CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 15

Table Stakes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

At a formal party, the host thanks the Sheriff for being there and they toast the picture of Portia Richmond, the homeowner, who isn't present, and the 1.6 million dollars they've raised at this charity event. After speaking to the Sheriff, the man turns to his female companion and tells her that they've done it. Suddenly, there's a scream; a woman is dead, floating in the pool.

An officer pulls the body out of the pool; Brass tells Grissom that the house belongs to Portia Richmond, but that's not her body in the pool. Looking at all the guests who were present at the party, Brass notes that interviewing them all is going to take all night.

Warrick, Catherine and Nick arrive; Nick does the overall sketch of the home while Catherine and Warrick examine the pool area. Warrick notices something in the bottom of the pool; he strips down and goes in to get it; it's a cuff link with the initials "C. M." on it, in turquoise and silver. Catherine finds a red item in the grass by the pool; Warrick shows the cuff link to Grissom who tells him to check the guest list for C. M.s.

Grissom goes to the morgue; Dr. Robbins says he's working on identifying the body, and notes that the woman has had some upgrades; Grissom suggests that he run the serial numbers on the implants to get an identification. She has marks around her neck, and Dr. Robbins tells Grissom that she was dead before she went into the water. Grissom notes that strangulation is a man's crime, and tells Dr. Robbins to run a sexual assault kit. Catherine gets a call about another case and sends Warrick to look into it, then calls Sara as well.

Brass talks to the guests; he tells Catherine that 99% of them saw and knew nothing, and that the home owner is away on a cruise. Mr. and Mrs. Haynes are the hosts of the party; Grissom asks how they know Mrs. Richmond; they say that they met her at a club, and Portia introduced them around, then they hosted a charity event for her. They tell Brass and Grissom that they didn't know the deceased and that she wasn't on the guest list.

The dead woman is identified as Lacey Duvall, a dancer. Catherine and Grissom talk to the manager at the club where she worked who tells them that Rachel Carson was Lacey's best friend. Rachel tells them that Lacey was seeing some rich guy who wouldn't tell her anything about himself. Grissom looks around at the things on the counter where Lacey sat and finds a music box; on the bottom is an engraving plate that says, "To Portia."

Warrick goes to the hotel, where he meets Detective Conroy, who tells him that there's a dead man on the walkway between the hotels, shot in the head and body. They go to the scene; the man is in an elevator, and the gun used to kill him is beside his body. Warrick comments that it's probably a professional hit; Det. Conroy comments that it was done in a glass elevator on the Strip, so the person obviously didn't care about privacy. Warrick notes that there's a quarter stuck to the deceased's forehead and comments that in the old days, the mob used to leave a canary to indicate that the guy 'sang' but now they leave a quarter as their way of saying 'call someone who cares.' He also notes that they leave the gun because they know it's clean, and won't come back as belonging to them. He prints the whole elevator.

Grissom looks at the music box, and notes the date on the inscription is March 7th, 1969. Catherine suggests that maybe Portia gave it to Lacey; she then says that when she was married to Eddie, he used to give her a lace teddy on the anniversary of the day that they met, that it was a tradition.

Sara arrives at Portia Richmond's house and is upset to be put on what she refers to as 'food and drink detail' for this murder; she'd prefer to be on the elevator murder that Warrick has. Nick tells Greg to check for DNA from the rape kit and under the dead woman's fingernails.

Grissom and Catherine check the music boxes at Portia's house and find that they're all engraved with a March 7th date with different years. Catherine comments that Portia wouldn't give away a gift this sentimental. Grissom looks around the room, then stops, as he hears something upstairs; Catherine comments that the house is still a crime scene and sealed off, and the seal on the door wasn't broken. They go upstairs and find Mr. and Mrs. Haynes in the bedroom, having sex. Catherine notes that they caught them in the act, and Grissom says that that was the point. They go downstairs to wait for the Haynes.

At the lab, Greg tells Sara that the sexual assault kit came back positive for semen, and that the system showed a match to a case involving a dead cheer leader in Texas 10 years ago.

Grissom gets a call, and tells the Sheriff that when he has something he'll call; Brass comments that the Sheriff has been calling him every 30 minutes. Mr. and Mrs. Haynes come downstairs; Brass asks again where Portia is. Patrick Haynes tells them that Portia is on a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean and can't be reached. Amanda Haynes wants to know if they've done anything wrong? As she talks to them, she drinks some bottled water from a straw, and Grissom asks if he can have it, telling her that he collects straws. She gives it to him. Upstairs in the bedroom, Catherine looks in the closet and notes that none of the clothes are missing, so if Portia Richmond went on a holiday, she did it with no clothes. Catherine speculates that Portia didn't go anywhere. Grissom notes the fireplace in the bedroom and examines it; he finds a tooth in the ashes at the bottom; Catherine notes that now they have two cases, a body without a murderer for the woman in the pool, and a murder without a body for the tooth.

Greg examines the tooth, and tells Catherine that he needs a comparison sample to prove that it came from Portia; the samples taken from the hairbrush and toothbrush don't have anything that he can use for a DNA comparison.

At the Liberace Museum, Catherine, Brass, and Grissom get a tour; the guide tells them that the attention to detail in the costumes was wonderful in the old days. He shows them the head-dress that Portia wore when she was in the Follies Bergere in 1959, and tells them that it was so heavy that she almost had to spike it to her head; she lost most of her hair because of her costumes. Catherine examines it and finds hairs caught in it.

