CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 22

Weeping Willows

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 05, 2005 on CBS

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  • Catherine is in a bit of trouble.

    This epidode is mainly about Catherine, which I think is quite good due to the fact she wasn't really a main character in the previous 3. The storyline is well written as this could easily happen in real life, (especially with the cross contamination)and was well acted especially by the actors of Catherine Willows and Adam Novac (who are married in real life). I was also pleased that they showed a bit of Catherine's personal life, and how she deals with being a single parent and her job (mainly getting her mum to look after Lindsey). I think that Adam Novac was really creepy and well acted, because I really thought he was the murderer when he showed up at Catherine's house. Overall it was a great episode, it would have been a ten if it contained more of the main cast.(i.e Jim Brass,and more of Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown and Nick Stokes.)
  • A more enjoyable episode.

    Weeping Willows features Catherine Willows. She goes to a bar and meets a lawyer who starts to hit on her. They go to her car where thay make out on the parking lot. She goes home and throws out his number, only to get to work and find out that the number may be influential in solving a case. She rushes back home and looks through the garbage can, only to be told by her daughter that the garbage was put on the curb today. She rushes outside to the garbage bin to discover that it had already bin taken. Another woman gets murdered, apparently the same way as the first. The first victim had had a stalker, and he was a prime suspect until he revealed that while he was following the first vic, he was pulled over by the police and detained for an hour. Who did it, the lawyer or the stalker?
  • Excellent

    Marg Helgenberger's acting in this episode was phenomenal! Her husband (at the time) played the suspect and I could not believe that these two people were married in real life. They both are excellent in this episode.

    Catherine goes to a bar after work and is assaulted by a man she meets there. Forward a few hours later, all signs point to the same man as a suspect in two murders. Catherine comes clean about her involvement with the suspect. I liked this episode more after the second time I watched it. It was very emotional and outstanding. One of my favorites!
  • Lack of scientific investigation.

    I think Catherine appears 90% in this episode. This episode is full with Catherine's drama, where she met a man in the club who hits her. Then after that, a blonde lady is found dead and went to the same club where Catherine was.

    This is a filler episode. Lacked of scientific investigation. Wasn't the full name of CSI is Crime Scene Investigation and it is suppose to be a show about forensic scientist. But this episode is a little similar to Criminal Minds instead of solving the crime by scientific investigation by forensic scientist. However, this episode is still good. Good plot, good directing, but please, more scientific investigation.
  • A big "Catherine" episode that turned out great!

    In my own opinion this was a great episode. The best part was the cleverly twisted plot. The writers did a great job on writing this one. I really like the female characters in the CSI series. They could not be replaced. Catherine's struggle at home and at work come into play in this episode. I wonder what it's like to pull a gun on your husband? Haha. Once again Great Plot!! Catherine's a fighter.
  • Catherine goes to a bar after a long shift, meets a guy who's no prince - but then finds out he may be a suspect in a double murder.

    It's an unusual episode, in that it's much more focused on character than the mystery of the story. Marg Helgenberger is terrific as a woman trying to have a social life away from work. She is approached by a guy (the delightful Alan Rosenberg, Marg's actual husband) and is attracted to him. But when she says no, he turns nasty.

    Her home life is a bit of a mess too, as usual. She's reliant on her mother to look after Lindsey and has to leave again at all hours of the day and night.

    Called in by Grissom unofficially (she's not actually on duty) she gets involved with the Graveyard Shift's investigation of a young woman shot in the back of the head. This in turn leads back to the bar she'd been at earlier and the evidence starts to point more and more to the guy she'd been approached by.

    At first, the dead girl's ex boyfriend/stalker looks guilty - then he leads them to the Rosenberg character and Catherine's worst fears are realised when she is forced to confront him and Grissom is not pleased that she didn't tell him about a personal connection, even though technically she's done absolutely nothing wrong.

    The story veers from one suspect to another - it's never wholly clear exactly what the ending might be. Helgenberger is wonderful as always and the way the episode is shot is slightly different from others, filming things from the character's point of view and letting the viewer in on the fact that her conversations with her colleagues have other extra meanings too - because we know what she is worried about.

    The ending is satisfying - but the final scene makes it clear that Grissom & Willows are on different planets - he's so insular he won't let himself be personal; she's professional, but won't let the personal side of her life go.

    Thoroughly enjoyable, but different kind of episode.
  • In this case we got one of the CSI involved with a suspect.

    This episode was a little bit different from the others. Katherine is lonely and desperate for some social life, so she decides to go for a drink. It happens to be in the bar where all the victims in this episode are connected.
    The prime suspect is the guy Katherine was with. At the end, the murderer totally surprised me, but it is refreshing to see a little bit of my favorites characters on tv's lives.
    As always Grissom was a little judgemental but supportive. He's always been there for Katherine.
    Also we got to see, a little bit of Katherine's familiar life. She's so commited with her job, she's missing her dauther's development.
  • Katherine and men - a good combo?

