? There are some characters who like...never do that. And he's here for one episode, and suddenly *poof*.

    Another good episode, but I can't wait for the sabbatical to be over.
  • I was gripped from the beginning...

    So this episode sees Keppler replace Grissom. I was dreading this and I wasn't sure if it would work but surprisingly it did.

    Keppler seems like a very interesting character and I enjoy watching him on screen. He's different from Grissom yet there is still something similar about them. I really enjoyed the interaction between him and Catherine.

    The idea behind this episode was very interesting and I think it was very well played out. For me it didn't drag at all, unlike some of the other episodes from this Season. It is definitely an episode I will want to watch again.

    This episode was different without Grisso, but it still had the same feel and the same interesting storylines.
    I can't wait for the next episode next week to see if it fares the same as this one.
  • Even though Grissom is irreplaceable, Keppler does a good job and deserve a big welcome…

    Michael Keppler joins the CSI team in their investigation while Grissom is away. The CSIs discover the body of a young girl and later on finds out that the murder is connected to three other murders. All the victims were young blondes with blue eyes. Eventually the investigation leads to a dentist and the reopening of previous Jane Doe cases. It looks as if Catherine gets along well with Keppler and also, there seems to be something that Keppler is hiding from his past..
  • Smile. You're watching a good episode of CSI.

    There are two noteworthy things about this episode. The first is the entrance of Mike Keppler. I really like him as a character. I believe his introduction into the show was handled very well indeed. I enjoy is sense of humor...and his intelligence. It's a good thing to have a fresh set of eyes in Las Vegas.

    I was also very pleased to see Ned Beatty in a guest starring role. Strangely I think both he and Mr. Schrieber were competitors recently on broadway.

    In any case, the two together brought the talent in the episode to a new high. The case itself was pretty standard but the writing was sharp, made only sharper by the performances.

    Just a good episode.

    can someone please tell me if the song during the digging up the Jane Does is a variation of the Specials "Ghost Town"? I can't seem to find any information about that bit of music that is playing during that one scene. I was could swear its that song but I can't find any info to confirm it.

    can someone please tell me if the song during the digging up the Jane Does is a variation of the Specials "Ghost Town"? I can't seem to find any information about that bit of music that is playing during that one scene. I was could swear its that song but I can't find any info to confirm it.
  • For a serial killer episode I was not overly impressed.

    This is one of the first episodes I've almost fallen asleep in. I thought for Keppler's grand appearance it was everything but. The episode was almost monotonous. It made you feel like it was just a slow day at the lab. I guess they do have to make it realistic. I thought for a serial killer episode they could have made it a little more exciting. There is something about Keppler that makes me very cautious. Maybe it's just his nature, but he seems very morbid and maybe even, suicidal? It was just a thought. Luckily, next week's episode, Redrum, looks much more exciting.
  • After the crew finds the body of a young girl they discover that her murder is connected to three murders from the '90s '80s and '70s. The main connection is all the girls have blonde hair, blue eyes, and are young. Can the crew find the serial killer?

    This episode was very sad! Those families will never know what happened to their loved ones. It was sad to see the way that "Jane Doe"s are buried. I almost cried when I saw that they were reburied without names. The dentist was a sick person! Because of him those girls are buried without names and in crates. Those "Jane Doe"s should atleast get markers for their graves. Even an unmarked grave would be better. All the need is a marker with the date of their death. Until the dentist feels remorse those girls will never be mourned.
  • New department hire Mike Keppler joins the team as they investigate a series of Jane Doe murders dating back to 1975.

    Okay, call me an outcast, but I wasn't really a fan of this episode. It all cleaned up too nicely, too quickly, too neatly, to be really, truly compelling. Not to be critical of Liev Schreiber, but I have to say it, I'm not warming to Keppler nearly as much as others seem to be. Maybe this is intentional, but I'm just not liking him very much. He doesn't seem to be a good "team-player."

    Our murderer is an interesting enough character, just in who he is and what he does (not something you'd expect, I mean). But the plot of the episode was too simple and straightforward to draw me in. I was expecting something different, I suppose, what with the introduction of a new character, and I just didn't get what I was looking for here.
  • It is always difficult when new characters are introduced ... but Keppler deserves a big welcome!

