CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 15

The Theory of Everything

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 01, 2008 on CBS
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A deer is illegally killed, and the person found with the body in the back of his truck apparently dressed it in a tutu. The man, who was completely drunk when arrested, was being interrogated by Nick and Brass, and suddently tries to escape and is pepper sprayed. Unfazed by the spray, officers then taser him and he bursts into flames and dies. Meanwhile an unbalanced woman wearing a tinfoil outfit at the front desk tries to warn people (including Nick) of an alien invasion. After observing the burning man, she later turns up dead with green-tinted blood. When other people turn up with the same problem, it's up to the team to figure out why. Meanwhile, an old couple dies, apparently in their sleep... but there is evidence the cases are related.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Very wacky! I loved it!

    The gags dispersed throughout this episode made it very enjoyable, I thought! Especially seeing the Mythbusters make a cameo! That's one of my other favorite shows, so it made me laugh! Some people may think it took away from the show, but the jokes more or less added to the entertainment value of the episode. Whoever wrote this one is quite a wacky guy.

    The green blood thing was a little bit of a stretch to me at the beginning, but it was explained, so I guess I'll buy it.

    Also, incorporating the String Theory at the beginning and the end of the episode was an interesting thought. Maybe we are all connected by invisible strings. A little food for thought...

    Anyway, I loved The Theory of Everything. Personally I enjoyed it very much! Well done!moreless
  • Almost back to its best

    From the off, you will not be able to catch your breath as the pace in this episode doesnt abate from start to finish. The start is one of the best ever, with so much going on. You wont be able to decipher what events or clues are pertinent to the investigation and even if you guess you are bound to be surprised as the plot progresses.

    What I found enjoyable was the way in which the trail of clues leads to the next, and the next one and so on. Until it comes full circle and meld into the other crime be investigated. The appearance of Hodges out in the field is long overdue. Lets hope that he gets his chance to do more fieldwork - he loves it really.

    However, I do have some concerns with this episode. Much like most of the other epsiodes this season, alot of the plots just dont seem fresh. Dialogue is not pushing its boundaries as previous seasons have. While the writers strike can probably be blamed, the show better sharpen up.

    With two more episodes to go, this is one of the best examples of the season, so youd do well to watch.moreless
  • Theory for Everything...

    This was really amazing episode. I was nailed to the screen from the first seconds as it started to get weird from the start and with every minute, the story became more and more fascinating and exciting. The way those looked like random cases where connected and some really little things like those squirrels mattered and made so huge different. It was just so well written. Great plot.

    And the ending, when Grissom is explaining his point of view - it was fascinating text and logic. So, to sum up I think it can be said that this was one of the best CSI episodes over long time...moreless
  • A little wacky, full of odd coincidences, and an awesome cameo.

    10 out of 10 just for the cameo for the guys from Mythbusters. Even though they didn't have any lines, it was just perfect. A 2 minute spot! :>

    I am impressed that CSI writers can still come up with something new that hasn't been done before. With the huge popularity of crime shows now I bet it's getting difficult to think things up. But so far I have been extremely impressed the past 2 seasons.

    This episode actually only had one murder. The rest were all unfortunate and coincidental accidents. The strange relationships between the victims were almost beating the odds. But I also love how they incorporated string theory into it all. Well done!

    An intelligent show for sure!moreless
  • looooving it...

    This is exactly why I watch this series. Our team has found time to forget about their problems (Warrick with his case, Grissom with Sarah) and finally work a case that is too weird to start with. What's so nice also is that our lab techs are finally getting more funny scenes. I love that David cry over the death of the deer dressed up in tutu. The disturbing conversation of Hodges and Wendy about Star Trek - disturbing because it just shows that this two has so little life outside the lab. And I hope Hodges and Wendy finally gets to be together now that Hodges moves out of his mothers house (haha!).

    I was just a little disappointed that David did not react much when he saw the green blood. I mean, he was into UFOs theory (remember how he freaked out on that case of an alien priest died?) That could have been a funny scene. Also that they did not much linger on the fact that it could have been an unexplained alien thingy and move on explaining that the green blood was caused by sulfur on the blood.

