CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 4

The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2007 on CBS



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    • Ronnie: Hey, check this out. Turquoise and silver beads. I got the matching necklace at the Indian market in Santa Fe.
      Sara: Everybody stop! Stop what you're doing!
      Foreman: What is the problem now?
      Sara: We have just found evidence that this might be a Native American burial site. We have to notify the Inter-Tribal Council. Until they say so, nobody touches anything.

    • Grissom: According to Cydan's research the hormone levels in the tap water are nearly equal to the water in the reservoir.
      Catherine: I thought they drink ground water.
      Grissom: They do. Cydan was convinced that the ground water was contaminated.
      Catherine: How?
      Grissom: He discovered that the reservoir was improperly lined allowing grey water to leach into the ground water.
      Nick: Well, if that's the case, why didn't any of the other boys develop breasts?
      Grissom: There's a good chance that others have been affected. Especially children who were born to women who were living there while they were pregnant.
      Catherine: Because the womb is the only place that human lives in fluid, like a fish.
      Nick: That reservoir is supposed to be lined to prevent contamination. The lining is ineffective.
      Grissom: Obviously it's not. Which I think is the conclusion that Cydan came to the night before he was shot.

    • Warrick: I think Brian killed himself.
      Nick: You think that he climbed into that big ol' tree all by himself?
      Warrick: Yeah.
      Nick: Okay, yeah. What about the mutilation?
      Warrick: Self-inflicted. It took awhile but Mandy was able to get prints from the beer bottle, they came back to Brian.
      Nick: So, this was a hate crime.
      Warrick: Yeah, he hated himself.

    • (After Grissom asked her to marry him)
      Hodges: You look like you're having a good day.
      Sara (a little taken aback, trying not to smile): Thanks.

    • (After Grissom asked Sara to marry him)
      Catherine: Hey, what are you up to?
      Grissom (defensive): Nothin'. Why? (pauses) What's in the cooler.
      Catherine: Carp. Paul Cyden died holding one. He had a freezer full of them, some kind of an experiment.
      Grissom: Huh. I can process those fish if you want.
      Catherine: Do I know how to turn you on or what?

    • Grissom (Sara has on bee suit): Oh, you know I love it when you dress up.
      Sara (laughs): Well, whatever it takes to get time with you.

    • Catherine: You know, when I was growing up in Vegas, there weren't any lakes, only hotel swimming pools.

    • Greg (to Sara, who found a piece of hide at the construction site): You know, the Showroom, had Wild West Review, with cowboys and horses and rifles and a real stagecoach, and Indians who shot flaming arrows that ripped off the dance hall girls' clothes. It ran from the day the Rampart opened to 1976.
      Sara: An Indian playing an Indian?

    • Greg: Nothing says 'mob hit' like being shot in the chest, thrown down a construction shaft and tucked in under a concrete blanket.
      Ronnie: For real? (Greg smiles) My first mob hit. Cool.

    • Greg: Wow! The original plans for the Rampart! Opening day, New Years, 1964... Half of the hotel tower was still under construction but Sam decided to have the party anyways. He had the Midas touch. And help from the boys in Kansas City. This is the ultimate.
      Sara: Don't you have work to do?
      Greg: Fill me in.
      Sara: Well, the workers found the bones here, which corresponds to this area.
      Greg: Bottom of the construction shaft. Wonder if it's Gus 'Da Beauty' Finkle. Snitch. Disappeared in '64.
      Sara: The skull shape is Monogoloid.
      Greg (excited): Maybe it's Eddie Chang! The Peking Pimp. Caught Dean at the Sands, went out for eggs, never came back.
      Sara (shows him a picture): Did the Peking Pimp ever wear anything like this on his arm?
      Greg: Nope. Just french cuffs and platinum blondes. (Sara starts to roll up the blueprints) Whoa, be careful with those, they're like the dead sea scrolls of Las Vegas.
      Sara: I have to get back to the scene.
      Greg: I'm off the clock, if you need a hand. (Sara smiles)

    • Doc Robbins (looking at bones from what could be a Native American): Teeth from ancient tribal graves usually have distinctive wear marks. Grooves from pipe smoking, rope making, but no cavities. (Sara looks at the jaw bone) You look disappointed.
      Sara: I was hoping that just once Vegas would have to honor its past.

    • Warrick: Mr. Ludwig can we see your palms, please?
      Larry: What? You gonna tell me my future or somethin'?
      Warrick: Depends on what I see.

