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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 2

The Accused Is Entitled

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2002 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Grissom and his team investigate a crime involving a popular actor; one woman is dead in his hotel suite and another is missing. They must perform under not only the media spotlight, but also under the scrutiny of Grissom's mentor, Dr. Philip Gerard, who uses his knowledge of Grissom and the other CSIs to discredit their evidence in his role as hired expert for the defense.moreless

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    Does anyone know the band who were playing at the beginning of the episode.

    But I enjoyed it. Shows that even CSI can get it wrong or move things about. :) Not quite sure why they would bring "personal" issues (ie addiction etc) into the courtroom to discredit the team but shows that they would try and do anything to get their client off.
  • Grissom saves the day

    A fantastic episode where the CSI's testify against a movie star but the lawyer for the movie star was questioning each team member with a way it can throw out evidence like when she questioned Warrick about his gambling problem or Sara about how she gets emotional on cases.All the evidence got thrown out but when Grissom came to the stand the lawyer tried to speak in a low pitch voice so that Grissom wouldn't hear because of his hearing problem but Grissom lip read her and Grissom was able to use the evidence to put the movie star away.moreless
  • Very frustrating

    Testifying against a movie star should be the same because evidence it's just that, but when you have a dirty lawye trying to find proof where there is none, that is frustrating.

    The lawyer's methods were ridiculous. I hated when she was questioning Sara about her "intimate" moment with Grissom, a moment that probably nobody saw. Nick could've had it easy had he labeled his evidence but he made a mistake. Warrick and Catherine could do nothing but answer the non-related questions.

    But then came Grissom. In his own private world, he found a way to solve this case, with solid and believable evidence. I guess that's why he's the boss.moreless
  • An double murder plus a movie star suspect equals complicated legal issues to try and discredit the CSIs.

    It irked me so much to see the way that lawyer grilled our favorite CSIs, and that's what makes a good episode. When an episode illicits strong emotions from the viewers is when you know it's successful. A wonderful look at the judicial system and how it can work either for or against you. A very suspenseful and poignant episode. I have to say, I grinned when Grissom finally took the stand and showed them all with the scar evidence. The look on that lawyer's face was priceless in the face of Grissom's evidence. All in all, a fantastic episode.moreless
  • Excellent episode that goes further than usual.

    This episode is somewhat different than the usual, in that we see a case develop from the evidence collection stage, the investigation, and even into the courtroom.

    The usual ending for a CSI episode has the accused shown the evidence and either confessing or going off to court, which sometimes doesn't leave me feeling satisfied. This episode shows the evidence and CSIs subjected to the highest scrutiny in the courtroom and by Gils own mentor. eedless to say the CSIs pull through and the guilty is carted off to jail, despite his expensive lawyers and the dirty tactics of the defense.moreless
Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray

Tom Haviland

Guest Star

Raymond J. Barry

Raymond J. Barry

Philip Gerard

Guest Star

Lindsay Frost

Lindsay Frost

Marjorie Wescott

Guest Star

Christopher Wiehl

Christopher Wiehl


Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

Paula Francis

Paula Francis


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: During the trial of the actor who is accused of double murder, Grissom testifies that the scar which proves the actor committed the murders, is on his left knee. But in a blow-up picture which Grissom shows to the court, the scar is seen on the actor's right knee.

    • On the stand, Sara is questioned about her 'affection' for Grissom, having been seen by an eyewitness performing a romantic gesture, which was actually just brushing chalk from his face (in the Scuba Doobie Doo episode). How could anyone have seen that happen, much less remember it a year later? It was late at night, they were standing behind a wall, so they were shielded from the traffic. They were wearing caps so anyone watching from above in the building wouldn't have known it was them, not to mention the fact nobody would know who they were anyway. And given that the defense lawyer, Ms Soundbite, had made sure they didn't go for a continuance and CSI were working all hours, how would she have had time to even canvass for that kind of information?

    • Goof: When Nick is examining the gambling table and checking for blood on the dice, he finds a sample that proves positive. He smiles, looks up at the surveillance camera, and then indicates that everyone can come and play at the table again and we see people swarm in around him. Yet, his sample envelopes are still on the table, he hasn't put his swab away, he hasn't collected the dice, and his measuring L is still in place. There is no way a CSI would release that scene until it was properly clear!

