CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 22

Time of Your Death

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 04, 2006 on CBS

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  • Grissom and the team investigate the apparent murder of a man found dead in the Palermo hotel loading dock. The course of the investigation reveals a fantasy gone horribly wrong.


    I have said in many of my previous reviews how many episodes of CSI are very well written and this episode is definitely no exception. I was hooked from beginning to end. The episode is in a way a fantasy for the viewer as well as the character Jeffrey Powell. While seeing Powell's fantasy come to life the viewer begins to think about what would be the perfect fantasy for themselves and oh, the possibilities. This episode also makes the viewer think of that old saying "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it."!

  • Only in Vegas!

    The episode was great and is leading up to the big season finale. The poor guy and his fantasy got him killed. The cars were cool and too bad they werent shown more. This episode showed that there are feelings between Grissom and Sara, but are afraid to act on them. Well maybe not so much Sara as Grissom. Have I missed something, I mean was he hurt by a woman in the past or what? The whole ending when the gang was talking about fantasies and the looks Grissom and Sara gave each other was very sweet. Grissom needs to let his guard down just a little.
  • Brilliant!

    This episode is like a milestone. The case was quite interesting (even if the build-up was better than the actual cause of death) and there was some really classic moments - Hodges flirting with Catherine, Greg and Sara's car comments, David and the shorts - but (certainly for me) the whole point of the episode was that it was an excuse to build up the relationship between Sara and Grissom (after six years it's about time!).

    It's great that they're finally giving the GSR fans something to go on other than asides and innuendo. Also, it's great to see the characters happy for a change.
  • Everything about it was awesome!!!

    To sum it up, everything about it was awesome. I wasn\'t so pumped about the all-working-on-one-case thing because it wasn\'t high profile, but the specific details about relationships pulled me in. I am a very dedicated GSR fan and that was just the most interesting and fun episode for them yet. The last scene just through me for a loop. I just couldn\'t get over how flirty and beat-around the bush Sara and Grissom were. The writers did an awesome job of writing the interaction so that is leaves it open for the two part season finale. I have to say that that tops my list, for GSR, along with Butterflied (which is the best CSI episode of all time in my opinion).

    After viewing this episode and seeing what the writers did with these two characters, I have no doubt as to how exciting, clif-hanging and powerful the season finale(s) will be. Can\'t wait to see if the writers continue the Grissom/Sara relationship and the rumors about Brass.
  • They really messed with my mind here :)

    I have to admit: In between the episode I got really bored.
    It was a pretty good start though, picking up the evidence, trying to puzzle out what and how could have actually happened to that poor guy.
    But I still feel uncomfortable with the concept of letting 6 CSIs 1 captain and 1 detective working on one case. It wasn\'t even high profile.

    But I am always the first to complain, if I don\'t get to see one of them, so I pay the price. I liked the interaction very much, i.e. Superdave and Warrick arguing about who takes the whiff, Hodges kind of heating up the air with Catherine, Archie with his back asleep, Brass and his \"Don\'t tell me nothing\"-attitude, Greg fantazising about his birthday surprise.
    In fact all in all I really had fun watching the episode.
    And it was all so tinted in blue light again :)

    But in the end they left me speechless.
    This is due to my infatuation for the dynamics between Grissom and Sara. I got plain nervous when they interviewed Capriece, all the looks they exchanged. I was like \"Did I miss something profound?\"
    And what a scene to end the episode. They exchanged some really double meaning look there. And all those allusions in between, OMG, are they messing with the minds of the GSR-shippers, or did they finally give in and go for it?
  • Why I watch the show!

    Grissom is the reason that holds the show together IMO
    He is the glue to the show and if he left the show
    IMO, the show wouldn't be the same without him as it
    Shows the crimes from his point of view and how well he works with his crew as he is firm but also tries to be a father figure to the younger crew!
    Again well done work by Gill and his portrayal, William Peterson!
  • So what's your fantasy?

    Tonight's show opens with a man driving a red Ferrari. He's got a blonde woman sitting next to him, feeling up his thigh. They arrive at a hotel and he pays a valet $100 to park it. Inside, the two of them are seen kissing and going into a room and closing the door behind them.

