CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 11

The Grave Shift

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • If you were drawn to the old shows where they all worked together as a team... you should love this episode.

    OMG! The show is back on track. They all work together as a team... complimenting other's good work... helping each other... having breakfast after shift. All characters have lines, not just working in silence as in most of the episodes in S7 & S8. The science stuff is so cool, but without overdoing it. They all show professionalism in their work, reigning their emotions, love their work with passions to bring closure to the cases by finding the truth. All characters have been energized in certain ways. They speak out their thoughts... all the glooms and misery that Gil and Sara brought were all gone. The show have been taken down by this relationship for far too long... the writers appeared to stick to this storyline as their lifeline. The friendship and love that Cath and Nick displayed are classy. Wonderful touch... the supervisor and team members all love the team. This is a MIRACLE! Can't believe this is what it takes to bring back the show.
  • I miss Grissom already

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. This episode marks the first episode without Grissom as a series regular. Dr Lankston (Ray) starts as a CSI level 1. After the last of Grissom's things are taken from his office, we see Catherine standing there; almost in disbelief that Grissom is really gone. She is then told that someone has to have the office, if not her then she has to pick someone as it can't be kept as a shrine to Grissom (and one has to ask themselves, why not?).
    David also seems to miss Grissom almost as much as I do. This is a great side of David for the fans to see. Although nearing the end of the episode, David seems to be liking Ray more. Ray seems to be struggling in this episode as a CSI, which is nice to see. Catherine offers Nick Grissom's old office. AT the end of the episode, we see that Nick has taken the office and he has offered Greg to share it with him, which he accepts. Overall an ok episode of CSI, but there was just one thing missing.........and that is.............. GRISSOM!
  • Dr. Langston's first day with the Las Vegas Crime Lab is certainly a memorable one for him. As he beings to investigate the scene of an apparent burglary a large explosion is heard off in the distance as a house goes up in flames.

    I recently read in "Entertainment Weekly" magazine that a longtime fan of the show said they will stop watching when William Petersen leaves. I hope that person saw this episode because they are likely to change their mind. Dr. Langston's first day is very entertaining and well written. Grissom may not be here anymore but the elements that make "CSI" the great show it is are. What added to the enjoyment of the episode is watching Dr. Langston learn about the basic aspects of the lab and how it operates. How the two storylines came together is also well done.
  • An OK-episode. Miss Grissom, but I'll give the new guy a chance...

    Interesting. New supervisor, new employee. Let's see how things work out. I miss Grissom though, and feel kinda like Hodges -- but I'm going to give the new doctor some time to win my heart. Meanwhile, what's up with Catherine & Nick?! Saw the way she was looking at him -- I hope there'd finally be a little "something-something" between the two of them. The storylines were OK, it's like they're easing the new guy in and giving him a break instead of making it hard for him to fit in. An OK-episode, not one of the best, but I'll keep watching...
  • This was a pleasant surprise...

    I caught the end of this episode last week when it originally aired. With the few minutes I saw, I was certain the new cast configuration would not meet my expecations. Now that I have actually watched the episode, I realized I was wrong. Fishburne's portrayal of Dr. Langston is so much more realistic because of his awkwardness at his new job. The little struggles he had with his first day on shift were refreshing. My expectation was we would be expected to believe he just walked right in and worked like everyone else. It reminded me of Greg's first day in the field. It was also wonderful to see the respect by the characters for one another-very professional but caring attitude. I look forward to see what happens next...
  • Dr Langston is the new kid on the block.

    I think I went into this episode expecting to feel a huge void left by the departure of Grissom. I am glad to say I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong. Dr Langston is his own person, he isn't looking to fill Gils shoes and he is very happy to find his own niche. The other characters seemed to welcome him, save for Hodges in the beginning. I think he is going to bring a breath of fresh air to the show. I liked how Nick, Catherine, Greg were able to help him out and give him tips and tricks about how to "survive" his new job. I didnt really care for his scenes with Riley, but I think that is due to the fact that I don't care for Riley as a character. She started out kind of quirky and humorous, but she her personality has changed and not for the better, IMO. I thought the cases were very interesting and original. I think the best part was how Langston won Hodges over by enlisting his help with the explosive experiment. Also, I think Catherine is doing a wonderful job and kudos to her and Nick for the way they handled Grissoms old office.
  • Changes...

    A first shift of Langston.. and he nails it in the end.. I really liked the variety in this episode - how there was the break in what was staged, then the fire what had very clever way of starting with time delay.. and then the case of that boy whose mum was thought to be behind the robbery.. but how it all worked out and how Langston got involved and in the end - how the boy really cared about nothing he told..

    And then ofcourse the past - dealing with Grissom's office and that big.. it belong there. That was nice thing to tell.
  • We're all new sometime.

    Laurence Fishburne is Dr. Langston and it's his first day on the job as a LVPDCSI. He bumbles and makes mistakes just like every other person on a new job.

    However, here, his personality is slowly revealed. We see that like our beloved Grissom he is somewhat low-key and just as ardent an investigator. We also see him learning the harsh lesson that he is just a CSI and not a "social worker". This may be something we see in the future to provide more conflict for him.

    The cases in this episode were formulaic, but on CSI, this is not a criticism. We also get to see how the other CSI's deal with Grissom's departure. Catherine is the new boss and handles things with aplomb.

    It's nice to see an actor of the stature of FIshburne, be given a role where he (right now) is something of a grunt and is learning is not yet a top dog. This is as opposed to Glenn Close being the top dog from the get-go on Damages.

    I was expecting to be disappointed with something of a drop-off minus Grissom...I definatly was not disappointed.
  • First Day Is A Productive One.

    Dr Langston's first day was a very good one. He shows up to work overly prepared like a new employee should. He gets his first assignment and he's a tested like a probie should be, but he's smarter than your average probie. Langston first deals with a breaking and entering then a house fire. Neither is as they seem. The breaking and entering turns out to be a teenage boy, with a bad attitude wanting to be with his mom. The house fire is a man obsessed with "freeing" his married lover. At the end of the day, Langston works on his fingerprint collection skills.