CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 12 Episode 2

Tell-Tale Hearts

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2011 on CBS
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The brutal slaying of an entire family has the CSI team stumped, particularly when an unlikely candidate comes forward to take responsibility for the killings.

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  • The Task Of Solving A Grisly Quadruple Homicide Of An Entire Family Becomes More Complicated When Three People Confess To The Murders.

    WOW!!! Followed by a sensational season opener, "Tell-Tale Hearts" doesn't miss a beat. I don't see why not to consider this episode as one of the bests in the recent seasons after "Sqweegel" (Season 11)! Like the other reviewers here, this episode made feel like the old "CSI" has returned. I also liked how D.B. took the leading role here and it was entertaining to watch him. The conclusion was unpredictable and even the oldest audience couldn'n predict it. Now the show is in its 12th season and it manages to deliver fantastic episodes, despite the character changes the show has suffered. I believe Ted Danson keeps getting better and better every episode. I do not miss Grissom. D.B. is exactly what "CSI" needed. See you in next episode and long live "CSI"!moreless

    I would love to know who had the help with teaching these actors and actresses of this episode how to say the family's last name. My last name happens to be Chambliss. It really gets to me when I hear someone say my family's last name wrong. 99% of the time they got it right. the other 1% is what drove me nuts. Please if you are going to use a last name like Chambliss. Please learn to say it.moreless
  • I'm liking Ted Danson

    He's doing a great job. He's like the anti-Grissom (I love Grissom okay?) but he's like more paternal and is trying hard to fit in. Very observant guy.The case was very upsetting and it reminded me of two other episodes from the series and they have already tried the "Strangers on a Train" formula back in the first seasons of the series. Still, they did a very good case and I liked to see all of them communicating any new evidence that was found so they know what way to go.One thing I've never liked is that the new member almost always has the best clue. In this case, Morgan had it. Why not someone else? Let the new member make a mistake every now (like Greg did) and then and let the experienced members shine. I'm sure Willows is thinking why she can't be like Russell. She's bright but she's made a lot of mistakes, professionally and personally. Hopefully, there is room for Nick to finally get some acknowledgement for all the good years of work. He deserves it!moreless
  • Great old CSI is back.

    Loved this episode. It had the athmosphere of early seasons and a charismatic leader that the show has been lacking recently. Looks like CSI is really back - with engrossing cases, a thorough lab work and some character development (Catherine). Russell is exactly what the show needed.

    Can't wait for the next week's episode!

  • 12x02

    I'll start by saying the promo made this episode seem a little strange, however this episode has to be one the best episodes since Grissoms depature.

    My favourite cases are when a family is brutually murdered (i know that sound kinda wrong) and the whole team works on the case and uses lots of Forensics to solve the crime. This episode continued this high standard.

    First of all i have noticed the CSI's taking a back seat in the action, patrol officers and Brass tend to enter suspects premises before CSI. In this Russel and Willows waited until it was clear and then went in and at the end of the episode Greg and cath followed the patrol officer, this makes a welcome change from Nick shooting and kick down doors.

    The case itself was very interesting and contained lots of forensics, thorough lab work and the CSI's all had theories on how the killer killed the family. However their theory changed with the new evidence (one of Grissoms favourite lines). I liked the stranger on the train as an explaination to the case and how three killers had a motive.

    In conclusion another great episode with lots of Forensics and thorough lab work, i am really looking foward to next week episode, CSI season 12 is great so far, Thanks Sam Malone :)moreless
Jaimé P. Gomez

Jaimé P. Gomez

Officer Andy Cantelvo

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Amy Davidson (I)

Amy Davidson (I)

Leslie Gitig

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David Petruzzi

David Petruzzi


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Marc Vann

Marc Vann

Conrad Ecklie

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Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell

Offficer Mitchell

Recurring Role

Joseph Patrick Kelly

Joseph Patrick Kelly

Officer Metcalf

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    • Goof: CSI Willows has John Lee removes all his clothes to be collected as evidence, Male prisoners are not made to strip in front of female Officers just as female prisoners are not made to strip in front of male Officers.

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