CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 14

The Finger

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on CBS
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Catherine is ordered by a kidnapper to accompany a man who is to deliver $1 million in ransom to him or else he will kill the man's mistress. But when the million is paid, they learn that his mistress is already dead.

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  • A married guy, Roy Logan's, girlfriend gets kidnapped, and he gets a ransom demand. Catherine gets a call from a mysterious squeaky-by-helium voice, she disappears, and the team have no idea where she is.moreless

    A married guy, Roy Logan's, girlfriend gets kidnapped, and he gets a ransom demand. Catherine gets a call from a mysterious squeaky-by-helium voice, she disappears, and the team have no idea where she is.

    Fortunately, Catherine leaves evidence for the CSIs, such as accidentally-on-purpose skidding a vehicle to leave tire marks. When waiting for Mr. Squeaky Voice's next call, she has a drink at a bar, and Roy gives her a finger. He says the kidnapper left it at Amanda, his girlfriend's house, to get him to pay the ransom. Catherine preserves the evidence in a glass of ice, and places it down at Sara's (who coincidentally is eating at the restaurant/bar with Hank) table, barely making eye contact.

    In the end the team find out that Amanda was dead before the ransom demand was made, and that Roy Logan was the killer. Mr. Squeaky Voice was a part played by his lawyer. It was all an act.

    This episode was very special, what with the whole Catherine-disappearing thing, and the twist at the end. I honestly thought the wife was the killer/kidnapper. "The Finger" also had a really good opening, of Roy Logan withdrawing money from a bank and constantly looking at the clock. Really fantastic episode. Kept me on the edge of the sofa.moreless
  • Kept me sitting the whole hour.

    It's a good episode. Everything is going well, until Logan "forgets" his sun glasses and cell phone in the table where he was being interrogated. This is when Catherine rushes to hand them to him. Unluckyly, he was gone. Few moments later, the phone rings. Curiously, Catherine answers the phone. Unfortunately, a helium distorted voice tells Catherine to leave everything, and follow thier instructions. As the episode develops, Catherine realizes that she needs to hand in a million dollars to some guy. Having previous esperience, she leaves some marks that will later lead the rest of the team to her. The last time Catherine was seen, was in a restaurant, where she delivers a cut finger to Sara.moreless
  • One perfect Show, let me tell you that.

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

    All this time I was with Catherine. I believed the guy. An then he turned out to be a murderer. I love Cathy leaving behind clue after clue. He couldn't have found a better way to cover up his murder then to make a CSI believe him :) There were only two things I did not like: The thing with the glow in the dark paste was genious yet also overkill. Because the fact that the hands glowed so much after so much time was very unlikely. Every time the lawyer touched something he would lose some of the glow paste. And even if he didn't and if he didn't wash his hands a glow in the dark paste for kids, is unlikely to glow that much.

    Second small little thing: I wished Sarah would have been the one. Seeing how I totally love Jorja Fox! I just think she did not have enough screen time in the past few episodes. But that's probably just me :)moreless
  • This episode really kept you guessing until the end.

    This episode was very well done. I would've never guess that the guy had staged the kidnapping and everything! It was absolutely brilliant. CSI has had things staged before, but I don't think kidnapping was one of them. Even if they've done a staged kidnapping episode, I doubt they've done one like this. A truly ingenious plot. Also, you get to see Sara actually out and about with someone! This episode gave another example of how word about your personal life can spread through your work place pretty quickly and easily if you're not careful. All in all, another marvelous episode of CSI.moreless
  • I think this is my all time favourite episode. A kidnapping, Catherine also 'abducted', a severed finger and a clever mystery.

    I liked this because although some people might have guessed the ending, it's not totally obvious by any means for a lot of the episode.

    It's a race against time to find the kidnapper of the mistress of a rich, married guy. Her finger has already been sent to him, and when he is arrested shortly after withdrawing a huge ransom, the kidnapper gets antsy. So when he's seen with Catherine, the kidnapper makes her get into the guy's car and follow instructions for the drop.

    The fun elements show Catherine thinking on her feet and leaving a trail of clues for the rest of the team to follow. Funniest is probably when she notices Sara on her date and goes to the same bar, ignores her, then dumps a severed finger in a glass of ice on her table.

    In case you haven't seen it or gathered how it ends by reading the quotes section, I'll put in a SPOILER warning here.

