CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 16

Up In Smoke

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2006 on CBS
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The investigation into a body found in a chimney leads the CSIs to re-open an investigation of an unsolved homicide of a female teenager named Caroline Fitzgibbons.

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  • Awesome...

    Incredible. This is one very, very, very good episode. First, the fire fighter found a body in the chimney and the CSI is called in. Catherine finds out that the house is actually her suspect's house (in a cold case). So, Catherine takes the chances to re-open the old case, although it is not allowed. Incrediblely good. I have to admit this is one very good episode. Although some viewers claimed this episode lacked of Grissom and Greg, but I don't think it has anything to do to this episode. The story is still good, and after 6 years of production, it is very unbelieveable that CSI is still good and getting better.moreless
  • An intricate story that brings two cases to a close

    This episode included everything that makes me love this show. I'm referring to a revolving storyline, a great mystery, extensive investigate work and of course, nabbing the bad guy and closing a case. After a charred body is discovered in a chimney, the CSI's are hard at work. The interesting thing is that Warrick & Catherine had previously tried to search the residence in regards to a missing persons case. Now that the home is a crime scene they get that chance. Although unrelated to the body in the chimney, they discover other evidence in the home to suggest foul play in the missing persons case. The episode turns into a case of mistaken identity regarding the body in the chimney as the CSI's victim appears days later purchasing gas. The intricate plot brings Scott William Winters into the scene as a heartbroken father desperate to find out the truth about his daughter's disappearance. I liked this actor from his days on OZ as the mentally slow Cyril O'Reilly. Great Episode!!!moreless
  • This definately felt like a filler episode. A preview of what CSI would be like without Grissom...BORING!!!

    I\'ve always thought that CSI was more of a stroyline based show than a character based show. I always thought that it was the well crafted script which made this show so successful rather than the individuality of the characters. Well this episode proved me wrong.

    This episode was nothing but a filler. It felt like it too. Without the presence of Grissom, it made the case seem unimportant. I guess if there was any upside to this episode, it hopefully would have made viewers and producers alike, aware of just how important William Petersen is to this show. This is definately more than just one of those series where you can tune in any time, on an irregular basis, and thoroughly enjoy it. The characters tie each episode together, and if one were to leave, it would leave a massive hole in the show, none more so than Gil Grissom.moreless
  • I was not impressed with this episode.

    I only watched this episode a week ago yet I cannot remember a single thing that happened. All I remember that the guy who they thought was killed was still alive and the dead body wasn't even murdered and it was all a ruse to get the CSIs to investigate the house and find the missing daughter of a guy who knew who killed her.

    There was nothing witty about the episode. In order for an episode to catch my attention it needs to have some witty comment from one of the characters. The episode didn't have a single funny moment. Oh well I continue to hope for a less boring episode to rescue us from the boringness that has plagued CSI of late.

  • Lack of Grissom and Greg in this show!

    The show is usually good but this episode just wasn't

    That good at all. Like one reviewer says, it was

    Boring despite a great ending but that is our opinion

    And our opinion alone. There was lack of both Greg and

    Of course, the star and glue to the show, Grissom. Only

    In a few scenes since he is the star but liked Cathering and Warrick which made up the show a bit!
Jonny Miller

Jonny Miller

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William Allen Young

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Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

Martin Sidley

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David Berman

David Berman

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Louise Lombard

Louise Lombard

Sofia Curtis

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Marc Vann

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When they find the second body, Sara says, "This isn't the Tell Tale Heart it's the Cask of Amontillado. She was sealed into a wall and left to die." However, instead of saying "the Tell Tale Heart" she said "the Tale Tell Heart" by mistake.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Sofia: Where have you been for the past few weeks?
      Tad Sidley: Tijuana, L.A., quick stop in Santa Barbara. Just got back this morning.
      Sofia: Any idea how your gym membership got into a dead man's pocket?
      Tad Sidley (chuckles): No. I'm sorry, I didn't even know it was missing. I'm-I'm not exactly big on the weights, you know? Look, uh ... I'm late for a movie. You mind if I get out of here?
      Sofia: Sure. I'd just like to get your cell phone number.
      Tad Sidley: Gonna ask me out?
      Sofia: It's just in case I have any further questions.

    • Larry Smite: Yeah, that's it. That's him. That's your dude.
      Grissom: That's Tad Sidley.
      Larry Smite: That was the name on the credit card.
      Grissom: Is this video from today?
      Nick: Yeah, I downloaded it myself.
      Grissom: Well, if that's Tad Sidley, who's in the morgue?

