CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 14 Episode 19

The Fallen

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2014 on CBS

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  • Srsly?

    This episode was horrible. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Not only that, but the title was bad, too.

    The only good thing about it was that it had Matt Shively in it.
  • csi is becoming a hit and miss show.

    some episodes are watchable some downright suck,

    this ..

    so much could've been done to make it worth watching but in the end, we get jumping the shark..

    1) kid walks into police station IS NOT SEARCHED OR GOES THROUGH METAL DETECTOR

    2) After the first shot surely someone would've nailed his punk ass with a 9mm ? i mean it's a police station full of cops ffs and most carry a gun ??

    3) they had to get the prints off a bottle ? what about the gun he dropped ?

    4) the kid then gets all wimpy and crying when he realises he was set up... but he still went through all of the bs in the end getting shot..

    5) the swat guy would've been a much much better guy to blame..

    6) the female cop was getting abused by her hubby ? WTAF... now you'd think if that was going on you wouldn't be that civil at work or anywhere right ??

    7) utter garbage/ shite episode.
  • "The Fallen"? Worst episode, and title, ever!

    The first sign that TV writers have run out of ideas is when the show starts revolving around the regular actors instead of what they supposedly do and this thing started doing that several years ago. Not sure why I waste my time still watching it. Maybe I'm hoping that I'm watching when they finally come to their senses and start having . folk actually investigate something, other than each other or the trouble they get into. This has to be the worst episode ever; with more plot holes than the Titanic, and it left me feeling like I needed a bath to wash the slime off after watching it. I have the next three episodes waiting for my on my DVR but I think I'm just going to go delete them and mark this up as the end point of what was once one of my favorite series.
  • Silly episode where Russell is taken hostage

    Silly episode where Russell is taken hostage by a bullet proof kid who shoots up a whole police station and they don't manage to shoot him back!
  • the failed

    so many opportunities in this story, and they made soap opera of it... not to mention usual explanation for dummies