    • Goof: When Gil and Philip Gerard are walking down the hallway, Phillip calls Gil; Petersen, which is the last name of the actor who plays Gil Grissom.

    • Goof: When Warrick, Catherine, Grissom, and the prosecutor are walking down the hallway and the prosector is talking about the blood evidence being contaminated, Warrick mispronounces Tom Haviland's name as "Tom Halivand".

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Catherine: Grissom ... they're beating our heads in. Judge is going to dismiss -- you can feel it.
      Grissom: Don't get ahead of yourself.
      Catherine (frustrated): I'm not ahead of myself. I'm up there front and center taking hits along with the rest of CSI. You know, you've turned into a really lousy leader. I need your help, and you're on the sidelines.

    • Warrick: Why didn't I see that coming? Gambling?
      Nick: Hey, we're all in Nevada. It's legal; don't worry about it.
      Warrick: Legal doesn't matter in there. You know the judge is going to throw out our blood evidence, right?
      Nick: Truth is, it is compromised, Warrick.
      Warrick: The blood is fine. It's their methods that are dirty.

    • Catherine: Did the judge exclude the dice?
      Nick: No. No, just my credibility.

    • Nick: I forgot to put case identifiers on my dice photos.
      Catherine: Date, time and file number?
      Nick: Yeah. (Catherine is silent) Don't look at me that way, okay? I wrote it down on the evidence envelope. I had to move fast. The casino manager wanted us out of there.
      Catherine: The dice places Tom at the murder. Victim's blood mixed with his saliva.

    • Catherine: Remember, if you get stuck just maintain the same posture. If there's any adjustments, you're seen as squirming. It's going to make you look shifty.
      Nick: Thanks, Cath. You know, I've done this before.
      Catherine: Well, I've done it longer.

    • Sara: There was another guy in that room. That's, that's great. The defense has us moving so fast we can't make sense of our own evidence.
      Grissom: That's what they want.

    • Nick: Uh, Ray was caddying a dead body. We show him this he'll rat out Tommy Terrific in a heartbeat. Uh-oh.
      Phillip Gerard: Glow's too uniform.
      Grissom: The luminol's cross-reacting with the bleach.
      Nick: I don't believe this.
      Phillip Gerard: Any blood evidence in there has been destroyed.
      Nick: This is B.S., man. Total B.S. This guy, Tom Haviland's, got blood all over his hands ...
      Grissom (warningly): Nick ...
      Nick: ... and friends to lie for him! This is B.S.!
      Grissom: Nick! Go get a soda. (Nick leaves)
      Phillip Gerard: Marjorie's going to take him to the cleaners.

    • Nick (while they are reviewing video surveillance): Looks like Raymond was disposing of the bodies for your client. You think he ran out of time before he could move Kim's out?
      Phillip Gerard: Or Ray was disposing of them for himself. You've just supplied Tom Haviland with reasonable doubt.
      Nick: No. What I showed you on video is Ray in the casino during the time the murders were committed.
      Phillip Gerard: His zeal is clouding his judgment. It's not what did happen; it's what the jury will believe could have happened.

    • Warrick: I just got served. Movie star's lawyer wants the shirt that I wore to the crime scene.
      Grissom: So give it to him.
      Warrick: I had to throw it out.
      Grissom: Why?
      Warrick: It was covered in the blood from the accident victim.
      Grissom Well, you have to find it; otherwise, it'll look like you've got something to hide.
      Warrick Oh, CSI's on trial now?
      Grissom: CSI's always on trial, Warrick; you know this. Burden of proof is on us.

    • Sara: Vic didn't sustain any trauma that would've caused a medium velocity spatter.
      Grissom: She wouldn't have. I think her throat was slashed, to shut her up. She was collateral damage. My guess ... these blood patterns mean that Tonya's dead. And I bet she was the first to die. Rage killing.

    • Greg: Now, I know I haven't been getting out in the field very much, but how does a guy get a girl's blood in his mouth when he's killing her?
      Nick: Murder's messy, my friend.

