CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 7

The Lost Girls

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on CBS
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The investigation into the human trafficking ring continues, but it's a race against the clock.

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  • Boring

    Most of the parts i didnt even know what was going on,they bearly stayed on track and i wish this was all seperated not the crossover.

    Episode numer 1 Csi:Miami: They find a leg and an arm,a girl is kidnapped and leaves a note so people can find her.(2 dead women)

    Episode number 3 Csi:Ny: A different girl is killed by another killer and we find out this killer takes orgens and sells them.The Csis are still looking for the girl.(over 25 dead women i think)

    Episode nuber 3 Csi:Lv: We find out someones been kidnapping women blah blah blah we find the killer of the women in miami and i think more bodies.

    The kidnapped girl wanted to be found so so much,she left and note to find her,in l.v shes free and dosnt even go to the police,whyyy?

    It bearly stayed on track,the only thing these episodes had i common was the missing girl.

    Csi:Miami episode 9/10

    Csi:Ny episode 5or6/10

    Csi:lv episode 2/10

    miami was the best one because the were trying to figure out who the killer was.ny wasnt that good because it didnt stick to the whole storyline and we saw the killers face after like 15 mins,the csis couldnt even get hi because he locked the door(lol).lv was crap because it bearly had anything to do with the miami episode it was just bad.

    i didint know what was going on about 1/5 of the time in ny and i didnt know what happend 3/5 in lv

    miami is the best:)moreless
  • Part three

    So, the conclusion. And to be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised. I mean, the other parts were good but it felt like they left all the good stuff to the final part as this is the episode Langston really gets the change to shine. I mean, his compassion, determination and all those personal traits just come out and the scene with Nick at the start.. great example.

    Also I was very surprised by the ending. I was so sure there cannot be no happy ending and still they managed to make one. Maybe it was little cheap but in some way, it served it's point: it left the really good atmosphere, hope.. specially the end scene what was very symbolic.. I mean.. the question she asked, was right: how can she come back.

    Overall, I liked the idea of having continues storyline trough out all the series. Made me watch Miami I had never watched and NY where I had only seen very few episodes.moreless
  • The worst part of the trilogy, what a let down

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. We open knowing it has been 10 days since Ray returned to Las Vegas from New York. Madeline was photographed in Las Vegas and now Ray spends every night out looking for her and showing her picture around. But this episode wasn't like the one in New York, and it seemed to drag on. Then as the episode ends and we have no trace of Madeline, Ray sends out a text to all of the numbers on a suspect's phone, in the hope that Madeline may see it. As he leaves for the evening Madeline is there, waiting for him. So this was not the ending I was expecting, and to be honest I didn't think the ending was all that good. I don't know what I was really expecting, but I was expecting something better.moreless
  • Part 3 of the CSI Crossover Trilogy

    I didn't like this episode. It lacked momemtum. This was the last part to a 3 part series crossing over with CSI's Miami and NY. The story line was superb, but I find that it wasn't well written and it lacked continuity between the three CSIs. This was a missed opportunity for the three shows. One positive thing that I liked was that the Langston character showed of emotion. I was able to connect with him more now than I was since he first came to the Las Vegas. Now concerning the so called "Crossover Trilogy", I thing that the franchise should not attempt to do another one. CSI shows are known for their highly scientific, fast moving story lines that always keep you on the edge of your seat. Unfortunately, it was not the case with this trilogy.moreless
  • This story starts with the murder of a weather girl from Barstow on the Vegas strip and the discovery that she had been turned into a prostitute. The search continues for Madeline Briggs as the net is closing on parts of the trafficking ring.moreless

    The third and final part of the three part CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, and CSI trilogy working on cases of human trafficking in the US. Our story has led us to Las Vegas after pieces have been tied together in Miami, and New York. The murder of weather girl Dede Chase ties Madeline Briggs to her murder. The ear ring that Dede had on had belonged to Madeline.

    Overall this is an interesting subject with far reaching implications. Young women disappear every year and are never seen again. In most cases they are sent overseas, but in some cases they end up on the streets of major US cities. This use to be the most prevalent in Eastern Europe, but has become a problem in the US and in Western Europe in countries like France especially.

    The specifics of this episode are a little far fetched in that the girl they choose to start the episode with is someone who probably has fairly good self esteem despite being a little ditsy. The standard prey are girls who are on the street with no place to go and very low self esteem. Dede Chase the weather girl would not fit the profile. Personally I find it a little hard to believe that she would have been taken in so easily and despite the supposed acting I believe she would have been on the phone to the authorities the first chance she had. Also one would have to believe the second the "businessman/pimp" knew who he had he would have gotten rid of her or dumped her somewhere.

