CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 6

What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2004 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The killer from The Execution of Catherine Willows returns with deadly results. The entire team is engaged in a race against time to stop this sadistic killer from succeeding again. Grissom is additionally distraught by the idea that this killer is smarter than he is.

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  • The blue paint killer is back

    When Grissom finds out that the blue paint killer is back he is determined to catch him this time because of his idea that the blue paint killer is smarter than him.The BPK is not really bothered about them knowing who he is because when they find his house he goes to the station and says if they found his house they deserve to see him.However his plan was to never go to jail as he commits suicide.This episode was even better than the first BPK episode and I thought it should be a ten.moreless
  • A sequel to "The Execution of Catherine Willows". A great, well thought-out episode. Very creepy and hair-raising.

    Another excellent episode for CSI! The killer was creepy yet someone you wouldn't suspect. Plus, it's always exciting when the killers outsmart Grissom since its near-impossible to do. The clues left for the CSI team are terrifying yet they had planning behind them and makes you think of what the killer is really capable of. A great episode overall!
  • In this very scary episode, Grissom and the team track down the Blue Paint Killer concluding the episode "The Execution of Catherine Willows." *spoilers*

    This episode was very very very good in the serial killer tricking the team until the very end. The Brit Mosscoe ruse was creepie, but the best part was definately the drawings. Especially the folding one at the end. This whole episode was a twisted game of the killer. The creepy thing is that he had already planned how the end would play out. Unfortunately, this was the first episode I ever saw and I decided that this show was too scary for me to keep watching. (I decided to continue with different episodes and this became my favorite show!)moreless
  • Freakiest. CSI. Ever. The short sighted murderer from "The Execution Of Catherine Willows" returns with a vengeance. Definitely not for the faint hearted or easily scared.

    Freakiest. CSI. Ever. The short sighted murderer from "The Execution Of Catherine Willows" returns with a vengeance. Definitely not for the faint hearted or easily scared. The music and camera shots were amazing and the storyline was brilliant. Maggots, people being fed through wood chippers, and hardcore rape make it not for the queasy, and the killer's twisted view into life makes it not for the easily scared, but if you're up for it, this is DEFINITELY worth a watch (Especially if you saw "The Execution Of Catherine Willows"). The last shot of the cartoon Grissom with the killer reflected in his eyes, the first shock when you saw inside the killers fridge and the brief realization there might be a sixth victim in Brit Moscoe gave me nightmares for days.moreless
  • Conclusion to the excacution of catherine willows.

    This episode was great i love the blue paint killer because he is so smart. He makes his own paint so that it cant be traced back to a certian brand. I love how he draws the people he kills and he is such a good drawer. I like when they found the blow up doll and they think its a person. When they get to the killers house and he leaves that message that he will be at the police station i thought that was funny. I like how he did the ana gram for miss october and then in the end he kills himself.moreless
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David Lee Smith

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Grissom swabs the blades of the wood chipper and tests it. Test is positive.)
      Walter Beerly: It's pregnant?
      Grissom: It's human.

    • Nick (looking at a drawing the killer made): I recognize the signage. The Erotica Boutique on Tropicana. (everyone looks at him) It's distinctive... the font...

    • Warrick: Griss, this place is crawling with press. They want a statement.
      Grissom: Not now.
      Warrick: Well, if you don't say anything, they're just going to fill in the blanks...
      Grissom: Screw the press, 'cause for all I know, the dead body is an auto mechanic who just painted his house blue.

    • Mia: One maggot colada, coming up.

    • Grissom: You think a human body could fit through there?
      Walter Beerly: You planning something?

    • Grissom (to Eva): Do, uh... do you use scraps from the dining halls for your compost?
      Eva: No. Why?
      Grissom: Well, if the devil requires a pound of flesh, this many maggots would require over a hundred.
      Eva: Pounds of flesh?
      Grissom: Were you aware that the average college student weighs 135 pounds?

    • Catherine: We thought he chose his victims at random. He didn't. He chose her. He hunted her. And he trapped her.

    • (At a crime scene, located right by a sex shop, Grissom goes into the sex shop looking for the blow up doll the serial killer bought)
      Sex Store Clerk: I would've pegged you for a leather guy.

    • Catherine: Ah.. sorry Sara, I need the microscope. Priority.
      Sara: I have 3 more samples to run then I'm finished, it'll be your turn.
      Catherine: This can't wait.
      Sara: It can't, or you can't?
      Catherine: Both, go have a cup of coffee on me. (Sara stares at Catherine for a second and then gets up)
      Sara: The coffee's free.
      Catherine: Thank you.

    • Nick: I don't think these two were an original and a copycat...they were partners.

    • (Greg is picking through dirt for maggots and putting them in a bowl)
      Catherine: What's with the tape?
      Greg: The evidence wasn't cooperating so I stuck it to them.
      Catherine: Cute.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Store Clerk (when Gil is looking at the various blow-up dolls in the boutique): I would have picked you for a leather guy.

      A possible reference to Gil's relationship with Lady Heather, first seen in the season two episode "Slaves of Las Vegas."

      Coincidentally, the actress who plays Lady Heather, Melinda Clarke, played a whore in an episode of Firefly. In which a guest star in this episode, Summer Glau, had a starring role.

    • When Grissom says "If the devil requires a pound of flesh, this many maggots would require over a hundred" he is again referencing Shakespeare; this time it's "The Merchant of Venice," in which Shylock demands a pound of Antonio's flesh as repayment for a debt.

    • Episode Title: What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?

      The title of this episode is play on the 1993 film What's Eating Gilbert Grape?