CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 9

Wild Life

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • Wild Life

    In this episode the CSI's investigating a case where a man feel off a balcony and the other one where a couple is murdered but instead of looking for someone they should be looking at the animals that went crazy and killed them The only thing that Sara and Greg never understood was how did the woman phone the police and not get blood on the phone I had an idea the parrot had something to do with it and it was because when Greg cut his finger and it was bleeding the parrot immediately called 911
  • Hallelujah it's raining men! The CSIs investigate the case of a man who fell to his death off a hotel balcony and the bizzarre deaths of a married couple in their home. The couple apparently loved their pet cat and parrot.


    As I have seen from reviews already posted for this episode, opinions will definitely vary. I am one of the people who found this episode very enjoyable. As far as the married couple are concerned, I'm sure there will have to be a considerable amount of suspension of disbelief. Despite that, I found myself agreeing with the conclusion of that story once it played out (as goofy as it may be). The story of the playboy was plausible as well. Leisha Haley does a very good job in her second guest appearance on CSI (Remember the lady with werewolf syndrome?).

  • Yeah, right. And babies come from Paris.

    I understand that they can't show naked people on TV.
    I know that it isn't mandatory to remove all of your clothes to have sex.
    Should I believe that you are having hot steaming sex with a stranger fully clothed? And that he is "hoochiecooching" you with his shorts on? And that when he falls from the balcony his "instrument" tugs into the short so it is not shown on screen?

    Yeah, right.

    This makes the parrot-and-cat story the most realistic case of the episode, and that was farfetched (although I think there was a real case very similar to this).

    This season of CSI is, by far, the worst of all. Luckily, it still doesn't suck as CSI:Miami.
    But it is getting closer... very, very closer...
  • A man falls of a balcony, while a couple who own a parrot and a cat are found dead...

    This episode was VERY funny and VERY imaginative!
    Greg and Sara's case would never get you to beleive who actually did it! The so called murder was very creative and a bit far fetched but definatly believable!
    Catherine and Vartann have a disagreement and he becomes jelous and Catherine reveals to him that Sam left her some of the casino which he is not happy about as she didn't tell him. She also confesses to him about her "rape" in season 7 when she went with a "friend" to a concert, as if on cue Nick turns up with results.
    The humour with Hodges and the animals was also very funny. Both cases were good, and believable while both were not actually murder; they were accidents.
    This is probably one of the best CSI's and one of my personal favourites, along with classics such as "Table Stakes" from the first season. Lots of people seem to not like this season, but hopefully, after this episode, people will realize it is still very good even without the likes of William Peterson and Gary Dourdan. :)
  • Did the writers leave with Grissom???

    Did the writers leave with Grissom??? The plots are so unbelievable and ridiculous this season... I'm almost to the point of giving up on the series. I used to like, for the most part, the characters. Other than Brass and Sanders, I can't stand most of them now. Sad to see a once great show crash and burn, but that seems to be the fate of CSI. A slow slide I could have understood, but this… ditch the writing staff, Fishburne and Helgenberger, and send Sara back to her husband! And make the new batch of writers watch the series before they try to put finger to keyboard.
  • 11X09

    FIRST OF ALL, I have to say that I finally have found the reason why this season has been consider as the worst season in the CSI hystory, the reason is that all the chapters are very interesting at the begining, actually the entire chapter is enyoable but at the end, when the writters have to explain the murders, they solve this murders with stupid ideas like a werewolf being unmasked, or a man falling into t-rex teeth, or a couple being killed by their pets.

    this episode was very good until the first 30 minutes, but when they explain the two cases, they became so stupid, both casses were strange accidents but they were so unbelieble, I think that is the problem with this season, STUPID ANSWERS for murders.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • Okay...

    This episode was, in my estimation, just there. It wasn't good by any stretch of the imagination. And it wasn't terrible either. The main problem that I saw in both of the cases was the lack of an actual killer. Both cases set up very good suspense and paved the way for a very sly killer to be worked into the story. But both of the cases squandered it for the most obvious solution that could be presented. In the firest case, a BIRD and CAT turned out to be the killers, which was unforgivably stupid. In the second, it was an ACCIDENT that the man died. Pittiful.
  • Wild animals... wild women

    It was an entertaining episode, lighter than past plots but with the right level of seriousness.

    I really don't like Hodges but I have to say that I laughed when I saw his face while the cat and the parrot were "fighting". The first case was unfortunate and I can't believe a woman would ruin a long marriage for a night of mind-blowing experience. Also funny, seeing Catherine in a "threesome" with Nick and Ray, and asking if Ecklie wasn't in the building.

    I'm sorry that Catherine can't find a man. She's a remarkable woman, strong and intelligent and this might be an issue for all the men she dates, they must feel intimidated. Men and women. She's gone a long way from her stripper days and she's succeeded. Too bad for Vartann, because he seems like a nice man, but he cannot handle Catherine's popularity.