CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 12 Episode 13

Tressed to Kill

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • Good ep

    It's a good one
  • DB and the team are on the trail of a serial killer with an apparent hair fettish and who also gives his victims a bizzare makeover.

    "Tressed to Kill" is an interesting episode and an entertaining one. However it is bogged down by the rather unneccesary scenes of team members standing in Catherine's now vacant office and wallowing in misery that she has left them. I felt those scenes slowed the pace of the episode down which hurt the episode. However this flaw is made up for with a well written story that did a very good job keeping my interest. William Ragsdale (I will always think of the original version of "Fright Night" when I see his face.) is good in his respective role. Overall "Tressed to Kill" worked, but it could have been better.
  • Nice episode, but had some flaws (I think)


    I liked the episode. Although I'm not a regular viewer (anymore). But episode and/ or series with serial killers draw my attention most of the time. So I had to watch this one too. On a side note, I'm waiting for squegel (or how you write it) to return, or did I miss it.

    First of all, I liked it, although it was very clear to me that the hairstylist wasn't the killer. But I didn't see that doctor coming.

    I liked the story they wrote except for one thing. The eye thing, I don't get it and how I see it, this was just to add some extra sickness in the killings. I mean, there was no real purpose. The first victim was dead before the eyes where removed, so what was the use. She couldn't identify him anymore.

    The other two victims was different but still no use. Because they were alive when he blinded them, so in case he couldn't finish them, they wouldn't be able to identify him later. But then again, it would be much easier to make yourself unrecognizable. And why blind them while the were still conscious, that is torture.

    That doesn't add up with the fact that he loves his mother and he put her out of her misery. And probably he has mental problems but not that big that this would come out. It doesn't make any sense.

    Only thing I can think of was that the mom had some type of cancer and it made her blind. But then I find it probably more annoying cause they could have wrote this in easily. But as far as I know we didn't get this explanation.

    So all in all, nice episode but had some flaws. I have to see I really do like Russell, he has something special I think.