    • Hodges: Roof trace analysis. Afraid it's not going to be very helpful.
      Sara: Why?
      Hodges: Polyethylene plastic.
      Sara: Compounds used in about a million different products.
      Hodges: I hope that's not all you got.

    • Sara: What were you doing on the roof?
      Jonathan Wax: That's what I do -- Chad's Chimney Sweeps. I clean fireplaces and chimneys. I was out at that Sidley place about a month ago. You can call Chad. I remember that place. Man, that guy had one big-ass chimney.
      Sara: I don't suppose you saw a body while you were there?
      Jonathan Wax: Look, I may be an ex-con, but even I would've dialed 9-1-1.

    • Nick: It's a charred piece of plastic found in chimney guy's pocket. It may be a credit card. I'm trying to get some ID off of it.
      Greg: That's a gym membership card.
      Nick: How do you know that?
      Greg: The logo in the corner -- it's Burt's Gym -- I belong to the one on Flamingo.
      Nick: Oh, yeah? You, uh ... been pumping iron there, Greg?
      Greg: Yeah, a little, uh ... Muy Thai. It's competitive kickboxing. Gotta balance weights with cardio, you know what I mean?
      Nick: Yeah, okay, thanks. Anyway, I'll, uh, check it. Maybe I can get a membership name.
      Greg: Oh, you won't. Member names are printed in black ink. VSA only brings out the colors.
      Nick: Oh. Maybe it'll help us clear up the photo. (works on the photo and comes up with a picture) Nice.

    • Tad Sidley: Hi, Dad. I heard everything.
      Martin Sidley: Tad! Son! You're...
      Tad Sidley: Yeah, I'm not dead; you're dead to me.

    • Don Fitzgibbons (sobbing): Look, I wish I could say that I was sorry for that trouble that I put you through. The petty crimes that I've committed. But I didn't hurt anyone...and Martin Sidley is behind bars and my daughter is getting her funeral. And that's all I wanted.
      Catherine: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we couldn't find your daughter without your help.

    • Don Fitzgibbons: It's true, all of it. Are you going to arrest me?
      Catherine: You just admitted to murder, I think you know the answer.
      Don Fitzgibbons: Hold on, I didn't kill anyone.
      Catherine: The body in the chimney?
      Don Fitzgibbons: I took the body from Desert Palm hospital, from the morgue. He was already dead. A John Doe. Auto-accident in a stolen vehicle. The car exploded he was burned beyond recognition. Miss Willows, I stole a dead body and I trespassed but that's it.
      Catherine: And Tad Sidley's ID? Did you place the gym card on the body?
      Don Fitzgibbons: You're a mother right?
      Catherine: Yes.
      Don Fitzgibbons: Why do you think I did it?
      Catherine: You wanted Martin Sidley to know what it's like to lose a child.

    • Sara: I know why a John Doe was stuffed down the Sidley's chimney. When you and Warrick were working that missing persons case you couldn't get a warrant and Martin wouldn't let you in right?
      Catherine: Right.
      Sara: Don Fitzgibbons tried to gain access to the house through the son...
      Catherine: But the son wouldn't cooperate.
      Sara: I think he knew that if the house became a crime scene CSI could get in there.
      Catherine: Well, it's a logical theory. But to kill someone and stuff him in a chimney in hopes of getting information on your missing daughter?

    • Warrick: You don't use a bucket of bleach to clean up a paper cut.
      Catherine: Yeah and you don't get a murder conviction off of a single drop of a victim's blood.

    • Warrick: Well, hello, Caroline. She was like what 16? Isn't it a felony to purchase pornographic pictures of a minor?
      Catherine: Well, believe it or not, exceptions are made. For photographs with serious artist or scientific merit.
      Warrick: Oh yeah these look real scientific to me.

    • Sara: What are you guys doin' here?
      Warrick: We were hopin' that you'd invite us to help out with your investigation.
      Sara: Invite you?
      Catherine: Warrick and I were lookin' for a missing person about a year ago and we tried to get a warrant to search this residence and the owner denied us access.
      Sara: Now that it's a crime scene it's fair game if you're part of the investigation.
      Warrick: You're pickin' up on what we're puttin' down.

    • Sara: Which means the vic was char-broiled some where else, tossed in the chimney and then smoked.

    • Catherine: What are you doing?
      Warrick (using a small knife on the stairs): I'm looking for the tiniest crack between the planks. Y'know, you can scrub blood off the surface but you can't scrub beneath it. (removes a piece of the stairs) We got blood.

    • Greg: I'll take video spectral anaylsis for 200, Nick.

    • Nick: Crispy on the outside. Tender on the inside.
      David: Crispy through and through.

    • David: Any suggestions on how to proceed?
      Nick: Wrap and roll.

  • NOTES (2)