CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 16

Turn, Turn, Turn

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2009 on CBS

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  • Taylor did some great acting just with her body movements and emotions. Nick was amazing. His emotional break down at the end made you feel his pain. The story is actually three different story lines blended together and centering at a hotel.

    Taylor Swift and George Eads give great performances. You can feel the emotions pouring from them both. It was very unique to do the three stories this way. The storyline seemed a little light at first until you tie it all together. Then it makes it pretty good. The music for the episode was great. It was really great to hear Taylor Swifts new song. And it tied into the episode pretty good. All the music put real emphasize on the emotion this episode provides. To be honest it was a little confusing at first. But the writers did a good job. Enjoyed this episode.
  • It doesn't live up to the hype. There's a bizarre mix of too much emotion and too little, and all in all, it's just dull.

    For me, this episode was just too vague. The idea is very good; Nick flashes back to three separate cases at the same motel, involving the same girl, who eventually becomes a murder suspect.

    Given the fact that Nick was shown to be very emotionally involved in the story, I was waiting for some reason. For the first twenty minutes, all we got was a pretty much one-way conversation about science that didn't go anywhere. In the second case, she gives a random one-liner that is standard for teenagers ("My life is over!") and stalks away, with no more explanation. After that, she's dead.

    So far, it seems to me that Nick's becoming a bit of a pedophile with the creepy looks, but that doesn't seem like a great plot.

    Not to mention, the crime aspects of the episode weren't that great, either. The first case was introduced and solved in the blink of an eye, and had absolutely no relation to the rest of the episode. It's only use was to introduce the family, and a simple suicide might have done much better. The other cases, the one that matter, could have been given more consequence.

    Frankly, all the emotions are baseless. The mother isn't psychotic enough, the girl isn't interesting enough, Nick isn't involved until the last three minutes, and Ray's concern was overdone. What happened to the wisecracks and character connections of CSI in its prime? Frankly, my two favorite moments were Greg talking to Nick at the first crime, and Riley mixing up her words with the horny couple. The rest of it was just... off.
  • Nick centric...AMAZING!!

    I have to confess that Nick is and has always been my favorite character of this show, and I really felt like he deserved more screentime. This chapter just shows how great he is. I liked that cases were connected and that the first one just make him met the girl. Really touchy chapter with a great acting from everyone especially from George Eads. The first murder was a quite funny one, I laughed when in the second murder Riley tries to sya right crime lab but needs 3 tries to do it... Last scene with Ray trying to explain Nick how he feels and why is so important was just great. Really good chapter!:)
    Happy birthday, NICK!
  • Absolutely Amazingly PERFECT!!!!

    I absolutely loved this episode! This was an incredible script and the preview were right on the money. It's Exactly why I watch this show. I thought Taylor Swift, despite not having a lot of dialogue, gave an definite presence throughtout the episode. I loved how we started the epsiode in the present then goes back a year to Nick's introduction to Haley then back to the present. It was very creative having Nick looked into all three murders. The heart and soul of the episode was Nick's final interview with Haley's mom then his conversation with Ray afterwards. It ws emotional and dramatic. You felt the impact this case had on Nick. This was a wonderful way showcase what an talent CSI has in actor George Eads.
  • Taylor Swift is a great guest star in this beautifully Nick centered episode!!

    I loved this episode so much! It was definatley one of my favorites in a long time! Taylor Swift did an amazing job! It was a great character episode for Nick he really showed his vulnerbility. You could feel his anguish & it just made me love him even more, if that is possible! I liked how the episode had flashbacks that supported the characters development. The special effects in this episode were pretty cool. I like how they used Nicks sunglasses for some of them. Bottom line this was a seriously great episode & I loved it & CSI!
  • I actually enjoyed this episode

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. We open this episode, with Nick being presented with a cake, for his birthday. Just as they are about to cut the cake, they get a call out and Nick takes the call. The victim is a 16 year old girl, whose parents owned the motel where she lived/where she was killed/where she was found. We then learn that Nick knew her. He met her over a year ago, at a crime scene, at the motel. We then jump back to the previous year, on Nick's birthday when he was investigating a murder. Which soon turns out to be a double death and possible double murder. Soon through investigating we learn that both deaths were caused by accident. We then jump to the present day. But soon we jump back another few months to solve yet another death which has happened in the motel. And by this time I'm thinking, I don't think I'll ever stay in a motel and especially not this one. We then jump again to the present day in order to solve the death of the owner daughter. The team soon learn that Haley (the now dead daughter) was adopted and that her birth mother died at the motel a couple of months before. We soon learn that their other daughter was with the birth mother when she died. She went to juvenile detention centre and when she found out she was pregnant she wants to give them her baby as an amends for the death of their 1st born daughter. Soon the evidence points towards the mother (adoptive) that accidentally killed her daughter, with a pair of scissors. We also learn that she killed Hayley's birth mother, after she came round demanding to see Hayley. She also confesses that she never wanted Hayley, as she saw her as the ghost of her mother's crime and the death of her own daughter, Melissa. At the end of the episode, everything becomes real for Nick and he starts to cry. About a death he may have been able to prevent.
  • nich investigates a murder at a familiar hotel.