    Based on the story though, her death produces a big break and eventually we get a supposed big piece of the ring even though they barely scratched the surface. Fortunately these guys were sloppy for people that really would be in this business.

    The story was entertaining, but lacked some of the pizazz this series is really capable of delivering. Disappointing as this is a series I have always enjoyed. I give it an 8.5 based on the complete piece. This was definitely the weakest of the three parts when it should have been the strongest with the big climax. Thanks for reading...moreless
Rosalie Ward

Rosalie Ward

Dede Chase

Guest Star

David Sargent

David Sargent

Surveillance Guy

Guest Star

Jeff Yagher

Jeff Yagher

Brett McDowell

Guest Star

Terry Bozeman

Terry Bozeman

Brad Lewis

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Langston texted Caine and Taylor in the end.

    • Brass' uncle and older brother were also both cops.

    • Goof: When Catherine is looking in the Vice Tattoo Database for a match to Dede Chase's tattoo, she finds it and pulls up a window with a list of known prostitutes that have the same tattoo plus the other tattoos they have. On that list, "Barbed Wire Tattoo" has the word "Tattoo" misspelled "Tatoo", missing a "t".

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Wendy: What is this stuff? Greg: Langston sent us some souvenirs from Miami and New York. Catherine (unwraps a mini-statue of Liberty): Mm. I was kinda hopin' for a little somethin', somethin' from Burgdorff's. Wendy: I love it. Hodges (puts on sunglasses with palm trees on the side): How do I look? Greg: Bitchin'. Catherine: Ridiculous.

    • Ray: We're going to impound your vehicle Mr. Sedesky. Brass: Don't worry, we'll give you a ride.

    • Brass: We also found Dede Chase's driver's license, how'd that get in there? Anthony: Dede partied with my girls for a couple days. Asked me to hold on to her valuables when she went clubbin'. Brass: Did she also ask you to beat her, rape her, and slit her throat?

    • Catherine (to Brass): Back in my dancing days, pimps would come to the club to recruit. They just have a gift for sniffing out the damaged and needy.

    • Hodges: If you're gonna keep making me do Archie's job, I'm gonna need a raise.
      Nick: Lemme know what Ecklie says to that.
      Hodges: I was hoping you'd ask. You're a supervisior now.
      Nick: Yeah, well, it's good to hope for things.

    • Brass: We got a dead woman, no ID in her purse, 40 dollars in cash, a half of dozen condoms, a few roofies and some baby wipes. What does that tell 'ya? Nick: Standard hooker tool kit. $20 for cab fare, $20 for the bartender to look the other way. Which means she probably hasn't tricked yet. Looks like word's already gotten out on the hoe-vine. Ray: The hoe-vine? Brass: Yeah, when the hookers get wind of cops, they start texting each other like mad and they then book outta here like a shot.

    • Ray: What's a weather girl from Barstow doing turning tricks in Vegas?
      Nick: These days, it seems like everybody has a second job.

  • NOTES (6)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Ztracené dívky (Lost Girls)

    • The episodes of the trilogy, "Bone Voyage" of CSI: Miami, "Hammer Down" of CSI: NY and "The Lost Girls" of CSI, aired on the same night in Slovakia. All of them out of the production and network schedule. The episode of CSI: Miami was postponed for half a year, the episode of CSI: NY was aired before the official premiere of season 6 and the episode of CSI was also aired before the official premiere of season 10.

    • Music Featured in This Episode:
      Off That- Jay-Z
      Conroy- Cake

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: November 19, 2009 on Channel 9
      The Netherlands: March 1, 2010 on RTL4
      Sweden: March 8, 2010 on Kanal 5
      New Zealand: July 3, 2010 on TV3
      Norway: August 25, 2010 on TVNorge
      Slovakia: September 1, 2010 on JOJ
      Finland: September 29, 2010 on MTV3
      Spain: October 26, 2010 on AXN
      Germany: November 23, 2010 on RTL
      Czech Republic: August 18, 2011 on TV Nova

    • Amanda MacDonald (who played Madeline Briggs throughout the CSI trilogy) is now the third actor (first female) to play the same role in all 3 CSI shows. The previous two are David Caruso (Lt. Horatio Cane) and Laurence Fishburne (Dr. Raymond Langston).

    • This episode is a crossover of all 3 CSI franchises and a continuation of the CSI: Miami episode "Bone Voyage," and CSI: NY episode "Hammer Down," which both aired earlier in the week.