    Anyway, it is a great episode all in all. Makes me remember why Im always looking forward every week to watch it.moreless
Colin Kim

Colin Kim

Officer Choi

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Chloe Webb

Chloe Webb

Evelyn Polychronopolous

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Karl Makinen

Karl Makinen

Kyle Planck

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Archie Kao

Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

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David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

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Liz Vassey

Liz Vassey

Wendy Simms

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: when David Bohr's profile was searched on the data base, it shows that he was born on 1970, but the age that is showing on his profile is 20 years old. He should already by 38 years old!

    • In an interview in the San Francisco Chronicle, October 31, 1996 Grissom revealed that as a boy he collected dead animals he found in his Marina Del Ray neighborhood and performed necropsies on them.

    • Dr. Al Robbins wears a pacemaker because he has bradycardia.

    • When CSI Nick Stokes attempts to re-create the conditions that caused a suspect to burst into flames, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of the Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" are depicted as watching and approving his experiment in the background.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Henry: You hear that Hodges' is finally looking for his own apartment? Cut the old apron strings.
      Catherine: His mother finally kicked him out? Good for her.

    • Grissom: I bet you five bucks, Greg, that his brain is not as green as his heart.
      Doc Robbins: Keep your money in your pockets, Greg. There's a higher vascular nature to the heart and lungs, only the blood vessels of the brain are gonna be green. It's a sucker bet, and you know it.
      Greg: Thanks, Doc.

    • Catherine: 'Atomic Dave's painless removals.' Some kind of pest control gizmo.
      Warrick: Apparently it works. I don't think the squirrels would agree that it's painless though.

    • Catherine: Looks like Caddyshack out here. Invasion of the ground squirrels.
      Warrick (taking a photo of a dead squirrel): Yeah, I got a few casualties out here.

    • Officer (about his girlfriend taking his pepper spray): But she dances nights at the Acid Strip.
      Nick (chuckles): What, does she clip the can to her g-string?
      Brass: That'd be a deterrent to stuffing a tip in there, wouldn't it?

    • Grissom: You find anything on the foil?
      Hodges: Bacon grease and trace amounts ketchup, both things that you find at a barbeque, but not the kind that you're dealing with.

    • Hodges: I don't wanna take all the credit, but I do know why both of your victims have green blood.
      Grissom: High levels of sulfur.
      Hodges (scoffs, that Grissom already knew): Uh, yes.

    • David: Three pairs of sunglasses. (pulls something out of the victim's ear) Ear plugs.
      Grissom: And that David, is how you make it dark and quiet when you sleep on the street.

    • Doc Robbins: Together in death, as they were in life.
      David: A guy abuses wildlife, then bursts into flames. I call it karma.
      Doc Robbins: No physical signs that their relationship was anything other than platonic.
      David: I mean, we're the ones encroaching on their habitat and you don't see them shooting us.
      Doc Robbins: Consider this justice for Bambi's mother.

    • I.A. Officer Galvez: And that's when you said to your officer, and I quote 'Light him up.'
      Brass: Poor choice of words. We followed the proper procedure of escalation of force, at least we didn't shoot him.
      I.A. Officer Galvez (sarcastic): Of course, that would have killed him. As far as my office is concerned, we got an in-custody death on your orders. It doesn't get much worse than that.
      Brass: We use stun guns all the time around here, this is the first one that caught on fire.
      I.A. Officer Galvez: What you think this guy had so much booze that it made him a roman candle?
      Brass: Well, unfortunately, human blood is 83% water, it's just not flammable, no matter how drunk you are.
      I.A. Officer Galvez: That's too bad, it might've let you off the hook.

    • Nick (to Officer Choi): Don't worry, when you talk to I.A, just be honest. Don't expect a hug.

    • Doc Robbins (to David while doing the autopsy on the deer): Alcohol. Think he had to get her liquored up?