    We cut to David Phillips examining the man's body. Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows approach them, while David and Jim Brass brief them on the victim. He's been dead two to three hours according to the man's liver temperature. Catherine examines the body and notices marks on his knuckles, indicating he put up quite a fight just before being killed. The only ID on the victim is a Palermo hotel key (credit card style). He's also got nice clothing, but there seems to be transfer from something white. It looks like chalk which he may have wiped on his pants.

    After the credits, we join Catherine and Grissom as they process the scene. They find white paint, similar to that which was found on the victim's clothes. Catherine wanders around in hopes of finding the source of the wet paint and finds a hallway to a building which was freshly painted. She photographs portions of it, including a portion of the wall where it appears that some rubbed up against it, creating a streak. She follows the wall and finds herself inside of the casino.

    A short time later, we join Catherine, Nick Stokes, and the hotel manager, who lets them into a room rented by a Jeffrey Powell. Inside, Nick and Catherine take photographs of the scene. Nick finds a How-To type of book for blackjack as well as a pair of wine/champagne glasses, while Catherine finds a long blonde hair in the bed. Nick opens a drawer up and finds a small baggie containing a white powder. Catherine comes across an article of clothing with the label "Sasan", which is very expensive, worth much more than the old pair of jeans Nick found in the room. Catherine also notices a blue powder near the pockets, but she's not sure what it is. She comes across a man's wallet and tosses it to Nick, who opens it to find a California Drivers License for Jeffrey Powell. Also inside, Nick finds the corporate credit card Jeffrey used to reserve the room, as well as an Amateur Speedway Association card. It seems Jeffrey liked fast cars. The set of keys in the room indicate Jeffrey actually drove a Toyota, however. Oddly, Nick isn't able to find any cash in the wallet. Nick theorizes he was a kid from out of town who hit a lucky streak, making himself an attractive mark for the blonde.

    In the morgue, we find David removing Jeffrey's clothing, while Warrick photographs the body. They notice Jeffrey's boxers have a stain on the front and have a little argument over who gets to smell it. Warrick gets the task and reveals it's red wine. The stain isn't also on his pants or his shirt, which means he must have changed afterwards. Warrick finds an "inspected by" tag inside one of the pockets to the pants, which tells him they're brand new. Warrick also notices a callus on Jeffrey's hand so he photographs it.

    In the lab, Archie and Nick are looking at some security camera footage. They're trying to track Jeff's moves throughout the hotel/casino. Archie's been able to find most of Jeff's movement, but he loses him in the casino crowd for a while. He and Nick focus on a bag a woman is carrying from a store. It says "Sasan" on the bottom. It's the same brand of clothing Jeff had been wearing. Archie checks the floor plans of the casino and comes across a Sasan Boutique. Nick leaves after getting a few print-outs of the security camera footage.

    At the Sasan Boutique, Nick interviews one of the employees. He asks her about working last night. She says she did work that night, but doesn't recognize Jeff in the photo Nick brought along. Nick shows her the expensive jacket Jeff had and she recognizes it as it's a new product. She asks for the photo again and she's able to recollect Jeff being in there. She tells Nick that Jeff paid with cash, no credit card.

    Back in the lab, Dr. Robbins examines Jeff's body under UV light and takes photographs. He tells Catherine about his findings. Several bones in Jeff's neck had been broken from an object with a very defined edge.

    Outside of the hotel/casino, Greg Sanders and Sara Sidle interview one of the valet parking attendants. He tells them that he was very careful with Jeff's car since he gave him a $100 to watch it. He mentions the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off and the fact that he had imagined himself acting like the parking attendant to took off with Ferris' Porsche and went joy riding. He assures Greg and Sara that he wouldn't actually do something like that, of course. The attendant then mentions the car was scratched when Jeff and his blonde friend brought it back. It had a dent and a series of scratches, which make it look like they hit something.

    Back in the lab, David Hodges tells Catherine about the blue powder she noticed near the pocket of Jeff's jacket. It's from the chalk you use when playing pool (billiards). The callus Warrick found fits in perfectly here, making it sound like Jeff liked to play a lot of pool.

