CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • Showcasing an obvious crime with an obvious solution, this episode is saved by the sensible treatment of the prejudice involving deforming genetic diseases.

    The episode shines in the sensible treatment of the prejudice involving people with a deforming genetic disease. But there isn\'t much more in this episode. The single crime case, a murder is easily solved and many of the regular characters appear to not having anything else to do. Forensic evidence is quite obvious and the mystery is solved based in testimonial account, not mentioning the old CSI problem in insisting that crime scence investigators and not detectives lead the interrogations. Finally, there is hardly any character development. It was one of the most disapointing episodes of this usually great series.
  • 6x11

    this episode was one of the most interesting episodes in the entire show at least for me, I loved the scenes between katherine and that hairy woman, it was very touching and i think that this episode drives you in a different way with a different plot where the most interesting thing is not to find the killer but meet that woman and know why is she so afraid of life, definitively this is one of my favorite episodes in the entire franchise, it was incredible.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • Human with a lot of hairs...

    In the beginning of this episode, we see a woman inside a phonebooth, making a phone call to the police regarding a murder case. Later on, the police came and they started to investigate the murder of a man who has excessive body hair. Creative!! Later on, Catherine found the victim's sister, also suffer from the same disease, hiding inside the house and also from the world. Good episode. You know, CSI is getting better and better, the plot, the directing, the acting are improving, and I'm pretty sure it will become the most popular tv drama in the US history.
  • wow that dude and chick are very hairy!!!

    So there is this really hairy guy gets shot. His sister is like a werewolf though like on the face and stuff. The brother gets killed because he was engaged and her brother killed him.....get this with a silver bullet! So the sister is freaked out so she just hides out then catherine finds her and then sees how much hariy she is. Me and my friend were thinking dont you think that you would wax that hair off well at lest i would then he wouldnt of had that problem! so he ends up dead the sisters alive and dhe finally meets her mom.....i think!
  • The CSI team investigates the murder of a man suffering from a congenital hypertrichosis, causing him to grow excessive body hair which makes him look like a werewolf.

    I loved this episode - most notably the acting and the writing. I especially love that it showed the softer side of Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger). At the end, I thought that perhaps the fiance of Hayden, Michelle, would be the one walking up to Allison home - revealing that Hayden had actually told her about Allison, thus revealing that Michelle knew about Allison and had promised Hayden she would keep Allison a secret. When Allison realizes that Michelle never told the police about her, she accepts here and the episode ends with Michelle and Allison hugging, bonded by their love for Hayden.
  • This is the 2nd episode this season to deal with a rare genetic disease

    This is the 2nd episode this season to deal with a rare genetic disease, first it was Prader Willie Syndrome in Dog Eats Dog, and now in Wearwolves it's Hypertrichosis. I think it's a great thing that CSI is educating people this season on such rare medical conditions which I'm sure there are thousands of people who haven't heard of them.

    I loved the way Catherine dealt with Alison in this episode & how she tried her best & succeeded in building the case without having to involve Alison or name her as a witness so she wouldn't have to testify.

    It's just a shame that Greg didn't show up except once in this episode. And I love Nicks new hair style, great look.
  • A dead man has an unusual condition…

    I was late getting to this episode it was on my DVR and I just got around to watching it. I was kinda hesitant as to how good the episode would be…needless to say CSI does it again.

    I thought the writing was fabulous and so was the acting. I thought Catherine did a wonderful job of sympathizing with the sister. I thought also the scene with Hodges and the others when they came in to see “chaka” was a true expression of what would really happen. Sadly the young man would be on display and there are just some people that cannot accept someone who is different.

    Overall a great episode, it had a lot of really good parts. What I like the most…it was original.
  • CSI keeps doing it over and over! Another great episode to keep me watching every week!

    CSI is in the top of the field! Another great episode to prove why it is one of the best. The case was rivoting and the twists amazing. The subject was great and something we don\'t get to hear or learn about too often, so I found myself amazed at the subject and whatever I could learn from it, which is why I also love to watch -- the educational aspect of it. Great show focusing on how prejudice people can be and just like the real world. Loved the characters and how greatly it was all mixed in and played out. Particularly loved Grissom & Catherine in this episode. Grissom\'s interaction with the mother and Catherine\'s interaction with the sister were wonderful! Keeps me watching week after week!
  • Werewolves are we. Many of our family members are born with hypertrichosis, and we are known as The Wolf People.

    It was a great episode "Hollywood" style.
    Even though we haven't seen it yet, we live it everyday.
    The truth is that as a rule, the mothers never abondon their children, unfrotunately, in our case, the males are the ones to leave, as they can not cope with having children looking like werewolves, or monkeys.
    Now that there so many members in our family and extended family with hypertrichosis, we have a very especial support group.
    The storyline of "werewolves" parallels the lives of my niece and nephew, Lilia and Jesus, up to a point. Fortunately, Jesus AKA Chuy, was never shot. And Lilia is now married, with a son, and not afraid to show her face anymore.
    We're looking forward to seeing this episode.

    Check us out at: http://www.thewolfpeople.com and at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0486603/
  • Great installment about racism and the psychological damage we can do our children.

