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  • Season 13 Episode 15: Forget Me Not

  • Goof: When Stokes and Crawford confront Basderic in the parking garage, Stokes takes Basderic's pistol, removes the magazine and hands both to Crawford. Crawford puts the magazine in his pocket and holds the pistol in his hand. When they release Basderic, Crawford inserts the switched magazine with blank rounds into the pistol and hands it back to Basderic.

    Later, at his house, Basderic fires three rounds at Sidle. First problem is that when you remove a magazine from an automatic pistol, there is still one live round in the chamber and the first shot would have struck Sidle. Secondly, Basderic fires three quick rounds. Blank cartridges cannot generate the pressure needed to cycle the slide unless the weapon is fitted with a special device.

    The first live round would have ejected and activated the slide, but the second blank round would not making it impossible to fire another blank round.

  • Season 13 Episode 13: In Vino Veritas

  • Mac's appearance makes him the only CSI character other than Langston who went to the other cities.

  • Season 13 Episode 11: Dead Air

  • Goof: When the doc is swabbing the green paste in the wound during autopsy, there is already green on the swab as he brings it in to get the sample. While the same substance can be swabbed multiple times, the same swab would NOT be used twice. Evidence is immediately packaged after collection to prevent contamination.

  • Season 13 Episode 7: Fallen Angels

  • Warrick's headstone reads: OCT 10, 1971 - MAY 17, 2008, with his name WARRICK BROWN underneath, and the epitaph MAY HE REST IN PEACE below that.

  • Season 13 Episode 4: It Was a Very Good Year

  • Goof: This whole episode is based upon Las Vegas in the year 1966. When Lido Wright is explaining that he was there when Tommy Grazetti choked to death on food, he decided to assume his identity. He says did so because he had a low draft number for the Draft Lottery and was considering going to Canada to avoid the Vietnam Draft.

    The Selective Service did not begin using the Draft Lottery until 1969.

  • Season 13 Episode 2: Code Blue Plate Special

  • At the reconstruction of the shooting, Morgan Brody said there were 15 rounds. But when you count them all, I count 16. First 2 at Owen, then 1 miss and 2 at the "marine". 1 for the waitress. 2 on the old couple. 1 at thebus driver. Then 2 misses from the guy in witness protection. That guy was shot with 2 bullets. Then 2 in de killer and 1 in the waitress's head. Makes 16 in my opinion

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