    We cut to Brass and Catherine who enter a high-class pool hall. They stop and watch as they see one man take money won from a pool game and give some of it to the owner of the establishment, a clear violation of the law. Catherine and Brass make their way over to the owner and question him about seeing Jeff or the blonde in there. He claims he's never seen them because it's so dark in there. They then bring up the issue of the house taking a cut of the winnings. This is illegal to do without a gaming license. The owner says that's not happening here. Brass knows otherwise and offers to ask everyone in there if the house is getting a cut. The owner wises up and asks to see the photo again. He says he's never seen the guy (Jeff) but the woman is a regular and her name is Heidi. Unfortunately, he's not sure where to find her. Brass thinks he knows how it works and asks the owner to call Heidi and tell her there's a distinguished gentleman here with a wad of cash and is looking for some action. Seeing no way out of this, the owner goes along with it. He calls Heidi and she stops by shortly thereafter. Brass approaches her and asks her if she knows the man in the picture, Jeff. She seems surprised when Brass tells her that Jeff is dead now.

    Down at the station, Brass interrogates Heidi Wolff. She admits she spent the night with him, but he was alive when he left her. It seems Jeff was more interested in a long-term relationship with her, so when he left for a bit, she decided to take off. Heidi's not in trouble for having sex with Jeff or winning some money from pool; the issue here is the fact that she's believed to have given Jeff drugs. She tells Brass that Jeff was a really nice guy but she didn't have anything to do with his death.

    We cut to Sofia and Greg as they enter a dealership for exotic cars. The car Jeff was driving is said to have been rented from this location. Sofia asks for the red Ferrari Spyder, but the manager tells her he won't have it ready for a day or so because of the minor fender bender. Sofia isn't interested in renting it of course, she just wants to process it for any evidence.

    Outside, Greg and Sofia find some minor damage to the rear of the car. It looks like a car hit the back of the Ferrari. Greg takes a few photographs of the rear of the car while Sofia walks around to the front and finds a large dent to the front bumper. The manager admits the damage is expensive, costing him $15,000 to repair. When asked for the name of the renter, the manage tells Sofia that information is kept confidential.

    Back at the lab, Hodges is running tests on the paint sample Greg brought back for him.

    In the hallway, Greg tells Grissom that the tests Hodges worked on confirmed the paint transfer onto the Ferrari is a black acrylic enamel. While that doesn't narrow it down very much, Greg says there were other trace elements in the paint and have been able to narrow the search down to a black Corvette. Grissom tells Greg he'll ask Brass to put out a broadcast for such a vehicle. He then mentions Nick ran Jeff's credit card. The corporate credit card he used is for a company run by Mick Sherridan and he'll be meeting him at the police department. It seems Mick is a big movie producer, one of Greg's favorites.

    Down at the PD, Grissom and Brass interview Mick Sherridan about Jeff. Mick seems very upset about Jeff's death. When shown a photograph of Jeff and Heidi together, Mick tells Grissom that he doesn't recognize Heidi. Jeff was an assistant for Mick, trying to make his way up through the business. The reason Jeff was in Las Vegas was he was on vacation. He noticed a clause in Mick's divorce papers which his wife's lawyers rephrased and his own lawyers missed. Mick says that since Jeff noticed it, it saved him over a million dollars. He rewarded Jeff by giving him a few hundred dollars and the corporate credit card and told him to go have some fun.

    Back to the lab, we find Greg and Sara processing a black Corvette. It seems Brass' broadcast paid off for them. It was found abandoned somewhere between the pool hall and The Palermo. There is a lot of damage to the car. Sara doesn't think it would have been possible to drive away in it. Greg finds red paint transfer on the rear bumper. He plans to send a sample to Hodges to compare it to the red paint from the Ferrari Spyder. While searching the interior, Sara finds a rental slip for the car. It doesn't belong to the same rental company as the Ferrari. The renter's name is Randy Bolen, a local.

    In the interrogation room, Sofia questions Randy Bolen. She begins by reading Randy's police record. It seems Randy has been on the wrong side of the law a number of times. She then asks about the bruise on his forehead. He admits to a little fender bender. Sofia asks him why he rents the car since he's a local. Randy doesn't seem to have the money to own one so he just rents it when he can afford to. Randy then tells Sofia he played pool that night. It seems he lost $10,000 to Jeff just from playing pool. The fact that Randy lost that much money to the same people who were in the car he got into a fender bender with doesn't make Randy look so good. He's looking like a pretty sore loser, out for a little revenge. Randy admits to "rubbing" his car a little but not killing him. He asks for a lawyer at that point.

    In the hallway, Sofia tells Nick that according to Randy's sheet, he used to be a professional stunt driver. Nick joins Archie in the lab for an update on the security camera footage. Archie was able to find the first time Jeff and Heidi met, at the bar. She got Jeff distracted and purposely spilled red wine on him. A closer examination of her purse reveals she had plenty of money, so it seems she wasn't after his money.

