CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 14

The Finger

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2002 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Grissom: Okay, let's run this. Amanda was tired of being number two, so she calls up Mrs. Logan to discuss her affair with her husband. But Mrs. Logan doesn't just discuss it she throws down the gauntlet.
      Catherine: Amanda broke the only rule. Don't call the misses.
      Nick: Now he really has a problem.
      Warrick: Two problems. His wife is going to leave him, take half his money and he was going to jail.
      Sara: You got to admit, his solution was ingenious.
      Grissom: Most killers take their time planning a murder. He took his time covering it up. Forty-eight hours to be precise. So Logan cleans up the crime scene and calls his lawyer. Asks him to help him with his little charade. I mean, what better way to protect your assets than to pay a kidnapper who's already on retainer?
      Catherine: Everything from that point on was calculated.
      Grissom: Blood on his hands... he's the last customer of the day at the bank. Acting suspiciously...
      Catherine: ...driving recklessly.
      Warrick: He knew he'd get hauled in to the cops.
      Catherine: You bet your ass. He didn't leave those sunglasses behind by accident. His cell phone rang on cue. The call's for me. He practically forced that money into his lawyer's hands.
      Grissom: Out of one pocket, into the other. I especially liked the little show he did for us in the coroner's lab. Trying to find out how much we knew.
      Nick: Why make the map? Why lead Catherine to the body?
      Grissom: Because without the body Logan would always be under suspicion.
      Sara: If not by the police, by his wife.
      Warrick: So, he left these wine glasses for you to find.
      Catherine: Sure, he wanted us to suspect the wife. That's why he used her SUV to transport the body. And he let me mark the money because he knew that eventually his lawyer would touch it.
      Sara: Why though? The money was in a suitcase.
      Warrick: A million dollars. Pretty tempting.
      Grissom: I saw the locker and I saw Logan's briefcase. It was too big to fit inside. His lawyer had to remove the cash by hand.
      Sara: How could he possibly know that Catherine was going to mark the money?
      Warrick: He didn't. He probably thought the bank marked it.
      Nick: Besides, there's always fingerprints.
      Catherine: So I did everything in my power to help him.