CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 11

Who Shot Sherlock?

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2005 on CBS

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  • This episode is all around great.

    Yay Greg!!!! He finally became an official CSI! Anyway, this episode is one of the most creative of all. I love the connection to Sherlock Holmes (who doesn't?) and the fact that Greg gets to solve it. Also, the way the other impersonators act is hilraious, keeping with the accents and all. This will for sure go down as a classic CSI episode. I have watched it so many times, I've officially lost count. It's such a good representation of why I watch this show, and why it is absolutely the number one show on television, thank you very much.
  • A fantastic episode, possibly my favourite in the entire series.


    There are so many good things to say about this episode. Both cases are interesting, well-thought out and unpredictable, which is essential for a show as routine as CSI.

    The Sherlock Holmes crime scene is one of the best they've had on the show visually and the actual case itself proved to be a very elaborate case of 'whodunnit' yet the ending is still a little surprise. There's some excellent character development for Greg as a CSI, but also for Grissom and Sara as well as they are placed in mentor roles throughout the episode. I do think one of the best twists is that despite Greg coming to the wrong conclusion, he still passes his proficiency, even if that was inevitable from the beginning.

    The other case brought out the more light-hearted side of CSI, shown well through the relationship of Nick and Warrick. The highlight of the case of course being the experiment with "gello-man" and providing the science aspect of the show. Catherine is also seen here as a leader, overlooking the experiment and her snide comments towards Ecklie also provided some humour as well as the appearance of the running "cost of ballistics gel" gag.

    However the highlight of the episode to me is the ending, not just because Greg passed but due to the little snippet of the team celebrating. It's one of those family moments which really highlight the relationship of the team and to some extent, the ensemble cast. Unlike many episodes, which end darkly with the perpetrator being caught, this one ends on a much higher note, and provides one of the best feel-good endings in the series.

  • The Sherlock Holmes of a Sherlock Holmes club gets murdered. Greg passes his final proficiency, and Catherine gets needled by the perpetually politically minded Ecklie. Warrick and Nick investigate a guy who crashed his Jeep into a tree and died.

    The Sherlock Holmes of a Sherlock Holmes club gets murdered. Greg passes his final proficiency, and Catherine gets needled by the perpetually politically minded Ecklie. Warrick and Nick investigate a guy who crashed his Jeep into a tree and died.

    Grissom, Sara and Greg go to the home of a wannabe Sherlock Holmes, who has been shot. The rest of the Sherlock Holmes club people arrive, all with fake British accents, but one, who is actually English. At first Grissom, Sara, and Greg figure that Watson (in the club) was the killer based on blood evidence, but Greg returns to the crime scene and discovers that it's actually a suicide made to look like a murder. THEN Grissom realizes there's something wrong, because Conan Doyle's Holmes used cocaine, not morphine, which was found in a syringe near the fake Sherlock. In the end, we find out that Sherlock's death was a murder made to look like a suicide made to look like a murder. Irene Adler (in the club) was the actual killer. When Brass asks why she had to frame Watson, she says (in her British accent): "Mr. Holmes would have wanted his death to be a perfect puzzle. A mystery, worthy of the master."

    Nick and Warrick get a guy who drove his Jeep into a tree. They suspect foul play but can't find any evidence to support any theory. The driver was high, so Ecklie tells Nick and Warrick that's why he crashed into a tree. Nick and Warrick can't let it go though, and they conduct an experiment on a gel dummy while Catherine watches. They stipulate that the driver was electrocuted, but the dummy isn't lighting up. All three stare for a while, until-"He's naked." So they dress up the dummy, and this time it works. We find out that the Jeep driver got electrocuted by a protruding power line.

    Nick tells Greg that Grissom wants to see him in his office, and Greg is nervous, thinking that he bombed his profiency by closing the case before the morphine discovery. When he enters the office, we see "Grissom" sitting with his back to the door. "Grissom" is actually a gel dummy, which swings around to reveal a large sign: "YOU PASSED!" Everyone comes in to congratulate Greg (even ECKLIE, of all people!) and they all clink glasses and have champagne, ignoring Ecklie who tells them to get back to work.

    I thought this episode was one of the best in Season 5. The Sherlock Holmes club member death was a twist from the usual cases, and I loved the use of the gel dummies. Plus I was just plain happy to see Greg pass his field test.
  • Congratulations Greg!

    Greg Sanders, who previously work in the DNA lab to analysis DNA, must work on a case to prove that he can be a CSI. (He failed in the first episode in this season)

    Catherine, Warrick and Nick investigate the death of a teenage after a car accident.

    Later on, Greg finds out that "Sherlock" commit suicide. But Gil Grissom, his supervisor, finds out that "Sherlock" is murder after he found 7% of morphine in his blood. Greg begins to panic as his thought he will once again failed his test. But actually, he past!

    What should I say more about this episode? As I say, EXACTLY WHY I WATCH THIS SERIES. The best episode ever in this season.
  • Awesome storylines. Greg's case of the murdered Sherlock Holmes wannabe and Nick and Warrick's with their creation MR. WIGGLES!

