CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 2

The Accused Is Entitled

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2002 on CBS

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    Does anyone know the band who were playing at the beginning of the episode.

    But I enjoyed it. Shows that even CSI can get it wrong or move things about. :) Not quite sure why they would bring "personal" issues (ie addiction etc) into the courtroom to discredit the team but shows that they would try and do anything to get their client off.
  • Grissom saves the day

    A fantastic episode where the CSI's testify against a movie star but the lawyer for the movie star was questioning each team member with a way it can throw out evidence like when she questioned Warrick about his gambling problem or Sara about how she gets emotional on cases.All the evidence got thrown out but when Grissom came to the stand the lawyer tried to speak in a low pitch voice so that Grissom wouldn't hear because of his hearing problem but Grissom lip read her and Grissom was able to use the evidence to put the movie star away.
  • Very frustrating

    Testifying against a movie star should be the same because evidence it's just that, but when you have a dirty lawye trying to find proof where there is none, that is frustrating.

    The lawyer's methods were ridiculous. I hated when she was questioning Sara about her "intimate" moment with Grissom, a moment that probably nobody saw. Nick could've had it easy had he labeled his evidence but he made a mistake. Warrick and Catherine could do nothing but answer the non-related questions.

    But then came Grissom. In his own private world, he found a way to solve this case, with solid and believable evidence. I guess that's why he's the boss.
  • An double murder plus a movie star suspect equals complicated legal issues to try and discredit the CSIs.

    It irked me so much to see the way that lawyer grilled our favorite CSIs, and that's what makes a good episode. When an episode illicits strong emotions from the viewers is when you know it's successful. A wonderful look at the judicial system and how it can work either for or against you. A very suspenseful and poignant episode. I have to say, I grinned when Grissom finally took the stand and showed them all with the scar evidence. The look on that lawyer's face was priceless in the face of Grissom's evidence. All in all, a fantastic episode.
  • Excellent episode that goes further than usual.

    This episode is somewhat different than the usual, in that we see a case develop from the evidence collection stage, the investigation, and even into the courtroom.

    The usual ending for a CSI episode has the accused shown the evidence and either confessing or going off to court, which sometimes doesn't leave me feeling satisfied. This episode shows the evidence and CSIs subjected to the highest scrutiny in the courtroom and by Gils own mentor. eedless to say the CSIs pull through and the guilty is carted off to jail, despite his expensive lawyers and the dirty tactics of the defense.
  • Flaws of csi are evident, hedonistic actor kill bedded transexual

    It is rare that we see an episode such as this, where the flaws of Gill Grissom and his CSI are brought to question. Chad Michael Murray stars as a hedonistic actor who kills a transexual which he unkowingly bedded and seeks a high profile attorney that question the way in which the evidence against him was collected. This was definitely an eye opener into the defence and life style of the rich and famous.

    All and all a very good episode but it does not compare to the excellence of Anatomy of a Lye (season 2) which is undoubtedly the best episode.
  • A famous movie star is accused of a double murder and uses gets the best defense money can buy.

    With all the celebrity cases out there, (O.J., Robert Blake, etc.) CSI was bound to come across a \"ripped from the headlines\" case.
    There is a tense rivalry between Grissom and his former mentor.
    I\'ve always wondered who saw Sara wipe the chalk off of Grissom\'s face in \"Scuba Doobie Doo\". The only other person that we know was there was Warrick. Was there a police officer also at the scene, or was this guy interviewing neighbors of every crime scene they had ever worked?

    I really just wanted to write a review on this episode because my favorite band, The Wallflowers, appear in the opening scene of this episode. They are playing in the background as the \"accused\" is in the casino.
  • I love this episode.

    This is one of my favorite season 3 episodes.

    A popular actor is arrested after a woman is found dead in his hotel suite, and another woman is missing. He tries to blame it on the missing woman but the CSI's find blood on his hands after he says he was nowhere near the dead woman.