    i hate when they make nick cry, cuz when nick cries, i cry.i've been waiting for a "nick-centric" episode ever sinse "grave danger parts 1 and 2", and the writers delivered. sweet episode. taylor swift did a great job, felt so sorry for her(before she died)with her wierd mother. cool how they tied all the stories together, giving both nick and haley a great backstory, nice to see nick interact with "not-dead-people" that arnt suspects or people he works with and the "relationship" he developed with haley. liked how haley's appearence changed from each time, how she grew darker and darker for each investigation.
  • Nick volunteers to investigate a 419 at the Park Pines Motel where he finds the victim is Haley Jones, the daughter of the manager and a friend of his, which sends him into a series of flashbacks before solving the case leaving him crushed with her death.

    This is by far the best episode of CSI. I'm not just saying that because Taylor Swift's in it. This episode, Turn Turn Turn, really is the best episode. The plot is very deep in this episode. It really hit a nerve for me. During the final scene where Nick talks to Ray about Haley's death, I cried right along with Nick. I will never know what triggered this reaction, but every time I watch, I just cry. I don't know why, but I feel the need to watch this very last scene over and over again, to burn it into my mind. While watching the episode, I have sympathy for both Nick and Haley. Both characters are developed so much through the flashbacks Nick has immediatly after discovering that Haley was dead. I feel horrible for him... I really do... But his pain makes this episode so real; it shows you something that you wouldn't normally see from Nick... This episode is truly great. I loved it.
  • Different, but it works.

    I just caught the rerun of this episode. It left some question marks the first time around, and I decided to watch it again and see if I can get my questions answered. This is one of my favorite episodes. Twist after twist, I didn't see most of it coming. I loved that it concentrated on one person in the team. In my opinion, they should do an episode like this for the remaining two original cast members – Catherine and Greg. I loved the Taylor Swift remix, it really suited the scene that it was played on the background.
  • The team investigates the death of a young girl at a motel where three deaths had occurred in the course of one year. Nick is stunned to see that the victim in the most recent death is somebody he became acquainted with during previous investigations.

    George Eads takes center stage for the first time since the two part fifth season finale in this well written and compelling episode of "CSI." Taylor Swift also does very well in her guest appearance here (unlike Sean Combs in his two appearances on "CSI: Miami"). Another thing that makes this episode work is how well it all comes together at the end. The episode comes to a plausible resolution which will probably get at the emotions of the viewer a little. Eads' final scene in the episode comes off as very genuine and not contrived. A very good episode.
  • Flashbacks construct a moving character driven story.

    A truly amazing episode. Personally I do not like giving out a score of ten, I gave this a 9.5, but for this episode I strongly debated doing it. The cleverly constructed story arc that is condensed all into one episode was powerful enough to make me forget the repeated use of flashbacks. Not that Flashbacks are terrible to use but can quickly become tiring if used repeatedly, happy that the writers did not let that happen.
    The Character development however is what really made me love this episode. Nick is an intriguing character but that is pushed into the background all too often. As for Laurence Fishburne not having a large part in this show give a great performance delivering the last line, which push this one over the top
  • Another example why this CSI beats all the other spinoffs, hands down.

    Even 9 seasons into it, CSI proves it has the power to outlast so many other shows. They are able to do something just a little different to keep the series interesting. And not resort to cheesy gimmicks to attempt to keep or attract viewers (see CSI:Miami).

    This was a very powerful episode. Showing the range of skill of Nick Stokes (George Eads), that hasn't been shown since 'Grave Danger'. It was about time he got an episode like this.

    The writers managed to write a whole story arc into a 1 hour episode, and managed to pack a LOT of information and backstory in effectively without leaving the viewer feeling a little lost. This will continue to be a personal favorite show, where even series such as 'ER' have begun to lose me. And I have watched THAT series from day 1.
  • I liked this one..

    Oo.. I do not remember when we last had episode concentrating on Nick but it felt really refreshing and the whole way the episode was built - those many cases in one place what then seemed to be just random and have no connection.. oh.. they did.. and how Nick saw those people there change. How it all just turned - with that girl.. with that boy.. that coffee guy.. It was such a beautiful example of episode what had excitement, mystery, a really good cases and emotions too. It really looked very strong pack.

    I only think that somehow the revelation of what was really going on.. that.. mm.. I was maybe expecting something more that moment.. but the conversation Nick and Langston had fixed that to me too.. So..an episode I really liked.
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