    • Doc Robbins (looking at the dead deer with a tutu on): Doe. A deer. A female deer...
      David: It's not funny.
      Doc Robbins: It's a little funny. (starts taking pictures)
      David: Doc, I already took photos.
      Doc Robbins: Not for my scrap book, 'ya didn't.
      David: This is animal abuse.
      Doc Robbins: The killing? Sure. The dress? Pet owners put sweaters on their dog's.

    • Grissom: Your killer's a ground squirrel?
      Catherine: In a way I have to argue self defense.

    • Margo: I killed the squirrels, and possibly their cat; I am not a murderer.

    • Nick: Is it bad when you start thinking none of this sounds too weird anymore?
      Warrick: Oh, it's a bit too freaky how these cases are connected.
      Greg: Grissom, you always say there is no such thing as coincidence...
      Grissom: There isn't.
      Catherine: Oh, come on. You got the guy who bursts into flames, just divorced from the woman who was fighting squirrel wars with the Martins...
      Greg: ... Who had hired the exterminator who's drugs were turning everybody's blood green.
      Nick: And one of those green blooded customers was Evelyn, our lady of tinfoil, who was the last person that Kyle Plank touched before he died.
      Grissom: There's one more connection. Evelyn had 200 bucks, and I'm thinking that when she was run over, she was on her way to buy more drugs. I think that Wayne Connor was with Dave Boer waiting for the money to arrive.
      Greg: Only Evelyn never showed up, Connor lost his temper and Boer killed him in a fight.
      Warrick: And it all started with Kyle Plank, lonely guy with a gut full of moonshine.
      Grissom: String theory.
      Nick: Grissom theory. This is better than a bedtime story.
      Grissom: String theory is 'the theory of everything.' Quantum mechanics tells us about the very small. The theory of relativity explains the immense. String theory ties it all together. It proposes that atomic particles are made up of infinitesimal vibrating loops of energy or strings. Each string vibrates at its own frequency, like on a violin, producing notes and these notes make up everything in the universe.
      Catherine: Cosmic symphony.
      Grissom: These strings have been combining and recombining ever since the Big Bang. So, the connections between our victims or any of us are not that extraordinary.
      Nick: But every one of them thought they were alone.
      Warrick: Too bad they didn't know about Grissom's theory.
      Greg: In a parallel universe, maybe they're all having breakfast together.
      Catherine: In this universe, maybe we are.
      Nick: Yeah.
      Catherine (to Grissom): And you're buying.
      Grissom: No strings attached.

    • Hodges: Anytime you need a sniffer to detect it, my nose has the cyanide gene.
      Grissom: What type of gene turned your nose brown? (referring to the squirrel he just necropsied) Go ahead. You can sew him up. (gets up and leaves)
      Hodges: Will do. And I'll notify next of kin, too. (chuckles, then grimaces at the open body cavity of the squirrel)

    • Hodges: In an interview in the San Francisco Chronicle, October 31, 1996, if I recall correctly, one Gilbert Grissom revealed that as a boy he collected dead animals he found in his Marina Del Ray neighborhood and performed necropsies on them.
      Grissom: Hodges, I want you to stop stalking me.

    • Grissom: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.
      Hodges: Winston Churchill.
      Grissom: Ian Fleming.
      Hodges: I should know that I'm a huge James Bond fan.
      Greg: What aren't you a fan of?

    • Catherine: Now get down and sniff the rug.
      Hodges: That's all they ever want...

    • Mandy (to Hodges): So I have been thinking this over and here's my advice. If you want to get a real relationship with a girl you are going to have to move out of mom's. No girl wants competition, I'm sorry.

    • I.A Officer Galvez: There's a lot that you don't know.
      Brass: You can count on three things happening daily around here. The coffee machine's gonna break down. Some tourist is gonna swear that the hooker was over 18. And Evelyn is gonna show up. We put a broadcast out, we will find her. She's very shiny.

