CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 12 Episode 12

Willows in the Wind

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • In part two of a two part episode, Catherine and DB are on the run from Mark Allen's hit squad. The rest of the CSI's work to help their colleagues.

    The conclusion of this milestone two part episode was good, but I had some troubles with it. The first problem was something mentioned in another review. Catherine healed from her gunshot wound at lightening speed. That was just too hard for me to believe. Another troublesome aspect was those genetically engineered beetles which can skelotonize a dead body at the speed of light. Come on. You must be kidding. Finally, Catherine's farewell speech came off as more cornball than from the heart. It just did not work for me. Elizabeth Shue has some tough shoes to fill, but I am optimistic she can do well. As is the case with William Petersen, nobody can replace Marg Helgenberger. However there is a chance for a new great character to come in this season as Danson did at season's beginning. We shall see.
  • Give me a break!

    For the most part this was a good episode. But it could have been more realistic had Catherine, at least, ended up in a hostpital after getting shot. Instead she slaps a bandaid on it and moves right along. Yeah Right!!!!!
  • Good by

    Well, I guess it was about time she left as the show was going downhill. I don't think I will miss her that much for the simple reason for some who was supposed to be trained in find out who committed the crime. She was not really that good at it. It see all of them from the top investigator on down would arrest the first person they came across and try to pin the crime on them. Now Willows was good at jumping the gun on cases I remember one where she told this man about his wife having an affair with this person (they found the wife dead) well willows got the man the woman was seeing killed when the woman droned she was not killed, she did even bat an eye about getting some killed. I also watched one where she threw this person in jail and tried to pin the death of a little girl on just because he had a record that she did like. (Not one time have I seen them apologize for any mistake they made in arresting anyone who had not committed the crime)? They think the badge they wear gives them the right to screw over people and get away with it.

    I just hope she is a better FB agent then she was a CSI investigator if not she is in trouble. They better get a little more life and action in the program or it will be off the air soon

  • good bye catherine

    It's sad to see Marg H leave CSI. She's been giving us great entertainment every week for 12 years. Tonight's episode is touching. I think when she was making the speech at the end of the show, she was really saying her lines from her heart. I felt very sad that she is leaving but I read in one of the interviews with the Executive Producers that the door is always open for Marg to come back. I hope she'll show up once in a while in the future CSI episodes.

    I like the twist of tonight's story. Very imaginative of the writers. Nice!