    Elsewhere in the lab, Sara visits Catherine in her office. Jeff wasn't the one who rented the Ferrari, Heidi did. The rental was held by a company called Caprice Unlimited, which also rented Randy Bolen's Corvette. Sara hasn't been able to find much more on the company because they're unlisted. Catherine does a search on the Internet and comes up with a website with practically no information except for a phone number. She gives it a call and isn't able to get any further than a voice mail. Since they're not taking any calls, Sara wonders if they're making any. Sara puts the cell number (702-555-0104) into a "cellular frequency locator" tool she has and is able to come up with a most recent location, 20511 Farnum Road.

    Sara and Grissom decide to stop by the address Sara found. As they enter, they're greeted with a lot of vegetation and a pond. It's got a very Japanese feel to it. They meet the owner, Anthony Caprice, who seems to be in the business of making someone's fantasy come true. Before leaving, Sara and Grissom are able to get a print-out of the evening Mr. Caprice had planned for Jeffrey Powell. The murder certainly wasn't in the script.

    We now join Mick and Brass speaking in the hallway to the police station. Mick's hoping Brass has learned something new about Jeff's night. They go into the interrogation room where Brass is quite upfront about his belief that the vacation in Vegas was about shutting Jeff up. Mick seems to have a history of assistants and drug problems. The fact that Jeff had cocaine in his room is an interesting coincidence.

    In the lab, Sara goes over the plan Anthony Caprice had made up for Heidi and Jeff. It seems to begin with Randy and Heidi renting a car. Randy is supposed to drive to the Cue-T and wait. Heidi is supposed to take the Ferrari and meet Jeff at the Palermo bar. She was supposed to make up a story about an abusive high-roller boyfriend. The spilling of the drink was supposed to make Jeff buy a whole new set of clothes which he couldn't afford, but Heidi could. The pool game, the car chase, and the party in his hotel room were also all in the fantasy. The sex, on the other hand, was not in the scripted fantasy; that was entirely up to Heidi. Nick doesn't quite understand why Jeff would have left Heidi... a night like that any guy would have felt like Superman.

    Grissom joins Archie in the lab and they go over the timeline. They find that Jeff walked over to the Baccarat table where Heidi came from earlier. Jeff really verbally goes after one man who seems quite wealthy, playing over $20,000 a hand against the dealer. Grissom checks the script and wonders if Heidi went beyond making up a story about an abusive boyfriend and actually picked someone out. After Jeff had yelled at the man at the Baccarat table, he left, followed by two men who Archie recognizes from another piece of video. They followed Jeff later in the night as he went to the arcade. Jeff was found dead outside of the arcade.

    Catherine, Grissom, and Sofia enter the casino followed by a couple of uniformed officers. They know that anytime $10,000 hits the table, the security needs to ID the player. They're planning on asking about the identity of the man who Jeff yelled at while at the Baccarat table. Our mystery abusive boyfriend is ID'd as Dennis Kim by the floor manager, and just our luck, he's at a reserved table. They pay him a visit and asks if he knows Jeff. He admits to remembering Jeff. Catherine notices white paint on the shoes of Mr. Kim's security guards and asks for their shoes. Mr. Kim orders them to give their shoes to the CSIs.

    Back at the lab, Catherine examines the shoes from the security guards and she's able to compare the shoe print to the mark from Jeff's neck. High on the drugs, Jeff likely took a swing at one of the guards after they tossed him out on the loading dock. They believe one of them kicked Jeff right in the neck, sending him off of the loading dock, crashing into the pavement a few feet below. Nick joins the other CSIs in a room and tells them he knows why Jeff left Heidi that night. He went downstairs and bought an expensive bracelet, using up the entire $10,000 he won from the game of pool.