    • Sara: Can't the DA drop the charges and we'll refile when we get our evidence together?
      Catherine: Sure, but the odds are that Tom will relocate to Europe and pull a Polanski.
      Greg: And what's a Polanski?
      Grissom: Get-out-of-jail-free card.

    • Catherine: So, I've checked every plumbing fixture in this place. There's no blood.
      Sara: Grissom said he found blood under movie boy's nailbeds.
      Catherine: And that sheet looks like a butcher's apron. Movie boy had to wash his hands someplace.

    • Phillip Gerard: You're not running evidence. Or have you changed your mind? (Grissom is silent) By the way, tell your mother I say 'Hello' next time you talk. I was so impressed that night we all had dinner. The sign language ... how you interpreted for her. Fluid, didn't miss a beat.
      Grissom: What'd you do, subpoena my doctor?
      Phillip Gerard: Knowing your genetic predisposition for hearing loss?
      Grissom: You've become a bottom feeder, Philip.
      Phillip Gerard: Your work is dependent upon your five senses. The fact that you're losing one of yours wouldn't bode well for any evidence you introduced.
      Grissom: You know, all those years I worked for you, you never got to know me at all, did you?

    • Greg: Psst, Grissom. (whispering) We got a development. I went over those swatches that Sara gave me from the bed sheet.
      Grissom: Are you whispering?
      Greg: I don't want that Gerard guy to hear me.
      Grissom: Well, he's not here, so stop it.

    • Grissom: What happened to you? You were a pioneer in forensic science. How many bad guys did you put away in Hennepin County?
      Phillip Gerard: My share. How many innocent men have been locked away since then because of sloppy investigating shortcut forensics?
      Grissom: You look for mistakes in any lab you'll find them.
      Phillip Gerard: I shouldn't be able to, Gil.
      Grissom: Humans are fallible.
      Phillip Gerard: Not this fallible -- compromised blood, sweetheart deals ...
      Grissom: No, no, no, no. You're subverting good evidence. These are good people.
      Phillip Gerard: "The Accused is entitled to the best defense possible."
      Grissom: The Accused is entitled, yeah. He's a movie star, that's why he's entitled. He's killed two women. You know it. But you're willing to decimate these CSIs so that you can spoon-feed a jury into letting him walk.
      Phillip Gerard: A jury believes me because of my reputation just like they do you.
      Grissom: The difference is, Philip, I get the same paycheck regardless of what I testify to.

    • Catherine: Marjorie's requesting copies of CSI's proficiency test records, by midnight.
      Grissom: So relax. If any of us had failed the yearly proficiency test, we wouldn't be here.
      Catherine: You completely forget, don't you? My test is on appeal.
      Grissom: Oh, right.
      Catherine: Board said I was wrong on one question. I said the question was ambiguous. They're going to rule my way, but not before the prelim. (sighs) Just trying to rattle me.
      Grissom: Is it working?
      Catherine: Maybe I should just take a page out of your book. If I don't collect or analyze anything I don't have to testify. Of course, it helps to be boss. Very politic. Ecklie must be rubbing off on you.
      Grissom: Yeah, that's it. Ecklie. (walks away)

    • Grissom: Sara, this is Dr. Gerard. Anything you say to him will be considered testimony.
      Phillip Gerard: Then, hopefully, you'll say I'm better-looking than I appear on TV. (he smiles. Sara smiles back) You're the CSI who recovered the clothes from the crime scene.
      Sara: Yes, and the bedsheets.
      Phillip Gerard: Did you follow departmental procedures, transporting this evidence back to the lab?
      Sara: To the letter.
      Phillip Gerard: Took multiple photos at the scene?
      Sara: Our protocols stipulate we take overalls locator shots and close-ups. I took multiples of each.
      Phillip Gerard: That's great. Save your gloves from the scene?
      Sara: Eight pair in the evidence room, in a sealed envelope.
      Phillip Gerard: Terrific. DA just provided me with copies of pictures of the victim's bra. (he holds out a folder to Grissom. He takes it & opens it)
      Grissom: Well, we already know the bra was moved. Sara filed a supplemental report to that effect.
      Phillip Gerard: I know. I wish she'd mentioned her relationship with the EMT who moved the bra.
      Grissom: Relationship?
      Phillip Gerard: A Hank Peddigrew. (Grissom turns to look at Sara who catches the look and turns away to look at Phillip Gerard) We just interviewed him. He says he thanked her for letting him move the bra back.
      Sara: He was just, uh, being polite and, um, it's not a relationship. We go to movies ...
      Grissom (interrupting): Doc? Why don't you and I go to my office. We can talk there.
      Phillip Gerard: Thank you. (he turns to leave the room. On his way out, Grissom stops and turns around to look at Sara)
      Sara: I'll get the blood swatches to DNA identify any additional donors on the sheet. (Grissom closes his mouth and doesn't say anything. He turns and leaves the room)