    This was one of my favorite episodes. Greg is my favorite character so to see the main story line be about him completing his finally proficiency made me happy. I was happy to see him succeed and finally get to do what he really wanted to do...become a CSI. The best part was at the very end when Warrick and Nick were acting all serious when they told Greg that Grissom wanted to see him, he walks in and the chair turns around and it's Mr. Wiggles sitting in the chair saying he passed...it was Priceless to see Greg happy.
  • My favorite episode. EVER.

    This was such a great episode. A murder made to look like a suicide made to look like a murder. I get dizzy just thinking about it. The twists and turns in the plot are reminiscent of a Conan Doyle novel. At least, I'm assuming they are, having never read one myself.

    The best part about this episode was Greg. Actually, I think it was Greg and Sara. I'm a Sandle fan, and this was like my redemption. Sara helping Greg with the case, offering to take him out to celebrate when she thought they'd solved it... I was seriously dancing when I saw this. I thought for sure it was going to move them towards a relationship. Not so much. But a girl can dream.

    Greg was made a CSI! Go Greg!

    I loved this episode. I'm sure you can't tell that. It was well-written, it was intriguing, and it showcased the oft-underused Eric Szmanda. I heart Eric Szmanda.
  • *Sigh*

    Do I love this episode? Yes i do! Why? Simple: Greg is... oh what is he not?! Long live the king of cool, porn-loving nerds! I absolutely adore him in everyway. But seriously folks, the best part of the episode has to be the ending where Greg thinks he failed and then realizes he didn't and finally gets a kiss from Catherine an unseen proud smile for Grissom and some bubbly! I swear I've rewatched that part dozens of times. Alright now I'm just trying to fill in the last twenty words. Eight more. Six more. Four more. Okay... done.
  • Congrats, Greg!

    I do not think I am far off when I say that everyone has been rooting for Greg for seasons. He finally makes it as a CSI! I almost thought he would not make it. I do not know why Ecklie always has to be such a wet rag, though. Sherlock Holmes roleplayers are an interesting plot. The old fashioned, Holmes style reenactions are a subtle but greatly apreciated touch. I also always like it when the writers put in a plot where it is not murder. This episode just overall shows how resourceful our favorite CSI team can be.
  • Greg was on his test to become a CSI and the case was not all that is seemed and Nick and Warrick were on a case about a man in a car which had very weird happenings.

    This was one of the greatest episodes ever cause Greg was in it a lot.He was working his case and it made it a great episode to watch.Specially since he thought he was gonna fail but then he passed made it even better.It showed us that Grissom is really nice under all the crazy bug-crap!

    Also the case that warrick and nick were on was very intresting to watch as well cause i liked the jelly man on it.It also showed the team about how Cath was there boss but she broke the rules so they could finish there cse which was very noble of her to do.No matter how much stick she got from Ecklie.
  • GO GREG!!

    Greg gets to take his final proficiency in this episode and of course because it's Greg nothing comes easy. I felt sorry for Greg, he tried so hard to do well and Grissom had to help him out along the way. The only thing that matters though it that Greg became a CSI this episode. The end was funny but I think that Ecklie could have let them celebrate. I actually look back on this episode in the shows 6th season and wonder if I miss the old lab Greg because lab Greg seemed to get more screen time than field Greg. Oh well, it was still a good episode that finished of a continuing plot line since Greg first wanted out in the field.
  • It's Gregs final proficiancy exam and he has to find out who shot Sherlock Homes.

    It's Gregs final proficiancy exam and he has to find out who shot Sherlock Holmes in the head. Greg proves to be a great CSI and even though he screws up and comes to the wrong conclusion, Grissom is still impressed with him for going back to the scene of the crime to look for more clues when he finds some new evidence.

    Nick & Warricks case wasn't as interesting but I was still curious to find out how the driver of the jeep died. Ecklie as usual was a total jerk in this episode but I loved the way Catherine handled him.

    The end was great with both shifts celebrating Greg's success, and Grissom looking on like a proud father.
  • In this episoe, who shot Sherlock, Greg must prove himself worthy to be on the team as a proper C S I. A man is shot in the head while doing his favourite past time - being Sherlock Holmes.

    This is one of my favourite episodes, and I find it really sticks in your mind. As if the murder plot line is not good enough, this case is make or break for Greg. As an audience we totally get how important it is for him to do this. Although he actually screws up, and names the wrong cause of death, Grisson is impressed by the fact that he saw something was not right and went back to the crime scene. Another thing not often mentioned is the very entertaining scene about Nick and Warrick's case, a case that I feel has a bit of a boring ending, but the way they go about solving it is really great and a joy to watch.
  • This the dream the the young lab expert about being a crime scene investigator for a long time. After 4 years in the lab Greg now the time to be serious about the job and proving that he passed the final test.

    Four years after he became a DNA lab Greg finally gets the job of a CSI. It is not easy to do it. You must have the courage and efforts to become what of it. This is just a beginning for him but there are lots fo challenges left. Thank God that is worth it.
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