    Tonight's episode was very good, I have to admit. The mystery was fairly good and there was a lot of hints and teasing about Sara and Grissom having a relationship. I know a lot of those fans will like this episode for that reason as this episode was all about fantasy.
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! GSR ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This episode really says why I watch the series. I was laughing and jumping around like a lunatic during this whole episode. I have been waiting for more of the GSR Fluff that they have been hinting about all season. "Some men are afraid of beauty" saying this looking directly at Sara, her baffled and confused look afterwards. The cute little scene at the end with the flirtatious smiling. Ahhhhhhh you gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! The episode itself was also very good, but then again, it IS CSI. I was just jumping up-and-down in my seat during the last half hour; taking in all the GSR and mostly waiting for the episodes for next week. I’m just SOOOOO glad that I now know that Warrick is not going to be the one to die. It just can’t be Grissom, Sara, Catherine, or Warrick..... or Greg either now that I think about it. I would be SOOOOOO sad if it was Nick who dies. Thats why I hope it is Brass who dies, it will be sad, but at least it will not be Grissom, Sara, Catherine, Warrick, Greg, or Nick.

    Oh my goodnesss, GSR overload! The whole "Don't confuse fantasy with reality", and "May all your dreams come true", I think some fantasies are best kept private" and the flirty smile at the end!!! As many people know, I was literally shaking with the excitement!

    I enjoyed the episode for the plot, too. I didn't suspect the bodygaurds until right after I noticed the paint on one's shoe. Heck, they didn't even appear until the last 10 minutes of the episode.

    I can't wait to watch this one in the reruns. I think it's the most GSRy episode, right after Butterflied. :D

  • Been waiting for an episode like this

    The case wasn\'t necessarily that important for me in this ep. What I was really looking for was the GSR and yes I am a GSR shipper.

    I had read many spoilers about this episode but I never thought that it would be this great (GSR wise i mean. i know not everyone likes this ship but oh well)

    Anyways i thought that although there wasnt much said about their relationship, the looks thrown between both Grissom and Sara tended to say alot. No dialogue neede when an action can say it all.

    In my opinion, I think the writers are trying to set up the groundwork for possible GSR for the last 2 episodes. I\'m not really caring much for what the cases are about. I\'m more interested in where Grissom\'s and Sara\'s relationship is going to end up.
  • What?!?! This crap is part of the finale??!!?

    Time of Your Death was preceded by cleverly written Rashomama so I was expecting a better episode than the latter. However, Time of Your Death proved to be an episode unworthy to be part of the finale. The case plot was downright predictable and boring. They could\'ve put an air of mystery to Caprice\'s character, since he was supposed to be in an unconventional business, and he can see thru people. However, Caprice was portrayed as loud as a car salesman or a broker. And the directing was bad too, specially the lingering shots on the faces of the actors. Dean White is a newbie CSI director, and he shouldn\'t have been given the directorial job for a finale episode yet. The case plot was crappy, the characterization was out of tune, and the direction and editing was bad.. no wonder this episode didn\'t do well in the TV ratings. This episode was one of the lowest rated episodes of Season 6. Those viewers who switched channels have exquisite tastes and they were lucky because they saved themselves from boredom and nausea.
  • A staged fantasy deal paid by the boss got him killed

    Even before watching this episode, I particularly had big expectations for it because I heard there were some Korean actors in the story. (I'm a Korean and after seeing the episode, I was kinda disappointed at the fact that they were portrayed as gang members, who killed the victim at the end. BUT, whatever, who cares? I enjoyed the storyline.)

    Anyway, it was very interesting to see how they performed their investigation to find out who'd killed the victim and why. And there are also many humorous moments, which is why I like the LV series better than the Miami. (I think the actors, especially Horatio, in the Miami series usually take themselves too seriously. I've never seen them joke.)

    One more point that I can't miss out of my review is the romance between Grissom and Sara, which is called 'GSR.' Seems like Grissom's long-term attention and affection toward Sara have finally paid off. The best part of their romance in this episode was the last scene where they gazed adoringly at each other.
  • A murder with an interesting twist.

    This episode was fairly good I thought. Althought there was not a lot of hype to it, the writers did a great job of making it interesting. I did not think any of us were expecting all of the events to be planned out and staged so well. I think that if you were not paying attention to the episode you could have easily gotten lost. The ordeal with the bodyguards could have been more direct in my opinion. Rashomama beat out Time of your Death by a big shot. I loved Rashomama. I thought season 6 has been pretty darn good and they are lucky that the season is ending on such a spectacular finale.
  • who did not do it?

    Defenitely one of the better episodes i have seen in this season. Oddly enough Judd presence was not as great as i would have expected it to be from such a star. His acting and the role he played, he seemd fake in many ways. Now, if he played that director to be this way, then he was great, but the story did not drag that out in another way then just a little innuendo.