    Keppler has arrived with a mysterious past and although I have read he is only supposed to last a few episodes ... the audience needs time to be able to get to know this character properly ... and with the job title of day supervisor hopefully he will be able to blend in with everyone over a ... very ... long time! I may be wrong ... I am occasionally but I thought I caught a 'moment' between Keppler and Cath ... which would be an interesting development.

    This storyline was very well written and although the culprit may have been obvious, his attitude towards his actions for taking a life was shocking and very well acted by Ned Beatty. It was also excellent that the show highlighted the number of people who go missing and how many of these crimes are not only never solved but more poignantly that their families never have closure and when faced with the facts cannot accept the horrifying truth that their loved ones are dead.

    Although I miss seeing more of Louise Lombard (as she is a fellow Brit!) I have to say Keppler and Brass work well as a team. Of course Sara seems lost at the moment without Grissom as does the rest of the team ... but give it time ... I think they could ALL work together ... Keppler included!

    Can't wait for next week's episode!
  • Even though Grissom is missed, this episode is refreashing!

    Good episode. The story was good. Not extraordinary, but well made and believable. No far fetched tricks in the lab, not so many tricks in general. Of course we all love the super unbelievable odd stories, but it’s nice to have more realistic episodes like this one from time to time ;) I really like the new dude! He is refreshing, doing things a bit differently. Liev Schreiber is a good actor and he fits the part. I’d hate to see Grissom go. I wouldn’t want Grissom to go, but if this guy was to be his permanent replacement I wouldn’t be THAT sad. BUT! The best case scenario for refreshing the show a bit would be to see Grissom and Michael work together!
    I’ll give this episode 10 because of the solid story and the good acting! It was very “pleasant” to watch! ;)
  • And Grissom's replacement arrives.

    Liev Schreiber arrives to fill in the empty CSI spot left by the missing Grissom; he's different, and maybe this is what the show needs at this point. Something different to mix things up a bit, and keep the interest alive.

    I admit, the reason I watched this episode was for Liev. I've been sporadic in my CSI viewing recently, as I've gotten tired of it... it's always the same. I watched the episodes that had the story line about the guy who left miniatures of the crime scene, but if that wasn't mentioned in the summary... I made no effort to watch.

    So adding Liev is a good thing, and he was interesting in the role. His character does things differently than the rest of the CSIs are used to, but he gets the job done. I thought that he was believeable in the role, and made a good addition to the cast. I'm looking forward to seeing him in more episodes.
  • Grissom is GONE. enough said.

    Watching CSI every Thursday night is like a routine for me, yet at the same time, it's a drug. Without it, my week just wouldn't be the same. Being the first episode withour Grissom in it, I was disappointed in this one, but at the same time, not surprised. I knew the mood wouldn't be the same, but I never thought the writes would go ahead and REPLACE GRISSOM; especially with Liev Schreiber. He's creepy. Maybe it's just me, but the whole episode I just kept wondering if he would end up the killer. NOW, that I know he's going to be recurring, I wish he WAS the killer so we'd never see him again.
    With all this said, I'll still be sitting down to the next episode this Thursday.
  • I dig it!

    With Grissom gone, I thought it would feel a little flat. I was wrong. I was hooked from the opening sequence. Keppler's still growing on me, but I loved the episode itself. Bracketing of the episode with different versions of the song "Sweet Jane", (first the original by the Velvet Underground, second, a cover by Canadian band the Cowboy Junkies). They created a fantastic atmosphere. They dealt with the theme well. Was it me, or did Greg crack a smile? We can only hope he is starting to lighten up again. One of the best episodes this season. So far ...
  • Miss Grissom already, but I find Keppler very interesting. Hope this episode is a sign of what's to come.

    I really liked this episode. I love the way that we really don't get a good feel on Keppler, but I still found him likeable. I like seeing Catherine as the head of the team for the time being, although I wish we could have seen more of Greg and Warrick. Nick was great in his investigation, and I liked his interactions with the cop turned PI. I even liked the fact that Doc Robbins got out of his morgue for a change. Plus, anytime Hodges gets screen time is okay by me. All in all a very well written, nicely played plotline. If they keep this up, then my opinion on the direction of CSI just might change.
  • Miss Grissom already but Keppler is very interesting!