Warrick goes over the personal effects of Tyson Green, the deceased in the elevator; they include a money roll, a receipt for food comped by the hotel, and a marker from a casino and a receipt that Warrick recognizes from his gambling days. Detective Conroy tells him that the gun has come back, registered to Bobby Morgan, and there are no prints from the quarter yet.

Sara gets a hit on Patrick Haynes' Social Security Number and finds that he's an 8-month old infant who died years ago. Nick also finds something.

In the hallway outside the DNA lab, Greg dances around in the head-dress; Catherine tells him that it's evidence, but he says that he got all the evidence out of it already. Grissom comes in and Greg tells him that the tooth matches the hair from the head-dress.

Warrick talks to Bobby Morgan, the gun owner who says that he owned the gun, but it was stolen; he didn't report it because he'd told his wife that he'd gotten rid of it when he really hadn't.

At a restaurant, Catherine, Brass and Grissom watch the Haynes couple; Grissom says that there's a strong suspicion that Portia is dead. The Haynes get up to leave; Amanda Haynes puts her coat over the chair of the table behind hers, over top of the woman's fur coat, then picks up both coats. As the Haynes come to the entrance, Brass stops them and arrests them for theft of the coat, which Amanda claims that she didn't realize she'd done. They take them to the station. In the interview room, Brass asks Patrick if they're in 'the business'; Patrick says that taking the coat was an accident. Grissom tells him that they found semen in Lacey's rape kit; Patrick admits that he had sex with her before the party, and that they'd been having an affair for some time, meeting whenever they could. Grissom requests a DNA sample. Catherine asks if he ever gave Lacey gifts, like the music box; Patrick says that he didn't, but that Lacey had been in the house and had seen and admired the music boxes. Nick interrupts and asks to speak to Grissom outside; Grissom is upset, saying that Nick should know better than to interrupt an interrogation; Nick tells him that they found a match on the DNA from the rape kit semen to a case from Texas where a cheer leader was killed, and the main suspect was Chad Matthews, like the C.M. on the cuff link. He also tells Grissom that the real Patrick Haynes is dead, and that this Patrick Haynes is Chad Matthews, and he's on the run. Grissom comments that Haynes just ran into them.

At a casino, Grissom arrives and talks to the Sheriff who wants to know what they have on Portia Richmond; Grissom tells him that Patrick Haynes is in lock-up on an unrelated matter, and that all they have on Portia is her tooth; so she's still just missing. The Sheriff wants him to find out whether she's missing or dead, because they don't want to say that she's dead and have her arrive back from Greece; he tells Grissom to either find Portia or find a motive for her murder.

Grissom arrives back at the lab; Brass tells him that Austin Police have five aliases for Haynes, all of them from different places and different crimes. Grissom comments that Haynes has been busy, and Brass says that he's also organized; he kept a journal.

Catherine comments that Portia hasn't spent a dime since leaving for her 'holiday' according to her credit card statement; Sara comments that it doesn't mean anything because maybe there's someone else paying for her. Catherine finds a check with "dimpling" on it; Nick explains to Sara that this is an easy way to forge a signature, using a pin to outline the real signature and then connecting the dots on the second piece of paper.

Warrick talks to the finger print technician who tells him that there's no results on the prints from the elevator; she tells him that his hit man was a ghost. Warrick comments that the deceased was a gambler, and once you get to a certain point, there's no getting out.

Catherine tells Brass, Sara and Nick that a forged signature isn't a motive for murder while they're all at lunch together; they wonder where Grissom is and if anyone told him where to meet them. They continue to review the evidence that they have. Nick wonders why Patrick Haynes would give up his DNA so readily if he's really Chad Matthews; Sara comments that he might have just been taking his chances, betting that they didn't have anything and then, if he were released, he'd get the money from the charity event, and be able to start over again.

Grissom is at Portia's place, looking into the fish pond. The gardener warns him to stay away from the pond.

Dr. Robbins gives Grissom the photos from the autopsy; Grissom notes that Lacey is missing a fingernail.

Grissom asks Greg for the fingernail; Greg tells him that it's not a match to Patrick Haynes, but shares DNA; it's a first-degree relative of Patrick's. Grissom gives Greg the straw that he took from Amanda and has him test the DNA from that against the fingernail.

In the interview room, they talk to Patrick Haynes and tell him that he's been cleared of all charges, but is being extradited to Texas for the murder of Lana Grimshaw, the cheer leader. They bring in Amanda Haynes; Grissom comments that now he can see it, the family resemblance. He tells them that he's got the DNA, and that Amanda killed Lacey Duvall. He speculates that Lacey told Amanda that she was with Patrick now, and knew that he was really Chad Matthews, so Amanda killed her. Patrick can't believe that Amanda would do that, but she's angry and tells him that he never made a mistake until he met Lacey, then tells him that he can't grift her. Catherine asks where Portia Richmond is; they tell her that Portia is in Europe, on a yacht. Grissom puts a glass jar on the table with piranha fish from the pond in it and tells them that the fish have high cholesterol; he then tells them that this is not usual for fish, so asks them how the fish got that way? Brass tells them to fill in the blanks, then says that Patrick hit Portia in the bedroom, and then dumped her in the pond where the fish ate her. He arrests them both for Portia's murder.

Warrick gives the markers to the casino boss, and tells him that Tyson Green won't be paying up; the casino boss comments that it's a good night to gamble, that the slot machines are paying off tonight. Warrick walks through the casino, looking at the machines and listening to the bells ring as they pay off.