CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 14 Episode 1

The Devil and D.B. Russell

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2013 on CBS



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    • Priest: Even in a moment of immeasurable sorrow like this one, we're given a choice. A choice between the hopelessness of despair, and the everlasting promise of faith. Faith that there is a plan. And that in times of doubt, God will speak to us in a voice that is clear and true.

    • Merchiston: Doesn't all just go into the box, does it?
      D.B.: No.
      Merchiston: There is one question I never got to ask you. That voice inside your head, the day that it does go quiet, do you think that that will bring you peace? Or will it be a loss too great to bear?

    • Ecklie (to Morgan): You are gonna be okay. But you know what? You and I really need to steer clear of hospitals from now on.

    • Brass: You killed the only person I ever loved. The only person who ever loved you. Ellie, you want to shoot me, go ahead. Because I'm dead already.

    • Ellie (to Brass): Sounds like someone wants to get your attention pretty bad. I know what that's like.

    • Ellie: You shouldn't have dragged Mom out here. She saw me with Matthew. I had no choice. You should have just kept this between you and me.
      Brass: Why?
      Ellie: Matthew and Jake had their daddy issues, and, thanks to you, so do I.

    • Ellie (to Brass): When I had you on the phone, I asked you to make a choice. You tried saving me my entire life, and you could have saved me then, but, oh, no. Like always, you had to be the cop.

    • Sara: Nancy told Brass that Ellie brought a guy home with her last year, said that he was her fiancé.
      Henry: Wait, so Brass's daughter knew Matthew Tarland?
      Sara: She's been lying to us.

    • D.B.: We're trained to follow the evidence, but sometimes that's not enough. There are times when you need to hear that voice in your head that says, "Look here." Trouble is, when you've done this job long enough, one day, you stop hearing that voice.

    • Ellie: It's time. You have to give me your choice.
      Brass: Ellie... Sweetheart... I can't do that.
      Ellie: I know.

    • Tate: For a pair of whores, you would cast your own soul into the fire?
      D.B.: I would make a deal with the devil himself to get those girls back.

    • D.B.: Whatever Angela did to you, Tate, she did not deserve this.
      Tate: Easy for you to say. She didn't betray you.
      D.B.: What do you want? You want me to beg? Is that it? You want me to choose which girl gets to live, you sick...

    • Morgan: Your mom's here.
      Ellie: My mom?
      Morgan: Your dad called her. They may disagree about most everything, but they both love you.

    • Morgan: I used to hate my dad, too, you know?
      Ellie: Please. Just spare me the speech about how you let go of your past and learned to accept your dad for who he was.

    • Morgan: Ellie, I know it seems like the world has turned its back on you, but it's not the case.
      Ellie: You don't know anything about me.
      Morgan: I know a lot more than you think. I know how much your dad cares about you. And how much he misses you and how he would do anything to help you.

    • Morgan (to Ellie): We're not giving up. Just like the people who are looking for us aren't giving up.

    • Morgan: We're not giving up. Just like the people who are looking for us aren't giving up.

    • Nancy: Gun to your head, you'd choose the other girl, right? If we get her back, you have to love her not for who she was but for who she is.
      Brass: All this time, all these years, I've been searching for Ellie when she didn't want to be found. I thought, by my sacrifice, I could prove to myself that I still loved her. But you're right. I'd choose the other girl.

    • Morgan: You can only have one daughter back. You have a decision to make. Or the decision will be made for you.

    • Hodges: She's a CSI. What the hell was she doing undercover?

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    • The quote from Dante that appears on Fin's computer is "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."  The quote comes from The Inferno (Italian for "Hell"), which is the first part of Dante Alighieri's 14th-century epic poem The Divine Comedy, specifically from Canto III.  The original Italian phrase is "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate".  Verbatim, the line translates as "Leave (lasciate) every (ogne) hope (speranza), ye (voi) that (ch') enter (intrate)."

      There are many English translations of this famous line. Some examples include:
      All hope abandon, ye who enter here - Henry Francis Cary (1805–1814)
      All hope abandon, ye who enter in! - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1882)
      Leave every hope, ye who enter! - Charles Eliot Norton (1891)
      Leave all hope, ye that enter - Carlyle Okey-Wicksteed (1932)
      Lay down all hope, you that go in by me. - Dorothy L. Sayers (1949)
      Abandon all hope, ye who enter here - John Ciardi (1954)
      Abandon every hope, you who enter. - Charles S. Singleton (1970)
      No room for hope, when you enter this place - C. H. Sisson (1980)
      Abandon every hope, who enter here. - Allen Mandelbaum (1982)
      Abandon all hope, you who enter here. - Robert Pinsky (1993)
      Abandon every hope, all you who enter - Mark Musa (1995)
      Abandon every hope, you who enter. - Robert M. Durling (1996)

      A complete English translation of the inscription above the gates of Hell:
      "Through me you pass into the city of woe:
      Through me you pass into eternal pain:
      Through me among the people lost for aye.
      Justice the founder of my fabric moved:
      To rear me was the task of Power divine,
      Supremest Wisdom, and primeval Love.
      Before me things create were none, save things
      Eternal, and eternal I endure.
      All hope abandon, ye who enter here."