    When it becomes obvious that Catherine was being played by the guy, the neat twist is nicely revealed, and her reaction is priceless. The whole team thankfully goes through the entire story again, this time in the knowledge of what actually happened, so the audience can see the signs for themselves.

    And it is all wrapped up nice and neatly, which is gratifying, because I'd have hated Catherine to go through all that and not get the guy.moreless
Tom Irwin

Tom Irwin

Roy Logan

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Al Sapienza

Logan's Attorney

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Gigi Bermingham


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Eric Szmanda

Greg Sanders

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Robert David Hall

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    • Grissom: How did Catherine seem?
      Sara: Like I told Nick, she completely ignored me.
      Grissom: And her behavior toward Logan? Was she under duress? Agitated?
      Sara: No ... no, looked to me like Catherine was running the show.
      Grissom: A severed finger, a million bucks. And Catherine's not allowed to talk to anyone.
      Nick: Kidnapping?
      Warrick: So, who's worth one mil?
      Grissom: It's time to speak to his wife.

    • (Catherine sets a iced filled glass with a finger in it on Hank and Sara's table and keeps walking)
      Hank: Is that a finger?

    • Grissom: Okay, let's run this. Amanda was tired of being number two, so she calls up Mrs. Logan to discuss her affair with her husband. But Mrs. Logan doesn't just discuss it she throws down the gauntlet.
      Catherine: Amanda broke the only rule. Don't call the misses.
      Nick: Now he really has a problem.
      Warrick: Two problems. His wife is going to leave him, take half his money and he was going to jail.
      Sara: You got to admit, his solution was ingenious.
      Grissom: Most killers take their time planning a murder. He took his time covering it up. Forty-eight hours to be precise. So Logan cleans up the crime scene and calls his lawyer. Asks him to help him with his little charade. I mean, what better way to protect your assets than to pay a kidnapper who's already on retainer?
      Catherine: Everything from that point on was calculated.
      Grissom: Blood on his hands... he's the last customer of the day at the bank. Acting suspiciously...
      Catherine: ...driving recklessly.
      Warrick: He knew he'd get hauled in to the cops.
      Catherine: You bet your ass. He didn't leave those sunglasses behind by accident. His cell phone rang on cue. The call's for me. He practically forced that money into his lawyer's hands.
      Grissom: Out of one pocket, into the other. I especially liked the little show he did for us in the coroner's lab. Trying to find out how much we knew.
      Nick: Why make the map? Why lead Catherine to the body?
      Grissom: Because without the body Logan would always be under suspicion.
      Sara: If not by the police, by his wife.
      Warrick: So, he left these wine glasses for you to find.
      Catherine: Sure, he wanted us to suspect the wife. That's why he used her SUV to transport the body. And he let me mark the money because he knew that eventually his lawyer would touch it.
      Sara: Why though? The money was in a suitcase.
      Warrick: A million dollars. Pretty tempting.
      Grissom: I saw the locker and I saw Logan's briefcase. It was too big to fit inside. His lawyer had to remove the cash by hand.
      Sara: How could he possibly know that Catherine was going to mark the money?
      Warrick: He didn't. He probably thought the bank marked it.
      Nick: Besides, there's always fingerprints.
      Catherine: So I did everything in my power to help him.

    • Catherine: So, let's get to know each other. You first. (Roy Logan looks at Catherine without saying anything) You were born; you came home from the hospital. Then what?

    • Paul: Roy, put your clothes back on. Don't say another word to these people. I'm taking my complaint directly to the District Attorney. You had no grounds to detain Mr. Logan let alone disrobe him.
      Grissom: His hands were covered in blood and he had a million dollars in his briefcase.
      Paul: It's not a crime to be rich.

    • Nick: Blood pool here. Spatter all the way to the bird. Birds have blood feathers and flight feathers. Flight feathers don't bleed. No capillaries, just cartilage.
      Catherine: And you know this how?
      Nick: Discovery Channel.

    • (Collecting evidence)
      Catherine: I'm also going to need you to strip.
      Mr. Logan: What? (looks at Grissom)
      Grissom (shrugs): Vegas.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Greg: So it was kind of like Getty's ear? They cut it off, sent it to the house?

      This refers to the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III in 1973. His grandfather refused to pay the ransom until John's ear was delivered to him.

    • Catherine: Didn't Shakespeare say, "Let's kill all the lawyers?"
      Gil: Yeah, Henry VI. Where is he when we need him?

      This refers to the line from Henry VI.