CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 23

The Strip Strangler

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 17, 2001 on CBS

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  • The first season ends with Grissom being forced to join forces with the FBI to hunt down a serial killer who targets young women.

    There are many reasons why I like this episode as much as I do. However I would say the one reason I enjoy "The Strip Stranger" above all others is because we see the beginning of Sara's relationship with Grissom. He opposes her going undercover in the FBI sting operation because he cares for her and worries about her safety. Once again the rarely seen human side of Gil Grissom emerges and it just makes us like the character even more. He is not the only character we have more respect for at the conclusion of this episode. Sara shows her independence and her determination to do what she thinks is right by agreeing to work with the FBI. That's something I have always liked about her. Her strong will and determination are a very strong point of hers. Also, the episode as a whole was very well written. I very much enjoyed the climax when Grissom faces off against the killer. This was a great episode to end season one with. A great end to a truly great season.
  • CSI first season finale

    This was the first season finale and it was a brilliant way to end the season when the CSI's find themselves chasing a serial killer that leaves no evidence and has a good knowledge of forensics.Grissom gets worried about the case when Sara volunteers to help the FBI.The episode turned out to be really good and proves to be a dangerous case for the CSI's and was one of the best of the season.
  • This was a really well written episode and a great way to end the season. Classic Gris always in control. Sara learned a lesson that she should trust Gris more as he knows what he is doing. GSR chemistry growing

    Sara is my fav character by far and her personality really shows in this episode; strong fiesty tough wants to be in control. Gris is worried about her so much and it is classic gsr. From now on whenever a security guard asks to help out in a case, viewers should expect something to happen. I love the whole csi team, they are so close. Catherine knew exactly where Gris was going to be and saved the day by shooting Goggle. Stupid FBI taking credit for Grissom's work. I never liked that culpepper guy!! All in all it was a great episode and a great end to the 1st season
  • the gang investigates a murder by a signature killer and things get worse as the fbi becomes involved and kick grissom off the case

    i did really like this ep b/c the investigation was dead on and i am all the time looking in amazement at my tv as they solve the crimes with what seems like little evidence at first that turns into a key factor..its so amazing what they can do and then what their machines help them do..spoiler..i was so mad b/c i thought the killer was going to get away and then when the fbi got involved it got completely worse b/c they just messed everything up and didnt want to listen to reason..even at the end they took all the credit..how dare they do that..thats the only thing i didnt like about the ep..but when i thought grissom was done for and then catherine shot the guy im like wow..now that was an awesome scene
  • I liked this ep it was good. sara says yes to being a decoy in a fbi thing!

    Ok this dude kept killing all of these women and he was really clean about it. They were coming to all of these dead ends so they called in the FBI. Sara said yes to being a decoy and that upset grissom. I was sitting at the edge of my seat because i didnt want sara to get hurt. When she said yes to being a decoy i was like are you stupid no dont do that Grissom will be angery! Yeah he wasnt happy. In the end grissom got attacked and catherine shot the guy not a good ending but hey.
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    What A great way to end the series! An amazingly intense stoyline and a really good cast! The FBI on this episode are really annoying opposed to the show 'Criminal Minds' where the FBI are the main characters and have a really good effect. Anyway back to CSI ... A great conclusion and can't wait to watch series 2! What A great way to end the series! An amazingly intense stoyline and a really good cast! The FBI on this episode are really annoying opposed to the show 'Criminal Minds' where the FBI are the main characters and have a really good effect. Anyway back to CSI ... A great conclusion and can't wait to watch series 2!
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    What A great way to end the series! An amazingly intense stoyline and a really good cast! The FBI on this episode are really annoying opposed to the show 'Criminal Minds' where the FBI are the main characters and have a really good effect. Anyway back to CSI ... A great conclusion and can't wait to watch series 2! What A great way to end the series! An amazingly intense stoyline and a really good cast! The FBI on this episode are really annoying opposed to the show 'Criminal Minds' where the FBI are the main characters and have a really good effect. Anyway back to CSI ... A great conclusion and can't wait to watch series 2!
  • I was frustrated at points but I like this episode a lot...

    What frustrated me was the sheriff and the FBI people. Specifically Agent Culpepper, I mean he thought he was all that because he was FBI, whatever. He nor the Sheriff would listen to Grissom who was clearly right. I loved though how faithful and loyal the team was to him in this episode when Grissom got pulled off the case. That frustrated me too (you know Grissom being pulled off the case). Of course Grissom, Catherine, Sara, Warrick, Nick along with some help from Greg still managed to solve case correctly but that's because they are smart and followed the evidence. They always do. I think for the first season finale it was a nice way to show how bonded or loyal the team already is to Grissom. It's hard watching when Sara comes back to the evidence room I think and Grissom says stuff to her and her back to him because they are in conflict, which is usually hard to watch. I liked when Grissom put his hand on the small of Sara's back and guided her out of the store(it was an interesting moment.) Overall, as I have expressed I really enjoyed this episode.
  • A serial killer, the FBI, Sara offering herself as bait.

    This quite possibly is one of the best CSI episodes in the series. In this episode we get the first look into exactly how much Grissom cares for Sara and how far he is willing to go to protect his team. We also see Grissom's house for the first time too. The strain between Grissom and the FBI is great and it shows just how sometimes patience is the best way to solve a case. Sara is willing to give herself as bait to bring in the serial killer. Grissom is not willing to not only give up his CSI but he shows how he cares for Sara by telling her that he won't allow it and when Sara ultimately acts as bait, Grissom is right there along side the FBI watching over her.

