CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 15

Table Stakes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2001 on CBS

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  • Grissom and the team investigate a murder at a charity fundraiser. Warrick is then called to investigate what appears to be a mob murder.

    After the terrific "To Halve and Hold" we are given yet another fantastic episode. Everything worked here. Like the previous episode this one benefits from a very well written script with plausible twists and turns. I do have one small problem with the grifters. Their insistence that the woman who's house they were "sitting" for was on a Mediterranean cruise and could not be contacted made it obvious that they had murdered her. However seeing Grissom and the team determine how the duo committed the crime was a real treat and kept my interest. The secondary story focusing on the murder at the casino was more for Warrick than the case itself. It was a measure of his character. The murder is almost pushed to the side in favor of a test of Warrick's character which made that story work well also. Seeing these inaugural season episodes again, you can easily understand how this series was able to endure for fifteen years.
  • Classic CSI!

    "Table Stakes" is probably one of the most memorable episodes of the entires series, even if it is the very first season.

    Grissom's case was very good and interesting, while Warrick's was also good. Warrick's linked into his gambling addiction which was also a plus to the case.

    However, the most memorable moment of the episode was of course Greg dressing up in the Showgirl headdress and dancing around the lab's hallway with Catherine and Grissom watching him!

    The episode had humour, twists, a bit of character development and of course a bit of science.

    Probably my personal all time favourite episode of CSI.
  • One of my my favourite episodes!!!!!!!!

    this episode is one of my favourites because i like the way catherine is going to shows where the gals perform and she is possible remembering? anyway. i love greg in this one. apart from being drop dead gorgous he is a bit daft in more or less all episodes. i am in stitches when greg is dancing with portia richmonds headgear on his head. i have noticed that gregs true friends are probably catherine willows, and warrick brown . . . anyway i love the word incomunnicado. soo wowza! ! very very godd episode definatly one of my favourites
    peace out wooooo!!!!!
  • Absolutely amazing. Quite possibly my favorite episode ever.

    Both of the cases were entertaining to watch. I love how they ended the episode with Warrick in the Casino, and Grissom's words kept echoing through his head. Very nicely done.

    I also loved some of the quotes. Especially when Sara gets called in on her day off, and she says to Greg, "You're awake...I hate you". She seemed so grumpy throughout the entire episode :)

    And Grissom flirting with the Showgirls! Billy was so cute :D It was a definite 'Aww...' moment.

    Greg in the headdress kind of scared me. He looked like he was having a seizure. But still, it made for a funny scene ;)
  • One of my favorite episodes

    This was one of the funniest episodes of CSI I've ever watched. I couldn't stop laughing and I even forgot to pay attention to Warricks case to see if he solved it or not.

    There was alot of Greg in this episode and all his scenes were funny, especially when he put the headress on & started dancing out in the hall. The look on Grissoms face was priceless. I couldn't stop laughing. And Greg asking Nick if he wanted a Valium for Sara, that was a great one as well.

    The old lady's murder was a hard one to prove with no body, and it was very creative.

    Gotta hand it to the writers. Excellent job.
  • I love this episode...one of my favorites!!

    I really love this episode. It's one of my favorites (along w/ Butterflied, Blood Drops, Too Tough to Die and a couple others). It's a very fun but yet original CSI episode. One of my fav scenes is the one with Nick, Sara and Greg when Sara comes into work. It was really great.
  • Good episode with laughs and such added to make a series classic.

    This episode I have to classify as one of my favorites. It had a great plot with a couple of surprising plot twists. Some things I didn't see coming and some I did. I especially like how they solved the case (and how they got DNA. It proved one of the biggest laughs I have ever gotten in CSI.)

    When Greg put on the headdress thing I nearly fell of my seat. It was so funny. As we saw in later episodes Grissom does claim to have quite some interesting collections. In this episode's case, straws. I nearly died when Warrick took of his shirt to go evidence searching in the pool. He is just so hot.

    A great episode for a great series.