CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 2

The Accused Is Entitled

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

In a hotel, fans are at a concert; they see Tom Haviland, a movie star, at the craps table. He rolls and wins. His friend comes up and asks him what he wants? French? Italian? Tom says Chinese, and the friend moves off. Tom rolls again and wins. The friend is talking to two Asian girls. Later, in Tom's hotel room, he's having sex with both girls. Grissom arrives at the hotel room; Tom says he had a romp with both ladies, then went to the craps table and came back after 30 minutes; he found Kim with her throat cut. Tom says Tonya was gone when he came back. Raymond Lester, his assistant who was with him earlier, has gone to LA for a meeting. Tom signs autographs for the officers; Warrick comments that Grissom doesn't recognize Tom Haviland, and tells Grissom that he's a movie star. Grissom says that Clark Gable was a movie star; he introduces himself to Tom, and asks if Tom touched the victim after he found her. Tom says no, he got creeped out so he kept his distance, but he asked her who did it, and she said "Tonya." Grissom doesn't seem to believe him; he looks at Tom's hands, swabs them, and finds blood. Warrick comments that he forgot to scrub the backs of his hands; Tom asks if he gets one phone call, and Grissom tells him yes, just like in the movies. Officers arrest Tom and lead him out of the hotel into a media circus. Brass tells the press that there's blood evidence, but won't say any more. Sara comments that she likes his movies, and Catherine says that Marjorie Wescott is going to be defending Tom. Warrick takes the blood evidence and heads back to the lab with it; Catherine and Sara process the hotel suite while Grissom and Nick go to look at the craps table. Nick comments that he'll look for fibers, but Grissom tells him that since Tom admits having had sex with the victim, fibers won't matter much. As Nick starts to examine the table, Grissom tells him that he'll just supervise on this one. In the suite, Sara photographs the scene, including a bra on the bed; Hank Pettigrew tells her that he had to move the bra when he tried to revive the victim, so Sara moves it and asks if this is where it was. He says yes and she photographs it again, but says that she'll have to put in her report that it was moved. Catherine notes that there is no blood in the plumbing, so Tom must have washed his hands somewhere else; she goes down the hall to a utility closet where there's a sink. She examines it, and finds blood in the drain and possible blood drops on the floor. Nick tests the craps table; the manager wants him to hurry up so he can re-open the table. Nick asks for the dice that were used; the manager tells him that they're replaced every hour. Catherine unscrews the pipes and finds blood in them, then dusts the floor for foot prints and gets a bare foot print. Nick has all the die laid out and tests them, one comes back positive for blood, he looks up at the camera above the table and then tells the manager that the table can be used again. Warrick is driving to the lab and comes upon an accident. He stops and gets out to help the people; there's a woman who passes out in his arms, getting blood on his shirt. She revives and doesn't want him to leave. Dr. Robbins tells Grissom that there's a slight curve to the weapon used; Grissom suggests that it might have been a corkscrew; Dr. Robbins says it's possible. He says that her voice box was immobilized by the cut; Grissom says that Tom said she spoke, but that's not possible. The lab watches the news of Haviland's arrest. They go over the evidence, and Grissom tells them that Tom slashed her throat, probably with a corkscrew; Catherine says he washed his hands in the closet; Warrick says that Greg has the blood evidence, and that he got held up in an accident. Greg comes in and says that the blood matches. The defence lawyer is on TV and says that the evidence they've got is compromised and they're railroading her client and they should be ashamed, as this is not how we do things in America. The DA tells the team that the defence is saying that the blood evidence is contaminated, and asks Warrick how long he was out of his car while helping the driver at the accident. Grissom is having problems hearing what they're saying. Grissom tells them that Tom is pushing for his day in court, and so the preliminary hearing is in 72 hours; Sara says that they should drop the charges and refile later, but Catherine says that Tom will just pull a Polanski. Grissom tells them that the defence wants to see the evidence as it's being gathered and processed, adding that Dr. Philip Gerard will be the defence expert. Catherine points out that he was Grissom's mentor. Nick talks to Greg about the blood on the dice; Greg tells him that it's from both Tom and Kim. Nick says that he blew on the dice, and Greg wonders how a guy gets blood in is mouth while killing someone; Nick points out that it's messy. He leaves to look for at the casino tapes of the craps table; Greg looks up from his tests and sees Philip Gerard watching him. Grissom looks over the sheets and notes that there's a waffle pattern that Sara finds confusing, but Grissom sees a different spatter, medium velocity, and says that it means that the throat was slit to shut her up, and the main blood spatter is from Tonya, who's dead somewhere. Grissom introduces Sara to Girard, and says that anything she says to him will be evidence. Girard asks how Sara processed the clothes and sheets; she says that she followed all the rules. He comments on the bra being moved, and says that he knows she put it in her report but wishes that she'd mentioned her relationship with Hank Pettigrew at the time. Grissom takes her aside to talk to her privately. Sara tells him that she doesn't have a relationship with Hank, they've gone out a few times, and that's all that there is to it. On the news, Tom offers condolences to the family of Kim Hsu; Catherine tells Grissom that the defence wants copies of their proficiency tests, and reminds him that her test is on appeal; she thinks that they're going to rule in her favor, but not before the prelim; she comments that the defence is trying to rattle her and Grissom asks if it's working? She tells him that he's not doing anything on the case, and if she could do the same then she wouldn't have to testify. Grissom leaves; he sees Warrick in the hall, and Warrick tells him that the defence wants the shirt that he was wearing, but he threw it out; Grissom tells him to find it. Grissom and Girard watch the casino tapes of craps table, then the elevator shot of Raymond leaving with a huge case, and golf bag; Grissom says that there are too many