CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 15

Targets of Obsession

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on CBS
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Jason McCann contacts Nick and says that he's in imminent danger. Langston has a courtroom war of nerves against serial killer Nate Haskell. A bomb tech disarms a bomb attached to Nick's house. But when he accompanies Nick, Catherine and Vartann to a warehouse with multiple booby-traps per square inch, Kip has to really earn his paycheck to find a safe way out for the CSI team.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Good but not great....

    I love this show but the 11th season was not its best. This episode had good promise but was let down by some bad acting. Not a fan of the Raymond Langston character but he wasn't too bad in this episode. Catherine and Lou were also really good - I love the character of Lou and wish he'd get more airtime than he does. Nick was nothing short of painful in this episode (with the exception of his scene with Catherine at the hospital), Jason McCann (the dreadful Justin Beiber) was reasonable in his first outing on this show but not so in this episode, and poor Kip - well c'est la vie. Nick really needed to lose that swagger and obnoxious cowboy attitude - this was not a good season for George Eads acting wise and, as Nick used to be my favorite character, I was really disappointed that by the end of the season I couldn't stand watching his scenes. The. Show has improved out of sight since this episode and the inclusion of Ted Danson into the cast.moreless
  • 2 storylines back from the season premiere.

    This episode brought back two story lines from the premiere but it ends with no one in Vegas safe with the escape of infamous serial killer Nate Haskell who we first saw on season 9 and all this time behind bars but now he is back out and things have got bad for Langston who Haskell has taken an obsession with and now especially that he knows they share the same genes That storyline isn't over but the Justin Bieber one is, once again Nick gets scenes with another young famous singer to pull off another good episode.moreless
  • As he heads home Nick receives a phone call from none other than Jason McCann which saves Nick's life. Catherine then joins Nick in the ensuing investigation. Elsewhere, Ray goes to court to testify in the trial of Nate Haskell.moreless

    Just when I thought the saga of Nate Haskell was finally over. Bill Irwin once again gives a very impressive performance as cunning serial killer Nate Haskell, but I think that character has run its course. I do not like how the writers have decided to draw that character out even further. I found Haskell's escape to be a little too implausible for my tastes. The group of bimbos that Nate wooed over to help him escape where a blatant contrivance. Please. The episode's second storyline was better, but as before I did not buy Justin Bieber for one second.moreless
  • 11x15

    OMG!!! I loved this episode, for me, it was one of the best episodes for the current season, maybe the best if we forget "11x04 Sqwegell", the courtroom scenes were amazing and for the first time, I liked how Ray´s acting developed here, he did an amazing job, in the other hand, I thought it was going to be an abysmal episode because of justin bieber´s return, but I was wrong, I did not like his acting here neither, but the plot was very good compared with "11x01 Shock Waves", finally, the reason why I´m not giving a 10 to this episode is because of the ending scene, for me it was bad done and I´m getting tired about nate haskel, now we have to wait for another episode related with him, but maybe it is going to be brilliant too, I don´t know.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakesmoreless
  • Haskell's court case with Ray and troubling times for Nick and the rest of the team produces a episode full of twists and turns. *Spoiler*

    I'd forgotten just how creepy Haskell was, and for me it was magnified when he was in the suit. Kinda humanised him but at the same time reminded us what a human being is capable of.

    It was good writing after the diffusing of the frag for Nick, his anger was believable but he still had the fear for it to be realistic.

    At first I found the warehouse scene quite predictable; that the CSIs would follow the blood to the body, to enable the bomb. But the first booby-trap caught me completely by surprise and it was a very clever idea.

    I groaned when they had less than 1 minute to stop the bomb thinking they would do it one second left kind-of-thing, but I was pleasantly surprised they had 16 seconds left. And then obviously totally shocked, some good writing here and the viewer just doesn't know what is coming next.

    Justin Bieber is dead, yayyy! Oh wait, just his character :( But that's still good, will be good to see how Nick reacts to it.

    Brilliant acting from Fishburne in the early stages of the case and Haskell's script was just perfect, sent shivers down my back. When Haskell appealed to the jury with his genetic mutation I could see no way Ray could persuade the jury otherwise, so Ray's comeback was 'delightfully unexpected'. It was a forgone conclusion from there on in.

    Did not like the ending at all. I think I would have preferred him stay in jail, or at least ti have stayed in there for a little bit. However, I did enjoy the Shane Casey story with CSI:NY so who knows, may turn out alright.

    I did enjoy this episode, just let down by the ending in my eyes.moreless
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Jason McCann

Guest Star

Jude Ciccolella

Jude Ciccolella

Dr. Huxbee

Guest Star

Josh Dallas

Josh Dallas

Kip Woodman

Guest Star

Bill Irwin

Bill Irwin

Nate Haskell

Recurring Role

Alex Carter

Alex Carter

Detective Vartann

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: The gun that Jason is holding disappears when the cops start shooting at him and then reappears when he falls to the ground.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Nick: How you doing?
      Catherine: I'm still in one piece.
      Nick: Yeah, you should probably get checked out anyway.
      Catherine: That's usually my line.
      Nick (laughs): Hey, you're always taking care of me. How about I take of you for a change?
      Catherine: Okay. Thanks, Nicky.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Po čem kdo touží (What One Desires?)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 17, 2011 on CTV
      Australia: March 17, 2011 on Channel 9
      United Kingdom: April 19, 2011 on Five/Five HD
      Sweden: May 2, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Norway: May 17, 2011 on TVNorge
      Slovakia: October 6, 2011 on JOJ
      Finland: January 11, 2012 on MTV3
      Germany: March 8, 2012 on RTL
      Czech Republic: July 10, 2012 on TV Nova

    • This episode concludes a storyline that originated in the Season 11 premiere "Shock Waves."