    The story is pretty solid and the clues to this are almost perfect. bodyguards would have cleaned their shoes to be spotless, at least for a boss of this magnitude. Other then that it was another fine steeple chase to get the bad guy(s). The footbal players death was good, but not great.
  • Well, well, well.

    I must admit that the look at the end shocked me slightly. Not that is wasn't a pleasant shock, it was one of the most beautiful moments that Grissom and Sara ever shared. Oh yeah, the rest of the episode was pretty good too...

    ...I liked Caprice; he was a pretty interesting character. I was a huge fan of "and may all you're dreams come true" as well. The look on Grissom's face was quite priceless throughout that entire scene and when Caprice said that it was another grande moment for CSI history. It was cool how Grissom and Sara were wearing complimenting colors in that scene, another one of the simple touches that made the episode so great.

    Now I could probably go on and on about the end scene but I won't. All I really need to say about it is that it was Grissom's subtle way of offering sex to Sara on the table. I think some lab techs may of had to avert their eyes as the walked by.
  • great episode

    the most intriging of this episode and the hole series is that makes us see how difficult and intresting at the same time the work of the csi is. In this episode we see how clues and high tech help once again the csi team resolve the murder in the hotel. What i also loke is how the writers and directos have two or three stories in an episode with some high quality details on each
  • And then there was that "look"

    Finally some GSR!!! I've been a huge fan of this show and even though it's the show i like, i've always wanted 2 certain couples to end up together and from this episode it seems that one couple seems to be going in the direction of actually having a relationship.

    As for the episode, I didn't pay much attention at first, but I enjoyed it still even though I had hoped there would have been more Grissom/Sara romance. Well now if Catherine and Warrick would end up together then we can call it a day! Probably wishful thinking, but I like happy endings.. even if it's in a fantasy :)
  • Whoa! Grissom looks hot in a leather jacket and skis. Yes it was that bad.

    CBS has decided that they want to cancel their cash cow, only they do not want to tell the viewers outright. Seriously. That is the only explanation for this awkward episode. From the writing to the directing to the acting to the editing this episode missed the mark by a long shot. The case disappeared about halfway through (was there a resolution?) only to be replaced by awkward glances and bad innuendo that failed to excite the viewer (unless you count upset stomach as excitement). It takes a rather horrible episode for me to openly criticize William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger as performers but with this episode I am. The interaction between their characters seemed forced, as if they were told \"do not react to each other.\" Even worse was the interaction between Petersen and Fox as they attempted to give each other \"knowing looks.\" The only knowing look viewers saw was a great show going down the drain. The character of Caprice was worse than a cheap used car dealer/timeshare spokesperson/cheesy real estate saleman rolled into one. If this guy was supposed to be so insightful why on earth did he not see the outcome of his customer\'s fantasy? (Yes, I know he was murdered but how and why? I seriously lost interest).

    If this is the direction that CSI is heading in I can completely understand why the original producers are moving on to other projects.
  • Our fantasy has finally become a reality!!!!!

    OMG!!! FINALLY!!! The moment we've all been waiting for!!!

    This episode was totally amazing GSR wise, but plot wise Rashomama was much better. There was so much GSR in this episode,I think I lost count of all the moments.

    First the case. It wasn't really that interesting even a little boring. Guest star Julie Benz was cool though (you gotta love Darla from Angel) I kept expecting her to turn into a vampire. LOL. Great twist at the end though, I didn't see it comming.

    There were some pretty funny moments in this episode. I loved Cath & Hodges that was truly funny how he was trying to make what he was saying sound dirty. I could swear he was trying to flirt with her.

    Now Archie was hilarious. I was ROTFLMAO! The way he was wiggling his butt "I've been lookin' at video three days solid now. My butt fell asleep." That look Grissom gave him was priceless. or when Grissom says "Call me Ishmail" and Archie has this WTF look...he really is a computer nerd.

    And you can't forget the moment when Greggo was telling Grissom about his childhood & playing with tin foil. Grissom: "And stay away from my tinfoil." LMAO!

    Now back to the best moments in this episode, the GSR. Grissom could not take his eyes off Sara the entire time they were together, it was just amazing. Even Caprice could see it. "Oh, And may all *your* dreams come true"

    I loved how Grissom just kept looking at Sara, even though Nick & Cath were in the same room it was as if they were alone. And then there was the obvious flirting between the two of them in the presence of Cath & Greg (I was surprised eyebrows weren't raised) Sara: "Greg, don't you have a birthday coming up?" That was directed at Grissom & not Greg, just like the grey hair comment. I love how Grissom playfully smiled at her after she said that.