    I blame the mother. Allison will need major psychiatric care in order to live a normal life. Both my husband and I thought she was very cute. She could have easily lived a normal life, if she had a mother who had taught her self esteem and showed her respect.
    Hypertrichosis can be treated by hair removal if the affected person so desires. It is a genetic problem but there is only a 1 in 4 chance that a child will have the disorder even if both parents carry the gene. The brother really needed to do some research before he went off half cocked and killed his sister's fiance. He not only ruined his life but his parents' lives, his sister's life, and her fiance's sister's (Allison's)life for no good reason except ignorance.
  • Amazing producers, writers, cast crew, everyone involved have given us not just another episode but an episode that touches a very true fact, this was a good episode for our younger generation to watch, an epsiode that could teach them allot about how soc

    Another GREAT episode.
    CSI: is one of the only shows on TV that I will not miss, it is one of these series or shows that captivates you and no matter what anybody thinks or says about it, positive or negative I will always be as I am sure allot of viewrs are a very loyal fan.
    Every episode is always the best in my point of view.
  • Another great episode! It was original and witty. This is excatly why I love CSI!

    This was another great episode. CSI seems to be dealing a lot with little known syndromes this season and it's doing quite a good job of it. The writing was well done, the production was well done, the acting was well done, eveything was quite well done.

    The was that Catherine dealt with the sister was great. She let the lady know that she wasn't going to prejudice the woman as everyone else would.

    The episode was great and original. It's always fun to see your favourite show do so well with it's episodes. Hope to see many more like this in the future!
  • This episode was so cool.

    The CSI team investigates the murder of a man suffering from a congenital hypertrichosis, causing him to grow excessive body hair. Elements of the case suggest a connection with a belief in werewolves. The case leads to the victim's sister, who suffers from the same disease. Because of her condition, she'd been hiding from the world, but it turns out that she's hiding facts that are vital to solving the case.

    This episode was so cool. I never heard of this disease that makes you grow excessive body hair. This was definatly not what I expected when I saw the previews for this episoed. I thought it would of been some type of alein thing. And I was suprised that a man would kill this man who's dating his sister just because he didn't want his future neice or nephew to have the same problem with the excessive hair growth.
  • This was a Sad episode.

    THis episode dealt with a very real condition. And the thought of people with this condition having to hide their appearance because of the way people will treat them is aweful. The best friend bieng the suspect was obvious. THe mother giving up her kids because she didnt like their condition was sad. The sister while she had the condition worse than her brother should not have had to live her life inside that room.
  • The idea had so much potential. Perhaps they would have been better off to put this episode in closer to Halloween.

    I didn't not like the episode. But there could have been so much more. Especially if they based it on a Halloween episode. The actions of the Mother of the two hairy children was hard to believe. I don't believe that a Mother could really think that abadonment is the best way to take care of your children. Even Mother's with addictions are smart enough to put their children into the system. The episode left me wanting more, which is dissapointing for such a great show.
  • Something furry this way comes...

    Some moments in this episode (like watching the lab techs gawk over a corpse and pose for photos with it) actually made me laugh out loud, while some made me hit my roommate for being insensitive. The fact that CSI consistantly manages to work this fine balance between comedy and tragedy makes me appreciate the show even more.
    Nick's hair update: No return of the moustache, but he's still kinda weird with the whole "bangs-ish" thing. However, the hair's starting to grow on me. Get it? Get it?
  • Moments to laugh, many an opportunity to cheer, a moment that made me scream in anger, overall a good episode.

    The plot was different, very different. CSI once again pulled a kind of creepy X-Files type episode (not that I'm complaining or anything). I loved the part when Sara went to the phone box where Spork was and pretend like nothing was wrong. I was glad when she was yelling at Spork, can't say she's the best character in the world.

    I hope you paid close attention to when Nick was talking to Grissom in his office. If I didn't know better I'd say that Nick was once again trying to grow a 'stache of doom. I honestly hope not because once again I will have to avert my eyes when I watch the show. For the sake of my eyes I hope that this isn't the case. After waiting for new a new CSI episode for however many weeks, months, or years it's been it didn't let me down for another good episode.
  • this si fine example of people today. I think I wold be freaked if I saw some one who look like a werwolf but now that I saw this eposide I might not be so scared.

    So this dude gets murdered and the 911 call comes from a pay phone down the road fom the house.It turn out this victim is really hairy. He has tha genic hair thing that makes people look like werewolfs. they find some finger prints on a rock by a broken window at the house and it makes the vitcims best friend. they talk to him and he says this guy is his sisters boyfriend. so they talk to her, she was at her parents. they find some more hairs in the phone booth the 911 call came from but they aare from a girl. it turns out the vitcim had a twin sister. so they go back to the house and find the sister in a hidden room. It takes her awhile but she soon tells them that his best friend didd it. they have their guy and all is well. Except now the vitcims sister is all alone in a house with no one to help her. Then they find that her mother is still alive.they bring her in to talk to herand she says she has to live every day with the fact that she left her kids becasue of the hair.The show ends with the knocking on the door. I did learn something watching this show I will not ever judge someone by the way they look. I hope you don't eeither.