    The suspect decides to excersise his right for a speedy trial, and the team only have a few days to process all the evidence.

    For his defence the actor (Tom Haviland) hires Grissom's mentor (Dr. Philip Girard) as a forensic specialist to keep an eye on the CSI's while they are processing the evidence & try to discredit it all.

    This time Grissom didn't process any evidence at the crime scenes, he only supervised, probably because it was a high profile case, and we all know how he hates publicity.

    The CSI's are all put on the stand and their credibility questioned. Each CSI's past is brought up and the defence attourney even speaks in a low voice so that Grissom can't hear her.
  • In this episode the CSIs have a suspect, they have evidence, they just have to get past a rich and influential movie star and his defence team.

    A movie star has been accused of murder and another girl is missing but the CSI have to prove it was him. His lawyer asks for a speedy trial and the CSI have even less time to collect all the evidence. To top it of Grissom's old mentor is watching the CSIs every move just waiting for them to mess up. The lawyer seems to know everything about the CSIs.

    Because Warrick stopped at an accident and got blood on his shirt the blood evidence he had in his car is contaminated and because he is a gambling addict he is untrustworthy.

    Because Catherine was a stripper she should be view differently because of her past.

    Because Sara is dating Hank she asked him to move a bra at the scene and made up a story in her report about how Hank didn't mean to move the bra. Because someone saw her wiping chalk dust of Grissom she'll do anything for approval.

    Nick forgot to time date the dice from the scene and he gets nervous on the stand. The worse thing they did though was they spoke in a quiet voice so Grissom couldn't hear. He eventually did and gave enough evidence to put a killer away.

    I love this episode and think it is a great example of some great hours of TV.
  • I love this episode!

    I think this episode is sort of special. I like this episode a lot. The storyline is very special, cos you finally hear Grissom talk about is hear-problems. I think it is well wrote. It's a interesting story. A guy is sleeping with 2 girls, when he find out one of them isn't a girl but a guy, and then kill both of them. Awesome! I think everyone has to watch this episode! I also love the story behind this episode. It gives a great view about how easy you can murder someone, for something so stupid! I just love this episode. I think it's woth it; a 9.7!
  • I know all there is to know about the crying game...

    A major action star by the name of Tom Haviland (possibly a jab at Tom Cruise, perhaps?) is accused of having murdered a pretty young Asian woman in his suite at the Palms. Our crack CSI staff is put under the gun by a mouthpiece attorney that loves to work the media (who reminds me of the woman who represented the Menendez brothers) and Gil's former mentor and boss who now works as a forensic expert for high-profile defense attorneys.

    This attorney and Gil's former boss are pressed for time thanks to this famous actor's attorney pushing for a speedy trial, and doing everything they can to discredit the CSIs. From contaminated evidence to personal issues, Haviland's legal team rakes the CSIs over the coals at the evidentiary hearing. They work the angle of Warrick's Gambling addiction, Catherine's former job as a stripper, and Nick's lack of thoroughness in labeling evidence due to the time crunch. Gil's former mentor, Philip Gerard (a hat tip to "The Fugitive") even works Gil's ongoing hearing loss, making the attorney ask Gil the questions in a low enough voice so that Gil has to ask her to repeat the questions three times in order to read her lips.

    We get a hat tip to "The Crying Game" in that Tom Haviland, the pig, gets a nasty surprise when one of the two Asian women he's bedding turns out to have "Franks and Beans", as Nick called it when the body was discovered later on a golf course. Apparently this caused the actor to fly into a rage and kill this Sheila a la Funky Cold Medina and then kill the woman, who's just as surprised as Tom is, just to get rid of a witness. Rock Hudson once said a famous actor should never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy. Tom Haviland got caught with both.

    The fact that Gil Grissom kept his cool under pressure at the evidentiary hearing and had gotten the forensic evidence needed to place Haviland at the murder scene and warrant a full murder trial. Even Gerard can't help but congratulate Gil on how well he handled everything.