    And last BUT NOT least, the look they shared at the end when they were finally alone. Sara smiling at Grissom & then the look he gave her glancing (sugestivly?) down at the table then back up at her again, now that definately proves he's in love with her and that he FINALLY knows what to do about "this". There was so much GSR right then & there.

    That was the best ending ever.
  • A man is murdered after having the time of his life. At least he died happy.

    First of all, that was one smokin\' car.

    I thought it was a little so-so at first, but having watched CSI since it first aired, I knew they were going twist the story in a completely different direction, you have to really hang on tight to be able to follow.

    It just goes to show that no matter how scripted something is or how meticulously we plan things, something will always throw a wrench in the works. I liked how they had the whole thing turned out to be some fantasy-to-reality thing, that really made my head spin. I gotta admit, though - If I could have a fantasy turned into a reality, I\'d die happy (of natural causes, of course).
  • An ordinary case with unordinary circumstances...And a ton of Gil/Sara foreshadowing???

    The case itself wasn't that interesting. Rather, it was the series of events planned beforehand which resulted in the victim's death that was the interesting part of this episode. The whole concept of a company that makes an individual's dreams come true is intreging. It would have made for a much better episode if this concept was explored. It could be said that the best episodes in the show's history are the ones in which a subculture which is considered to deviate from our norms is explored, like "A Little Murder", "Slaves of Las Vegas", or "Fur and Loathing". What shocks us seems to always entertain us.

    Ou est Warrick? Warrick n'est pas ici. This shortage of Warrick should probably mean that he features heavily in the next couple of episodes. I hope.

    Oh yes. In this episode there seemed to be a vague hint (alright, they pretty much bashed the viewer over the head with it) of a Gil/Sara relationship in the near future. All I have to say is that the show better not screw up how they handle this as some viewers have been waiting six years for this to happen.
  • When Jeffery, a lucky gambler winds up dead, surrounded in wet paint and covered in red wine, the team must investigate how he got there and why.

    While quickly winding down to the end of the amazing sixth season, this installment of CSI does not disappoint.

    After having a lucky break at the gambling tables and a lucky fling with a pretty blond (Julie Benz of Angel fame), it is not surprising that the guy would wind up dead…Well, not surprising in the world of CSI.

    A $10,000 bet over a pool game, a car chase between a Ferrari and Corvette, and a supposedly mourning manager may seem like enough of a plot to keep the average CSI fan going – and normally it would. But of course, CSI will never stick to what is expected, and before too long, we find that the entire evening, with the exception of Jeffery’s death, was scripted – down to the letter. Heidi meeting the boy, the car chase, the pool bet…everything – all the while being unbeknownst to Jeff (the entire evening was set up by the aforementioned manager as a thank you for Jeff’s supplying him with drugs). Caprice Unlimited, the company behind it all, promises to make anything possible, but I doubt death would have been what Jeffery had in mind.

    In the script, Jeff “was the winner of everything he tried,” so when Heidi told him her “high-roller boyfriend” was abusive, Jeff decided to be the romantic hero and confront the bad boyfriend. That bad boyfriend being an extreme gambler, with bodyguards to match, one of which just so happened to have paint on his shoe…Yes, the poor boy who was only trying to do a good deed ends up dead for his efforts.

    Overall, Time of Your Death wasn’t the best show in CSI history, but the ending moments, discussing romance and gifts did leave us with a bit of romantic longing in the eyes of Grissom and Sara alike. Foreshadowing maybe? A little GSR in the future? One can only hope. Until then, episodes like these will be more than enough to tide us over…
  • "May all your dreams come true." More fodder for the Grissom/Sara freaks. . .

    While this story line was not the most complicated, with only one story and no sub-plot, it had its pluses. The idea of a company entirely devoted to making and acting out fantasies is interesting. Isn't that what Las Vegas is all about? And isn't that what everyone wants -- the fantasy and adventure without the risk? Except in this case, the main player ends up dead. Julie Benz makes an appearence. She played in Buffy and Angel, and it is nice to see her again. It also has many suggestive Sara/Grissom moments. And you either hate that or love it. Me? I love it. And that eye-lock right before the credits? Wow.