    • Hodges: When the sulfur atom joins the hemoglobin molecules red blood turns green. Which is why First Officer Spock's blood is green in Star Trek.
      Wendy: No, its not.
      Hodges: Uh, yes it is. Trust me, I'm an expert.
      Wendy: Well, apparently not, because otherwise you would surely know that the oxidizing agent in Vulcan blood is copper. And that is why his blood is green. I mean it was that and the fact that he had a Vulcan father since his mother was actually human. And furthermore, he was promoted to captain just prior to Star Trek II, and then he retired a civilian ambassador.
      Hodges: You're like a geeky, nerdy guy trapped in a woman's body.
      Wendy: So are you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Teorie všeho (Theory of Everything)

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      #9 Dream- R.E.M.
      Metamorphosis- Philip Glass
      Oh My God It's the End of the World- Caesura
      Until the Day Is Done- R.E.M.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: May 6, 2008 on Channel 5
      Denmark: May 9, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Norway: May 20, 2008 on TVNorge
      Latin America: June 16, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: October 27, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Estonia: December 8, 2008 on TV3
      Spain: December 30, 2008 on AXN
      Finland: February 25, 2009 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: December 3, 2009 on TV Nova


    • This episode has an allusion to the 1990s sci-fi drama The X-Files where the aliens all have green, toxic blood.

    • Doc Robbins: Doe, a deer. A female deer.

      This is the opening line from the Do Re Mi song from the movie the Sound of Music. He obviously uses it intendedly, though David doesn't find it funny.

    • Willows: (holding a pacemaker) Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

      This was the slogan for Timex watches, combined with torture tests, it emphasized the durability of their product.

    • Gil Grissom quotes Ian Fleming when he says: "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and three times is enemy action." when tying the three deaths together. Fleming had villain, Auric Goldfinger, say these words in his James Bond novel, Goldfinger, and named the three chapters of the book after the three phrases in the quote.

    • This episode was filled with references to modern physics.

      The elderly couple killed by breathing cyanide gas had a cat named Shrodinger. This is an allusion to the 'Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment,' an explanation developed by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger to show the problems associated with the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. The Schrödinger's Cat paradox showed that, according to the Copenhagen interpretation, a cat sealed in an air-tight box with a Geiger counter and a flask of hydrocyanic acid would be both dead and alive at the same time, until the box was opened and the cat observed.

      One green-blooded character in this episode was named David Bohr, while another was named Kyle Planck. Danish physicist Niels David Bohr won a Nobel prize in 1922 for his development of a model for the structure of the atom. German physicist Max Karl Planck, who won his Nobel Prize in 1918, first showed the value of quantum theory through his work on black body radiation.

      At the end of the episode, Grissom ties all the seemingly unrelated incidents together by referring to String Theory, an approach to physics that attempts to unify all physical phenomena.

    • Nick: "Don't Tase Me Bro..."

      Nick is quoting a line made by a student at the University of Florida during a John Kerry speech in 2007. During the question and answer period, the student persisted in asking questions after his time was up. Asked to leave, he somewhat passively resisted as UF Securty attempted to remove him. As things escalated, a black officer pulled out a taser, at which point, the student shouted "Don't tase me, bro!", just before he was tased. The incident was completely caught on video, which, in the internet era, led to the phrase getting its fifteen minutes of fame.

    • Episode Title: The Theory of Everything

      The title of this episode hints to the hypothesis of physics and mathematics that explains and links together all physical phenomena.

      Grissom: String theory is 'the theory of everything.'

      More correctly, string theory is 'A theory of everything.' As current science recognized the five "forces" in the universe: Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity, and the Strong And Weak Nuclear Forces (the latter two deal with what holds atoms and nuclear particles together), scientists found ways to simplify things, first showing that Electricity and Magnetism were the same, then connecting the Strong and Weak forces, which leaves Gravity and "All the others". Scientists, from Einstein on, have been attempting to create one description, which will encompass everything -- matter, energy, space, forces, and time. String Theory (with several different flavors) have been proposed as the answer. None have yet held together to answer all challenges.