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  • Season 11 Episode 1: Shock Waves

  • Goof: When Greg gets the SIM-card from Sara he puts it in a card reader with the chip up and only halfway in. The chip is not making contact with any of the electronics in the card reader and it wouldn't be possible to read it.

  • Season 10 Episode 19: World's End

  • Ray is shown photographing Trevor's body after it has been stripped down to its underwear. While photographing a body is of normal autopsy procedure, the process shown in this episode isn't completely accurate as Trevor's body would have to be completely naked at this point, not with underwear on.

  • Lindsey attends Jefferson High School.

  • Season 10 Episode 18: Field Mice

  • Hodges: Mea culpa.

    Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that translates into English as my fault, or my own fault.

  • The title of this episode is a play on words and is contrasted with the season seven episode, Lab Rats. In the prior episode, we see Wendy and Hodges (and the rest of their team) in the lab, and in this episode, it looks like they will be out in the field.

  • Season 10 Episode 17: Irradiator

  • Goof: Nick requests back-up with his radio using the call sign Charlie-03-Stokes. Nick's actual call sign is Charlie-05-Stokes.

  • The house in this episode is the same one as in "Post Mortem". A miniature killer episode where an elderly woman is poisoned and falls through a window.

  • Season 10 Episode 15: Neverland

  • Goof: When George opens the truck, Sara is wearing her glove, but in another shot at the same time, we see that she already wore the glove.

  • At the end of the episode Nick is shown watching a video on the boys Ipod Nano; but there are no headphones and Ipod Nano's don't play audio on speaker so Nick would not have been able to hear the sound.

  • Season 10 Episode 14: Unshockable

  • Goof: When Langston finds the CIA agent's watch, the camera pans in on the face of the watch, which clearly says "Kampfflieger" in German. But Langston says "Kampfgeschwade" or something like that. First, it should be "Kampfgeschwader", which means bomber squadron or flight squadron. The real word on the watch "Kampfflieger", means fighter pilot. Silly.

  • Goof: Jay is right-handed - the CSI shot shows the current travelling down his right arm through the fingers he is using to pluck the strings of the bass guitar. This is backed up in the hospital, where he shows the fingers of his right hand and the tips of them are burned. However, when the CSIs go to collect the bass from the fan girl, the burned skin on the strings is up on the fret bar, where his left hand would have been.

  • Contrary to what is said in this episode, Consular employees and officers do NOT have diplomatic immunity.

  • Season 10 Episode 13: Internal Combustion

  • Brass has an iPhone.

  • Season 10 Episode 12: Long Ball

  • Goof: When Langston is talking to Dudek at the driving range, you can see the bounce sheets used to reflect light onto the actors in the reflection of Langston's glasses.

  • Season 10 Episode 11: Sin City Blue

  • Goof: As the toilet drain pipe in the hotel was being cut, sparks were seen shooting from the circular blade, indicating that the pipe was made of metal. All plumbing drain pipes in modern buildings are made of PVC, not metal.

  • Goof: In the scene were Catherine places the test print on Karen Jones' body, you can see her breathe.

  • Goof: In the opening scene where the National Park Service Rangers chase the pickup in the desert, their "Code 3" lights are yellow. All law enforcement agencies, including the NPS, use red or red and blue lights in combination.

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Appendicitement

  • In this episode, when Brass and Langston find a man in front of a TV, Brass mentions that the guy is crazy about true crime tv-series. On the screen, a list of fictive series is shown. However on the right side of the screen are a list of episode titles. Blood Drops refer to CSI se01ep07. I-15 Killers refer to I-15 Murders se01ep11. Stalker to Killer could refer to the episode where Nick is being stalked and the title Murder of the Co-ed, is almost the same phrase as in the IMDB description of Good Bye and Good Luck, se08ep09.

  • A glaring mistake was made in regard to the explosion that killed the cook and propelled him through the window. The cause was explained as ethylene gas having built up at the bottom of the tank and then being set off by a gunshot. In actual fact, ethylene gas is lighter than air (density of 0.97 compared to air with a density of 1.0), indeed the only anesthetic gas that is lighter than air, and therefore it would NOT build up at the bottom of the tank. In fact, it would rise to the top of the tank and build up there if the tank is closed on top. That property, added to the fact that ethylene is so highly explosive over a wide range of mixtures in both air and oxygen and also the fact that its onion like odor is reasonably objectionable led to its discontinuation as a viable anesthetic agent as soon as cyclopropane became available.

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Lover's Lanes

  • Goof: At the beginning when they show the bowling score between Chatts and Cigs, there are a couple of errors in Cigs' score. Additionally, the announcer's words and score don't match.

    1) Frame 8: Shows a score of 217, but as frame 8 is a strike, no one can compute the score till the first ball of frame 10, which has yet to occur (currently blank). The score is 217, which means the first ball of frame 10 must be an 8.

    2) Frame 9: Shows a score of 237, but as the frame is another strike, its score isn't computable till the second ball of frame 10. (Frame 10 is completely blank at this point.)

    As the score of frame 8 is 217 and the score of frame 9 is 237, this means the first ball of frame 10 will be an 8. The player will pick up the spare, and a third (and last ball of frame 10) will be necessary.

    3) The announcer keeps talking about the possibility that Chatts can win, which he can't based upon the displayed score. The best Chatts can hope for is a tie, which will only happen should Cigs gutter the last ball of frame 10. The audio track and displayed score don't match. The score is an Anachronism to the action and announcer.

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