    I already miss Grissom a lot but I know that
    He will be back but the character of Keppler is Indeed interesting and hopefully that the audience will begin to take interest even if he is there only briefly
    Despite not holding a candle to Grissom, Catherine does the best that she can. And she tries to hold her own weight as well. Wierd kind of way show but in a good kind of way.
  • Yeah, I couldn't really pick a classification for this episode at any rate...I really enjoyed this episode. The dentist was weird. Keppler was well interesting.It was definitely weird with Grissom gone on to my review.

    I am going to apologize right off if my review for this episode isn't the best but I am kind of tired and anyway onto the episode. I liked this episode I really liked how they opened it. And I guess Catherine's going to get Grissom's one liners while he is gone. Like I said in my summary the dentist was really weird. Or I guess really he didn't have remorse for his actions. As for Keppler I think he will be interesting character for the show while Grissom is gone. It will be great when Griss comes back though I miss him already. Yeah, sorry for the lame review but I feel the need to submit one for every new episode anyway looking forward to next week's episode.
  • Keppler arrives to replace Grissom for a few weeks and is disappointing.

    I was feeling cautious about this letest episode, because Grissom has gone for a few weeks and left a replacement. I knew from the start I wasn't going to like who wars coming to fill his shoes so I didn't expect much from this episode.

    The episode started like any other, showing the victims before someone finds them. Keppler is then introduced at the crime scene, albeit after a few seconds of hiding his face to keep you guessing (which doesn't really work if you already know who it is). When he comes over to the crime scene to talk to Catherine, you can see that he's trying to be moody, and trying too hard for my liking. Also, touching the body before it's released by the coroners is very unprofessional. Keppler also tries to pull off some one-liners but it felt unnatural and unsatisfactory. Catherine also seemed to be leading over him a couple of time in the episode. She would be a better team leader in my opinion, and a new CSI could be introduced, perhaps flesh out Hodges character?

    However, he may, in the next episodes, start to have a story to him. There were already inklings towards someone named Frank, who was trying to contact him during the episode. This may redeem the character, and give him something for me to like about him.

    The story of the victims also seemed tenuous. The positioning and the fact that (as Keppler announces) he only needs to kill every 10 years or so. It all just seemed a bit weird. Why would someone wait for 10 year then go "I feel like killing someone."? Also, there was no real explanation for why the victims were positioned in the way they were, apart from a brief guess by one of the CSIs.

    Finally, I doubt the validity of evidence re appropriated from a rats nest, to me that evidence would be classed as "destroyed". Also, where was Greg? I know he's being sued but a mention at least would have been nice.

    In conclusion, I feel this episode was mediocre and Keppler's arrival (or Grissom's departure) was disappointing. These episodes are most likely to test the water for William Peterson's departure from the show (when he finally does) and so far the show isn't doing well without him.
  • This one is definitely not a favorite. It had very little of the main characters and the case was below average.

    This episode left me feeling pretty bored. Not only was Grissom not there, but the rest of the characters got very little screen time with the exception of Catherine. I wasn't very interested in the case, although I was a bit surprised to find out who the killer was.

    Keppler - they've tried to make him mysterious and hard to understand, but I'm just not feeling it. He's obviously got a different set of standards from the CSIs, and it seems pretty well played that he has some sort of "dark secret". I'm still not particularly interested in him. I miss Grissom. I took a lot of points off this episode for having a lack of Greg, not to mention almost everyone else.
  • Ok....I miss Grissom, but I like Keppler.

    Keppler has definitely piqued my interest. I'm curious to see how is past is going to present itself in Vegas. He's defintely hiding something. Liev and Marg have a great chemistry together. I think that Keppler and Catherine will get "involved" with one another, and somehow his past will put her in danger. Could happen....
  • Grissom was missing, and I noticed.

    This episode was rather disappointing for me. It was okay, but it was missing that chemistry that I'm used to. First of all there was no Grissom, and barely anyone else. It was mostly Catherine and Keppler, and Nick. Warrick, Sara, and Greg were only in it for a small bit. I wouldn't be so bummed, but this is only the latest in a series of episodes that were Sara light. I hope she's shown more in future. I'm still not sure about Keppler. He doesn't seem too bad, but I'm not sure what he's going to add in four episodes. The case was interesting, but not the best. Yet another example of substandard police work, on the part of the previous investigators, not our crew. Highlights of the show for me were D-Rob, Hodges, and the baby rats. It did leave me with a question. Forget who is Keppler? Who is Frank? That's what I want to know.
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