CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 14 Episode 1

The Devil and D.B. Russell

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • Bad episode for me

    Sorry but I did not like this one, Ithink first part was amazing but this second one, was silly and predictable, since the momment I started watching I knew who was gonna be in the coffin, I did not know how but I knew it.

    The most disappointing thing in the episode was who the killer was, I though he was gonna be smart and crazy (By the hints given in the first part) but in the end, I think they killed that good idea

    The dead scene at the church was totally unnecesary for me as the car explossion, those were bad executed murders.

    by the way, Im from Venezuela, Im not very good with my english
  • Worst and most unrealistic ending ever!

    Worst and most unrealistic ending ever!

    Ellie being 'in' on this was bad enough, but then not shooting her father, who she hates, minutes after having no problems killing her mom, who she didn't hate was just ridiculous. My episode rating would have been a lot higher if the ending wasn't so dumb.
  • A short laugh besides the drama..

    Writing from Switzerland, Europe, I've seen this episode just yesterday.

    I agree with sherriesim.. Ellie should have shot Brass. I thought 'what are you waiting for now, you just killed your mom'.

    But, besides all the bloody killings, what did Nick say to Brass when he found Matt? 'He's dead, Jim!' And this short sentence, for an old trekkie like me, is always good for a short laugh, even if it wasnt' intended..
  • The fourteenth season begins with DB leading the search for Ellie and Morgan.

    Like I needed another reason to hate Ellie. I did not think this particular episode was spectacular but I did enjoy it. I like the twists and turns the episode took on the way to its conclusion. Eric Roberts does well here as he did in the previous chapter. Other guest stars do well in their respective roles. What I liked the most about this episode, the scene which stands out the most, is when Brass admits to his ex-wife that if he had to chose he would chose Morgan over Ellie. It was nice, for a brief moment at least, to see Brass see the light about that his low life "daughter". Hopefully this is the last we will see of Ellie. One last thing that I should mention. Teal Redmann has done a great job over the years playing the character. She made Ellie truly come to life. It's almost hard to believe that this great show is now in its fourteenth season.