    Grissom is so involved in the case that he is suspended by the Sheriff. The team however gets together and meets with Grissom at his town house and works with him through the case.

    The ending of the show is what was so nerve wracking. When Grissom goes to the killer's house and confronts the killer, the intensity is almost too much to bare. Rarely do you ever see Grissom or any other CSI for that matter go to a suspected criminal house. When Grissom is talking to Syd Goggle, it is intense with the fight between the two, Grissom getting knocked down with a shovel and then Catherine coming in and killing Syd before he has a chance to kill Grissom. It was nerve wracking because I absolutely love Grissom and I would have been mortified if Grissom was killed in the first season!
  • Great Way to end the season

    The Strip Strangler has to be one of the most creepifying cases in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to date. But it's also one of the best. It shows the problems when dealing with Serial Killers, how tensions run high, people jump to conclusions and how people are willing to risk their lives to end the merry go round.

    It also highlights the long running TV joke that all American agencies are out for themselves. This seems somewhat tragic but very human, as every agency wants to get a bigger budget.

    When Grissom tells the journalist that they haven't caught the Strip Strangler I couldn't help but feel it was the right thing to do although there are probably more delicate ways of putting it.

    Saras willingness to put herself in the line off fire seems to have dual motives: To catch the killer and to get the notice of Grissom.

    When the CSI's rally around Grissom it shows that teamwork means something and that they are willing to accept all the help they can get. It also puts the FBI in a slightly bad light with Culpepper's taking all the credit.

    One of CSI's best Episodes.
  • A serial killer is on the lose and CSI must work with the FBI.

    This isn\'t an episode I think of a lot, but after watching it again, perhaps with new eyes, I see why this episode is good in so many ways.
    The whole team seems to be slowly turning on Grissom. Sarah wants to put herself up as bait for the FBI operation and even Grissom is completely against it, but it goes ahead anyway. Catherine is being promoted by the sherriff because of politics. Even Brass, although he agrees using Sarah as bait is a bad idea, thinks the FBI can be useful, so not to alienate them.
    Once Grissom is taken off the case, the team rallies around him to solve the crimes.
    This marks an incident where Grissom is put in danger and Catherine has to come to his rescue.
    At the end, they are eating breakfast, and are back to the happy family they always were, joking about who is paying and who is eating what.
  • Fine First Finale

    This is a great season finale. The FBI involvement makes it more interesting and intriguing. Many episodes feels like they where made just to fill out the list. To show off the equipment that could be used. When the producers and writers really thinks things thru it gets like this!
    Gil Grissom is allowed to show his bright and somewhat brusque side in a really great way. The way he treats his colleagues and the way he meets the feds is a true expression of the character that Gil represents. This episode is worth to watch again and again and...
  • Having the FBI come in was an excellent idea to make this episode a special, intresting event in the CSI history.

    It's always nice when your favourite TV show does something a bit different for a change. The Strip Strangler was a perfect example of this situation because they spun things up a bit, created some drama and still made it hit home for every single viewer. This is one of those episodes where you can be a dedicated CSI fan or just be watching it to pass the time and you still understand the story and are drawn into it. I think that because Grissom's character is so against politics made for quite a hefty tension in the episode that got conveyed instantly. It made me feel utter spite for Culpepper as I believe that most CSI fans felt. No-one likes a slimey, deceitful person and Culpepper was excatly that. Emotions ran high due to the serial rapist situation and it was nice to see the CSIs be completely human. Grissom was an excellent supervisor, even when he was suspended and led his people in the best way possible. Though I think it was foolish for him to confront Goggle all by himself, all things turned out well in the end and now I'm left hoping that we will never ever have to encounter Culpepper again.
  • This episode kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

    May I recommend watching this episode with the lights on. It's quite scary in the dark, especially the beginning. Now that I've warned you all this was a great end to the first season. It was exciting, it had Grissom showing concern for Sara in a moment of GSR, it had Grissom put in a position of peril when he was confronting the serial killer, and unfortunately it had Grissom not taking credit and making the Sheriff, the FBI guy, and Ecklie mad at him. My all-time favorite moment was when Nick was talking to Grissom and had to pretend it was his girlfriend. It was a great episode from start to finish and it's one you can watch over and over again without getting bored of the plot.
  • This episode was wonderful. Great for season One!

    This episode was the best ending they could have written for the ending of season one. It was great the emotion and great acting skills the cast put in espiaccly Grissome. How he showed anger towards the FBI agent when they tried using Sara as bait. And the fear he showed right when the strip strangler was about to hit him with the shovel. Untill catherine came in and shot him. And plus I think it was great how they remembered fellow CSI Holly Gribbs from the very first episode of CSI. Overall I think this was a wonderful episode and I love to watch it.
  • great episode!!

    this episode was great with having the killer shown within the first few minutes of the show, and then having him forgotten about until the very end. the dispute between grissom and the sherriff was also great, because the sheriff was quick to kiss up to the feds, whereas grissom wanted to find the truth. the very ending of the episode was remarkable. i havent seen many shows where the male lead shows fear, yet here grissom actually cringes when he is about to be hit with the bat. he shows genuine fear, and for this he is a talented actor. it is very believable that grissom will have to fight for his life, until catherine shoots the guy. i thought it was something unique and i really enjoyed watching this episode.