    • Brass: Tom's best friend, Ray -- he's coming in tonight. Volunteering to give a blood sample.
      Grissom: He knows his blood's not on those sheets. They're trying to choke us with evidence.
      Brass: He also lawyered up. Guess who's paying the legal bills?
      Grissom: The movie star.
      Brass: Legalized hush money. Ought to be a law against it.

    • Warrick: It's blood. I guess you forgot to scrub the back of your hands, huh?
      Tom Haviland: I get one phone call, right?
      Grissom: Sure, just like in the movies.

    • Grissom: Well, when you can't attack the evidence itself, you attack the method of gathering the evidence.
      Sara: So who's their guy?
      Grissom: Dr. Phillip Gerard.
      Sara: Phillip Gerard? Your mentor is their forensic scientist?
      Grissom: Yeah. Marjorie Wescott's a smart lawyer.

    • Warrick: You don't recognize that guy, do you? It's Tom Haviland, movie star.
      Grissom: Clark Gable was a movie star.

    • Marjorie Wescott: You date -- You and Hank. You share a subtle communication. Did he move the bra to where you might have wanted it?
      Sara: I didn't want it anywhere. I collect evidence without emotion.
      Marjorie Wescott: You do get emotionally involved, though with the men on your cases. Hank Peddigrew isn't the first time.
      Sara: Excuse me?
      Marjorie Wescott: A murder investigation at the residence of one Charles Renteria. Eyewitness stated he saw you and your supervisor Gil Grissom standing alone outside and... you were touching him in a romantic gesture.
      Sara: I brushed chalk from his face.
      Marjorie Wescott: Is that what they're calling it now?
      District Attorney: Objection, your honor.
      Sara: Drywall dust. We were looking for a body.
      Marjorie Wescott: It's a fair question, your honor. Just how far will Ms. Sidle go on the evidence to please her boss, Gil Grissom, whether he returns her attentions or not?

    • Grissom: You look nice.
      Sara: Thanks, wish me luck.
      Grissom: Whatever happens today it's not because you're dating this guy. You deserve to have a life.

    • Tom Haviland: Yeah, I do my own stunts, but, look, I don't want to dog on the guys who use stunt doubles, right? Believe me, when you're hang gliding over the Grand Canyon, you should think twice.

    • Brass: Did, uh, Tom Haviland ever play a boxer? Girl's face looks like hamburger meat.
      Grissom: Looks like uncontrollable rage to me.
      Nick: Grissom, you might want to come down here.
      Grissom: Just say it, Nick.
      Nick: Beans and franks. Tonya's a man.
      Grissom: Looks like that old Hollywood saying: "Never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy." So, let's see Tom's in bed with what he thinks are two girls. He reaches down on one, becomes very confused. Most guys would have just cleared the room and gargled with whiskey. But movie boy, who brags about doing his own stunts, couldn't take the thought of having a man in his bed so he freaked out.

    • Marjorie Wescott: You have a Bachelor of Science from West Las Vegas University, am I right?
      Catherine: Night school, yes.
      Marjorie Wescott: And prior to joining CSI, you worked as an exotic dancer?
      Catherine: That's correct.
      Marjorie Wescott: You took your clothes off for a living.
      Catherine: For a very good living.

  • NOTES (3)