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  • Season 6 Episode 24: Way To Go (2)

  • Sometime after witnessing his daughter, Ellie's lifestyle in the Season 5 ""Hollywood Brass", Brass decided to give power of attorney to Grissom.

  • Grissom and Brass have known each other since Brass arrived in Vegas but the two don't hang out together.

  • Brass is 55 years old.

  • Goof: When Jim Brass is in the hospital; the heart monitor/defibrillator reads and sounds the "rhythm" ASYSTOLE (which is flat line, no electrical activity in the heart). The nurses come in and deliver "SHOCKS". Asystole is a non shock-able rhythm in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS); it is a "paced" rhythm. Ventricular Fibrillation (V-Fib) and Ventricular Tachycardia (V-Tach) are your "shock-able rhythms.

  • Gil Grissom's cell phone number is 702- 555-0141.

  • In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, executive producer Carol Mendelsohn stated that the relationship between Grissom and Sara is "not so new". She also noted on that same interview that William Peterson was so excited about the bedroom scene that he insisted upon choosing his own shirt. He was also wearing that very same shirt on paparazzi pictures dating several months back.

  • Season 6 Episode 23: Bang-Bang (1)

  • Goof: When Captain Brass is shot you can see the squib light appear on his right side just before the "bullet hole" in his shirt.

    A squib is a small explosive device, which when detonated ,will simulate the effect of a bullet/puncture wound or small explosion

  • Brass: Single boy's the only smart one.

    This statement seems to be directed to Grissom, the only person in the room who hasn't (or isn't going to be, in David's case) married. This statement is a little ironic, since at the time of this episode Grissom isn't single. (The Grissom/Sara relationship isn't new as of the next episode, which is a continuation of this one.)

  • Grissom tells Doc. Robbins that he was nearly married to his second grade classmate Nicole Daley..

  • Doc Robbins' wife is named Judy. Robert David Hall's (plays Doc Robbins) real-life wife's first name is Judy.

  • Season 6 Episode 22: Time of Your Death

  • In this episode, Greg hints that Grissom should follow the movie producer's example and buy his employees fantasies in order to be a "very cool boss." Sara replies to this by noting that Greg has a birthday coming up. Greg's birthday is noted to be May 5th, the day after the episode first aired.

  • The email address Catherine uses when logged into the search engine, when searching for "Caprice Unlimited" is 1140apt6@gmail.com.

  • Season 6 Episode 21: Rashomama

  • This episode states that Nick's private vehicle is a 'Ford Explorer' 2004 model.

  • Differences in the flashbacks:
    Sara: Has a pessimistic view.
    Nick: Hopeless Romantic.
    Grissom: Notices the ladybug (of course)
    Greg: Film Noir, an example of his continued interest in the Gangster Era.

  • Goof: When Undersheriff McKeen arrives at the diner where Nick's car was stolen, we see Nick take off his sunglasses and places them in his pocket. However, every time the camera zooms out on McKeen, we can see that Nick is still wearing the sunglasses.

  • Goof: While Catherine, Nick, Greg and Sara are watching the wedding toast, Diane Chase says, drunkenly, "Oh, I want to thank you all so much for coming. I love you, Adam." When they show Grissom the wedding toast, it ends with Diane Chase saying, "Thank you all for coming. I love you Adam," in a calmer way.

  • Greg's phone is set to play "Feel Like Makin Love" by Bad Company when it rings.

  • The locker room scene towards the end is Gary Dourdan's (Warrick Brown) only appearance in this episode.

  • In the lab Greg compares the arrowhead of the statue to the photo from the autopsy. During that whole scene the statue jumps back and forth from postions everytime the camera changes the angle.

  • Jorja Fox, like her character Sara, is a bit pessimistic when it comes to weddings. Says Fox: "I am not really acting in this episode, I just show up. Deep down inside, I think there is a romantic that lives inside Sara, but I think she thinks that a lot of people get married for the wrong reason and the wrong way and this wedding is a good example."

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