    This was one of those episodes in which after the first couple of minutes you think you know "who dunnit". I personally happen to hate that feeling so I didn't really enjoy this episode. Fortunately I think Katherine is a very interesting character so an episode centered on her seemed like something worth to watch. And in the end I found out I wasn't right about the murderer. What a relief! CSI did it again and delivered an episode with a nice plot that has a surprising twist in it.

    I love the CSI crew so it always feels like something is missing when an episode centers mainly on one character.
  • Catherine centered episode

    The episode wasn't bad, this time it was Catherine centered.

    She feels like unwinding & asks Nick & Warrick out for a drink but they have plans so she goes to a bar, meets a guy, makes out with him, then stops, he gets mad & the next thing we know he's a suspect in a homicide. So why go to a bar? why not spend time with her daughter?

    She waits till the last minute to tell Grissom & he finds out from the suspect, which makes him mad at her because she failed to inform him sooner.

    I don't blame him for being mad at Catherine because had the suspect been guilty she could have jeprodised the whole case & it probably would have been thrown out of court on a technicality.
  • Why is it that Catherine won't learn to be a mother. Work always comes first. When will her daughter take preference?

    It really hurts to see that though Catherine is a good, perhaps not the very best but a good CSI, should surely should be able to combine that with being a good mother too. She knows she has screwed up with her daughter in bringing her up. She's had so many second chances, and now with her own Mum being the good grandma in the picture she has the help available. Why doesn't she take the opportunity and make sure that she really is there and put her little girl first. She's her princess, or she should make her that way. There's not much time left before she loses everything she could have had with her.

    Work is important, but it's not everything.
  • Catherine inappropriately handles another case, and she wonders why her mother and Lindsey seem distant while Grissom and Ecklie are ticked off.

    Now Catherine going out after work, but having to fight off a grade A jackass is not something Catherine should feel badly about. Unfortunately, being the ol' Single Serial-Dating Mother means she will, to a degree. When she denies that a jerk tried a bit too hard to score with her, that is the first step on the well-trod, white-lie road of Catherine Willows.

    If she hadn't interfered in the case that ended with an innocent woman's death due to unfounded speculation, if she hadn't blown-up the lab and severely injured Greg, if she hadn't then turned around and gotten Greg to run a DNA test on evidence from an active case against the man who turned out to not only be a murderer but her birth father, if she hadn't cashed the quarter million dollar check from him, and if she almost didn't finish a case before sleeping with a prime suspect? I might have more sympathy for Catherine's predicament.

    As it is, we get defensive Catherine who tries to blow off her not recusing herself, and jeopardising yet another case- like the alleged rape by Eddie, the dead ex-husband who hooked Catherine on drugs and kept her stripping. The reason for Grissom and Ecklie's blowing their top is simple: if Catherine works the case,and if the guy she met at the bar is the final suspect, he can get the case thrown out by claiming the case was biased by Catherine. Catherine blatantly endangering a case over her pride, while not new, is highly unprofessional and the nadir of her character's actions at this point in the series.

    Still, when your criminalist daughter comes screeching up into the yard in her work vehicle, gun out and aimed at the stranger speaking to you and your only grandchild? Listen to your freaking daughter and move away from the stranger! (BTW, were we supposed to believe Catherine makes her mom sleep on the freaking couch? I'm not certain we weren't.)

    The case was another series of violence committed against young women,their terrorizing we got to see in flashbacks. I had no interest in the case, because we had seen violence in this manner,in close variations, in other episodes. Besides, we were supposed to be interested in Marg and Alan's chemistry. That was a bust, public relations wise, because not only was he a suspect, but he was a pig who had no problem manhandling a woman who didn't want to play tonsil-hockey or more with him. That's squicky to see and knowing they were married in real-life didn't change my mind.

    Not a good episode, especially as many of the points made had been made before, yet you still got the feeling Catherine still didn't get the point of Grissom's anger again.
  • Did you know guy that hit on catrine at the bar was her real-life husband. it must of been cool to pull a gun on him

    Catrine doesn't get any breaks does she, not only during the series has she lost her husband, found out who her real father is and now she had contact with a suspect. What happend was a minor thing but i can't believe Grissom is angry, everyone makes mistakes. At the end of the day it wasn't him, he was framed but i gussing she learned her lession. i just don't get why she would go to a club after work , she meant to be mother so why didn't she go home, like normal parents do. You wonder why her daugher is annoyed at her? , i would if my parents didn't want to spend time with me when i was young.