    • Wendy: Are you lurking around here for results?
      Nick: No, no. I wouldn't do that. I was just getting a cup of coffee, actually.
      Wendy: You can come in.
      Nick (excited): Why? You got something?
      Wendy: I do. I got a two-fer. I got epithelials from multiple contributers off the rope, and one of them drank from the bloody beer bottle.
      Nick (reading the computer screen): Larry Ludwig. Convicted of aggravated assault and D.U.I. Bring up his parole record. (Wendy does this) Well, there you go, he works at the same water treatment plant as the victim.
      Wendy: I thought you were getting coffee.

    • Ronnie: What made you pick Vegas?
      Sara (smiles): Well, it uh, kinda picked me.

    • Construction Worker (after finding a body, on the site of Sam's new casino): You know, these casinos weren't built by saints.
      Catherine: Oh, I know. My dad built this one.

    • Lily (watching contruction of Sam's casino): It wasn't easy being a Copa girl. When the curtain came down, we had to stay and decorate the Sands Casino into the wee hours.
      Catherine: Ugly guys do gamble more when there's pretty women to look at.
      Lily: They weren't all ugly. And your father, in that tuxedo giving me the eye, trying not to grin because he thought that floor manager's had to be tough.
      Catherine: So, mom, who made the first move?
      Lily: Sam. (holds out a chip) Stuck this five dollar chip in my hand. 'Take it, you can't miss'. I shot craps all night with Peter Lawford and cleaned up. I was right here when Sam opened the Rampart, his first casino. We were gonna be right here again the day Sam opened the Eclipse. I know that you wanted to be buried with this. But I just couldn't let go. I can now. You're gonna build you're dream on it, honey. (she kisses the chip) Take it, you can't miss. (she throws the chip into the construction site)

    • Warrick (to Nick): Our friend Larry Ludwig, he's sharp as a marble but his alibi checks out.

    • Henry: Hey, Grissom. About your hanging victim, the one with the chesticles, manboobs. (Grissom stares) Uh, the gynecomastia, sorry.

    • Brass: Stabbed and then hanged. I guess he wasn't dead enough.

    • Nick: Mutilated tranny, strung up in a tree. I bet I know how he got up there.
      Grissom: Hate.

    • Sara: Hodges, here's the problem.
      Hodges: You know, that's just what mum says when all I ask is to come home for Thanksgiving.
      Sara: My John Doe is from 1964.
      Hodges: Well, to quote Sherlock Sanders, 'This town was built on dead bodies.'
      Sara: The National Missing Persons Database only lists four persons in '64, none of which were a match. It might help if we knew where he was from.
      Hodges: Do I look like the Ghost Whisperer?

    • Catherine: Towne goes free.
      Grissom: It's all out of our hands now.
      Catherine: It's not enough for me. If their lawyers can hog-tie the EPA for years, then somebody's gotta go around them. They gotta take Brian's story and the research to the press. I mean, if this happened here, who's to say there aren't other Brian's out there?
      Grissom: You can't give information about a case to the media. You'll get fired.
      Catherine: As a mother, maybe I don't care.

    • Greg: This is great work for my book.
      Sara: Your what?
      Greg: Oh, just this little piece of Vegas history. Stuff that didn't make the papers.
      Lily: Honey, if there's anything that you wanna know, you could just ask me. I was there.
      Greg: Well, how about I buy you dinner tonight? Bottle and a bird, we'll talk about the Peking Pimp.
      Lily: Eddie Chang. They shipped him home in pieces.

    • Grissom: You know, maybe we should get married. (Sara gets stung by a bee which distracts them for a moment) So, uh... What do you think?
      Sara (smiles): Yes. Let's do it. (they go to kiss but can't as they are both wearing bee helmets)

  • Notes

    • International Titles:
      Czech Republic: Případ kapřího transvestity (Case of the Carp Transvestite)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: November 30, 2007 on Kanal 5
      United Kingdom: January 29, 2008 on Channel 5
      Norway: February 19, 2008 on TVNorge
      Netherlands: February 25, 2008 on RTL4
      Latin America: March 3, 2008 on AXN
      Italy: April 10, 2008 on FoxCrime
      Sweden: April 21, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Germany: October 2, 2008 on RTL
      Spain: October 7, 2008 on AXN
      Finland: December 3, 2008 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: September 17, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      Corazon- Titan
      Hallelujah! We Shall Rise / Beulah Land (Sweney)- Our Daily Bread
      Keys to the Kingdom- Unkle (ft. Gavin Clark)
      Rise- Will Dailey
      Running Up That Hill- Kevin Slick
      Word Up- The Photogenix
      Mad World (Alt Ver)- Michael Andrews & Gary Jules

    • Pre-production title for this episode was High Roller.

    • Louise Lombard has been removed from the opening credits with Wallace Langham being re-added in this episode.

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