clubs in the bag, and that the clubs should be in the hard shell case, but they're not. He says that this means that there's room for a body in the case, and wonders if it's Tonya? Nick suggests that Raymond is disposing of the body for Tom, but Girard says that he could be doing for himself, and they've just supplied Tom with reasonable doubt, adding that it doesn't matter if it's true or not, it's what the jury believes. Grissom looks at the hard shell case, which was turned over voluntarily. Marjorie Wescott tells them that Tom wants to assist them in any way he can. Brass asks about a call that was made at 1:30 a.m.; Ray-Ray (Raymond Varney) says that Tom called him to have him listen to him having sex with the girls, and adds that Tom does that sometimes. Brass asks him about taking the case out, and suggests that he was using it to get rid of Tonya's body; Grissom notes that the case smells of solvent, and says that the case has been cleaned. He sprays it with luminol; it reacts with the bleach used to clean the inside of the case, so there's no good evidence there. Nick gets upset, saying that this is all B.S. and Grissom sends him out to calm down. Girard tells Grissom that the defence is going to take Nick to the cleaners, if he reacts that way in court; he leaves, and Grissom follows him out, asking what happened to him? Girard asks how many people are being locked away because of sloppy work; Grissom tells him that he gets paid the same no matter what he testifies, unlike Girard. Girard suggests that they drop the charges and refile them later, but Grissom is unwilling to do this. Greg runs tests on the blood from the bed sheets, and tells Grissom that he found blood from two people - three of the seven are from Kim, and the other four are XY blood, so from a male, but not Tom or Ray-Ray, so there was another guy in the room. Sara says that they should call the DA, and Grissom notes that they may have just found the motive. Nick comes in and tells them that Brass just called; a body was found at a golf course. At the golf course, there's a body in the sand trap. Brass tells them that the manager said that the back nine has been closed down for the off-season. Nick calls for Grissom to come and look at the body, but Grissom won't do that; he tells Nick to just tell him what he's found, so Nick says "Beans and franks!" The body is Tonya, but Tonya is a male. Grissom speculates that if Tom were in bed with what he thought were two women, then found out that one of them was a boy, he might have freaked out, and killed Tonya, then killed Kim to stop her screaming. Girard is there, and asks why Grissom isn't doing anything; Grissom says that Nick is the primary investigator on the case. Girard brings up Grissom's hearing loss, commenting that a CSI depends on all five senses, and if one is missing, it wouldn't bode well for any evidence that person might introduce. Grissom tells Girard that Girard doesn't know him at all, and leaves. Grissom tests a watch against the waffle pattern on the sheet but it doesn't match. He asks if there are any full-body shots of Tom, but none are available yet. At court, Catherine tells Nick to maintain his composure in the courtroom, and not to squirm. In various dumpsters, Warrick continues to look for his shirt. In court, Nick gives his evidence, and looks nervous; when he comes out, he tells Catherine that he forgot to put case identifiers on the dice because he was in a hurry due to the manager wanting to re-open the table. He had to identify the correct photo of the dice, and did, but his uncertainty showed. He says that the judge didn't exclude the dice, just his credibility. The court officer comes out and calls Warrick to testify; Catherine and Nick tell him that he's in the bathroom, and will be there in a minute. In court, Marjorie Wescott asks about his shirt, which he hasn't found yet. She points out that without it, they can't verify that the blood on his shirt is from a different incident; she then asks about his gambling addiction, and the judge tells him that he has to answer. Outside, he tells Nick and Catherine about his testimony, and Nick tells him not to worry, that gambling is legal. Warrick comments that it's the defence tactics that are dirty, not their evidence. Grissom tells Brass that he wants full-body shots of Tom, and Brass says that Marjorie Wescott has said that they'll have to get a warrant for that. In court, Sara is questioned about the bra, then about her relationship with Hank, and then about her relationship with Grissom. Marjorie Wescott brings up the investigation in the case of Cliff Renteria (Scuba Doobie-Doo, Season 2, episode 5), and her romantically touching Grissom, but Sara says that she just brushed some plaster dust from his face. Wescott asks how far Sara will go to please Grissom? Catherine testifies and is questioned about her past job as an exotic dancer; she says that she made a very good living that way. Wescott then brings up the failed proficiency test, which Catherine says is under appeal. Wescott asks if that's the way that Catherine approaches cases; that there's the truth, and then there's Catherine's opinion of it? Catherine tells Grissom that the judge is going to dismiss the case; she adds that they're all taking hits, and he's just sitting on the sidelines. Grissom tells her that he has to find some full-body shots of Tom, and asks for her help; she suggests checking the internet for fan sites, or Tom's fan club. Later, the team goes through tabloids, looking for the pictures of Tom that Grissom wants. Catherine finds one of Tom on a beach, and Grissom notices something when he looks at it. In court, Grissom testifies about the unique waffled blood pattern, which was made during the attack. Wescott asks a question, but Grissom can't hear her, and asks her to repeat it, which she does, but he still can't hear her. He asks her to repeat it a third time, and still doesn't hear it, but then answers, "On visual comparison," and explains that he matched the scar on Tom's knee to the waffle pattern in the blood, and says that it's unique to Tom, who is quoted in various magazines as having said that he got it while performing a stunt in his latest movie, while rappelling down the Alps firing an AK-47. But Grissom says that Tom really got it when he slipped going into his trailer, and the accident was documented on the set. Grissom has the step from the trailer, and matches the pattern on the step to the pattern of the scar, and then to the pattern on the sheet from the hotel suite. Grissom is excused from court, and the judge binds the case over for trial. Grissom tells Girard that his team did all the work, and they're a good team. The judge denies bail for Tom; the team leaves the courtroom, happy.